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Requesting article about "Intequity". The word "intequity" was formed by combining "integrity" with "equity". When I used the word the first time on the Internet during 2009 the word did not exist on the Internet. Many websites and businesses then started to use the word, especially in business names. I created the word to refer to capitals that relate to creativities. Equity refers more to network related values than creativities-related values. "Intequities" were thus abstracted from "equity". I wanted to reserve copyright on the word "intequity" to benefit my research and an article was published during 2012 in Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences (JETEMS). Use of the word "intequity" however multiplied with such speed on the Internet that, it is probably impossible to apply copyright to the word. I therefore give permissions now to write an article about "intequity" and with this permission the word is put officially in the public domain, if copyright existed at some stage. The publication in JETEMS has a creative commons copyright agreement and therefore the journal has to be mentioned. The JETEMS publication is freely available on the Internet. The paper was called "Management Accounting of Intellectual Creations".

Request article about "the MAP Principle" where MAP = "Money, Authority, and Pain." This was a concept that (I think, IBM ...) used to drill into its salesmen as a way of determining whether the person they were talking to were actually the ones capable of making a buying-decision. The idea was that the peron had to have: "the Money, sufficient to the task; and... the Authority, to cause the business to spend that money; and... the Pain needed to make a case that the spending should be authorized." Otherwise, the salesman was wasting his time.

Request article about "Global Branding." Many brands are affected by what country they are perceived to be from. Some sort of compilation of the current research would be extremely helpful. There seem to be companies that specialize in this as well as some research available, but there does not seem to be any sort of comprehensive review of the field. Therefore, an expert written article would be most beneficial.

Request article about "Thoughtware." This is an increasingly common term in business. It is often used to mean articles, white papers, etc. on various topics important to business. However, it seems ill-defined, and it is not possible to find a succinct definition when Googling the term. Therefore, an expert-written article would be excellent. One possible place for understanding the term is the "About" page on

The requested subject is about the "BMC-84 Surety Bond", it is a bond that is required by the ICC to become a broker

The requested subject is about a company named "Expert ", it’s a Cretan business based in Chania Greece - focusing on traveling in Grete from 2006. Expert is a tourism business with its wide range of information and unique photos of sites and beaches in Crete. This is the website The requested subject is a lobbying organisation called the International Regulatory Strategy Group


{{requested articles subpage/chirpify

Chirpify Introduction Chirpify is a service whose concept is based on - Seller offers an item for sale on a social networking site. User just needs to reply with one word - “buy” and item automatically get transferred to user. It does not include submitting any credit card details. The whole transaction is conducted through user’s social networking account. Apart from buying and selling, Chirpify is also used for giveaways and fundraising. Chirpify uses the concept of peer-to-peer payments and is executed real time electronically. The main idea behind this process is to provide user with hassle free service for day-to-day micro transactions.

Points on Chirpify • Chirpify is considered to change the flow of commerce .i.e. from passive waiting to the proactively sending of offers to users. • Chirpify takes an advantage of extreme reach of social Networking sites and makes an easy way to convert tweets/messages into sales. • Chirpify allows payment using paypal or other well knows operators to allow faster and safer mode of transaction for the users. • Big banks such as Bank of America, American express and Citi have widely accepted Chirpify and have allowed transactions with them using it. Other Similar services • “tweetmymoney “ is the service offered since 2009 by Vantage Credit Union, a Missouri based credit union, offer members the ability to do some part of their banking via twitter , a social network site. • Twitter commerce companies like “TwitPay”and “Twippr” provides the payment facilities via social networks. • “pay-by-Twitter hashtag” service by Dwolla allows the peer to peer in stream social payments with the aim to place niche markets. Disadvantages • Social network are more prone to threats of securities. Thus, Security is considered to be one of the major concerns. • Companies that are venturing into social Networking commerce are in their early stages, but social network companies are in the new finance frontier. This would require a third party to bridge between the two, thus leads to higher transaction cost. • Regulatory Oversight Issues and reputation risk. • Higher risk of money laundering • Both the parties (sender & receiver) need a Chirpify account. Conclusion With continuously evolving market, technology & competition, there is a strong need to develop a system that could deliver seamless customer satisfaction. Chirpify is currently in its initial stage and requires an up gradation to higher level. If provided with a suitable security consideration and decreased transaction cost, Chirpify can provide a new future to micropayments. References • •


Requests for articles about notable for-profit companies are on a separate page, and should be added there.

