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Artistic schools; styles[edit]

Visual artists[edit]

Derek Eland

Edgar Hunt (British, 1876-1953)

















Tom Kilian American Artist and Sculptor [186]

[187]; [188]

  • B. D. Kuchera (req. pre-2012-03-20)
  • John C. Kuchera (born 1962) - American painter; living in Harlem, a downtown boy from the early 1980s is now enjoying the open spaces uptown; has been painting and drawing for years, his style is refreshing and enjoyable, he uses many a medium but he likes pen and ink and oils; printer, photographer, a porter at Columbia University, farm worker, security guard in Maine (guarding mice) a janitor cleaning banks, even a copy writer, his most famous copy was, Yes, Virginia we do toilets (for a cleaning service) ©Kuchera; [189]; [190]
  • J.C. Kugler (req. pre-2012-03-20) – German-American artist
  • Justus Engelhardt Kuhn (req. pre-2012-03-20)
  • Raj Kumar (artist) (req. pre-2012-03-21) – Indian contemporary artist
  • Milan Kunc (req. pre-2012-03-20)
  • Yuri Kuper (req. post-2012-03-20)
  • Dennis Kyte - artist, illustrator and designer; published his work in "The Botanical Footwear of Dennis Kyte"
  • Lee J. Kowalski - Chicago artist and retired Chicago firefighter. Kowalski's oil paintings have been featured in the T.V. series Chicago Fire and the 1991 movie Backdraft.


  • Benjamin Lacombe, illustrator fr:Benjamin Lacombe; de:Benjamin Lacombe
  • John LaGatta (req. pre-2012-03-21) – illustrator; notable for drawing glamour girls and women; featured in the Saturday Evening Post, the Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, Life, et al.; [191]; [192]
  • Farouq Lambaz (req. pre-2012-03-21) – Jordanian artist; [193]
  • Kyle Lambert British Artist, world renowned for his work digital work [194]
  • Mark Langley (born 1973) - British fine artist working in pencil and colour pencil; [195]; [196]; [197]; [198]; [199]
  • David Lanham (req. pre-2012-03-21) – artist of digital and vector works; [200]
  • Caleb Larsen (born 1979) (req. pre-2012-03-21) – new media artist
  • Elizabeth Layton (req. pre-2012-03-21) – artist; [201]
  • Ray Leaning (req. pre-2012-03-21) – figurative artist; [202]
  • Steve Lehman (artist) (req. pre-2012-03-21) – conceptual artist
  • Jouko Lehtola (born 1963) (req. pre-2012-03-21) – Finnish photographer; work has revolved around youth culture, such as his project Young Heroes; projects have been exhibited around Europe and also published; many of his prints are held in the collections of different museums in Scandinavia
  • Carrie Leigh (req. pre-2012-03-21) – photographer, NUDE magazine; former Hugh Hefner girlfriend and Playboy Playmate; articles deleted
  • Charles Leo (req. pre-2012-03-21) – architectural rendering artist; [203]
  • Tonkinson Leone (req. pre-2012-03-21) – South African government portrait artist; [[204]]
  • Carlo Leonetti (req. pre-2012-03-21) – photographer, graphic artist and painter; [205]
  • Georges Lepape (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Claude Lévêque (born 1953) (req. pre-2012-03-21) – French contemporary artist; creates mostly art installations; represented France at the 2009 Venice Biennale; [206]
  • Jon Lewis (artist) (req. pre-2012-03-20) – photographer and environmental activist; [207]
  • Ruth Lewis (req. pre-2012-03-21) – Welsh graphic designer and illustrator
  • Thomas Hodgson Liddell (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Ernst Liebermann (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Tina Lifford (req. pre-2012-03-21) – actress; [208]; [209]; [210]
  • Evert Lindfors (req. pre-2012-03-21) – Swedish sculptor
  • Ellen Lindner (req. pre-2012-03-21) – fiber artist; [211]
  • Greg Lipman (born 1938) - painter of landscapes, nostalgia...all mediums.Bio with Opera House 13/10/81 No.124...ref.The Leader Newspaper 23/11/2012..WWF 8/1/2002...Trove Bid ID Library of Victoria....State library of Queensland....whos who of Australian visual artists..NAVA,,,,MItchell School of Creative Arts 1990 (Daler Rowney)....Artists and Galleries of Ausdtralia Max Germaine 1979...Womens Weekley , New Idea, The Australian NMewspaper ,Diners Club,Australian Masters Art collection,Prizes include Waratah Art,Southern Cross, Sutherland Art,Loxton prize etc. etc.Maade123454 (talk) 03:34, 14 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Listen04 (born 1983) – British artist; Painting, Drawing; [212] His work has been exhibited and featured Worldwide [213] [214]
  • Paul Litherland (req. pre-2012-03-21) – artist; photography, multimedia, installation, video; [215]
  • littlewhitehead (req. pre-2012-03-21) – artist duo
  • Terri Lopiano (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Catherine Lord (req. 2014-05-09) – American photographer, feminist writer
  • Brendan Lott (req. pre-2012-03-21) – painter and sculptor
  • Loxi's Jewels (req. pre-2012-03-21) – artist, wire weaving, glass jewels trademarked Drupens
  • Michael Lucero (req. pre-2012-03-21) – ceramic artist
  • Glen Lukens - ceramicist from Southern California; The Glen Lukens Award is in honor of him
  • Amy Lang Luong (req. pre-2012-03-21) – flash game artist and creator of sim-dates; [216]
  • Aldo Luongo (req. pre-2012-03-21) – artist



