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  • Alena Shishkova - Supermodel Alena Shishkova, placing 2nd Miss Russia 2012; internet icon with her selfie on instagram.
  • Dr. Fatjona R. Lubonja - the only visiting scholar/professor to win scholar award twice Atlantic Cape Community College; scholar award, Beacon by the Sea; scholar of the neuroscience and education, Neuroscience and Education; public speaking and advocate of education in community of South Jersey
  • Susan Ariel Aaronson - associate research professor, George Washington University; research fellow, World Trade Institute; scholar of the relationship between trade and human rights
  • Dr. David G. Acker - Associate Dean of Academic and Global Programs, Iowa State University; researcher and consultant with Food and Agriculture Organization, Fulbright Research Fellow, has served as the president of the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education, past consultant with the United States Agency for International Development, numerous books, including "Education for rural people: What have we learned?". [1][2] [3][4]
  • Susan Baker - first female social scientist to be awarded Royal Appointment as King Carl XVI Gustaff Professor of Environmental Science, Sweden
  • Gloria Barczak - head of achool of marketing at Northeastern University; leader in new product development[5]
  • Daniel Beland, Canada Research Chair in Public Policy (Tier 1), Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, Widely cited social and public policy scholar. Now refers to a Canadian figure skater. [6] [7] [8]
  • Ghulam Raza Bhatti - meritorious professor of botany and pro-vice chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University; founder and director of the university's Herbarium and Botanical Garden, Pakistan's first botanical garden, and the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation (Khairpur)
  • Andreas Borgeas Law Professor at the San Joaquin College of Law [9] and Fresno County Supervisor [10]
  • George W. Breslauer, former Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of UC Berkeley, recently elected to AAAS. He received his BA, MA, and PhD degrees in Political Science from the University of Michigan in 1966, 1968 and 1973, respectively. In 1971, Professor Breslauer joined the faculty of the Department of Political Science, University of California at Berkeley, as a specialist on Soviet politics and foreign relations. He advanced through the ranks to full professor of political science, was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award of the Division of Social Sciences in 1997, and was appointed Chancellor’s Professor in 1998. Requested June 24, 2014. [11] [12]
  • Dean Buonomano - neuroscientist, University of California, Los Angeles; leader in the field of how the brain tells time; writings include Brain Bugs How the Brain's Flaws Shape Our Lives (2011, Norton); [13]; [14]
  • Janell Carroll - teaches psychology at University of Hartford. She is a sexologist, author, and researcher. Dr. Carroll's research has been published in a variety of national and international journals and she has presented her research at meetings and symposiums around the world. Her research interests include human sexuality, women's issues, gender, child development, and sex education. She is the author of the highly acclaimed college-level sexuality textbook entitled Sexuality Now: Embracing Diversity and a popular book for young women entitled The Day Aunt Flo Comes To Visit: An Honest Conversation About Getting Your Period. Dr. Carroll also hosts her own blog and website at
  • Emily A. Carter - Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment; also Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering & Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University. She has won numerous awards and holds an honoris causa PhD. from EPFL. [15]
  • Garga Chatterjee - cognitive scientist and political commentator; researcher on rare disorder prosopagnosia at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Southasianist political commentator and human-rights activist, newspaper columnist [16]
  • Thomas J. Coates, PhD - Behavioral scientist; Director, UCLA Center for World Health; Director, UCLA Program in Global Health [17]; Recipient of 2013 Elizabeth Fries Health Education Award[18]; Associate Director, International, Health Services & Policy Program, UCLA AIDS Institute [19]; Co-Director, University of California Global Health Institute[20]; Member, Institute of Medicine Board on Global Health[21]; 232 publications on PubMed[22]
  • Jason Corburn -Ph.D., M.C.P. - Associate Professor of City & Regional Planning and Public Health at UC Berkeley [23]. He also directs the Center for Global Healthy Cities at Berkeley [24]. Professor Corburn [25] is a global expert on the connections between city planning and public health, how cities can become more healthy and equitable and how to improve urban informal settlements. He has published three books and numerous journal articles. His books include: Street Science: Community Knowledge and Environmental Health Justice, published by the MIT Press [26]; Toward the Healthy City: People, Places and the Politics of Urban Planning [27]; Toward the Healthy City, Korean edition [28] Healthy City Planning: From Neighbourhood to National Health Equity, [29]. He is a 2013 recipient of the United Nations Association Global Citizen Award [30]
  • Paul B. Courtright - American professor of religion and Asian studies; [31]; [32]; [33]
  • Benjamin Crowell - Author of online textbooks on Physics and Mathematics which are under Share and Share alike license. Chapters from the books are linked to from various wiki articles. For example Work (physics) page links to Work – a chapter from an online textbook. The textbooks can be found at [34]
  • Dr. Dan J. Curran - President of University of Dayton, [35]
  • Yehuda Danon, President of Ariel University in Israel. Requested on July 3, 2014.
  • D. B. Dill - former president, American Physiological Society; director, Harvard Fatigue Laboratory
  • Jean Donaldon - Requested 16/4/2012 - Dog trainer and behaviourist, Director of The SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, author of (amongst others) "The Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way to Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs" 1993, which was revolutionary [36] [37]
  • Alexander Doty - queer theorist, author of Making Things Perfectly Queer: Interpreting Mass Culture (Minnesota, 1993). [38]
  • Joseph Dunn (scholar) (1872-1951) Ph.D., U. S. Professor of Celticv Studies, author of The glories of Ireland, 1914, The need and use of Celtic philology, The ancient Irish epic tale Táin bó Cúalnge, The Gaelic literature of Ireland, La vie de Saint Patrice, mystère breton en trois actes
  • Maud Ellmann - Randy L. & Melvin R. Berlin professor of the development of the novel in English, Department of English, the University of Chicago; literary critic whose work focuses on British and European modernism and critical theory, particularly psychoanalysis and feminism; [39]
  • Norrie Epstein - author of The Friendly Shakespeare and The Friendly Dickens. Academic author. [40] [41]
  • Baowei Fei - Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Cancer Scholar and Director of Quantitative BioImaging Laboratory (QBIL), Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology, prominent researcher on biomedical imaging, image processing and analysis, image-guided interventions, and prostate cancer research.
  • Allan Flanders - considered a founding father of postwar British academic Industrial Relations [42]; SSRN 963794
  • Darren Gergle - professor of communication studies and computer science; books and articles on technology design and development cited on WP, serves on prominent journal editorial boards, numerous peer-reviewed articles on technology and collaboration, Northwestern University. [43]
  • Michael Hames-García - professor of ethnic studies and director of the Center for the Study of Women in Society at the University of Oregon; see [44] and [45]; author of several books [46]; winner of a Lambda literary award [47]; his work is cited by a few wikipedia entries, including the entry on "prison" [48]. Date requested: July 14, 2014.
  • Jacob Michael Held - philosopher, University of Central Arkansas; see [49]; editor Dr. Suess and Philosophy, with James B. South, James Bond and Philosophy, and numerous articles and essays on pop culture, political and legal theory, and the history of philosophy; [50]
  • Ted Grimsrud - Mennonite theologian and professor of nonviolence theory at Eastern Mennonite UNiversity, student of John Howard Yoder, and author of more than a dozen books.
  • Cameron Hepburn - economist for environmental and public policy; senior research fellow, Grantham Institute; senior visiting fellow, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford; academic panel member, UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; associate editor, Oxford Review of Economic Policy[51]
  • Andrew Heywood - professor of politics [52]
  • Viqar Husain - Theoretical physicist and a Professor at the University of New Brunswick. Works in general relativity and quantum gravity. Known for the Husain-Kuchar model, new exact solutions of Einstein's equations, and self-dual gravity; [53]; [54];[55]; [56]
  • pj johnson - pj johnson, Yukon poet laureate. First officially invested Yukon Poet Laureate. First officially invested poet laureate in Canada. Author, composer, producer, performance artist, public personality. [57] [58][59] [60]
  • Ellen Condliffe Lagemann -- Former Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Former President, National Academy of Education; Former President, Spencer Foundation. Scholar of the history of education and of educational policy. Currently a chaired professor at Bard College. Formerly a professor at New York University and Columbia University Teachers College, in addition to being a former chaired professor at Harvard.
  • Koen Lamberts- Vice-chancellor of the University of York; former Faculty Chair for Science, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University of Warwick, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost
  • Brenda A. LeFrançois, b. 1968, critical psychologist, social work educator, professor Memorial University. Mad Studies theorist and activist. Co-editor of "Mad Matters: A Critical Reader in Canadian Mad Studies" (CSPI) and "Psychiatry Disrupted: Theorizing Resistance and Crafting the Revolution" (MQUP). Author of numerous articles in the area of Mad Studies, critical children's rights, critical disability studies, and childhood studies. See [61] [62]
  • Josh Lerner - investment banker; titled chair at Harvard University; Wall Street Journal blogger
  • Dr. Moises Lino e Silva - ISSC World Social Science Fellow [63] Anthropologist at Brandeis University, [64]
  • James C. McConnon, Jr. Professor of Economics, University of Maine, Microenterprise research, cruise ship economic impacts, regional economics
  • Dr. Edward MacDonald. Ph.D. M.A.- Associate Professor at University of Prince Edward Island The expert for Prince Edward Island History. Has written many articles, and his most recent book is "If You're Stronghearted." He is currently writing a new book "Cradling Confederation" He is the only Prince Edward Island Professor, and teaches the only P.E.I. courses in the world.
  • Virginia MacKenny - a practicing artist and Senior Lecturer in Painting at the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Gautam Mitra - [65]; professor emeritus, Brunel University; [66] [67]; research scientist in risk modelling, portfolio planning and stochastic optimization; [68] [69]
  • Rebecca Mugridge - award winning author, horticulturalist, food blogger, food columnist, recipe creator/photographer & professional cook and Australian personality. [70] Co-creator of breast cancer charity event, The Pink Pram Push.
  • Sarah-Jane Murray (born 1974) - associate professor in the Honors College, Baylor University; fellow of Institute for the Study of Religion ([71]); permanent member, CEMA at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III); fellow, National Endowment of the Humanities; winner, Franklin Award from the American Philosophical Society
  • Arthur Darby Nock - (21.February.1902-11.January.1963)--Harvard University, Frothingham Professor of the History of Religions; well-regarded and still influential academic; German wikipedia article here: ; obituary from "The Harvard Crimson," date 14.January.1963, linked here: [72] ; brief biography also available at the Gifford Lectures site: [73]
  • Valerian Postovsky - wrote 1974 article “Effects of Delay in Oral Practice at the Beginning of Second Language Learning,” which posits the thesis that “recognition knowledge is prerequisite for the development of retrieval knowledge”; he is relevant in ESL study
  • Laura Purdy – philosophy professor; see [74]; distinct from the late fashion designer of the same name
  • David A. Randall, (1905 - 1975), head of Scribner's rare book department from 1929 to 1956, and Lilly Librarian at Indiana University from 1956 to ?. I could not find him in Wikipedia, but I found a partial biography here: [75]
  • Bryan Peter Reardon - (1928-2009) - Professor of Classics, UC Irvine [76][77]. Organizer of the first "International Conference on the Ancient Novel" (ICAN) [78]. Editor of the "Collected Ancient Greek Novels" [79].
  • Dr. Derrick Rossi, principal investigator at the Immune Disease Institute at Harvard Medical School and principal faculty member at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, inventor of modRNA (synthetically modified mRNA) and founder of Moderna Therapuetics, a biotech startup that has raised almost $1 billion [80]. First scientist to reprogram differentiated blood cells to hematopoietic stem cells. Generated iPS cells without genetic modification using modRNA. Has also done research on DNA damage. Requested 4/20/14
  • Constance Rulka - (1926-2014) Teacher, Examiner in English for the Oxford and Cambridge Joint Matriculation Board. Author of textbooks in English language and Poetry for Macmillan Publishing company, School Trustee for Squamish School district 48, wrote a regular weekly column entitled “Sound Schools” for the Chief newspaper in Squamish as well as articles for Teacher Newsmagazine. Chief Examiner and Assistant Registrar for the West African Examinations Council. She was awarded The Educational Press Association of America “Distinguished Achievement Award” given for excellence in Educational Journalism (1992). In 2003 she was awarded the Golden Leaf Award - “Writing and Editing” Educational Issues Reporting from the Canadian Educational Press Association. On June 13, 2006, School District No. 48 honored Constance Rulka’s contributions and renamed the Howe Sound Secondary School Library “The Constance Rulka Library”
  • Thaddeus Russell - Occidental College, history professor, author: "Out of the Jungle: Jimmy Hoffa and the Remaking of the American Working Class", (Knopf, 2001); "A Renegade History of the United States", (Free Press, 2010). Numerous references in Wikipedia.
  • James St. James (Professor) - Millikin University - Chair of Psychology Department. He was recently revealed to be Jim Wolcott, a man who killed his family when he was 15 years old, sparking a national debate about mental illness, rehabilitation, and student safety. See [81]
  • David Schnarch - sex and relationship therapist, psychologist, and professor of urology
  • Stephen Schulhofer - Robert B. McKay Professor of Law at New York University School of Law. Famous scholar of criminal law with multiple influential articles and books on topics ranging from sexual autonomy and rape law to national security in the wake of 9/11.[82]
  • Guri Schwarz - University of Pisa, researcher of modern Italian history, Jewish history, Holocaust and memory studies. Author of three books, and editor of four other volumes. One book translated into English: "After Mussolini: Jewish Life and Jewish Memories in Post-Fascist Italy". Visiting lecturer New York University.
  • Joseph Soshnick - University of Nebraska Vice-Chancellor for Administration (1937–1969)
  • Fred Spier - Dutch professor and leading researcher on big history. Author of the Book Big History and The Future of Society Big History
  • Gary Stager - pioneer of 1:1 laptop, school education programs [83]
  • Dr. Terrell Lamont Strayhorn. Ph.D. M.Ed. B.A.- Professor at The Ohio State University and Director of the Center for Inclusion, Diversity & Academic Success (iDEAS) at The Ohio State University Expert on issues of equity, diversity, and college student success especially historically underserved and vulnerable populations. Author of 8 books, over 100 journal articles, more than 50 books chapters; books include College Students' Sense of Belonging among others He has received numerous national awards and honors including the ASHE Early Career Award, ACPA Emerging Scholar Award, Who's Who in Education, "Top 20 to Know in Education" among others: He is the youngest full professor in the history of The Ohio State University: [84]
  • Dr. Katie Stevenson - Director of the Institute of Scottish Historical Research [85] Medieval historian at University of St Andrews, [86] Editor of the Journal of Scottish Historical Studies [87] Author of Power and Propaganda [88] and Chivalry and Knighthood [89] Awarded Royal Society of Edinburgh Thomas Reid Medal in the Arts & Humanities in 2014. [90]
  • Neil D. Theobald - President of Temple University, [91]
  • Richard H. Ullman - Professor of International Affairs at Princeton University. Author of "Anglo-Soviet Relations" and other works.[92]
  • Zaplatynskyi Vasyl - Ukrainian professor, a leading scientist in the field of theory security and danger. Specialist in organization of the education system for a secure life. Author of over 250 scientific papers.
  • Michele Vincenti Ph.D., MBA, M.A. (HOS), CIM, FCSI, STI, CMC, C.I.M., F.CIM, CMgr (UK), F.CMI (UK), University Canada West (UCW) Professor. He is also Associate Faculty at the Faculty of Management at Royal Roads University (RRU) and Adjunct Faculty at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU. He is Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI), Fellow Chartered Institute of Management, UK, (FCIM).
  • Donald U. Wise - structural geologist and planetary geologist; Professor Emeritus of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Career Contribution Award from the Geological Society of America in 2001. [93] [94]
  • Julian E. Zelizer - Professor of History and Public Affairs, Princeton University. [95]


