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  • Dr Matthew (Matt) Collins SC – author of the highly-regarded Oxford University Press books "The Law of Defamation and the Internet" (2001, 2005, 2010)[10] and "Collins on Defamation" (2014),[11] media law barrister at the Victorian Bar,[12] and senior fellow at the University of Melbourne[13]
  • Khurram Jahangir Khan is an Australian-Pakistani volunteer. Wikipedia has no biography of him or his achievements. Could some kind Australian add his information. Thanks. [14][15]
  • Sarah Kay (illustrator) - Australian illustrator; known for her depictions of children in an idealized fashion
  • Ray Mickelberg eldest of the Mickelberg brothers who served in jail for the Perth Mint Swindle and subsequently had their conviction overturned on 8th appeal. Served in SAS in Vietnam. Fraud of the gold nugget sold to Alan Bond. Charged with stealing from Bunnings.
  • Gemma Sisia - founder and director, School of St Jude, Tanzania; through setting up the school she has helped educate over 1,200 children living in poverty; [16]; [17]
  • Melinda Taylor - Australian lawyer; on 7 July 2012 imprisoned in Libya because of documents that were believed to be coded; was serving as the lawyer for Muammar Gaddafi's son
  • Carlyle A. Thayer (Carl Thayer) - Asia expert and analyst
  • Bernard Timbers (born Timothy Hodgson; 14 June 1982) - thespian; advocate for homosexual rights in remote Australia; transgender cabaret singer in Darwin's Throb nightclub; known locally in Alice Springs after promoting awareness of STIs in indigenous communities
  • Moti Visa - socialite; community leader; pioneer of several things for Indian Australians; chief editor, Beyond India magazine; founder, Jhurelal Temple; personality of Sindhi community in Australia and Asia; founder, Sindhi Association
  • Clarence Benham was an Australian pearl diver and trader in the early part of the 20th century. Wikipedia has no biography of him or article on his book, "Diver's Luck". Could some kind Australian fill in the gaps? Thanks.


  • Dhiyaa Al-Musawi - Bahraini writer, liberal, journalist and cleric; Shi'a cleric and a Bahraini Shi'a Muslim. [18][19]
  • Haifa Hussein - Bahraini Khaliji singer and actress; to star in a new drama series, Laila, and has already been in such shows as «القمر والنجوم الثلاث» (Qamar Wa Thalth Nojoom), The Moon and Three Stars or Three Stars and a Moon; [20]; announced on television that she was going to divorce her husband, the father of her son; [21][22]


  • Mahmud Nurul Momen (born 1961) - pioneer of internet journalism; respondent to Tagore's poem; poet, editor, journalist, researcher, filmmaker ,essayist, writer, actor, singer, composer, scholar, cultural personality






  • Wang Yingkai (王英楷) (1861-1908) - Late Qing Dynasty military general, Assistant Minister of the Army under Yuan Shikai, Qing Dynasty, significant in the development and command of the Beiyang Army and Qing Dynasty New Army, and brother in law to Sun Chuanfang, Zhili warlord. [1][2]
  • Wei Bao (魏豹) (died in 204 BC) - King of Western Wei during the Chu-Han Contention period, after the fall of the Qin dynasty
  • Lin Bosheng - Propaganda Minister of Wang Jingwei's regime (the Nanjing Regime); important in the regime and worked closely with Wang Jingwei as well as other important officials
  • Tang He - one of Ming Dynasty founding generals
  • Tu-Mi Hu (a.k.a. "The Wild Man of the Green Swamp") - Chinese seaman who jumped ship in Florida 21 September 1974 then lived in the swamps living on armadillo meat for 8 months until his capture by a Sumter county sheriff's posse 18 May 1975; afterwards hanged himself in jail (so no BLP issues)
  • Qiu Ran Ke (虬髯客) - the Dragon-Beard Man written by the official Du Guangting (杜光庭); amous character in similar period: Li Jing, 李靖, in fiction, between Sui and Tang Dynasty
  • Li Shanchang - one of Ming Dynasty founding generals
  • Mao Sui (毛遂) - Warring States-era negotiator
  • Lin Taizeng - Chinese hero from late Qing Dynasty
  • Peng Wenkai (彭文凯) - former secretary of the Party committee; general manager, Kunming Metallurgical Industry Company; director, Kunming Economic Committee (1983–1993); chairman, Kunming Enterprise Management Association
  • Han Zhaohou - leader of Han state during China's Warring States period


  • Didier Moltavo - who had mole covering his back resembling a turtle shell. There was a National Geographic Channel show, titled Turtle Boy, about him and surgery to remove "turtle shell."