  • Roustam Nour - painter; moved from Russia to New York; initially sold water color paintings of Twin Towers, Statue of Liberty; a street artist; great rags-to-riches story











Unsorted individuals (please place in correct alphabetical section)[edit]

Collectives, groups, organizations, et al. (ambiguous names put here as well) (isolated from individual names 2012-03-12)[edit]

  • Nirox Foundation An international artists' residency programme; South African Artist accommodation programme; Sculpture Park; Related function facilities [394][7]

Actors and other screen-related artists (isolated here at 2012-03-22 for subsequent movement to Wikipedia:Requested articles/Biography/By profession#Actors)[edit]


Artist specified[edit]

Artist unspecified[edit]

Q. Wang developed his painting style -- freeism by using free colors, free shapes, and free strokes to do his art works. The result is a free atmosphere, and a space of imagination. Not like others use their eyes to paint what they are seeing, or use their brain to paint what they are thinking, Q. Wang paint the feelings by heart. His paintings have no details, but have characters. Each of his painting is different with others. Technically, Q. Wang broke all the existing rules of painting, especialy he broke the bars between 2-Dimension and 3-Dimension paintings. His paintings are something between 2-Dimension and 3-Dimension or a combination. Q. Wang's painting is revolutionary. Most people don't understand it. Just like peoples don't understand Monet and Van Gogh at the time. Q. Wang has his own personal art gallery in Las Vegas, the most popular one.

Museums and exhibitions[edit]

  • Bay Area Now (BAN), Triennial exhibition at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, currently in its seventh iteration [405].
  • MF Gallery, [406] Underground Pop Art Gallery, in NYC since 2003. Also had a location in Genoa, Italy: 2009-2014.
  • Alwin Gallery
  • Christopher Cutts Gallery, Contemporary and Modern art gallery active since 1986 located in Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Heathcote Museum & Gallery, Museum & Gallery located at Point Heathcote specializing in Contemporary Art in Perth, WA and history of Heathcote Mental Reception Home.
  • Helsinki Photography Biennial
  • twocities Gallery, Contemporary 3-dimensional Art in Shanghai, China [407]
  • Stella Kramrisch (curator) Curator, Philadelphia art Museum. [408]
  • Host Gallery - Host Gallery was founded in London in 2006 by Jon Levy, and is a photography gallery specialised in documentary photography and photojournalism. It also keeps a vibrant schedule of events and workshops.
  • Apet Pramod, [409]
  • Up the Wall annual live and performance art event in Chester, England
  • Horace Richter Gallery, art gallery in Jaffa
  • Open Eye Gallery Founded in 1977 Open Eye is an independent not-for-profit photography gallery based in Liverpool, UK.[410]
  • The Lapis Press, artist residency program, publisher, editions house. Please visit our website at [411] also, third party sources on the presslapiswiki talk page.
  • Masters of American Comics 2005-2006 touring show, curated by Brian Walker and John Carlin, started in Los Angeles at MoCA and the Hammer Museum, went to NYC's Jewish Museum and Newark, NJ's Newark Museum, with a stop in the Milwaukee Art Museum, etc. There is a resultant book published by Yale University press. The show is cited on a few comics pages, but where I look, only the comic book portion at NYC's Jewish Museum is cited. Shouldn't this important exhibit have it own full article? Can someone help get it started?
  • Secret 7'' Founded in 2011 Secret 7 has since combined music and art for a good cause. Over the first two exhibitions it has raised over £60,000 for charities. [412] [413] [414]
  • Graphic Studio Dublin Graphic Studio Dublin & Graphic Studio Gallery were established in 1960 to provide studios, promote printmaking and to exhibit and sell fine art prints. [415]