The requested subject is about a company named “Simplicity Sofas” located in High Point, NC. The company is a manufacturer and e-commerce retailer founded in 2007. Simplicity Sofas invents, designs and sells unique high end RTA (Ready To Assemble) sofas, sleepers and sectionals which can be assembled by an 8 year old in less than 5 minutes without tools. (See video cited below.) In 2012 the company was awarded a $20,000 Grand Prize for Most Innovative American Small Business. In addition to its innovations in product design, Simplicity Sofas has also been the subject of dozens of articles written about its leading-edge customer service approach. It is frequently cited as a model by leading authorities in both the furniture and customer experience industries. (A few of those articles are cited below.)The company website is

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]

The requested subject is about a company named "Winchester Gardens", it is an American small business based in Canal Winchester, OH - focusing on gardening. Winchester Gardens make variety of fertilizer products: tree spikes, organic fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, and other lawn and garden accessories. This is the website

The requested subject is about a business/event venue named Guastavino's located under the Queensborough Bridge at 409 East 59th Street (between First and York Avenues) New York, NY 10022. The venue is a recognized New York City interior landmark and hosts private, nonprofit and corporate events. The website is

The requested subject is about a company named "HitekNOFAL", it is an Egyptian business that designs, develops, and implements market value added turnkey solutions for the ICT, General Contracting, Government, Defense & Security, Oil & Gas, and the Industrial sectors. It is ISO and BICSI certified. This is the website

The requested subject is about a company named "Bidstalk". It is a Singapore based company that has developed a intelligent ad server, white label DSP and custom ad exchange. The company is mainly into mobile advertising and is looking to change the traditional web advertising into more intelligent and relevant mobile advertising. The website is

The requested subject is about a company named "Orion Digital Marketing." It is a marketing technology firm that helps organizations grow through digital marketing. As a B2B marketing services company, Orion Digital develops strategies and practices which help client’s ROMI growth rates outperform competitors. Client’s achieve these rates due to Orion's marketing strategy and its emphasis on building digital assets that provide medium and long term value for global enterprises. Using Orion Digital’s detailed view of how their customers purchase decisions are influenced by their digital presence, enterprises increase the amount of revenue at each stage throughout their marketing pipeline. The website is

Service offerings include: Search Acquisition

  • Customer Segmentation
    • Buyer Personas
    • Social Profile Lookups
    • Keyword Research and Trend Analysis
  • Searcher Acquisition Services
    • On-page SEO
    • 2nd Party Microsites
    • 3rd Party Communities
    • Paid Search Advertising
    • Visitor to Prospect Conversion

Lead Generation

  • Marketing Automation Management
    • Email Drip Campaigns
    • Progressive Profiling

Campaign Management

  • Marketing Automation
    • Possibilities of Marketing Automation
      • Scheduled Syndication
      • Dynamic Content
      • Retargeting

Individual Marketing Services

  • Social Marketing Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization

Data Collection

  • Google Tag Manager

One-time Services

  • Website Audit

Data Driven Marketing

Orion Digital Marketing was conceived while the founders were students at Chapman University, located in Orange, California. Born out of professional experience, Orion Digital aims to help B2B marketers validate their digital marketing strategies with quantitative data. The company applied and was admitted to Chapman University's Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship. As a member of the Leatherby Center's Student Incubator Program, Orion Digital received advice and guidance from Chapman faculty and members of their Mentorship Program. In addition, Orion Digital was deemed a finalist in Chapman's annual Business Plan Competition and finished among the top three competitors.