Czech Republic[edit]



Dominican Republic[edit]



  • Hegasias of Alexandria - ancient philosopher of suicide
  • Princess Tarbis - political wife of Moses, following the siege of the royal city of Saba; Josephus Flavius Antiquities of the Jews (Bk2, Chap 10); additional references are (1)The Bible in English By David Daniell, pp 62.


  • Nazih Ayubi (1944-1995) - Egyptian political scientist and Middle East scholar; former professor, UCLA; uthor of several books on Middle East political issues; numerous Wiki references; [54].
  • Dr. Abdul Azim Wazir - Leader of Cairo (at the time of the request)
  • Wael Badawy - Egyptian scientist, businessman and entrepreneur; lives in Canada
  • Ahmed Bahgat - Egyptian American; one of the most successful Egyptian businessman; [55]
  • Ahmed Heikal - Egyptian businessman and entrepreneur, created Citadel Capital; [56]
  • Ziad Bakir (1973-2011) - Martyr of the Egyptian revolution - peaceful protester who got killed by a sniper in Tahrir square - Became a national symbol for freedom and equality.

El Salvador[edit]

  • José Salvador Albarengo A Salvadorian who survived more than a year adrift in the Pacific and was washed up in January 2014 in the Marshall Islands


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French Cabinet Ministers[edit]



{{Germany-bio-stub}} : {{Germany-painter-stub}} : {{Germany-writer-stub}} : {{Germany-actor-stub}} : {{Germany-musician-stub}}


  • Michael M. Nikoletseas - neuroscientist, medical anatomist, poet, writer.


  • Antonio R. Unpingco Former Republican Senator and Speaker in the Guam legistlature. Served as a senator for a total of 28 years. A notable statesman of Guam, he pushed for war reparations for atrocities committed against Chamorros/Guamanians during WWII, and was the chairman of the Fena Lake Massacre memorial committee. He passed away October 18, 2007.


  • Patricia Isabel Rodas Baca - Honduran Foreign Minister and former president of Partido Liberal in Honduras. Very controversial figure in Honduras. Daughter of Sandinista parents.

Hong Kong[edit]

  • Jan Cheung - actress and singer; member of HK Cantopop music duo Krusty
  • Annamarie Tan - fashion model; runner-up 1994 Miss Hong Kong pageant; television host



  • Masykur Abdul Kadir - Alleged Balinese terrorist convited for his participation in the 2002 Bali Bombings. His appeal to the Constitutional Court of Indonesia is one of the first and most important cases in Indonesian counter-terrorism and contitutional law.


