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(alphabetized by first name)


(alphabetized by first name)'Mario Anaya'


(alphabetized by first name)


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(alphabetized by first name) - -


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(alphabetized by first name)

  Hayden Byerly


(alphabetized by first name)

[136] [137] [138] [139]

Jarrod Johnson (actor) IMDB, Lost Saucer

Award winner; [182]


(alphabetized by first name)

[234] [235]


(alphabetized by first name)


(alphabetized by first name)

-Nonstop Malayalam film music -Lively discussions on cinema/music/art/culture/literature -Phone in shows -Song dedications -Teen talk -Mallu Helpline -Celebrity Jam It is the first FM in malayalam for worldwide from USA.People from kerala that residing outside kerala or india tune in to this internet streaming radio. [268][269][270] [271][272] [273]


(alphabetized by first name)



(alphabetized by first name)


Read more:


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Sara Joanne Byrd – wife to the late Fred Rogers

  • Spirit de la Mare Television Presenter at Loaded TV, Creative director, director and Editor-in-Chief at Brogue Magazine

Staying in with Greg and Russell BBC


(alphabetized by first name)

hailed as the Philippines' Kuya (big brother), is a Filipino TV host for the Philippines' GMA Network. 4-time Star Awards for TV Winner, Best Children's Show Host. Touted as GMA Networks resident foodie. Currently, one of the co-hosts of the network's longest running early morning show, Unang Hirit. Hosts his own Food and Lifestyle review show for GMA NewsTV called Pop Talk. A veteran of more than 12 tv programs from Art Angel, Tara! Let's Eat! The Beat, Sabadabadog, to Sapulso and has directed a few of GMA's tv shows. [427] [428] [429] Well-respected theater actor having done Lead roles in plays and musicals for Repertory Philippines, the country's acclaimed theater company. [430]


(alphabetized by first name)


(alphabetized by first name)


(alphabetized by first name)