Human resources[edit]


  • Smokey Tours-Smokey Tours is a tour operator that offers several tours around Metro Manila. The tours offered by Smokey Tours are pretty unique in the Philippines. Their signature tour is the Smokey Mountain tour (a tour through the slums of Manila), wherein profits made are donated to the local organization Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres. Smokey Tours also offers a Market tour through Binondo and Chinatown, a Bicycle tour through Intramuros, Luneta, and surrounding areas and a cockfighting tour in Tondo, Manila. Their mission is to show their guests another side of Manila with safe, genuine and eye-opening tours while simultaneously aiding a local NGO. [26][27]
  • helping local businesses around the world to great success was first registered as in 2004, the first suggesting the best local businesses in a city. also conducts training and management consulting for local businesses and professionals around the world to help them be a great success. It is the first online local business directory which covered all cities in the world and have a simple and easy to fill 'merchant friendly form'. Its also the first to have merchant's own page, free photos and video links. Its the first to have seo inbuilt to help the local businesses easily be known. All with no charges. It also has city forums for people people to help each other find and know more about each city, local businesses and other activities in the city; and a local business's guest book. The founder Jaison Joseph Kandamkulathil bought the domain name of the online yellow pages ( who fired him in 2000 on the 10th day of his work. Article about the founder in 'The Hindu'

Press releases web site web site Linkedin Profile FaceBook Page Link to the Book on Linkedin At the book publisher's web site

Law firms[edit]

Requests for articles about notable law firms are on a separate page, and should be added there.


[28] [29]

[Main Website ] [1][2][3][4] CrunchBase Profile Bloomberg Profile

  • State Chief of Staff
  • Octopus Syndrome
  • Point Strategy
  • Plane Strategy
  • Dr Shayne Silcox - SILCOX Shayne: PhD (Management & Marketing - UWA), Master Commerce (Curtin), Bachelor Business (HR & Law - Curtin), Grad Dip Management(Curtin University), Dip Automotive Engineering & Management (TAFE), FAICD, FAIM, FIAME, FLGMA; CEO, City of Melville, since 2008; Career. CEO City of Belmont 2004-08, CEO City of Nedlands 2000-04, Director Commercial Services 1997-2000; Manager. Organisational Development Western Power Corp. 1995-97, Manager Business Processes and Human Resources 1994-95 WPC, Engineering Services Head Business Development & Management Systems 1989-94 WPC, SECWA 1977-89 incl.:Superintendent Operations, Supervisor Mechanical Workshops, Coordinator Customer Relations, Alternative Fuels Tech, Mechanic; Major Motors Holdings 1972-76 services Adv./mechanic/Apprentice; various positions; International Business Excellence Evaluator; Lecturer Organisational Development Curtin University; D/Chairman Disability Services Commission Board 2006-2012; Chairman DSC Audit & Risk Com 2007-2012; Chairman DSC Policy Com 2007-2012; former State President Local Government Managers Australia Board; Disability Ambassador; Director Local Government Advisory Board; former Cr AIM; Honorable Life Member Curtin University Alumni; Chair CEO Advisory Committee South West Group; former Secretary Faulkner Park Retirement Estate Board; former Treasurer Perth Airport Municipal Committee; former Member Public Sector Management Board; former Chairman Western Regional Organisation councils Board; former Member Exec Sub-Committee Cultural Change Western Power Corporation; recipient Australian Honours - Public Service Medal (PSM); Nominated WA Citizen of the year 2011; recipient Environmental Award 2010; recipient Customer Service CEO of Year 2009 & 2012; recipient Local Government Honours for Commitment and Eminent Service WALGA 2006; Nominated Australian of Year 2004; Australian Business Excellence Medal ABEF 2004; Leadership Award in Local Government Alcoa 2003; recipient Order of Merit AICD 2001; recipient Curtin Alumni Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Leadership Curtin University Tech. 1994; awarded Human Resource Institute Prize 1991; recipient Automotive Test and Design Award CCI 1976.
  • Supervision by Risk - mentioned in the introduction of the Eugene Ludwig article.
  • Peter R. Huntsman - CEO and President of the Huntsman Corporation, one of the US largest chemical companies.
  • Talent Marketplace - some information can be found under the Talent Management article but should be expanded.
  • Time charge - special expenses that allow an administrator to track changes in a user's compensation or a project's billing - [79]
  • Tripod Beta Methodology - [80] [81]
  • Value Proposition Canvas - [82] [83] [84] [85]
  • Managerial Competencies Questionnire - The Hay/Mcbar Managerial Competencies Questionnaire.