Adventurers, explorers and pioneers[edit]

  • Melissa Bachman - American professional hunter who hosts the television show Winchester Deadly Passion on Sportsman Channel. [148]
  • Martin Boysen - English mountaineer. (Trango Tower, Changabang, Everest, Ama Dablam)
  • John Broache or John Broach (which is it?) - Scottish (French?) cavalier, pioneer and explorer; one of the first explorers in Virginia, twenty years after Captain James Hook; listed in the "Virginia Land Patents and Grants"; the first Broach to arrive in America (most Broaches in the U.S. are related to him distantly)
  • Clark Carter - Australian adventurer. (Victoria Island, North Pole, Southern Ocean, Sepik River, Bass Strait) [149][150][151][152][153][154]
  • Vasily Elagin - mountaineer and explorer who designed and built the cars used in MLAE-2009
  • Paul Everitt - Only person to cycle across Canada, Europe and US on a 4 wheeled bicycle/bikecar. Covering over 10,000 km durimg 2010 and 2011. In 2012 Everitt constructed a timber raft like Huckleberry Finn and took on the Mississippi River. In 2013 Everitt and his partner Kelly Durst kayaked from Oslo, Norway to Helsinki, Finland via the coastline of Sweden and the islands of Aland. The Baltic Sea expedition took 3 months and on their arrival in Helsinki Everitt and Durst purchased second hand bicycles and cycled through Europe for a further 6 weeks. In 2014 Everitt set about building a new bikecar to take on Lands End to John o'Groats in the UK. Sadly only a few days into the new expedition the bikecar had some mechanical problems which resulted in an accident. Everitt is currently looking to the future after the unforeseen end of the last trip and hopes to raft the Danube River in 2015. [155]
  • Thelma Popp Jones - rode a bike (circa 1944) with a friend to follow path of Mark Twain's adventures; wrote online memoir The Lure of the Open Road
  • Mait Nilson - an Estonian entrepreneur and creator of Amphibear [156]– amphibious vehicle built for circumnavigating the globe. He has served also as board member of several Estonian companies, as Kalev AS, Microlink AS, Tere AS and Baltcom Estonia. The main Amphibear building started in 2007 and was finished with test drive in 2009. Amphibear is rebuilt Toyota Land Cruiser 120 with two 30 foot workboat pontoons on the roof, which can be turned to the sides below the car forming catamaran boat. Amphibear is powered in water from the car engine by hydraulic system. On 2 November 2013 Nilson starts his circumnavigation around the globe. Nilson will be joined by several copilots along different legs of the journey. If successful, he will cover more than 60,000 kilometers in 9 months and establish several new world records for amphibious crossings.
  • Xavier Rosset - French adventurer recreating Robinson Crusoe [157]
  • Vernon Starr Smith - world travel journalist [158]
  • Marie Robinson Wright - American author and historian who made record trip across the Andes; listed in [159]; [160]; "Occupations for women", Frances Elizabeth Willard, 1897, pp.330-332 [161]





Pratt Institute. Though he worked in many styles and media in his career, some of his more striking images are his stylish black & white illustrations, sort of an American Art Deco equivalent to Aubrey Beardsley." (source: Other sources: ( (

--Barcenam (talk) 07:36, 2 January 2014 (UTC)