  • Yogesh Gaud (frequently credited simply Yogesh) - Indian lyricist; known for writing lyrics for Hindi films, Mili (1975), Anand (1971) and Chhoti Si Baat (1975); [60]
  • Samit Sawhny (born 1972-5-29) - non-fiction writer, including All the World's a Spittoon (published by Penguin India); [61]; entrepreneur and founder of Barefoot Resorts Group ([62])
  • Pandit Gulab Singh - historic figure known for his spiritual depth and his written contributions; existing writings include Prabodh Chandra Natak, Adhyatamak Geet and Bhavrit Samrit; [63]
  • R. M. K. Sinha - former professor, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur; one of the developers of ISCII; former visiting professor ,Michigan State University, Wayne State University, INRS (in association with Bel Northern Research) Quebec Canada and Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok; [64], [65]
  • Akash Rajpal (Social Entrepreneur) - He works against unethical healthcare cut practice system , referral fees, split fees in India. He has won Ramanujan Bose Social Impact Award, Scholarship to NASA Singularity University for social impact for his work on making healthcare affordable and ethical. He was recently featured by Times of india "Heart of Gold" for his efforts to help patient get low cost ethical heath care. His references on wikipedia & notable resources: [66], [67], [68], [69], [70], [71], [72], [73]
  • Niraj Satnalika (Finance Analyst, Social Entrepreneur) (born 1989-09-07) - Niraj currently works as an Analyst with CRISIL Ltd, Mumbai. He has also co-founded a non profit non governmental organization named, B N Satnalika Foundation which aims to promote education among the underprivileged. Niraj has several international journal publications in Finance and was selected as Indian delegate for Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, Asia Conference 2012 conducted by Harvard University. He was fecilitated by Mr. Ronjan Singh Sodhi, Worlds No. 1 shooter during FICCI Sports Summit for his written contribution in the form of an article which was selected among the best 5 articles in India. He was also selected for Young Economist Convention held in Philippines. Niraj has authored numerous articles on finance while serving as the freelance editor for Green World Investor. Currently he is working on two books which is expected to be released next year. Also he has completed editing and compilation for religious book in Hindi. Notable resources: [74], [75], [76], [77], [78], [79], [80], [81], [82]
  • Mangesh Ghogre - Crossword constructor or cruciverbalist with crosswords published in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Games magazine, World of Puzzles magazine. Spiritual Columnist with many columns published in the Speaking Tree column in The Times of India ; [83], [84], [85], [86], [87], [88], [89], [90], [91], [92], [93], [94], [95], [96], [97], [98], [99], [100], [101]
  • Tat Wale Baba - (Rishi) - [102], [103]
  • Suresh Nair - Film screenplay writer/script writer known for writing the films Kahaani, Bang Bang! etc imdb [104]


  • Allah-Yar Saleh, Iranian Ambassador to United States during Dr. Mossadegh's premiership and later Head of opposition National Front.


  • Joe Christle - discharged IRA man and professional cyclist. Involved in destruction of Nelson's Pillar. [105][106]
  • Paul Borelan (athlete) - Athlete, Junior All-Ireland Pumpkin Throwing Champion 2007.
  • Fergal or Fearghail, King of Conmaicne and Prince of Annaly, slain in A.D. 1014 at the Battle of Clontarf, O'Fearghail (O'Farrell) clan named after him. see [107]]
  • Frederic Fitzjames Cullinan (Sir) - K.C.B., cr. 1911, Kt., cr. 1897; C.B. 1894; late a principal clerk, Chief Secretary's Office, Dublin Castle; b 1845,
  • Robert Ford (commander) Major-General, Commander of Land Forces North Ireland.
  • Eoin McNamee (Irish Republican) - Irish Republican; former IRA Chief of Staff (1942)
  • Robert Sullivan (educator) - Northern Irish educationalist, founder of Sullivan Upper School
  • William Finnegan (athlete) Athlete, Senior All-Ireland Triple Jump Competition Medalist.
  • Christy Kenneally - Irish author, poet, speaker and broadcaster. Presented TV series on travel, religion and architecture shown in Ireland, Wales, Canada and US (referenced in this Wikipedia article - note 36. Newspaper article here. Author of many books including several popular thrillers: newspaper review of one here. Has had a poem inscribed in an Irish national memorial garden for stillborn children as part of a huge memorial service where the President officiated: here with a photo here.
  • Carol Coulter Prominent Irish Times journalist, involved in radical left-wing politics in her youth, later became a journalist. Wrote and published "The Irish Reporter". Worked for the Irish Press and later Irish Times. Was the writer of the Irish Court Service review of the Irish family law system, "Family Law Matters". Has written a considerable number of books, on both the law and other issues. Currently works for the Irish Times as their legal correspondent and has a weekly full page on legal affairs.
  • Lora O'Brien Irish author, freelance writer, public speaker, event co-ordinator, heritage manager and educator. Wrote A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality, her second book, and many articles published nationally and internationally. Co-organiser of national Festival of Irish Magic and Spirituality, Féile Draíochta, and general manager at Rathcroghan Royal Complex, home of Queen Maeve, County Roscommon. Has featured as an expert consultant on many TV and Radio shows, including the Matt Cooper show on Today FM, The Afternoon Show and Marian Finucane show on RTE. More information on the Author's Website.
  • Padraic O'Connor Current chairman of Irish Stock Exchange
  • Fiona Joyce Irish singer, songwriter. Best known for "Cry over you". More information on the Singer's Website.
  • Sheehy-Skeffington Several people with this surname, currently on the Sheehy page. A separate dabby "surname" page might be useful.





