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  • Bill Teegins, Oklahoma sports journalist and anchor. Specialized in Oklahoma State Cowboys sports. Died in infamous OSU Plane Crash.
  • Joda Thongnopnua, managing editor for the international news wire BNO News. Currently the youngest staff member of the news agency at age 17.
  • Lucy Tobin, journalist for national newspapers in the UK, and author of two books: A Guide to Uni Life (Trotman, 2009) and Pimp Your Vocab (Portico, 2009).
  • Lucy Toothpaste British fanzine writer and journalist, wrote 'Jolt' fanzine in the 1970's, wrote for 'Spare Rib' in the 1980's, co-founded Rock Against Sexism. Lots about her online, including on Punk77 site. Request submitted by AquaYlang.
  • Katy Tur, Reporter on CW11, daughter of Bob Tur, girlfriend of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.
  • Aggie Underwood, former journalist and editor of the LA Herald Express and one of the reporters involved in the Black Dahlia Case, 1947
  • Joseph Uranowski, Canadian blogger, founder and main contributor to the Canadian Political blog "The Equivocator." Has been a member of since 2008.
  • Jonathan Van Meter, founding editor of Vibe magazine, longtime contributing editor to Vogue, author of "The Last Good Time," executive producer of documentary "Let's Get Frank"
  • Mike von Joel, maverick editor of numerous widely circulated art periodicals
  • Patricia Walker O'Connor
  • Fredrick Ward, writer and photographer
  • Rob Webb, British music critic, NME, Drowned In Sound
  • Liza Williams, American journalist and cultural icon. Author of Up the City of Angels.
  • Klaus Werner author of Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen a famous anticorporativism book (Klaus Werner)
  • Kai Wong Hollywood actor and producer in Merchant ivory (Kai Wong)
  • Michael Winerip, education correspondent, The New York Times
  • Dorthoy Langdon Yates, journalist and author of several books about the history of Midland, Michigan.
  • Charles M. Young, American journalist, music critic.
  • Phyllis Zatlin - prominent author, received the Fulbright Fellowship
  • Leah Zeldes a/k/a Leah A. Zeldes a/k/a Leah Zeldes Smith: food writer, editor/journalist, and co-editor of a three-time Hugo-nominated fanzine
  • Glenn Zimmerman - news reporter, WNBC (new york city)
  • Zahid H Javali - writer, journalist, photographer (Bangalore, India)



  • Emurge Magazine - Monthly entertainment magazine, published in English and Spanish since March 2013 to present (req. 2013 - 3 - 11) [37]

I would like to suggest a page of Destination Magazine (DM). It is a very well respected title and deserves a page. Its website is If you type in Destination Magazine Kenya or East Africa Destination Magazine, there are pages on Google for reference that are independant of the magazine.


Harrowsmith's Almanac (formerly, Harrowsmith's Truly Canadian Almanac) - at last, an almanac written in Canada for Canadians. 3 links here, including WIkipedia entry on Harrowsmith Country Life its sister publication.



  • WAG magazine [118]; - lifestyle magazine, published by Westfair Communications Inc.
  • West Coast Midnight Run - [119]; [120]; [121]; early web-based hybrid publication created before the development of flash based readers for publications such as e-flip, e-page and all the latest flash based technologies for browsing media. There are references to this media/publication all over the web and its date of initial publication predates the latest styles that imitate it mode of publishing media content. Published in double page open format as if it were a print magazine, content is a mix between an art house coffee table book and glamour magazines, content is international in scope, an annual edition is published, article is being submitted for creation by Wiki editors.
  • Western Humanities Review - literary journal, western themes
  • Western Living Magazine [122]; - lifestyle magazine, published by Transcontinental Media.
  • Wing Chun Teahouse - quarterly publication dedicated to the Chinese martial art of Wing chun; [123]
  • World Art Glass Quarterly - quarterly publication dedicated to showcasing the world's finest architectural and art glass; [124]

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