Theory of Complexity of Joint Action Implementation


Requests for articles about notable non-profit organizations are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Clareer ( Employer rating site, works via LinkedIn API and ensures only valid employers rate their employers to guide job seekers in making sure that they know their prospective employers while making career moves.

Launched on February 1, 2014, more details on

Business Association - Seaside Heights New Jersey (SSHBOA) - The Business Owners Association of Seaside Heights can also be referred to as the "SSHBOA." It is a non-profit organization that aims to achieve a better business community in the borough of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The focus of the organization is to forward common goals of the association members to attract visitors, tourists, business organization, and new residents to grow Seaside Heights economically and socially.


Terminology (business)[edit]



The South African Oncology Consortium The South African Renal Consortium SASMO SASH SASCRO



Seismic Testing - This involves mapping the geological structure beneath the surface. Transport Services - Both land and water rigs need to be moved around at some point in time. Directional Services - Believe it or not, all oil wells are not drilled straight down, some oil services companies specialize in drilling angled or horizontal holes.




Economic policy[edit]

Economic theory and history[edit]

  • Gravity Model of Spacial Interaction
  • Pluralist Commonwealth
  • Democratized ownership



  • Andrews, Philip Walter Sawford - ((1914-1971), fellow at Nuffield and subsequently professor of economics at * Raymond Baker - Director of the Global Financial Integrity Program and author of "Capitalism's Achilles Heel: Dirty Money and How to Renew the Free Market System"
  • Dennis R. Appleyard - Chair Department of Economics at Davidson college, Main Author of the International Economics (6th Edition) McGrawHill Inc. Received UNC-Chapel Hill's Tanner Award for "Excellence in Inspirational Teaching of Undergraduate Students" in 1983 and Davidson's Thomas Jefferson Award for teaching and service in 2004; [128]; Sajjad Arif (talk) 06:55, 3 February 2011 (UTC)
  • Alan Auerbach - professor, University of California, Berkeley; first editor, American Economic Journal
  • Gregory Robert Badishkanian - Vice-President and Senior Research Director at CitiGroup Corp., Formerly of Salomon Brothers, and a 3rd. Generation Armenian-American Philanthropist, Graduate of Drew University - NJ and Graduate Degrees From Cornell - NY, Many awards won for his insight in the field of Economics and Finance. Grandson of famous blacksmith, gunsmith and weapons inventor, Martin Jevanian, an Armenian-American born in Armenia and fled to America as an orphaned child after his Christian parents were slaughtered by Muslim Turks during the Armenian Genocide of 1915, Martin contributed greatly to his newly adopted homeland after arriving in the United States by ship - including the donation of a portfolio of patents - to the Watervliet Armory in NY during WWII.
  • Dr. David Besanko - Alivn J. Huss Professor of Management and Strategy; author of multiple economics text books; Editorial Board, Review of Industrial Organization; Editorial Board, Journal of Regulatory Economics; [129]
  • Bruce Boissonnault - Faculty at Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School and founding publisher of
  • Mary Jean Bowman - (1908-2002) University of Chicago economist best known for her work on the economics of education.
  • Elizabeth Brunner (economist) - (1920-1983) Professor of Economics cited in Umberto Meoli.
  • Maureen L. Cropper - (1949- ) First female chair of Department of Economics at the University of Maryland. First chair of any University of Maryland, College Park Department who is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Noted environmental economist with over 80 publications on valuing environmental amenities, discounting health benefits for future generations, and health effects of various forms of energy production in developing nations. Currently is a senior fellow at Resources for the Future, former lead economist at the World Bank.
  • Rachel T.A. Croson - (1967-) Dean of the College of Business at the University of Texas at Arlington. PhD Harvard; known for experimental economics, negotiation, and philanthropy.
  • Arindrajit Dube - labor economist from Stanford, PhD from University of Chicago, currently at Berkley.
  • John William Hatfield - PhD economics, Stanford, 2005; currently at Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • David A. Jaeger Professor of Economics at City University of New York Graduate Center, labor economist. Famous article on weak instruments; [130]
  • Hari Bansh Jha - one of senior most economists of Nepal; academician
  • Jim Jubak - senior markets editor, MSN Money
  • Fuhito Kojima - PhD economics, Harvard, 2008; currently at Cowles Foundation and starting at Stanford in Fall 2009. He's a star matching theorist.
  • Hilary Kramer - financial journalist
  • Ruth de Krivoy - was president of the central bank of Venezuela during the height of the crisis that erupted in early 1994.
  • Matías Kulfas - who? -- see [131]
  • Manuel Fernández López - Specialist in History of Economic Thinking, FCE, University of Buenos Aires
  • Mukul Majumdar - PhD economics, Berkeley, 1970. Currently at the economics department at Cornell University.
  • Brendan McEvoy - economic researcher, National University of Australia