  • Simon Thomsett, Kenyan Raptor Biologist who has contributed greatly to raptor conservation efforts, particularly of African Crowned Eagles. He has worked for the Peregrine Fund and the National Museums of Kenya. He has been lauded by many raptor biologists as a legend in the field. [113][114] [115] [116]
  • Susan Mboya-Kidero, a Kenyan humanitarian, mostly known as founder of the Zawadi Africa Educational Fund, a program designed to provide scholarships to academically gifted girls from disadvantaged backgrounds from Africa to pursue higher education in the US. The Zawadi Africa Education Fund is based on the Kennedy/Mboya Student airlifts of the 1960′s, through a partnership with individuals and institutions with an interest in creating leadership. Daughter of the late Tom Mboya and wife to the currentNairobi governor Evans Kidero. She is also the Group Director Eurasia Africa, Women’s Economic Empowerment, at Coca-Cola. Recognized for her marketing skills, she is the recipient of the American Advertising Federation Hall of Achievement Award in 2003, and she has been awarded a Doctorate in Humanities from Lakeland College and a Master of the Burning Spear National Award by the Government of Kenya in recognition of her humanitarian efforts. [117] [118]] [119] [120]
  • Stan Barua, Cinematographer. He is an alumni of St. Mary's School in Nairobi. His classmates at that high school are notable personalities and public figures, including Jeff Koinange Jeff Koinange: Wikipedia, and Dr. Kamau Gachigi Dr. Kamau Gachigi on TED Talk. Stan Barua studied his profession at the renowned Polish National Film and Television School in Lodz. He had briefly been a guest student at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication K.I.M.C. in Nairobi. In Poland, he was mentored by several leading Polish cinematographers, including Witold Sobocinski, Jacek Korcelli and Jerzy Wojcik. Of Kenyan-Polish heritage, his name has sometimes been spelt in Polish: Stanisław. With JAM Karanja, Albert Wandago, Mohinder Dhillon and Billy Mutta, amongst other independent film and TV practitioners in Kenya, Stan Barua was the founding Secretary of the ground-breaking Kenya Film and Television Association. Stan Barua is a Director of Photography member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. [3] Stan's film and television work has been screened at numerous international festivals, and broadcast worldwide. [4] [3] [3] [3]


North Korea[edit]

South Korea[edit]




  • Joe Saliba (Poet) - Maltese poet who emigrated from Malta to the State of Victoria, Australia. Died 20th September, 2013 [123] (Audio article, Maltese language tribute to Joe Saliba)


  • Radhakrisna Sadien - Mauritian social worker, trade unionist and Chairman of National Economic and Social Council 2012.
  • Jagdish Koonjul - Mauritian Ambassador and former president of the UN Security Council January 2002. [124]



  • Dallas Goldtooth, comedian and presenter. One of the key members of The 1491s, a group of sketch artists producing shorts lampooning current Native American culture. [133]



New Zealand[edit]

see also Wikipedia:WikiProject New Zealand/Requested articles





  • Malik Munawar Khan Awan - Major, Pakistan Army, 21 AK Regiment,Ex British Indian Army officer who turned to Japanese Side during Burma Campaign, Later Joined Pakistan Army, recipient of Sitara e Jurat, Guerrilla Commander Ghaznavi Infiltrating Force during Operation Gibraltar 1965, Captured Indian Garrison of Rajouri, Fought his way behind enemy lines for 6 months, Titled "King of Rajouri" by President of Pakistan Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, Munawar Pass and Munawar Tawi River both named after him in Indian Held Kashmir.


Papua New Guinea[edit]

  • Bob Dadae - Papua New Guinean politician, current minister





  • Robert Cristian Trif - Romanian Sports Agent.He represents players and coaches in Football,Handball,Volleyball,Cricket and Basketball.He is based in Dubai.[158][159]
  • Puiu Manu - One of the most prolific and prominent romanian comic book artists. His Lambiek entry. His biography with bibliographic details. An interview with him.


  • Marcia Regia - (160 B.C? - April 14, 87 B.C) daughter of Quintus Marcius Rex and paternal grandmother of dictator Gaius Julius Caesar.