Comic books[edit]

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Publishing companies[edit]

Fictional characters and concepts[edit]

Titles and storylines[edit]




  • ComicBookBin
  • Slipshine - publisher of sex-positive adult comics for over ten years now. Arguably the first successful pay site to focus entirely on original webcomics, and certainly the longest-running


  • Cradled paintings. The articles on "Panel painting" and "Transfer of panel paintings" should mention cradled paintings, but there should also be a separate, more exhaustive Wikipedia page about "Cradled paintings." Cradles are the grids of wood supporting panel paintings. I don't know, but I suppose some paintings may have had them since the Renassiance. But what happened later on--especially in the 19th century?--was the panels were split. (But not perhaps to the extent, to the thinness, discussed in "Transfer of panel paintings" when it mentions thin veneers of wood being pasted onto new panels.) The split panels--with 50%...75%?--of the wood removed were then attached in some fashion to the supporting "cradle," the grid I've described. I suppose the proponents of this outdated restoration technique liked the lighter weight of the resultant hacked-up panel, or thought it would be less likely to warp. This really should be discussed in an expert fashion on Wikipedia. I'm frankly shocked that there isn't a Wikipedia page on this.
  • Geesje Kwak (see Dutch Wikipedia article). Geesje Kwak was the model for George Hendrik Breitner gorgeous girl in a kimono series. There are good sources for her and Commons media images and I can upload some more from RKD as needed. Early example of interaction photography and painting, good sources as well and I shall copy this request to photography section here. If someone does a stub I can provide a translation of the Dutch article. My account User:RobvanderWaal was blocked as a sock of User:Rinpoche and I'm damned if I'm going to bother with a new one. But there are some things I would like to continue with, mainly late 19th century so-called Amsterdam Impressionism and auction prices, on IP as time permits. If someone does provide a stub, please put a message on my Talk page which I keep logged in to. Thank you. (talk) 17:27, 12 May 2012 (UTC)
  • Lily Mae Martin (born 1983) (req. 2012-06-03) – Australian painter, drawer, and writer; [449]
  • Gallery Stretched A specific method and finished product description used to mount canvas paintings, and potentially other painted media, to a frame for display. May be framed or unframed. Ref: [450]
  • Tall painting A three-dimensional poured painting technique. Example at [451]
  • Mark A. Susinno (artist) Ref: [http//]
  • Samuel Rosenberg, painter, 1896-1972





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Photographic film and materials[edit]

Serial photography

Technical terms[edit]





  • Sally Resnik Rockriver American, b 1970. Blown glass, ceramics, video. "It is not clear if Ms. Rockriver is the next Dale Chihuly, an unusually festive heir to Eva Hess, or an artistically inclined scientist, but she is definitely something." Roberta Smith, NEW YORK TIMES, Art in Review


  • Capitol Square Civil Rights Statue statue commemorating the equal education strike Barbara Johns led in 1951. (Not sure if it really needs an article. Could start with a section on Barbara Johns or Capitol Square). References: 1 --'s page on it 2 -- A slideshow on's website with pictures and facts 3 -- Not sure if this is the most reliable source, but it has good pictures.
  • Ajax defying the lightning statue in the British Museum entitled "Ajax defying the lightning". The statue is by an unknown artist, but it was a very popular work in the early 20th century, appearing in a number of novels and touring handbooks.

Unknown (at moment) if topic, sculpture or sculptor[edit]



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