  • Abbas Tyrewalla (req. 2008-07-08) - director/writer of Indian film, Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na
  • Ajita Suchitra Veera (req. 2006-06-20)
  • Alan and Susan Raymond (req. 2011-10-09) - directors of multiple award-winning documentaries, including the Oscar-winning I Am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School
  • Alessandro Chille (req. 2006-08-20)
  • Alessandro Pacciani (req. 2007-04-24) - IMDb;
  • Alex Infascelli (req. 2006-06-30)
  • [(Anahita Ghazvinizadeh)] (req. 2014-6-7) - director, screenwriter and editor. Winner of Cinefondation First Prize from Cannes Film Festival - [464] - [465] - [466]
  • Andrzej Krakowski (req. 2006-12-27)
  • Andy LaViolette (req. 2014-03-03) - director BASS BEYOND LIMITATION (2012 Thin Line Film Festival Award Winner - Denton Doc Award). Also known for directing projects for Snarky Puppy (Brooklyn based band led by Michael League) including TELL YOUR FRIENDS, GROUNDUP, the Grammy winning (Featuring Lalah Hathaway on the song, SOMETHING) Family Dinner Vol. 1, and WE LIKE IT HERE. Andy also directs several commercial projects and music videos. Owner of Mr. Magic Carpet Ride Productions, a Denton, Texas based production company.
  • Anya Bernstein (req. 2006-12-18)
  • Asmaa El-Bakry (req. 2008-05-03) - director of two novels of Albert Cossery
  • Ayman El Gazwy (req. 2008-08-17) - director and filmmaker who has worked at the leading Egyptian TV and foreign networks
  • Barry Dukoff (req. 2008-04-15) - commercial director, cinematographer and still photographer. Barry Dukoff has worked with clients both nationally and internationally as well as winning such prestigious awards as the Clio Award, Addy Award New York, Addy Award Los Angeles, Golden Mobius and the Venice Film Festival. Barry Dukoff is the son of Eddie Dukoff, legendary agent of the movie star Danny Kaye.
  • Boris Damast (req. 2006-10-12) - IMDb; [467]
  • Brandon Rebidue (req. 2006-06-16)
  • Chuck Griffith (req. 2007-01-30)
  • Colton Tran (req. 2014-01-22) - IMDb - Official Website - Salt Lake Tribune Article
  • Cristina Bocchialini (req. 2008-08-17)
  • Chaitanya Dantuluri - IMDB
  • Cara Giallanza
  • Diane Bell - Director OBSELIDIA (Sundance award winning movie, Independent Spirit Award nominee); upcoming SHIVA AND MAY
  • Dr. Mrunalinni - active member of Central Board of film certification (Censor Board) since 1993 till date; Managed Production for “Ekka Raja Rani”, Feature Film produced by Marquis Xavier in 1993; Independently produced for Serial Saath Saath for Delhi Doordarshan Telecast on DD1, DD2, and DD International many times, (1994-95) which includes the best of the technicians like lyrics by Gulzaar, Music-Vishal Bharadwaaz & Director Salim arif; Produced Serial Azad for DD Metro Sponsored Category with best of the technicians as written by Javed Siddiqui, starring Om Puri (1995-96); Produced and Directed programs like Sitaraon Ke Sang and Pasand Apni Apni for Zee Cinema.1996-97; Directed a multi issue based talk show called “PRERNA” for Amruuta films; Directed a health show called The “FITNESS FREAKS” For Amruuta films; Produced and written the concept for the Feature Film Kagaar... Living on the Edge, Directed by N. Chandra starring Amitabhh Dayal, Nandita Das and Om Puri, released in 2003.with zee presentation; Directed a Feature Film in 2005 in Marathi titled Manthan… Ek Amrut Pyala starring Padmini Kolhapure, Milind Gunaji, Vijay Kadam, Vijay Patkar, Ashalata, Suhas Palsikar and Bal Karve. The film was selected for the special screening in Goa Film Festival 2005. The film was based on domestic violence; Produced a Marathi feature film based on the true incident, kothewadee mass rape. Titled “AGG” – 2005; Produced an action thriller tele-serial for Doordarshan titled ‘SID Faarz’ (2007-till date); Jury Member for the Indian Panorama for 2007; Directing the first Hindi Feature Film for Wild Water Entertainment in 2008; Titled Dhuaaan…. From the wire within starring Raj Babbar, Amitabhh Dayal, Lakshmi Gopalaswami, Shivaji Satam, Yatin karyekar, Milind gunajee, Rati Agnihotree Padmini Kolhapure & Vikram Gokhle
  • Erin Suess (req. 2008-09-09)
  • Fred Cavayé (req. 2014-06-13) -- director of Anything for Her; À bout portant (Point Blank)
  • Geetika Narang (req. 2009-01-21) - director of Indian film Good Night; IMDb
  • Geoffrey Panos (req. 2007-01-07) - writer of Saints and Soldiers; IMDb


(alphabetized by first name)


(alphabetized by first name)


  • Prashant Passy Pilley - []
  • Patsy Asch (req. 2006-12-18)
  • Phillip J. Roth - IMDb
  • Rafael Moleón (req. 2008-08-17)
  • Rebecca Rivas (req. 2006-12-18)
  • Richard Arsenault (req. 2011-10-4) - editor, director, producer, inventor; IMDb
  • Richard Lang (director) - IMDb
  • Rogers Williams (req. 2008-06-04) - CEO and director of Cinematic Productions in Atlanta, GA; [501]
  • Ron Davis (director) (req. 2012-02-21) - award-winning documentary director and rroducer; assembles Emmy® and OSCAR® nominated teams to develop and produce his films. Born in 1967, Ron started his filmmaking career at the New York Film Academy, where his first two short narrative student films, The Business Traveler & The Garden earned him a top-ten finalist spot in the 2004 Esquire Magazine Student Filmmaker competition; Prior to launching Docutainment Films, Ron spent 10 years as a book-publishing sales & licensing executive for Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins and Sterling Publishing; His first feature, PAGEANT, went on to garner 10 major film festival awards before premiering on The Sundance Channel in 2010. Ron is currently in post-production on an HBO Documentary Film, which he directed and produced. The film is scheduled for release in 2013. IMDb
  • Royce Choi (req. 2009-06-20) - Korean-American video director, directed, filmed and edited Anarbor "The Brightest Green" music video and widely popular, YouTube sensation video the unofficial 3OH!3 "Don't Trust Me" music video; winner of the "Nice is Never Out of Style" Wong Fu Productions Video Contest
  • Ryan Robins (Director) (req. 2013-08-06) - Award Winning Writer/Director IMDb
  • Satya Kharkar (req. 2013-07-23)- Award winning independent film director known for Chicago film Coin Toss (2012)