  • Baptist Ivan Cuthbert - One of the founding fathers of Singapore, politician in PAP
  • Charles Christopher Toh - Inventor of the Dengue Protector Cover, to protect Singaporeans living in HDB homes from breeding Dengue within the HDB clothes pole holders, and possibly saving lives.
  • Gul Maryanne - Singapore Sportsperson, Archer, Compound Ladies Single and Team, Seagames Medalist 2005 and 2007, Asian Grand Prix, Adecco Athlete Career Programme
  • Han Eng Juan - a notable Singaporean Army commander
  • Ho Cher Mou - Current Chief of Singaporean Air Force
  • James Aeria - First Navy Commander, Singapore Volunteer Naval Force
  • Ee Tean Chye - First Air Force Commander, Singapore Air Defence Command
  • T. J. D. Campbell - First Director of the General Staff
  • Mancharan Singh Gill - First Deputy Chief of the General Staff
  • Chew Chia Shao Wei - Writer


  • Miha Tišler - Slovenian chemist, Professor emeritus, author of 50 books and monographs on heterocyclic chemistry; Knight of the Order of St. Gregorius the Great, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts


South Africa[edit]

Jan Willem André de la Porte- Patron of the World Federation of Hemophilia [9]


Sri Lanka[edit]



  • Inkhosikati LaMbikiza - Swaziland Queen, from Swaziland which is a small country bordering South Africa. She is one of the current wives of King Mswati III of Swaziland. This would be an interesting article because there has been a lot of controversy surrounding her. She has a law degree from UNISA. She has been accused by others in the Royal Family of Swaziland for poisioning the King. In which he later convinced her to return back to the palace. She is the mother of Princess Sikhanyiso.



  • Bruno Thürlimann - Swiss civil and structural engineer, 1997 International Award of Merit in Structural Engineering, past President of IABSE, honorary member ASCE




  • Phurbu Tsering Rinpoche, Tibetan abbot, arrested by Chinese authority, first senior Buddhist leader to face serious charges linked to 2008 demonstrations, see [169]
  • Lhasang Tsering, important Tibetan poet, writer, and activist. He was President of the Tibetan Youth Congress and a founding director of Amnye Machen Institute. In 1972, he gave up an opportunity to study medicine in the US and joined the armed Tibetan resistance force, who were then operating from Mustang, Nepal. Here are some interviews with him [170]


  • Prince Konstantin V Mustafaev - Influence of Imperial Prince of the Royal House of Osman on Turkish Government and Policy of International Affairs of Turkey.
  • Türkkaya Ataov - Robert College alumnus, Professor Emeritus of International Relations and prominent expert on the Armenian issue, holder of many prestigious awards such as the Italian Presidential Medal of Knighthood; see further Google search and CV
  • Baba Ilyas, leader of a Turkmen rebellion that challenged Seljuk authority between 1239 and 1241
  • Hudalfa Tastekin - Turkish child actor. TV series and films include Yusuf Yuzlu (A child with face of Joseph) and Affet Beni (Forgive Me), Interview
  • Bozkurt Guvenc - prominent Turkish anthropologist (cited by Dale F. Eickelman as a Middle Eastern anthropologist); noted for his study on social change as well as Japanese Culture.
  • Bilgé Karasu - listed amongst Wikipedia Turkish Philosophers as "Bilge Karasu", however, recognized better as a novelist; noted in English for his novels -translated as- "Night" (Pegasus Prize in Literature) and "The Garden of Departed Cats". No matter the debate whether he were a modernist, a post-modernist or a magical realist, he is definitely important in 20th Century Turkish Literature.
  • Fakir Baykurt - a prominent novelist in 20th Century Turkish Literature, leading especially in social realist "village novel".
  • Abbas Sayar - a prominent novelist in 20th Century Turkish Literature, leading especially in social realist "village novel", noted for his allegorical "Yılkı Atı" that can be compared in significance to Orwell's "Animal Farm".
  • Selim Ileri - a prominent novelist in 20th Century Turkish Literature, noted especially for the theme of unfulfilled love through spartan lives depicted through somewhat homoerotic language.
  • Kucuk Iskender - a prominent contemporary Turkish poet noted for his use of modern Turkish as well as gay sensibility.
  • Fethi Naci - a prominent Turkish literary critic as well as historian.
  • Semih Gumus - a prominent Turkish literary critic noted for his work on contemporary Turkish novel.
  • Prince Konstantin V Mustafaev - Imperial Prince of the Royal House of Osman, descendent of Abdülaziz I line and son of His Imperial Highness Vasiliy Malik Sultan Mustafaev.
  • Kaan Ozguney - a prominent Turkish One Young World Ambassador.
  • Ömer Ugur - Turkish film director