  • AG Fronzoni - (1923-2002 ) Italian artist and designer. Italian Wikipedia link: [271]

Graphic artists[edit]

and also Chief Government spy, its said he technically doesnt exist although he is now out of service


  • Ann Adams (1937–1992) - Famous American polio stricken artist; Best known for her many sketches of animals and children, drawn by holding a pencil in her teeth. [277] Note cards depicting her art were very popular in the 1970's, and can be found for sale on quite a few websites. Photos of her do exist online [278] as well as examples of her art [279]
  • Drew Christie (born 1984) American animator, illustrator and filmmaker; [280] Best known for the New York Times animation Hi! I'm a Nutria [281] Caused a fair amount of controversy pertaining to invasive species and was called a "pioneer of the opinion pages" by the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University [282]. Also known for the short animated film Song of the Spindle which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival [283] .
  • Steven S. Crompton (born 1962) American illustrator, cartoonist and publisher; [284] Best known for the creation of Demi the Demoness comics [285]and illustrating the Grimtooth's Traps and other Catalyst Game books[286] Became publisher of Carnal Comics in 2001 [287]. Currently part of the Fellowship of the Troll team, (Ken St. Andre, Liz Danforth, Rick Loomis, Steve Crompton & Bear Peters) working on a Deluxe edition of Tunnels & Trolls. [288].
  • Samantha Gorel (born 1993) is an American Manga artist and childrens book author/illustrator. She is the creator of the future book "Manga: the Mega Guide: from SEARCH press. Gorel is known for doujinshi and on her deviantart account at which she is known as Mireielle. She has created several doujinshi inclinding "Once Upon a Titan". She is currently also working with the doujin circle TEA GARDEN to create a Kobato[289] doujinshi called "Flower" and an Attack on Titan [290] doujinshi called "Danger Line"[291].
  • Jennie Harbour - children's book and postcard illustrator during Art Deco era; [292]
  • Kyle Lambert - Best known for his use of technology and photorealistic artwork created on Apple's iPad. His 2013 work featuring Morgan Freeman, based on a photograph by Scott Gries international attention, becoming viral and gaining over 11 million views in a week [293].

Kyle studied Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has a chapter in the book: Mobile Digital Art: Using the IPad and IPhone as Creative Tools By David Leibowitz [294]. He has Illustrated the cover of Le Temps Viendra: a Novel of Anne Boleyn by Sarah Morris [295]. He has been featured in international news including BBC [296]. He was born in Manchester, England [297]. He has worked with Apple, Adobe, IDG & Paramount Pictures. He is featured in the iPad 2 launch video which Steve Jobs presented on stage. He has written a series of tutorials for Macworld [298]. He has given guest speaker presentations at Apple stores including Covent Garden and San Francisco [299]

  • Peter Loewer - botanical illustrator and author of Bringing the Outdoors In and thirty books on plants
  • Ola Liola (born 07 Aug 1979) birth name Olga Kushnir is a contemporary illustrator, artist, storyteller, designer. Olga was born in Ukraine, Poltava in 1996 moved to Israel with family. Current residence Berlin, Germany. Graduated form industrial design facility Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Main motive in her creations is animal world which appear in vivid colours layered with dense patterns. Medium: watercolour, ink. [300][301][302]
  • Master of Rolin - 15th-century French illuminator; creator of many medieval manuscripts; employed by Jean Rolin, predecessor of the Maitre Francois; [303]
  • Ton Smits (born 18 Feb 1921) Full name Antonie Gerardus Smits (Ton Smits) a cartoonist and postcard illustrator from the Netherlands. Died 1981. Short article on him can be found on Netherlands Wikipedia under name of Ton Smits.



Please read the Notability Criteria for Photographers before submitting a request.
  • Adam Oliver - The main photographer and creator of the Nerf SOCOM series.
  • Julian Oliver - Co-creator of Nerf SOCOM and owner of the JuberJoe YouTube channel.
  • Nerf SOCOM - A group of people that create YouTube videos, mods and hold contests for various Nerf guns. Most notable is their offer to give away Nerf guns autographed by the team.
  • Bettina von Zwehl - born in Munich in 1971 and received an MA from the Royal College of Art (RCA), London, in 1999. Recently, she was artist in residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum (2011) and at the Freud Museum London (2014). She lives and works in London, and is represented by Purdy Hicks Gallery. Her work is in the collections of the Guggenheim, V&A, National Portrait Gallery and other museums. She has had several solo exhibitions, and has published a monograph. She is in the Union List of Artists. She specializes in portraits and was interviewed by the Guardian and NPG for the "Road to 2012" commission for the London Olympics.
  • Chandra McCormick - African-American documentary photographer; Wife of Kieth Calhoun; From 9th ward of New Orleans; Documented the lives blacks though out the south;Published in Aperture, The New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Sun-Times, and Albuquerque Tribune; Exhibitions at he Smithsonian Institution, Brooklyn Museum, Philadelphia African American Museum, Civil Rights Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, the Peace Museum, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, New York University, and Aperture Gallery;[354];[355];[356];[357]
  • Keith Calhoun - African-American documentary photographer; Husband of Chandra McCormick; Documented the lives blacks laborers though out the south;Published in Aperture, The New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Sun-Times, and Albuquerque Tribune; Exhibitions at he Smithsonian Institution, Brooklyn Museum, Philadelphia African American Museum, Civil Rights Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, the Peace Museum, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, New York University, and Aperture Gallery;[358];[359];[360];[361]
  • Philip Kamin - music photographer from 1978 to 1985; rock photography archivist; tour photographer for Genesis; photographed bands including "The Rolling Stones", "Paul McCartney" & "Wings", "Bob Dylan", "Led Zeppelin", "Pink Floyd", "The Who", "YES", "The Clash", "AC/DC", "Rush", "King Crimson", "Van Halen", "Roxy Music", "Black Sabbath", "The Cars", "Madonna"; published over 40 music photography books; album covers include "Teenage Head" and "Triumph"; [362]; [363]; [364]; [365]
  • Ruven Afanador - Colombian-born American photographer with three books and many international exhibitions; es:Ruven Afanador
  • Douglas Barkey - American-born photographer, raised in Argentina, multiple international exhibitions, originated intentional camera movement as mode of photographic expession; [366][367] [368]
  • Gary Braasch - nature photographer and author; [369]; [370]
  • River Clark - fashion photographer; in permanent photography collection at the Guggenheim; numerous books and publications including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, Playboy; [371]; [372]
  • Bryan Denton - photojournalist based in Beirut, Lebanon; notable for his extensive coverage of the Libyan Revolution for The New York Times; first solo exhibition will be at New York University's Gulf and Western Gallery ([373]); [374]; [375]
  • Benjamin Donaldson - American fine-art photographer; work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at Jen Bekman Gallery; [376]; work featured in The New Yorker, Details, Nylon and Sueddeutsche Zeitung magazines; photography lecturer, Yale School of Art; ([377])
  • Patrick Eagar - English sports photographer, specialising in cricket; regarded as the world's top cricket photographer; referred to by Wisden as "The godfather of cricket photography" ([378]); [379] (written about Eagar by former England captain and current commentator Mike Atherton) and [380]; [381].
  • Kan Hing Fook - Chinese Born Photographer. The first recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award by the Photographic Society of America. Widely accepted as one of the most prolific Chinese photographer of the 20th century. Famous works include "Water Palette" (1953?) and "Hermitage" (1952). "Water Palette" is an important work in particular as it was the first work by a Chinese Photographer to receive a Gold Metal, in the 8th International Salon of Photography.
  • Tim Freccia - American born photographer and film maker with numerous exhibitions (Portrait series "Yirol" at NY Armory Show/Contemporary 2012/2013; Chicago Expo 2012; and noted assignments from conflict and crisis areas: Dispatches from South Sudan for George Clooney, Indian Ocean Tsunami, Haiti, Eastern Congo, Mogadishu, Nuba Mountains, Roma refugees, etc. Published/broadcast in TIME Magazine; VICE Magazine; Washington Post; Global Post; CNN; BBC; Al Jazeera; France 24 and most major intl. outlets. [[382]]; represented by [[383]]; contract assignments for Die Zeit; Zeit Magazin; VICE guide to Congo; Vice Guide to Libya; The Most Interesting Men in America;[[384]]; [[385]]
  • Trevor Godinho (born December 18, 1982) - Indian-born Canadian celebrity and fashion photographer; published in many international magazines including Maxim, Playboy (French and U.S. editions); Alfa Norway, Elle Canada, Zoo Weekly Australia, Che Belgium, UMM Canada; has photographed celebrities including Michael Douglas, Nicolas Cage, Edward North, Jeff Bidges, Clive Owen, et al.; interviewed for ROOM100 ([386]) interviewed for ([387]) interviewed for ([388])and Fashion One TV in Los Angeles; graduated from Sheridan College and University of Toronto (2008); [389]; works internationally out of New York City and other locations
  • Paul Hamilton (photographer) - macro photographer and author; [390]
  • April Hickox (photographer) - environmental photographer, associate professor at OCAD U ; [391]
  • I. K. Inha (1865–1930) - Finnish photographer; fi:I. K. Inha; [392], [393], [394])
  • Mark Kelley (photographer) -[395]
  • Lisa Kereszi - American fine-art photographer; work has been exhibited nationally and internationally; [396]; work in collections of Whitney Museum, MoMA, Brooklyn Museum and others; has 4 book monographs in print; and has been an educator at the Yale School of Art since 2004, where she is Director of Undergraduate Studies in Art ([397])
  • John Kippin - [398]; [399]
  • Troy Lilly - nature photographer; author of ForestWander Nature Photography; [400]; [401]; [402]; [403]; [404]; [405]; [406]
  • Andrew L. Moore - photographer documenting urban ruins and decay; Russia: Beyond Utopia, Inside Havana, Detroit Disassembled, Cuba, Making History
  • Catherine Leutenegger, (b. 1983) Swiss visual artist, photographer. Her work has been recognized with awards including the Manor Kunstpreis, the Raymond Weil International Photography Prize and the Swiss Design Awards 2006 and 2008. These distinctions have led in particular to a solo exhibition at the Musée de l'Élysée Lausanne, the publication of a monograph titled Hors-champ (Infolio Publishers) and a six-month artist’s residency in New York in 2007. Her series have been exhibited and published internationally: Aperture Foundation gallery, The New York Photo Festival, Galleria Carla Sozzani, Biel Festival of Photography, EXIT Magazine, L’Insensé Magazine, British Journal of Photography, Photo District News, Le Temps and NZZ. Leutenegger’s photography is included in several public and private collections: Musée de l'Élysée, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Maus Frères Holding and Raymond Weil. [407]
  • Will Nicholls - Multi-award winning British wildlife photographer; solo exhibitionist; author of On the Trail of Red Squirrels, natural history presenter & filmmaker [408].
  • Ron O'Donnell (born 1952) - Scottish photographic artist; [409]
  • Kenneth Parker - American fine-art landscape photographer; represented in multiple galleries nationally including the Weston Gallery ([410]); assistant to Eliot Porter; praise by Paul Caponigro; [411]; [412]; [413]
  • Rosamond Wolff Purcell — artful photographer of decayed animals and technological artifacts; published several books [414]
  • Jake Rajs (born 1952) - landscape and architectural photographer; published 16 coffee table books by Rizzoli, Monacelli Press and Random House; [415]; [416]
  • Allen Russ - landscape and architectural photographer; [417]; [418]; [419]; [420]; publications/reviews: [421]; [422]; [423]
  • Rainer W. Schlegelmilch (born 1941) - Formula 1, sports car and automobile photographer; 50 years of consistent motorsport archive since 1962; 42 editorial books published by 2012; international exhibitions; [424]; [425]; [426]; [427]; [428]
  • Guy Tal - landscape photographer and author; [429], Ultimate Guide to Digital Nature Photography; [430]; [431]; published articles including in Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography
  • Waldemar Titzenthaler - German photographer; de:Waldemar Titzenthaler; [432]
  • Max Waldman (1919–1981) - American photographer; specialized in dance and theatre photography; images in collections including the Museum of Modern Art and the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film; [433]; [434]; [435]; [436]
  • Holly Roberts - Holly Roberts, artist, photographer, painter lives in the Southwest and constructs photocollages in combination with paint. [437]
  • Deborah Feingold-American photographer; specializes in portraiture. Many mentions on Wikipedia. Award winning album covers, book covers, Time Magazine covers, movie posters. Iconic Jazz, Rock, Pop. Madonna. U2. Dire Straits. Warner Records. Rolling Stone Magazine. Rolling Stones. Keith Richards- Life Book. [438]
  • Andrew Brooks - (born July 25, 1977) British photographer and artist based in Manchester, uses digital post production to create detailed landscapes and imagined views. Exhibited in Museum Het Domein, Sittard [439]Stads Museum Zoetermeer [440] URBIS Manchester [441]; Interviewed for Wired Raw File [442] The Atlantic [443] Fast Company Design [444] Creative Review [445] Published in the Guardian, ; graduated from Stockport collage in 1996 ; [446] ; [447] ; [448] ; [449]
  • Mike Rosenthal (photographer) - American director and photographer, has been featured on numerous seasons of America's Next Top Model as a photographer and guest judge [450] [451] [452] [453] [454] [455] [456] [457] [458] [459], and is the resident photographer and judge of Asia's Next Top Model [460] [461]. Existing
  • Christoffer Relander - Finnish fine art photographer, internationally known for his multiple exposures between Man and Nature. Internationally represented by multiple galleries. [References]; [462]