IMDb Chicago Tribune Daily Herald Rotten Tomatoes [9] [10]

Fictional characters (film and television)[edit]

(alphabetized by first name)



(alphabetized by first name)


Films and television works[edit]

Need sorting[edit]

Aap Ki Adalat: A show by Rajat Sharma on India TV Channel


  • "7E" - 2013 independent feature film starring Brendan Sexton III, James Russo and Natasha Lyonne and written and directed by Teddy Schenck. A young man struggles with unexplained events inside a New York apartment where tenants are not who they appear to be. Several actors have a wiki page already Brendan Sexton III [590] James Russo [591] and Natasha Lyonne [592]. Music by Billy Martin of Medeski, Martin and Wood [593]. IMDb page for film [20]] and Youtube trailer [594]
  • "80's Kids Films"



clone baby (Japanese tv show)




hosting other prominent rock stars who perform sets with Hall)






Networks and organizations[edit]


  • George A. Cozyris - wrote Christian Metz and the Reality of Film; professor of communication arts and telecommunications, BA, and Ph.D., University of Southern California; MA, UCLA
  • Kevin Jambor - creator of Sweetness Theory



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Film companies[edit]

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Film technology and equipment[edit]

Film and TV festivals[edit]

Film genres[edit]

Filmmaking terms[edit]

Film societies and advocacy groups[edit]

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Film fandom[edit]

Film stocks[edit]

Lists of films; lists of TV episodes[edit]

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Movie theaters[edit]

Film commissions[edit]

  • Thompson-Nicola Film Commission - [748]; government film commission funded by the Thompson-Nicola Regional District which has been operating since 2000. The film commission has brought some big name productions to the TNRD including The A-Team, An Unfinished Life and 2012.[25] The area that inhabits the region is known for its arid deserts and dry climate during the summer months, which has served as shooting locations for similar areas around the world. The following films and television shows have been shot within the TNFC jurisdiction since it was created including The Pledge, Flower & Garnet, Smallville, The Snow Walker, Ill Fated, Traffic (2004 TV mini-series), An Unfinished Life, Miss Texas, Deepwater, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Augusta, Gone, Battlestar Gallactica, Firewall, Centigrade, Afghan Knights, Partition, Thirst, Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead, Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon, Iron Road, The Andromeda Strain, Cole, Alien Trespass, Alice, 2012, Flicka 2, The A-Team [749]; [750] and Afghan Luke[751]

Media conglomerates[edit]

  • Gabriela Horton
  • Phonecast - (from de:Phonecast)
  • Polly Renton - died aged 40 in a road accident in Kenya together with her four-year-old daughter, Sita; documentary maker who later used her experience to train young film makers and journalists in East Africa, playing a major role in the transformation of television there; [752]

Media directories[edit]


  • 2 Champs and a Chump -Ongoing podcast centered on Fantasy Flight Games' A Game of Thrones Living Card Game. [755] Podcast Listing [756] Facebook page [757] Fantasy Flight Games guest spot [758] FFG Hall of Heroes [759] FFG Hall of Heroes [760] AGoT LCG Wiki page
  • The Barista Times - The Barista Times is an online sketch-comedy series taking place entirely in a coffee shop. It premiered on youtube on July 5th. The show was filmed at Sisters Coffee Company in Sisters, Oregon, and was written and produced by local brother and sister writing team Nathan and Emily Woodworth. They show utilizes completely original content including theme songs provided by local high school students. The Barista Times was filmed by Hill Shadow Pictures' Samuel Pyke. [761]; [762]; [26][27][28][29]
  • Wesleys Yard - [763]; [764]
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