  • Jennifer Anguko, a popular elected official who bled slowly to death in the maternity ward in a major hospital. Her death aptly exemplifies the poor state of maternal health care that is provided to women, even in major urban healthcare facilities.
  • Brian Turindwamukama (born October 2, 1993), is a Ugandan Human Rights Defender, from Bwindi, Uganda. In 2013, Brian started picking interest in Uganda's politics. He was part of the Free and Fair Elections Campaign in Uganda. He's now a political commentator of TV Continental, a broadcast television station in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2009, Brian got an opportunity to go and study his high school from the United States. [171] [172] [173] [174]


United Kingdom[edit]

See also: Wikipedia:UK Wikipedians' notice board/Complete to do list for other biography requests and Have I Got News For You episodes list has a really long list of everyone to have been on Have I Got News For You.

Kyle studied Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has a chapter in the book: Mobile Digital Art: Using the IPad and IPhone as Creative Tools By David Leibowitz [186]. He has Illustrated the cover of Le Temps Viendra: a Novel of Anne Boleyn by Sarah Morris [187]. He has been featured in international news including BBC [188]. He was born in Manchester, England [189]. He has worked with Apple, Adobe, IDG & Paramount Pictures. He is featured in the iPad 2 launch video which Steve Jobs presented on stage. He has written a series of tutorials for Macworld [190]. He has given guest speaker presentations at Apple stores including Covent Garden and San Francisco [191]

  • Wolff Levisohn - Jack the Ripper suspect
  • Ted Lloyd-Jukes - Request made June 5 2010 - Deputy Black Rod, i.e. the Yeoman Usher. took over after Freddie Viggers suffered a stroke.
  • Hannah Macaulay sister of Thomas Babington Macaualay, eminent historian. She was the recipient of his extremely important correspondence throughout her life and her replies would be very interesting. Accompanied brother to India when he served on the Council of the East India Company in 1834
  • John MacKinnon, the last Abbot of the Scottish island of Iona, greatly responsible for a meshing of Christian and celtic beliefs and morals. Nicknamed "the green abbot." One of the few Scottish abbots to have had an effigy made in honor of him and placed in the centre of his abbey.* Vincent McKee - Convicted fraudster, terrorism survivor and former parliamentary candidate for Coventry.
  • Matteo Mameli - British philosophy professor, King's College London, philosopher of science.... why notable?, CSD G7 2008
  • Francis Sydney Marvin - (1863-1943) British educationalist and historian, see [192]
  • McStay Family - Family of four missing from Fallbrook, CA since 2010 found dead in 2013.
  • George Mendoza - British children's books writer; author of House by Mouse
  • William Middlemore - Owner of leather saddles company, J.P., philanthropist (sp), father of Sir John M.P., Thomas mountain climber, grandfather of Sir William.
  • Rupert Morgan - British novelist, science fiction and fantasy writer
  • Harry Moseley - Request made October 10, 2011 - 11 year old boy who died of brain cancer on October 8, 2011, after having raised over £500,000 for cancer research News of death and Twitter response
  • Amelia Jane Murray, aka Lady Oswald, Victorian fairy artist, [193]
  • Rupert Myers (writer) - Request made August 5 2010 - Times/Guardian writer profile
  • Shaykh Mariam Nazir Angel Seer (1982 - present)- Clergywoman, Author & Writer of 'Receiving Revelation From Allah's Christmas Angels.' [194]
  • Keith Negus - British music scholar, author Popular Music in Theory: An Introduction and other books
  • Marco Ng - Popular British blog writer, [195]
  • NN Phillips, daughter of Peter Phillips and Autumn Phillips, 13th in the order of succession to the British throne
  • Sir Ayni Haz Kaljeet Dosani Punjap - Ayni Punjap - Head of the Khalistan alliance
  • Chloe Rayban - author
  • Sir Mathew Reid - President of the Royal College of Physicians
  • Sarah Ellen Roberts - British woman who was reputedly executed as a Bride of Dracula, then in Peru in 1913. see [196]
  • Lavina Saltonstall - Yorkshire suffragette. Milltown Memories. Calderdale suffragettes.
  • Liz Sayce - UK disability administrator, Chief Executive of Radar, awarded OBE in 2008, chairman of the DWP Sayce Report on disability employment
  • Amanda Sayers - Chairwoman of Westminster North Conservatives. Works with Joanne Cash.
  • John Searl - Inventor of the SEG (generator) & flying disc (anti-gravity, magnetic roller, super-cool, propulsion system). His company should be named SEG (Searl Effect Generators). Ph.D. His rollers are specially (permanently) magnetized with a pattern that attracts & repels on different positions, at the same time, so a frictionless spacing distance is maintained (e.g. <1 mm from roller to surface of the ring, whether the roller moves or not). Acceleration results from magnet field (gradient=) intensity_differences with respect to position, which acts like an extra magnetic field (repulsion).
    • Note: Previous articles on John Searl and Searl Effect Generator were deleted March 2012: Noyster (talk), 09:14, 1 April 2014 (UTC)
  • Thomas Thorowgood (c. 1600-1669) - English Divine, author of Jewes in America, or Probabilities that the Americans are of that Race Influential to the writing and thought of John Eliot, intellectual peer to Menasseh Ben Israel.
  • John Tomaney - British professor of regional governance, also wrote about post-Fordism and modern ideas of work
  • William Henry Wellesley, 2nd Earl Cowley (1834–1895)]]
  • Sir Thomas Wiat - request made 17th October, 2011 - son of Sir Henry Wiat. Courtier. Ambassador to Spain, 1537. Member of the Privy Council. MP for Kent 1541. Complete poems published in 1913.
  • Trevor Chadwick - Jewish children saver at holocaust times, [197]