Fiction writers, dramatists and poets[edit]

Non-fiction writers[edit]

  • John Allyn (author) - Author of 47 Ronin. Dr. John Allyn Jr. is a former film and music editor in the motion picture and television industries and was also a writer and director of industrial films in the aerospace field. Mr. Allyn attended the Army Specialized Training Program at Stanford University in 1944, majoring in the Japanese language, and also attended the Army Intensive Japanese Language School at the University of Michigan in 1945, receiving a B.A. degree from the latter. During the first four years of the U.S. occupation of Japan, he worked as Pictorial Censor of the Civil Censorship Detachment of G2, SCAP, in Osaka and Tokyo. After his return to the United States he entered UCLA where he received his master's degree in Theater Arts in 1951. He continued at UCLA where he specialized in Japanese theater, and received a PhD in Theater History.
  • Kenn Amdahl - American author of both fiction and nonfiction. Books include: There Are No Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings; The Land of Debris and the Home of Alfredo (novel) ; Joy Writing: Discover and Develop your Creative Voice; Jumper and the Bones (novel); Revenge of the Pond Scum: searching for the causes of ALS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease; Algebra Unplugged (with Jim Loats, Ph.D.); Calculus for Cats (with Jim Loats, Ph.D.) and The Wordguise Alembic (essays).
  • Richard J. Anobile - television producer; notable for creating the "movie within a book" of which he edited numerous in the 1970s; created (wrote?) The Marx Brothers Scrapbook with Groucho Marx
  • Benjamin G. Armstrong - translator; and son-in-law of Chief Buffalo (Kechewaishke) of the Chippewa Nation; author of Early Life Among the Indians; in 1852, he accompanied the Chippewa chief Great Buffalo, to Washington, D.C., to plead against cancellation of the treaty of 1842; their trip was a success; [483]
  • Imtiyaz 'Ali Khan 'Arshi – Urdu scholar; commonly read when studying Urdu poet Ghalib; Works by or about Imtiyaz 'Ali Khan 'Arshi in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Stephen Asbury - author of Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Audits - A Risk-based Approach; [484], Do the Right Thing - The Practical Jargon-free Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility [485] and over 30 other journal articles and papers on safety and risk management
  • Ernest Backes - Author of several critical books about international money transaction
  • Camille Bacon-Smith - academic (Temple University), author of Science Fiction Culture, Enterprising Women, and other studies of science-fiction fandom and its interaction with science fiction and popular culture; has written some minor fantasy fiction
  • Gaiutra Bahadur – Author of Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture, award-winning journalist and book critic; shortlisted for the 2014 Orwell Prize[7]; winner of a Nieman Fellowship[8]at Harvard
  • Andrew Bair - blogger, political writer, pro-life activist
  • Mikhail Davidovich Baitalsky (1908–1978) - Trotskyist journalist, writer, and publisher in Samizdat, author of Notebooks for the Grandchildren - Recollections of a Trotskyist Who Survived the Stalin; [486]; Works by or about Mikhail Davidovich Baitalsky in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Calvin D. Banyan - author of the book Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Kevin Barbieux - author of The Homeless Guy, a blog he began writing in 2002; chronically homeless; featured in media including USA Today, Associated Press, [487]; [488]
  • Lawrence Beesly - passenger aboard the RMS Titanic; author of The Loss of the SS Titanic, Its Story and Its Lessons; first survivor to write a book about the disaster
  • James Scott Bell - Plotting method LOCK, mentioned in a few articles already in Wikipedia
  • Ken Berglund - Author of the best sellers "Small Town Evil" "Interstate 10" and "An American Teacher in Taiwan." Author of popular blogs "An American Teacher in Taiwan" and "From Taiwan to Texas: Life in Mid America"
  • Kurt W. Beyer - author of best seller Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (MIT Press; 2009); Brigade Commander and distinguished graduate, United States Naval Academy ([489]
  • Michael Bluejay - web author (; work is referenced in various magazines, although he is primarily a web author, as opposed to a print author
  • Robert Boissiere (Born in Paris in 1914)- The author of several books on Hopi religion, culture, and folklore, including Meditations with the Hopi and The Hopi Way: An Odyssey
  • Michal Borwicz - Polish documentarian of The Holocaust (hard to research)
  • Haid Bosmajian – author of the book Language of Oppression
  • Reb Bradley - author of Child Training Tips and Born Liberal Raised Right; alleged to advocate a controlling and possibly abusive style of parenting
  • Robert Bray (writer) - academic; writer on Tennessee Williams, etc.; Robert Bray is about the actor who appeared on the television series Lassie;
  • Sarah Ban Breathnach - writer of Simple Abundance, Something More, etc.
  • [[Alison Brown}] - Christian writer, teacher, public speaker and founder of River of Life Schools for Orphans in Africa & India whose books include 'Images of God', 'Diary of a Missionary', Grow Up!' and 'THE END... Prophetic Insights into the Last Days';
  • Ann Budd - knitting designer and writer; associated with Interweave Press; has published several knitting books; [490]
  • Henry Burton (clergyman) (1840–1930) - English Methodist clergyman and author; wrote poem "Pass It On" ([491]) as well as several books[492]. Short bio here.
  • Dale Campisi 1979- is an Australian writer, editor, educator and publisher. He studied at Deakin University, where he also obtained his first lectureship under the mentorship of Jenny Lee. He later taught in the Publishing and Communications program at the University of Melbourne. He is a writer of guidebooks for Explore Australia and Hardie Grant Books, is a publisher at boutique history and event publishing house Arcade Publications, proprietor of Melbournalia and currently the editor of Tasmanian literary magazine, Island.
  • Daniel Chamovitz - Israeli biologist and author of What A Plant Knows; (wp gwp g bwp b | eb 1911 co gct sw)
  • Sheldon Charrett - Is the author of several Paladin Press titles, including several in their New ID category ([493]) with titles going back all the way to 1997.
  • Jonas Clark (author) - Florida Christian author and publisher of several Christian Living books; publishes The Voice, a quarterly Christian magazine
  • Elliot D. Cohen - philosopher and author [494]; co-founder, in 1992, of the Society for Philosophy, Counseling and Psychotherapy (ASPCP), the first association of philosophical counseling in the U.S. ([495]); inventor of logic-based therapy (LBT), a philosophical counseling variant of rational emotive behavior therapy ([496]); founder and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Applied Philosophy; blogger for Psychology Today ([497]); ethics editor of Free Inquiry ([498]); contributing writer and freelance journalist for political news sites ([499]); inventor of artificial-intelligence technology for checking reasoning for fallacies ([500])
  • Mary Ann Crenshaw - author of non-fiction such as "The Natural Way to Super Beauty" and "Dogspeak". Would like DOB and DOD if deceased.
  • Steve Davidowitz - internationally respected author of several illuminating books on horse racing, including The Best and Worst of Thoroughbred Racing, DRF Press, 2007; Betting Thoroughbreds, EP Dutton, 1979; Betting Thoroughbreds for the 21st Century, DRF Press, 2009; co author of the life story of the late folk music icon Richie Havens, The Can't Hide Us Anymore, Avon, 1999; highly praised photographer who uses nothing but 35mm Canon F-1, (with no filters, no flash, no tripod, no special processing for his compositions);former editor of the 2000 page encyclopedia of horse racing, the American Racing Manual. editorials, columns and investigative reports for the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, The New York Times, Oakland Tribune, TV Guide, Daily Racing Form, The Racing Post of London,,,, Bloodhorse Magazine, Daily Racing Form, plus other professional credits and accomplishments in a wide range of fields.
  • Maria Dismondy - award-winning children's book author and public speaker, Spaghetti In A Hot Dog Bun, The Juice Box Bully, Pink Tiara Cookies for Three and The Potato Chip Champ; [501]
  • Peter H. Eichstaedt - award-winning journalist and author of books on war and human rights issues in some of the world's most dangerous places, including "If You Poison Us: Uranium and Native Americans" (Red Crane Books 1994), "First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army" (Lawrence Hill Books 2009), "Pirate State: Somalia's Terrorism at Sea" (Lawrence Hill Books 2010), "Consuming the Congo: War and Conflict Minerals in the World's Deadliest Place" (Lawrence Hill Books 2011), and "Above the Din of War: Afghans Speak About Their Lives, Their Country, and Their Future, and Why America Should Listen" (Lawrence Hill Books 2012). Website:
H–M for reference links; also Arnold, et al., John (2004). The Bibliography of Australian Literature: F-J. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press. p. 401. ISBN 0-7022-3500-8; AUSTLIT ; National Library of Australia ; TROVE - National Library of Australia ; Polish Genealogical Society of America ; RootsWeb ; Wikipedia,_1990 ; Constitutional Convention Candidate: Australia; ; Who's Who Australian Writers and Who's Who Australian Childrens' Writers; Search GOOGLE.

