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Best Ever Classical Music

Final Phaze Performance Dance Troupe NFP Inc.[edit]



Sir Noah A Waters III, 32° F&AM - From Jacksonville, Florida a brillanlty hilarious and creative stand up comedian, stage and screen actor, film maker, writer, novelist, screenwriter, playwright,TV writer, theatre director, film and TV director, film and TV producer, Auteur, performs and tours as a comedian or stand up comic across the country, CEO(Chief Executive Officer), owner and production head of Acentetus Artificium, Flawless Arts Production Company, Free Mason, York Rite Mason, Scotish Rite Mason, knighted member of the Grand Encampment of the Knights Templar, Order of Malta Knight, 15° Knight of the East, Sword, and Eagle, 18° Knight of Rose Croix, 21° Noachite, or Prussian Knight, 22° Knight of the Royal Axe, 25° Knight of the Brazen Serpent, 27° Knight of the Sun, 28° Knight Commander of the Temple, 29° Scottish Knight of Saint Andrew, 30° Knight Kadosh, or Knight of the White and Black Eagle, 32° Master of the royal secret or Knight Commander of the Court of Honour, Writers Guild Of America(WGA) member, Directors Guild Of America Member(DGA), Veterans In Film and TV(VFTLA) member, Producers Guild Of America(PGA) member, and Soldier in the US ARMY Reserves.

  • Sean Patton (born November 16, 1978) - American stand up comedian. He started performing stand up in New Orleans, Louisiana, about an hour from his hometown of Slidell, Louisiana. He now lives between New York City and Los Angeles when he's not touring. He has performed Caroline's, The Comedy Cellar, Gotham, The Improv, UCBNY, UCBLA, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival (2011), the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival (2008, 2010, 2012), and many other clubs around the US and Canada. He made his television debut on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and has since appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Conan. His Comedy Central half-hour special aired in June 2013.
  • Fred Marple - Stand-up New England humorist (real name: Ken Sheldon), who talks about life in the imaginary town of Frost Heaves, New Hampshire
  • Kip Adotta - old-style comedian; probably most famous for the song "Wet Dream" on the Dr. Demento show
  • D.J. Demers
  • Jay Black (comedian) - American; US college comedian of the year; has appeared in Halifax; [20]
  • Mark Butler (comedian) - UK-born, Australian-based stand-up comedian and writer; has written a book; [21]]
  • Sid Cherise - comedic ballerina who entertained troops during WW II?
  • Plymouth J. Cliffords - YouTube comedian, prank caller [22],[23]
  • Peter Coffin (comedian) - YouTube comedian, song parodist, multiple national television appearances
  • Rosalie Craig - actress, winner Evening Standard Award for Best Musical Performance for The Light Princess in 2014.



Dance people[edit]

  • Sione Kelepi, aka Sione Maraschino - Plus-size male Tongan freestyle dancer featured in the video for Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass,", Vine pioneer with more than 48 million loops, profiled on BuzzFeed, Complex, and The Daily Dot, originator of the "Maraschino Step," brother can move
  • Iveta Lukosiute - Strictly Come Dancing Professional dancer
  • Jordyn Jones - dancer from Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, singer, model for California Kisses Dance Wear
  • Sophia Lucia - dancer holding the Guinness World Record for the most number of consecutive pirouettes, model for California Kisses Dance Wear and dancer on Dance Moms for three episodes.
  • Bryan Tanaka - choreographer and dancer
  • Heather Cornell - master tap dancer; [61]
  • Hastha Lakshana Deepika - Dravidian writing about Dravidian performing arts and dances; notable as there are existing wikipedia articles on the most prominent Dravidian art forms
  • Alexei Goloborodko - dancer and contortionist
  • Blueprint Cru - Canadian hip-hop dance crew; runner ups of America's Best Dance Crew (season 5)
  • Dkwan (Daniel Kwan) - new school popper, artist, and model; mostly dancer; [62]
  • Ian Eastwood - choreographer and dancer; seen on DanceOn's Dance Showdown and MTV's ABDC7 "Return of the Superstars"; started at age 10; moved to North Hollywood at age 18; appeared as a principal dancer in the Ubisoft/Black-Eyed Peas Experience television ad; won World of Dance Youth Choreographer of the Year; choreographed a music video for 5LP; has traveled to 17 countries teaching classes, workshops, camps and intensives as well as regular events and workshops with Young Lions, Millennium Dance Center, Coastal Dance Rage, and Movement Lifestyle; represents his own clothing line through Young Lions.
  • Emily Hoffman - Dancer, actress: Emily started dancing in 2007 at 6 yrs old, after training in gymnastics for several years. Currently trains in all genres of dance in the Southern California area. A protégé for Pulse on Tour 2013-14, a member of Trouble Makers, Boogiezone Armada Kidz, Collective Uth and iHollywood's 2012-13 Dance Company. Emily has been in dancing and acting TV commercials and short movies. Hasbro Twister Rave commercial aired during the Kids Choice Awards this year and My Living Spaces commercial aired during the 2010 Super Bowl.