United States[edit]

  • Mary Jane Holmes Shipley Drake, slave whose father successfully sued for her freedom in Oregon.
  • Alofa Time, convicted murderer from Idaho (see"alofa+time")
  • Gene "Chip" Tatum, a person whoo allegedly exposed a bunch of scandles from the governmentr, and torturerd and murdered shortly afterwards. Common source used by Conspiracy Theorists.
  • Angelica Castillo, AKA "Baby Hope," a formerly unidentified murder victim whose identity was discovered in 2013. She was found murdered in 1992 and her 52-year-old cousin in currently on trial for her death. There is a very large amount of media coverage of the case.
  • Luther H. Lee (born January 14, 1983) business owner, politician
  • James C. Albury (born August 25, 1967) — Co-host on the internationally syndicated PBS show "Star Gazers" and Coordinator of the Kika Silva Pla Planetarium at Santa Fe College
  • James Hodson Anderson (August 4, 1909 – 1996) was an American politician who served as the twenty-fifth Attorney General of Nebraska, from 1949 to 1950, under Governor Val Peterson.
  • Eggly Bagelface - A person with possibly the most unique name in the United States. [198] Previously lived in Chicago, IL; may have been born in Portland, OR. Mentioned in standup comedy routine of Matt Braunger as a reclusive but real person who received prank phone calls.
  • Gelareh Bagherzadeh - Iranian-American student who was shot (early 2012?) in Texas
  • Dave Bald Eagle (born ? April 1919) - actor, soldier, statesman, prominent traditional leader among the Sioux tribe; born in a tipi along the banks of Cherry Creek in South Dakota; his life included jumping behind enemy lines during the Invasion of Normandy 1944, dancing champion, rodeo champion, professional athlete and judge among other things; considered by many to be one of the last remaining true "chiefs" of his people; active in tribal and international politics; [199]; grandson of White Bull; [200]; [201]; [202]; [203]
  • Victor Barnard cult leader from Minnesota, currently on the lamb for "maiden" brides. Article on him at:
  • Sarah barney Belcher William Manchester's biography of Douglas MacArthur, "American Caesar," states, p. 17, talking about the father of Douglas MacArthur: "Sarah Barney Belcher of Taunton, Mass., the boy colonel's (Arthur MacArthur's) great-grandmother, became a common ancestor of Douglas MacArthur, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt ~ Douglas was an eighth cousin of Churchill and a sixth cousin, once removed of FDR."
  • Amy Laura Bondurant - first female US Amb to OECD 1997, first female Director of Rolls Royce PLC 2001, counsel to Senator and VP Al Gore, US Senate Counsel, first member of US arm of Bondurant family to return to live and work in France, direct descendant of 9 signers of Magna Carta, Descendant of French and British royal families
  • Charles Brooks (inventor) - of Newark, New Jersey; invented improvements to street sweeper trucks that he patented on March 17, 1896; his truck had revolving brushes attached to the front fender and the brushes were interchangeable with scrapers that could be used in winter for snow removal; also designed an improved refuse receptacle for storing the collected garbage and litter and a wheel drive for the automatic turning of the brushes and for powering a lifting mechanism for the scrapers; [204]
  • Cyntoia Brown (born January 29, 1988, ?Nashville, Tennessee?) - child prostitute and murderer; sentenced to life imprisonment at 16; [205]