  • Henry Hemming - British author and artist published by John Murray (publisher); works include In Search of the English Eccentric, Misadventure in the Middle East and OffScreen; [508].
  • Booton Herndon (1915–1995) - writer; wrote histories of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Ford empire, wrote biographies on Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, Guy Lombardo, Fulton Lewis, Desmond Doss, Bergdorf Goodman, and a work on The Humor of JFK; [509]; [510]
  • James L. Howgego - author of two books: London in the 20's and 30's from Old Photographs, and The City Of London Through Artists' Eyes
  • Michael A. Hughes - information architect, senior user-experience design professional, author, columnist and speaker
  • Peter Janney - author of book "Mary's Mosaic" investigating the murder of JFK's former mistress, Mary Pinchot Meyer. Has collaborated with noted attorney and investigator Mark Lane and participated in many public forums and lectures. Has had coverage in the Boston Globe, Huffington Post and appeared on CNN. A significant historical researcher and investigator.
  • Stephen Jimenez - Freelance reporter, screenplay writer (including work for ABC's 20/20), and published author.; author of The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard; [511]
  • Charlotte Russell Johnson - author of A Journey to Hell and Back, Daddy's Hugs, A Journey to Hell and Back the Flipside, Grace under Fire: The Journey Never Ends, Mama May I, In the Lords Eyes Mama's Pearls, Breaking the Curse and Kissing Hell Goodbye; Works by or about Charlotte Russell Johnson in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Gregory Paul Johnson - author of Put Your Life on a Diet: Lessons Learned Living in 140 Square Feet ([512]), published by Gibbs-Smith ([513]); interviewed by numerous international media outlets; [514]
  • M. Tim Jones - author of several books in the computer-science field as well as many articles covering GNU/Linux, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, and general topics in computer programming
  • Eric B. Jordan - a multiple coin book author and coin magazine article writer. Published ("Modern Commemorative Coins: Invest Today - Profit Tomorrow" and "Top 50 Most Popular Modern Coins" ). Additionally he has written articles in Coin Resource ("The US Mint's policies and the impact they are having on the next generation of collectors"~ Coin Resource). Born Eric Brian Jordan in Norfolk Virginia on March 11th 1968. He began collecting coins in 1981 at the age of 13 and continued through college from money he made from his small neighborhood lawn service. He graduated from NC State University with a Civil Engineering degree and minors in business in 92'. Went on to University of South Carolina where he obtained his Masters in Business in 94'. During highschool and some of his college years he worked for Palmetto Galleries in Columbia SC. as a pawn broker/appraiser and under the tutelage of Larry Pyle, where he was taught how to appraise coins and jewelry. Elder son of two boys, younger brother Brian Jordan, seperated by 4 years. Eric, son of, Ezra B Jordan & mother Sandra S Jordan. Moved from Norfolk as a child to Porstmouth, Va. in 1974 then to Richmond Va. where he attended Elementary school in 1976. He then moved to Waynesboro Va. in 78' where he attended Jr. High & High School until moving to Raleigh NC in 87' where he began college at NCSU.
  • George Gheverghese Joseph - Author who wrote biographies, and on history of Indian Mathematics. His books are Women at Work, The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics, Multicultural Mathematics: Teaching Mathematics from a Global Perspective, A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and its Impact, and George Joseph: Life and Times of a Kerala Christian Nationalist (Orient Longman, 2003). The last named book is a political biography of his grandfather, George Joseph, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawarhalal Nehru and other leaders of modern India. He is also the author of about 75 articles and chapters in books. In October 2000, he was called to the Bar of the Middle Temple, London. At present he holds joint positions at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom and at McMaster University, Canada. A bio at Amazon Author page [515].
  • Mike Joyner - author of Hills Of Truxton, Stories And Travels Of A Turkey Hunter, Tales from the Turkey Woods, Mornings Of My Better Days
  • Mark Kantrowitz - author of "Secrets to Winning a Scholarship" and other books about paying for college, publisher of FinAid and Fastweb web sites (among the first 100 commercial web sites), leading student aid policy advocate. Writes columns for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Time Magazine. Previous career as a research scientist with expertise in statistical language modeling and digital typography. Holds 7 patents on novel statistical methods, with applications including spelling correction, duplicate detection, language identification, text summarization and cancer treatment.
  • Evan Keliher (also known as Grandpa Ganja) - American writer; cannabis culture
  • A. C. Kermode (Alfred Cotterill Kermode) - books include Mechanics of Flight (1932) and Flight Without Formulae (1940); Works by or about Alfred Cotterill Kermode in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Howard Eldred Kershner (Howard E Kershner) (Howard Kershner)(1891 - 1991) - Books include "The Elsworth Family" 1930), "Quaker Service in Modern War" (1950), "God, Gold and Government"(1957), "On Humanity" (1943), "Dividing the Wealth" (1971), "A Saga of America" (1976), "How to Stay in Love with One Woman for Seventy Years" (1977) and "Depression, unemployment, inflation: Causes and Solution" (1982). His most famous quote: Kershner’s First Law: "When a self-governing people confer upon their government the power to take from some and give to others, the process will not stop until the last bone of the last taxpayer is picked bare."
  • Jude Kessler - author of The Beatles trilogy Shudda Been There
  • Charlotte Matheny Kirkwood (1838–1926) – author of Into the Eye of the Setting Sun about her travels on the Oregon Trail
  • Erik Kolbell - author of several books on spirituality and philosophy; several appearances on US national TV; contributor to the New York Times and Family Circle.
  • Funke Koleosho (2009) – author of Gourmand Award Winning Cookbook Contemporary Nigerian Cuisine First of its type Nigerian all colour cookbook JOK Publishing
  • Jay Kristoff - author of The Lotus War Trilogy (Stormdancer, and it's two sequels) set in a steampunk world based of Feudal Japan, these books feature a strong female protagonist, mythical creatures, and civil unrest.
  • Phyllis & Eberhard Kronhausen - sexuality researchers and authors of numerous popular, somewhat controversial books in the 1960s and 1970s
  • Drawk Kwast - author of Domination Basics: Secrets of the Alpha Male Book 1; blogger; success coach
  • Martha Weinman Lear - Times Magazine writer. She is the author of Heartsounds, a book about the heart attack and death of her husband, urologist Harold Lear.
  • David Learmount, aviation expert and former editor of Flight International, [516]
  • Lloyd A. Luna, motivational speaker, author, lecturer [517]
  • Leo Ou-fan Lee - former Columbia University professor; scholar of modern (20th-century) Chinese literature in the Western world
  • Justin Leivars (born 1974) - military historian and militaria expert, author, comedian and comedy drama/sitcom writer; born in Derby, United Kingdom
  • Charles de Leusse (born 1976) - French writer (born in Paris); author of the book of aphorisms, Le Sablier (in French text) (2006; ISBN: 2-7481-7934-X; EAN: 9782748179347); [518]). Style ans feature : he writes his maxims and aphorisms in French, but in verse, so that rhyme (which is unique in the world ???).
  • Ronda Lee Levine (Roberts) (born 1977) - American writer and social and political philosopher; author of "Success in Life through Personality Engineering"(2011; isbn 1463730845); contributor to "What Philosophy Can Tell You about Your Lover" (2012; isbn 0812697634); author of over 1000 articles on philosophy, film, political theory, project management, and education; born in California
  • Amy Licence (born 3/9/1973) - author of 6 books of medieval and Tudor history, journalist and reviewer, with focus on the female experience through history.
  • Joseph Ligé (born 05/12/1980) - author of A Mile A Day, American writer, motivational speaker, athlete, inventor, spokesperson and master salesman. born in St.Louis MO on the north side into poverty and became successful. mentored by his blind grandfather Joe W. Wiley (Papa Joe) a St. Louis historical figure.,
  • Aaron Likens - author of Finding Kansas: Decoding the Enigma of Asperger Syndrome
  • Reeve Lindbergh - author of Under a Wing - A Memoir, Forward from Here - Leaving Middle Age - and Other Unexpected Adventures, et al., as well as numerous children's books; the daughter of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  • William Lobdell – former Los Angeles Times reporter; wrote Losing My Religion - How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America and Found Unexpected Peace
  • Lisa Lynch – 1979–2013 author of "The C-Word" and creator of, a popular blog on breast cancer and modern life. Died March 2013, Obituary ran at
  • Ibtihal Mahmood - (February 13, 1983) Palestinian/Jordanian writer, translator, journalist, poet, feminist and human right's activist [[519]]
  • Floyd Shuster Maine - Floyd Shuster Maine (Author) known as Lone Eagle, the white Sioux
  • Carlos Malvar - author of Not Quite Unreal; toured with a speechless project for the British Council Literature Department ([520]); Korea Literature Translation Institute's writer-in-residence (a one-week program);[521]; [522]; [523]
  • Drew Manning - American fitness and diet author. Wrote book titled "Fit2Fat2Fit". Drew voluntarily decided to stop eating correctly and working out in an attempt to gain so that he may better understand the psyche of his overweight/obese clientele. Drew also has a website that tracked his journey of gaining and losing weight.[[524]] and [[525]] and [[526]]
  • George J. Marlin - political writer and editor; books include Squandered Opportunities - New York's Pataki Years, The Politician's Guide to Assisted Suicide, Cloning, and Other Current Controversies and The American Catholic Voter - 200 Years of Political Impact
  • Emma Marris (January 15, 1979 - ) Author of Rambunctious Garden: Saving Nature in a Post-Wild World, 2011, from Bloomsbury USA. Also many magazine articles for Nature, Wired, Slate, New York Times, National Geographic and other outlets. Also contributor to several academic and trade collected volumes. Marris has been covered in her own right as an environmental thinker. See:,,,, etc. More sources, articles written by Marris and other information at Thank you.
  • Sondra Marshak - science-fiction author; wrote about the Star Trek franchise, wrote several novels as well as co-wrote Shatner - Where No Man - The Authorized Biography of William Shatner; 10+ mentions in Wikipedia articles; Works by or about Sondra Marshak in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Judith MacKenzie McCuin - textile artist with 20+ years of experience; author of The Intentional Spinner and Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning; has contributed to a variety of industry publications, including Handwoven, Interweave Knits, PieceWork and Spin-Off; lives in Augusta, Montana
  • Danielle McLaughlin - New Zealand born, U.S. based lawyer [[527]] and author of "The Federalist Society: How Conservatives Took The Law Back From Liberals" (2013), with Michael Avery. Her published work has been reviewed by the New York Times [[528]], the Washington Independent Review of Books [[529]], the L.A. Review of Books [[530]], and The Daily Beast [[531]] among others, and examines the strategies employed by conservative and libertarian lawyers, academics, judges and policy makers, grounded in theories of constitutional originalism and small government, in various areas including international law and policy, privacy rights, and economic and property rights. Danielle has appeared as a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, discussing the IRS 501(c)(4) ideological profiling scandal [[532]], as well as various radio outlets including This Is Hell!" with Chuck Merz [[533]], the Jim Bohannon Show and David Alpern's "For Your Ears Only." Danielle has co-authored articles on the federal courts and marriage equality for the Chronicle of Higher Education [[534]] and Truth Out [[535]] with Michael Avery. Danielle honed her writing skills early in her career as a public relations consultant and marketing manager in London, England and in Vail, Colorado, USA. Prior to that, Danielle was a consulting engineer in her native New Zealand.