Terminology (economics)[edit]



  • Amit Ayare - Value Investor
  • August 2013 NASDAQ flash freeze - [141]
  • Abacus Deal - [142]
  • Ad Revenue - Money collected as a direct result of advertising
  • Ally Auto - A unit of [Ally Financial] that provide auto financing to consumers and dealers across the United States. [1]
  • American Oriental Bioengineering - traded New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: AOB) 119; currently redirects to Financial statements
  • Ameriflex - uses automatic electronic transfer of pre-tax dollars from an employee account when paying for qualified expenses; [143]
  • Ameriflex Flexible Spending Account - uses automatic electronic transfer of pre-tax dollars from an employee account when paying for qualified expenses; [144]
  • AMLF - cf. the Federal Reserve's balance sheet [145]
  • Alliance One - An ATM cooperative network for credit unions and community banks similar to the Co-op Network. Both networks may have overlapping memberships, but not all credit unions are members of both ATM networks. [146]
  • Big Five UK Banks - historic term
  • Bank 2.0 - industry term denoting bank evolution involving digital channels, and a bestselling book
  • The Banking Act of 1935 Important law that gave the FED Board the powers that it has today. Currently Banking Act of 1935 is a redirect to a section of the article on FDIC, which doesn't mention the FED. Excellent source document at FED history site. Banking Act of 1935
  • Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart - (a link is in here); Prescott Bush; juliana; mp3
  • cabinet order - discussed for example in FIX book management practices - no online definitions!
  • Carlisle & Jacquelin - brokerage firm
  • Cash Flow Yield
  • Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) - Professional certification designation granted by HFMA.
  • Charge Rate - Financial Analysis / Tariff Computation
  • Cinium Financial - holding company; provides insurance and financial-related products and services to small an medium businesses; subsidiaries include a licensed and admitted property and casualty insurance company (upper hudson national insurance company), licensed insurance agency (cinium underwriter services group dba OxBonding), risk management group (cinium risk management), a company that provides payroll services (ox payroll), and a company that provides financing and working capital to small businesses (cinium finance corp). [147][148];[149];[150]
  • Coficom Trust S.à r.l. - [[151] provides expert tax structuring advice and important information on double-tax treaties and changes in law, specifically in Luxembourg.]
  • CoinMelon - [[152] Bitcoin market exchange for Argentina that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins in local currency (Pesos Argentinos).]
  • conscientious spending - would probably have two meanings first: making your dollars count [153] second: spending money in a way that benefits the environmen
  • Continuous payment authority
  • CurrencyFair - online currency exchange market place [154] ; [155]; [156]; [157]; [158]
  • Digital Asset Grid - The proposed Digital Asset Grid provides the infrastructure for assembling information components into information services. It has the potential to achieve an Industrial Revolution-like leap in productivity, orchestrating the efficient compilation of information from an extended network of information sources.
  • dough, Inc. - front end options trading software platform and education center. [159]
  • EFS - Effective Financing Statement - A document used in financing loans that are secured by property of various kinds. But who files this form, and for what purpose? If an EFS is filed by the lender, how does it differ from other kinds of UCC filings? If an EFS is filed by the borrower, what interest is the borrower attempting to protect by filing it? How does the form's title relate to the actual purpose of the form? For example, what would an INeffective financing statement be, and who might attempt to file it? Is an EFS filed solely with the clerk's office, or is it also requirement of the lender, and for what purpose?
  • EI Variance This term has been used by Navarik inspection tool in a report. What does this mean? I can't find any references for the same on internet.
  • Eris Exchange A futures product solution to the complexities of Dodd-Frank. Margin savings and regulatory certainity of futures with the flexibility of OTC Interest Rate Swaps.