She was featured in an article in Dance Spirit Magazine as one of "Hip Hop's Next Generation." You can see her dancing in the Just Dance Kids 2 video game and the new Just Dance Kids 3 video game. You might have heard her voice in many national radio commercials. She also filmed several music videos, such as Glorified High by Sarah Jaffee. Her favorite dance style is hip hop but also loves contemporary and jazz and dancing all dance genres for several years, including ballroom and breaking. She is represented by The Movement Talent Agency.

Non-people dance topics[edit]


Ballet people[edit]

Non-people; ballet-related[edit]

choreographers and professional dancers[edit]

  • Leanne Stojmenov Born - Perth, Western Australia. Award winning Principal Ballerina, The Australian Ballet Company.
  • Torron-Lee Dewar Award Winning Hip-Hop Dance Choreographer, Founder of Alliance Dance Unit and Olympic Torchbearer.
  • Kajira Djoumahna Creator of BlackSheep Improv Tribal Style (ITS), director of BlackSheep BellyDance, and host of TribalFest. She innovated the ATS system, allowing for a more even use of both sides of the body (whereas ATS moves are all initiated on the right side), and providing a basis for the infinite variations of group improv and tribal style bellydance that we see today.
  • Carolena Nericcio Creator of American Tribal Style (ATS) and director of FatChanceBellyDance. Her codified system of cues and combos is now used by tribal dancers all over the world, enabling dancers from different countries who have never met and may not even speak the same language to dance in synchronized improvisation with each other, such that the dance can appear choreographed. This innovation spawned countless descendents (known as SGI - synchronized group improv - formats), the most notable of which is the Improv Tribal Style (ITS) system as exemplified by BlackSheep BellyDance.
  • Jamila Salimpour Director of Bal Anat, which is regarded as the direct ancestor of American Tribal Style bellydance. She was the teacher of many of the historically important figures in Tribal Style, including John Compton.
  • John Compton Pioneering figure of ethnic/folkloric, Middle Eastern, and early tribal style bellydance. He began as the only male member of Jamila Salimpour's Bal Anat troupe, with his iconic tray dance, and went on to form Hahbi 'Ru, which was a cornerstone institution of the California world dance and Renaissance faire community for many years. He died recently, universally mourned and revered by the tribal community today as one of the art form's groundbreakers. His career paved the way for acceptance of men as bellydancers in America.
  • Parker Esse Broadway and Regional Award Winning Choreographer cited in Wikipedia's article on Rogers and Hammerstein's Musical "Oklahoma" about the Ground Breaking Arena Stage Production of 2010 winner Best Choreography Parker Esse - See [100] and [101] and [102] and [103] and [104] and [105] and [106] and [107] and [108] and [109] and [110] and [111] and [112] and [113]
  • Arna Singleton Professional hip hop dancer in internationally recognised hip hop group Hollabak. - see [114]
  • Nicolas "Nico" Archambault Winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Season 1.
  • Stephanie Aven(Based in Hollywood, CA)(Some Credits include Madame Sunset & Her Hollywood Kittens, Sima Fischer(Miss Toronto),125th Anniversary PSA for the American Red CRoss, Tomboys and Fishnets She has also worked as a professional dancer in the industry) Stephanie Aven is also pka Sunset Leigh aka Madame Sunset in the Neo-Burlesque Circuits)
  • Vladimir Bourmeister - See [115].
  • Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui The Belgian-Moroccan choreographer, formerly with Les Ballet C de la B; creator of the pieces Rien de Rien, D'Avant, Foi, Zero Degrees, Myth, Apocrifu, Sutra, Origine, and many others
  • Keltie Colleen
  • Aiden Davis Britain's Got Talent sensation 2009
  • Kelly Devine Broadway Choreographer. Credits include Rock of Ages and upcoming Rocky: The Musical
  • Neil Duggan Neil Duggan is Ireland's premier Salsa instructor and has danced professionaly for over 12 years. He is also a member of the Beat Boy Breakdance Troup
  • Violetta Elvin She is a beautiful dancer en pointe.
  • Eleanor Fazan (b. 1930), veteran film, TV and stage choreographer still active in the business as of 2008, and sometime stage director and actress.
  • Marisa Gruneberg American modern dance choreographer and founder of the Brooklyn based dance company white road Dance Media