!-!-! Melisa Mel - author of "The Great Wall of POPAT: The adventures of a lesbian getting through police academy" (2013) and author of "Mel's Adaptive Physical Education Program" (2014). Born 1969. Lives in Mesa, Arizona. Woman who focuses on assisting those belonging to vulnerable populations (i.e. special needs, LGBT community, crime victims, etc) in her professional and personal life.

  • Fik Meijer - author of Gladiators: History's Most Deadly Sport and other books focusing on ancient history
  • [Jeffrey Meyers]- author of 850 articles and 52 books, half of them biographies. FRSL. Guggenheim fellow. Lectured on biography at National Libraries of Australia in 2012. Award in Literature from American Academy of Arts and Letter, 2005. 31 translations in 14 languages, published on 6 continents.
  • William D. Middleton (1928 - July 10, 2011) - author of numerous books on railroads and railroading, including South Shore: America's Last Interurban (Golden West Books 1970), North Shore - America's Fastest Interurban (Golden West Books 1968), and the so-called "traction trilogy": The Interurban Era (1961), The Time of the Trolley (1967), and When Steam Railroads Electrified (1974) (all published by Kalmbach Publishing); born in Davenport, Iowa; died in Livonia, New York
  • Mary Pamela Milne-Home -author; Mamma's Black Nurse Stories: West Indian Folklore (1890); translator of Daughter of the Commandant
  • Robert Mole - author; British civil servant; twice Mentioned in Despatches; awarded a Burma Star; wrote The Temple Bells Are Calling, an autobiography of his posting in Burma incorporating the politics of Burma from 1824 to 1948 during the Japanese occupation of Burma; [536]; [537]; [538]
  • Alain Montadon - French author of several books on etiquette, perhaps equivalent to Letitia Baldridge or Debrett's
  • [(Daniel Thomas Moran)]-Poet, Dentist, Teacher. Resides in Webster, NH. Born Cambria Heights, NY 1957. Formerly of Boston, MA, Shelter Island, NY and Massapequa, NY. Internationally published and translated author of seven collections of poetry. Former poet laureate of Suffolk County, NY. Award Winning Clinical Assistant Professor of General Dentistry at Boston University's School of Dental Medicine, now retired. Alumnus of Alfred G. Berner High School and Member of Massapequa High Schools Hall of Fame, Nassau County Community College, Stony Brook University and Howard University. <Daniel Thomas Moran>