Federal Reserve Bank of New Jersey - Must be created by United States Congress.


Is this simply a different name for the Social Credit concept?
Not that important - it's simply a CDO that was sold in-house. There's more sensationalism in the article than facts - the bubble formation described and the largest figures cited refer to the overall crisis rather than "Klios" themselves.
  • Lesetja Kganyago, Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank.
  • Lima One Capital, LLC - A Greenville based Hard Money Lender who is now revolutionizing the hard money industry with straight terms, no junk fees, 5 day closings and is now growing into 20 new market across the USA [215]
  • Loan Notes - UK financing technique
  • LOYAL3 - A San Francisco based online stock broker that is opening IPOs to investment by common investors for the first time in history.
  • Loyal Bank Group- Loyal Bank has been doing business for more than 15 years. It is audited by KPMG. Loyal Bank Group has been launched to integrate the products and services of the bank. [2]
  • Marianne Lake - Lake is the current CFO of JPMorgan Chase Bank.
  • Matching Halt - I think it is a kind of Pause in the Stock Marked when new vital information is released.
  • Marubozo - A financial charting/graphing method where the graph is shaped like a candlestick with no shadow.
  • Merrill Edge - Online brokerage. Right now it redirects to Merrill Lynch, but the two are different.
  • MMIFF - cf. the Federal Reserve's balance sheet [216]
  • Morningstar Style Box - graphic symbol indicating the category of a particular investment
  • Mlhuillier Financial Services - One of largest Financial Services Company in the Philippines offering Quick Cash Loans, Money Transfer Services (Domestic & International), Bills Payment and other services.


Defines the requirements for membership of state-chartered banks in the Federal Reserve System; sets limitations on certain investments and requirements for certain types of loans; describes rules pertaining to securities-related activities; establishes the minimum ratios of capital to assets that banks must maintain and procedures for prompt corrective action when banks are not adequately capitalized; prescribes real estate lending and appraisal standards; sets out requirements concerning bank security procedures, suspicious-activity reports, and compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act; and establishes rules governing banks' ownership or control of financial subsidiaries; [225]
  • re-intermediation - (i.e. banks having to take (securitised) loans back onto their own balance sheets)
  • Repayment plan - as in a plan created by a consumer in consultation with creditors (such as credit card companies) to pay down consumer debt; such plans often are designed by specialized consumer credit counseling agencies in the U.S. as a way to avoid bankruptcy
  • Rice Finance Company - stock market investment company
  • Roll critique - Roll, Richard, A Critique of the Asset Pricing Theory's Tests,Journal of Financial Economics, 4, 129-176 (March 1977).



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