  • Serena Lecca multiple winner of Italian and international dance competitions
  • Denise Jefferson founding director (1969) of the Ailey School in New York (the official school of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater), remained director until she died of cancer in 20??
  • Amanda Michelle Jiroux
  • Luam Keflezgy
  • Xavier Le Roy, French choreographer
  • Joshuah Michael
  • Luca "Lazy Legz" Patuelli b-boy and inspirational speaker and member of the Ill-Abilities crew. See: [116]
  • Constantin Stanislavski's Opera Studio.
  • Patrice M Regnier choreographer, filmmaker, founder of Rush Dance
  • Doriana Sanchez She is a disco choreographer and is on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance regularly as a choreographer and judge. She is famous in the disco world and deserves recognition.
  • Uwe Scholz, German choreographer
  • Hofesh Shechter Israeli Choreographer, director of the Hofesh Shechter Company, notable for Uprising/In Our Rooms.
  • U-Min famous Japanese hip hop dance group known for their slow motion dancing and popping, featured in "Ching-a-Ling" music video by Missy Elliot
  • Sreelatha Vinod A great bharathanatyam dancer and the best disciple of the legendary dhananjayans of Kalakshetra(chennai)
  • Tamambo One of the top-20 performers and choreographers in Salsa and Mambo and one of the founders of "London Style" Salsa, originally from Iraq.
  • Antoine Hunter notable African-American and Deaf/Hard of Hearing dancer, choreographer. founder of Urban Jazz Dance Company
  • Daksha Sheth A famous modern Indian dancer turned choreographer, founder of the Daksha Sheth Dance Company and mother of Isha Sharvani.
  • Spike Kinsey A Youtube personality gaining fame for his dancing videos.
  • Chen Weiya - The designer of the 2010 Asian games Opening and closing ceremonies and Assistant to Zhang Yimou for the 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Suzanne Lampl Dancer with MOMIX for 15 years. Watch a video of a live performance with Renato Zero, Italian pop icon [117]

Dance companies[edit]

  • Hahbi 'Ru - EXTREMELY influential folkloric/tribal bellydance/ethnic dance troupe from California, instrumental in the development of all aspects of tribal style American bellydance. Recently disbanded after the death of director John Compton, who was a universally revered pioneer for the entire dance form.
  • Bharatha Kalanjali - A bharathanatyam academy in Chennai, India. It is run by the legedary dancing duo, The Dhananjans. And it has been running for more than 40 years.
  • Bolly Flex - Bolly Flex is lead up of 12 very talented and passionate Bollywood Dancers from Flex FX Productions based in London UK. They are led by choreographer Naz Choudhury. They began their first headline as semi-finalists of Got to Dance.
  • Cleo Parker Robinson Dance School - based in Denver, Colorado.
  • Daksha Sheth Dance Company - A modern Indian dance company based in Trivandrum, Kerala featuring Isha Sharvani as lead dancer.
  • Ellis & Christine Rogers and the Quadrille Club -- Ellis and Christine Rogers are experts in historical dance, and host the Quadrille Club in London, UK, where social dances of the 19th century are taught in detail. [118]
  • Flex FX Productions -Flex FX Productions is a London based Event Management & Entertainment Agency. Known for hosting & organizing several prestigious bollywood events at some of the big venues in the country. Currently organizing a asian unite event [119]at The O2 Arena. [120]
  • Ill-Abilities Ill-Abilities is a b-boy crew, composed namely of Luca Patuelli, comprised entirely of dancers who have a disability. They were featured on America's Got Talent.
  • Los Vivancos Spanish 7-piece flamenco troupe[121][122]
  • white road Dance Media Brooklyn based modern dance company founded by Marisa Gruneberg. Performing in NYC area since 2003.[123]
  • Bottlefed Ensemble - based in London , England, UK.
  • 子'OAM - That and RushBall. Japanese child streetdancers. SUPERKYOKA
  • Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers
  • CAAM Chinese Dance Theater (CDT) The CAAM Chinese Dance Theater (CDT) is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the Chinese cultural heritage and enriching the cultural life of all Minnesotans through the universal language of dance. With almost 20 years of history, CAAM Chinese Dance Theater has served the Twin Cities community with high quality dance arts.