  • Robb Moser - author of Christianity books including Ordinary Men (Moser & Co. 2014).
  • Jon Niccum - Author of "The Worst Gig" (, screenwriter (, and Kansas City Star film critic (
  • Jeffery Nyquist - Policy analyst and writer; writes about the decline of the West due to Communist influence. He has written many articles for news sites and appeared on radio shows. He has also written books such as "Origins of the Fourth War" (1998).
  • Elaine Bernstein Partnow - Author of the classic collection, The Quotable Woman, The First 5,000 Years, 35 years in print and now in its 6th edition. Partnow has also written several other books, including the frequently cited Macmillan Book of Photographic Artists and Innovators, which she co-wrote with her husband, photographer Turner Browne, and The Female Dramatist. She is noted for her living history portraits of more than 35 women, presented at more than 500 venues, is an actor who appears regularly on television and on film, a public speaker and book editor. [539]
  • Decker Peters - very popular author of gay erotica, who lives in Provincetown, Massachusetts. His work has appeared in the magazines "Mandate" and "Playguy" and in the print anthologies "Skin & Ink" and "Latin Boys." His website has received over half a million readers since 2002, and his blog has been cited by Cybersocket and Unzipped magazine as one of the "hottest" examples of gay erotica on the web. From Cybersocket, Kurt von Behrmann writes of Deckerotica: "Merging the literate with the erotic doesn’t mean you have to check your brain at the bedroom door.
  • Morse Peckhsm - c. 1913-1993 Distinguished social, aesthetic, and literary theorist. Author of "Man's Rage for Chaos: Biology, Behavior, and the Arts," "Beyond the Tragic Vision," "Romanticism and Ideology," "The Romantic Virtuoso," "Explanation and Power," and numerous other seminal works. Ph.D. in literature from U Pennsylvania with dissertation (still in print) being an annotated edition of Darwin's "Origin of Species." Distinguished Professor of Humanities at U of South Carolina for last 20 or so years of his life, before that Professor of English at U Pennsylvania.
  • Richard Plunz - Well known in the world of Urban Planning and Architecture, he is a pioneer in his field. He is the director of the Urban Design Lab and the director of the Urban Design Program at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. He has written, "A History of Housing in New York City" (1990), "Urban Climate Change Crossroads" (2010), "Two Adirondack Hamlets in History: Keene and Keene Valley" (1999), "Housing Form and Public Property in the U.S." (1980), "New Urbanisms: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina" (1998), "Naples: New Urbanisms : Centro Direzionale = Napoli : Urbanismi : Centro Direzionale" (1997), "Geothermal Larderello: Tuscany, Italy" (2005), "Caracas Litoral, Venezuela" (2005), "Design and the Public Good. Selected Writings, 1930-1980, by Serge Chermayeff" (1982), "The Urban Lifeworld" (2001), "After Shopping" (2003), among other novels and publications. A brief biography can be found at: [540] and [541].
  • Shane G. Poplawski - golf-course architect and historian; has written about golf-course architects, especially Hugh Irvine Wilson; native to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area; (?alma mater: University of Pennsylvania?)
  • Josephine Powell - filmmaker and producer; consultant for Tito Puente; author of Tito Puente - When the Drums are Dreaming (Authorhouse, 2007); film consultant, including The Mambo Kings (1992); dance and Cuban-music historian; [542]
  • Bob Powers - comedian and humor writer; author of You Are A Miserable Excuse For A Hero and Happy Cruelty Day!
  • Derrius Quarles - author of "MillionDollarScholar: Winning the Scholarship Race" (2011); winner of $1+ million in scholarships for college; CEO of MillionDollarScholar LLC
  • Edward Rasor - author of The Journey of a Modern Mystic: The Battle for The Kingdom of God (2006)
  • Dean Ravenola - author of "Aether Warriors : The Hidden War Series" (2013)
  • Crystal Renaud - author of "Dirty Girls Come Clean" (Moody Publishers, 2011). Founder of Dirty Girls Ministries assisting women addicted to pornography and sexual addiction (,,
  • Carey Roberts - American columnist, men's-rights activist and anti-feminist; conservative commentator on political correctness; [543]
  • Shawn Roop - author of Pathways to Love: 28 Days to Self Love (2010); tantra teacher and spiritual guide since 2000
  • Martin Rosenbaum - freedom-of-information journalist; blogger for the BBC (since 2006); [544]; [545]; [546]
  • Neil P. Ruzic - author of Where the Winds Sleep - Man's Future on the Moon, a Projected History (1970; Garden City, New York: Doubleday; OCLC 73907); innovator; part of Operation Paperclip (NASA's Von Braun group)
  • SARK (writer) (also known as Susan Ariel Rainbow Kenedy) - author of books on creativity and how to release it; SARK is a knife
  • Susan Schaller - author of A Man Without Words, the first book in English about a language-less adult
  • Felix E. Schelling (Felix Emmanuel Schelling), (1858-1945) - author of several books on Elizabethan literature (which Wikipedia itself cites as references). His line about the "glorious inequality of talent" is widely quoted.
  • Herbert Schlossberg - author of Idols for Destruction: Christian Faith and Its Confrontation with American Society, and other books
  • David Schnarch - sex and relationship therapist, psychologist, professor of urology, and author
  • Robert Sheard (b. March 9, 1960) - NY Times bestselling author of "The Unemotional Investor" (1998, Simon & Schuster), and "Money For Life" (2000, HarperCollins). Also Director of Speech and Debate at Durham Academy (Durham, NC), and coach of the NFL National Champions in Public Forum Debate in 2008.
  • Takeo Shimizu, Ph.D. - author of Fireworks: The Art, Science, and Technique, a major resource for the fireworks industry
  • Colin Shindler - producer of a variety of films and television series, as well as an author of a variety of books and articles, see [547]
  • Amit Singh - author, technical writer, columnist, etc., see [548]
  • Manuel J. Smith - author of assertiveness-training bestseller When I Say No, I Feel Guilty (1975)
  • P. D. Smith (or Peter D. Smith) - British author of scientific and cultural history, most recently of Doomsday Men (2007) ([549]); also writes for The Guardian; [550]
  • Bud Steed - Paranormal Investigator, Photographer and Published author of the Haunted Natchez Trace (2012) and the Haunted Mississippi Gulf Coast (2012), both of which are in the Library of Congress. Conducted the first televised paranormal investigation of the historic Ray House at the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield for the Travel Channel (2011). Author, Lecturer, Photographer and Paranormal Investigator
  • Glenn Stout - author of Young Woman and the Sea: How Trudy Ederle Conquered the English Channel and Inspired the World, Red Sox Century, Nine Months at Ground Zero and other books; editor of The Best American Sports Writing series
  • Susan Rubin Suleiman or Susan Suleiman - literary and cultural critic and theorist; Harvard professor; author
  • Zena Sutherland - reviewer of children's books; editor of The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books for almost thirty years; namesake of the Zena Sutherland Prizes in Children's Literature
  • Unto Tähtinen - philosopher; author of Ahi?sa - Non-Violence in Indian Tradition; Works by or about Unto Tähtinen in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Jack Terry, MD (born Jakub Szabmacher) - Holocaust survivor; co-author (with Alicia Nikecki) of the book Jackub's World: A Boy's Sory of Loss and Survival in the Holocaust; [551]
  • Beth Thomas, child abuse victim and abuser whose story was told in 1990 HBO documentary Child of Rage and on whom the 1992 film Child of Rage was based. Author of More Thread Than Hope. [552], [553]
  • J. Douglas Thompson - doctor and diet-book author; based in Oakland, California; namesake of early-20th-century building in Oakland
  • Milo L. Thornberry - Author of "Fireproof Moth: A Missionary in Taiwan's White Terror". Resides in Bend, Oregon. Born 1937. Retired Methodist minister. Helped Peng Ming-Min escape from Taiwan in 1970.
Lionel Spencer Thornton,1884-1961.  Wrote "Conduct And The Supernatural: Being The Norrisian Prize Essay For The Year 1913" (1915), "The Incarnate Lord: An Essay Concerning the Doctrine of the Incarnation in its Relation to Organic Conceptions..."(1928), "Revelation In The Modern World Being The First Part Of A Treatise On The Form Of The Servant"  (1950), “The Dominion Of Christ : Being The Second Part Of A Treatise On The Form Of The Servant” (1952), and other titles.  



Business people[edit]

Raj Aggarwal, chairman of RIS, Website-


  • Cecil F. Davis - Executive Chef.... G.H.Stern company Chicago,Ill. Davis Catering Lafayette, In. Purdue University West Lafayette,In. with over 25 years in food service and a number of food service columns on-line webpages as well in local papers.
  • Pati Jinich – Mexican television chef on American public televsion; [562][563]
  • Sam Kass (chef) - White House Chef; [564]
  • James Ricciuti
  • Laura Vitale - self-taught chef; appears on her online show Laura in the Kitchen; [565]; has been featured on the NBC Philadelphia morning show The 10! Show; [566]
  • Paul Bartolotta (chef) - owner of several restaurants in Milwaukee area, Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare at the Wynn in Las Vegas, competed on Iron Chef America
  • Giuliano Bugialli - One of the most famous Italian chefs and food authors in the United States. Author of the 1977 classic "The Fine Art of Italian Cooking"
  • Brian Sollitt - Longtime head confectioner at Rowntrees, inventor of the After Eight, Lion bars, Yorkies, and other famous contemporary confections. Guardian obituary


Computer scientists[edit]









Disc jockeys[edit]

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Documentary filmmakers[edit]



Other filmmakers[edit]

(casting directors, cinematographers, special-effects people, et al.)



Performance artists[edit]

Radio personalities[edit]

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Television personalities[edit]


  • Douglas H. Pimlott - wildlife biologis; ecologist; professor of ecology, forestry, environmental studies and lecturer in landscape architecture; multiple citizen activist organization founder; known before his death in 1978 as one of Canada's foremost environmentalists; carnivore and wolf conservation and management pioneer; champion of wild spaces and protected areas in Ontario and across Canada; pioneering international wolf researcher with the UN's IUCN in Switzerland; one of the first who in published articles advocated for the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Part (circa 1972); Arctic Canadian environmentalist, Inuit and First Nations collaborator and supporter; campaigner against offshore drilling in the Beaufort Sea; author of dozens of technical and semi-technical publications and several books including Oil Under the Ice and The World of the Wolf; founding catalyst and/or president of the Canadian Nature Federation, the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, the Algonquin Wildlands League, the Canada-US Environmental Council, the Canadian Association for the Human Environment; founder of the Environmental Studies Program at Innes College, University of Toronto; conservation philosopher; inspirer of a generation of his students and colleagues. Born Quyon Quebec January 1920; Died Richmond Hill, Ontario July 1978) Please see The Canadian Encyclopedia and Wikipedia articles about wolves, the Canadian Arctic, etc.