  • Arnold Sidney Butler (born October 8, 1914, Springvale, NH) - aviation pioneer and inventor; inspirational flight instructor; son of Leland Kalloch Butler (September 6, 1890 – April 6, 1975) and Leila Frances (nee Young) (March 15, 1894 – September 2, 1961); raised in Manchester, NH (attended and graduated from Central High School); on February 12, 1941, he married Helena Mary Lyons (July 11, 1911 – March 28, 1976) and had six children: Arnold Thomas Butler (b. December 6, 1941), James Leland Butler (b. June 15, 1943), Sylvia Ann Butler (b. July 28, 1945), Diane Butler (b. November 26, 1951 – d. March 29, 2007), and John Edmund Butler (b. December 24, 1953); after Helena's death in 1976, he remarried to Bernadette (nee Bea) Poth (b. Mar. 24, 1924 - d. Feb. 9, 2006)
  • John Caldwell (merchant marine) - American merchant marine, after WWII, stuck in Panama, bought a small sloop and singlehandedly sailed to meet his wife in Australia; wrote the book Desperate Voyage, story of survival and will to live; later started the Island resort called "Palm Island" in the Grenadines; lso known as "Johnny Coconuts" because of all the coconut palms he planted in that area
  • Linda Campbell - Surviving spouse of first same-sex woman (Nancy Lynchild) to be buried at a US national cemetery, also spawned a very odd religious emblem accepted by the VA of a "dancing Sandhill Crane"; ideally, both the Sandhill Crane and United States Department of Veterans Affairs emblems for headstones and markers articles should be updated to include this, as well (since it's rather odd and without reference in either). Still alive, age ~66? Source: [206], [207]
  • Billy Capshaw - claims he was raped and tortured by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in Germany during his time in the army; [208]
  • Arnold Butlers Career - inspired by an aircraft flyover, an otherwise rare event at Arnold's Portsmouth, New Hampshire home, it was not long after the beginning of his career as a mechanic for a Ford dealership that his interest turned towards aviation. Pursuing his apprenticeship at Granite State Airport, that as a student pilot he would fly his first solo on May 23, 1935, and eventually would become a flight instructor; later, in a partnership with Carl Parks, a Naval Academy graduate, Career and Parks owned and operated Granite State Airways until the U.S. Government federalized the airport for the war effort in 1941.
The Old China Book 1903; The Old Furniture Book With A Sketch Of Past Days And Ways 1903; Flower Fables And Fancies 1904; Tulips, Daffodils And Crocuses 1904; Old Pewter Brass, And Sheffield Plate 1905; The Collector`s Manual 1905; Delftware Dutch and English 1908; Wedgwood And His Imitators 1909; The Old Clock Book 1911; The Lace Book: With Seventy Engravings Showing Specimens of Lace, Or Its Wear in Famous Portraits 1905 (Coauthor Hannah Hudson Moore); Old Glass European And American 1924
  • Sarah Elizabeth Charles - jazz singer
  • Peggy Curlin - women's health advocate, obituary
  • William C. Klann (aka Bill Klann) Ford motor company worker who invented the first automotive assembly line. You know, the one which Henry Ford gets all the credit for. See John Pollack's book "Shortcuts:..." ISBN: 1592408494
  • Connor Franta, YouTubers with 3.5 million subscribers, dozens of reliable sources



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