dance service organizations[edit]

  • Career Transition for Dancers, American support organization for dancers making career transitions, based in New York City and Los Angeles, California.
  • Country Dance and Song Society, American membership organization preserving Anglo American dance and song traditions. Founded by Cecil Sharp in 1915. Based in Easthampton MA.

dance shoes[edit]

  • LaDuca Shoes - based in New York City; all shoes made in Italy


Danza de los Diablos in Mexico. It's a dance performed by the Afromestizos of the Costa Chica and unrelated to the existing Danza de Diablos of South America. [124] [125] [126] (sources are in Spanish, but are reputable)


Theatre and stage[edit]






Plays (including musical plays)[edit]

Theatres and organizations[edit]

(structures and companies or organizations, including festivals)


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Other theatre topics[edit]



[199] [200]

  • Marcelo Contento - Argentine-Born, Boston-based notable Magician and Shadowgraph, as well as Engineer, and notable founder of Marcelo Contento Productions, often rated the best Magic Prop creators/inventors in the world. [227] [M.U.M. Magazine, March 2000 Issue] Also, see [228], [229], and [230].
  • Antonia Apodaca - musician, singer, songwriter : known throughout the southwest United States for New Mexico Spanish Folk music most inherited via family oral tradition including the only known spanish Abe Lincoln song from Lincoln's time. The songs value was discovered when she played alongside the group "Bayou Seco" at a music festival in Washington D.C. at the George Washington Monument by a Smithsonian Institute Researcher. She has played for President George Bush, President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush and has been declared by then New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to be a Living Cultural Icon of New Mexico. Out of Antonia's own origional songs she is best known for the song "Flor de los Flores". Antonia first learned her music as teenager on a old accordian that would of been thrown away because it had a hole in it, she recovered it from the trash and put her knee in the hole. When the musician her uncle who threw the accordian away discovered she was efficiantly learning the music by ear he taught her the family music.
  • Tony Ramey - American musician/singer/songwriter; [231] Twenty year veteran of the songwriting community in Nashville, Tennessee with four Gold Records and two Platinum Record Awards, a Broadcast Music Incorporated Award for top 15 performed songs on Doug Stone in 2000. He is now touring full time and recently landed a duet with Willie Nelson, which is released to radio stations currently. Tony is known for his story-telling skills and his soulful, heartfelt vocals. He will be featured on Good Morning Texas, and has already had interviews on local television stations in the Texoma area, along with featured on public television station in the Appalachian region (where he originally hails from).
  • Shy Carter Songwriter, producer, singer, has written songs such as Rob Thomas's "Someday" No. 1 on Billboard's Adult Top 40 chart in 2009, "Stuck Like Glue" for the country pop band Sugarland. He has worked with Faith Hill, Ashanti, Chingy and has a songwriting credit on Meghan Trainor's debut album. He is credited on several Wikipedia pages, but does not have one of his own yet. His career has been cited in many notable publications such as Billboard magazine, BMI and Rolling Stone. He is notable for having written a handful of songs that have placed on the Billboard charts, including a #1 single.