Espionage and intelligence[edit]



  • Oscar Casares - Portuguese fashion designer; specializes in dresses for film and theater; [987]


Feminist figures[edit]

  • Claudie Broyelle - author
  • Lucinda Cisler - author and women's-rights activist; involved with Second Wave Feminism, National Organization for Women, New York Radical Women and abortion-law repeal
  • Anna Coote, British co-author of various feminist books, writer and advocate on social policy Guardian profle
  • Catherine Gascoigne Hartley - feminist writer
  • Lauren Kay - Founder of the Dating Ring and SmartSitting. 2011 graduate of Brown University]
  • Mary P. Koss - professor of psychology at Kent State University
  • Alicia Kozakiewicz - American activist against pedophilia and internet crime; former sexual assault victim; [1,020]
  • Catherine Lundy - heroine from the Battle of Lundy's Lane (part of the War of 1812); [1,021]
  • Shekhinah Mountainwater - foremother of the Womanspirit movement; author of Ariadne's Thread
  • Chela Sandoval - specific to discussion on oppositional consciousness and third-world feminism
  • Ella Wall Van Leer (or Ella Van Leer) - author of the Van Leer Papers; campaigned for women admissions and founded one of the first sororities at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ethel Weed - American soldier, Women's Information Officer (WIO) of the Allied Forces during the U.S. occupation of Japan following World War II; played a key role in the formation of the majority of policies regarding women; pushed for universal suffrage for women and helped to establish the Women's and Minor's Bureau of the Ministry of Labor, among other feats; see James L. McClain's Japan: A Modern History, pp. 526–561; and Yuki Tsuchiya's Democratizing the Japanese Family: The Role of Civil Information and Education Section in the Allied Occupation (1945-1952), pp. 142–144
  • Vidyut Kale - Indian blogger and controversial social media commentator is a powerful voice for women's empowerment in India and is unique in being completely non-aligned with lobby groups or media - she also has nothing to sell. Her blog is among the leading Indian blogs by single authors and has served to draw attention to several important issues in the country. She also has very unique views on women's empowerment and the role a male controlled media plays in directing feminism to inconsequential issues in India. She claims to apply mass psychology approaches and treats real time social media commentary as group interventions.


  • Jim Tom (wp gwp g | arc eb co ht) -Moonshiner, Actor, Musician and all round legend in the moonshine culture,





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Walter Goodman (1927-2002), a writer and editor, known for his work for The New York Times. (Disambiguation from the British painter needed.) At The Times he was a member of the Editorial Board, Deputy Editor of both the Book Review and Arts and Leisure sections, Cultural Critic and Television. Author of nine books, the best known of which is The Committee, a history of the House Un-American Affairs Committee (HUAC) (1968, Farrar Straus & Giroux). Received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1973. Archived articles from The New York Times: [1,078] Obituary in The New York Times: [1,079] links to TV interviews on The Open Mind, PBS, host Richard Heffner: [1,080]] (1983) [1,081]] (1993) [1,082]] (1993) Other details can be found in Who’s Who editions before Mr. Goodman’s death in 2002.



Detectives and police[edit]


LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) figures[edit]


Maritime figures[edit]


Medical people[edit]

Military figures[edit]

American Medal of Honor recipients[edit]

Musical-instrument makers[edit]

  • Georges Chanot III (1831–1895) - 19th-century violin maker based in Soho, London; mentioned in several wiki articles but no article on him; [1,212]

Natural scientists, other[edit]

Ornithologists (birds)[edit]



Political figures[edit]


Religious figures[edit]



  • J.T. Smith - American Blogger, Author, and Social Media Figure. Known for his comedic voice and willingness to tackle tough issues in today's society. Wrote "Mastering the Pundamentals" eBook [45] and is currently the owner and author of
  • Absalom Backus Earle (1812–1895) - American Baptist preacher and author; seven books including Bringing in the Sheaves and Abiding Peace; [1,240]
  • John Jasper (1812–1901) early African-American Baptist preacher and philosopher; [1,241]
  • W. B. Johnson - first president of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Lucy Whitehead McGill Waterbury Peabody - leader in women's foreign missions organizations; founder of Baptists for World Evangelism; helped advocate an annual interdenominational day of prayer for missions, which became the World Day of Prayer; [1,242]
  • Win Worley - Baptist minister; preeminent researcher and practitioner who reopened the "untouchable" topic of deliverance from evil spirits, showing that believing and unbelieving alike can be inhabited and driven by the spiritual forces of darkness, and showing how to free both self and others from their destructive influence
  • Mark Gungor - national marriage speaker for Laugh Your Way & Senior Pastor of Celebration Church in Green Bay. MARK GUNGOR IS one of the most sought-after speakers on marriage and family in the country. Each year thousands of couples attend his Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage® seminars. His take on marriage issues is refreshingly free of both churchy and psychological lingo. Mark is pastor of Celebration Church in Green Bay, WI. He speaks for churches, civic events, and business meetings and is even a speaker for the US Army. Mark has been featured on national broadcasts such as Focus on the Family and ABC News. His daily Better Marriage Minute program is heard on over 250 radio stations nationwide, and The Mark Gungor Show is heard daily from 10-11am CST and via podcast on iTunes.



Eastern Orthodox[edit]




New-age spirituality[edit]

  • J. Sig Paulson - Minister, Author and Teacher; Unity School of Christianity;

Non-denominational Christian[edit]

  • Alfred S. Dale Jr. - (b. 1926; d. 2014) Methodist clergyman, social activist, educator, soldier, chaplain, editor and artist. Author of "Never A Dull Moment: The Life and Memories of Rev. Dr. Alfred S. Dale Jr.
  • Chris Bennett (author) - author of Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible
  • Rick Bezet - senior pastor of 8,000-member New Life Church of Arkansas ([1,274]); board member of the ARC; [1,275]
  • June Boyce-Tilman - college professor and composer; combines music and theology
  • Dr. Michael Brown - Prominent "Messianic Jewish" (Christian) apologist
  • John MacKinnon - the last abbot of Iona (island), Scotland; greatly responsible for a meshing of Christian and celtic beliefs and morals; nicknamed "the green abbot"; one of the few Scottish abbots to have had an effigy made in honor of him and placed in the centre of his abbey
  • Robb Moser - pastor of The Way Christian Church, proprietor of moserministries, and publisher of Christianity books.
  • Ron Pegg - Australian researcher (c. 2000) claiming parallels between religious history and modern-day CD-ROMs possibly sent back through time; [1,276]
  • Richard Owen Roberts - preacher, author, expert on revival; president and a founding director of International Awakening Ministries; [1,277]
  • Bill Schnoebelen author of fundamentalist Christian books, many published by Jack Chick. Claims to be a former Freemason, Mormon, Catholic priest, Wiccan, Satanist and vampire. Somewhat controversial(!) There existed an article on him at one time, but it was deleted for reasons unknown. His website:
  • Leonard Swindler - author and Christianity historian
  • August Van Ryn - Plymouth Brethren author
  • Frank Benson Jones - pastor, author of "Stop the Prosperity Preachers", 2nd black pilot hired by United Airlines, editor of Black Panther newspaper, earned 8 air medals and Air Force commendation medal in Vietnam [1,278], [1,279][google "Frank Benson Jones]


Pentecostal and charismatic[edit]

Presbyterian, Reformed and Calvinism[edit]


  • Elizabeth A. Eaton (b. 1957)- ELCA lutheran pastor, elected to be the fourth Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Her term will begin on November 1, 2013. She is currently the Bishop of the Northeast Ohio Synod. Prior to becoming synod bishop, she served as pastor for ELCA congregations in Ohio. She earned a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a bachelor’s degree in music education from the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio.
  • Enos Hitchcock - quoted in an Economist article as having said "The free access which many young people have to romances, novels and plays has poisoned the mind and corrupted the morals of many a promising youth."; may be the Enos Hitchcock (1745–1803) who was a well-known minister (not sure of denomination) during the American Revolution mentioned here
  • John Hunt (b. 1812) - A missionay to Fiji. He was born in England and was one of the first Methodists. He went to the Fiji Island which was cannibalistic. He was the first person to write down the Fijian language. He translated the New Testament from Greek into Fijian. He died of a disease while on the island of Fiji but not before converting the entire island to Christianity and ending the cannibalism and human sacrifice. There are many books written about him including "Rowe, George Stringer. A Missionary Among Cannibals; or, the life of John Hunt who was eminently successful in converting the people of Fiji from cannibalism to Christianity. New York: Carlton & Porter, 1859.", "McLean, Archibald. Epoch Makers of Modern Missions. New York, Chicago [etc.] Fleming H. Revell company, 1912. Source of the image.". There are also many websites devoted to him, [1,283] and [1,284] among many others. His name is also mentioned in the History of Fiji page.
  • Charles Latimer Marson (1859–1914) - founder of the Christian Socialist Society in the U.K.; editor The Christian Socialist; [1,285]
  • Thomas Munster - Swedish Christian reformist; sv:Thomas Munster
  • Mickey Robinson - author, healer; claims after dying in an accident went to heaven and spoke with God before returning to earth
  • Edward R. Skane (or Edward Skane) - reverend, television evangelist, book author; father of high-profile murdered son, died February 2001
  • Thomas Thorowgood (c. 1600–1669) - English Divine; author of Jewes in America, or Probabilities that the Americans Are of that Race; influential to the writing and thought of John Eliot; intellectual peer to Menasseh Ben Israel
  • Phyllis A. Tickle - American author, editor and professor; pioneered the religious section in Publisher's Weekly, thus gaining mainstream recognition for religious fiction and nonfiction
  • Willard Uphaus (1890–1983) - protestant minister and lifelong pacifist; became director of a retreat center in New Hampshire from 1953 to 1969; blacklisted as communist during the McCarthy era

Unitarian Universalist[edit]

Wicca and witches[edit]

  • Edain McCoy - author of Celtic Myth and Magick and other works published by Llewellyn Publications; purported founder of the Witta tradition
  • Anna Muggen (died 1608) - alleged Dutch witch
  • Agnes Snoth (1500s) - burned at the stake with four other women; preached against auricular confessions, stating that it was sinful to ask forgiveness from a man for what only God can grant There is a source on page 49 of this PDF which may come in handy.


Sports figures[edit]


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