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  • Amit Ayare - Investor
  • Ayaan Chawla - Founder & CEO - Asian Fox Developments, Global Web Mount, Mind-In Advertising and Group For Buddies
  • Christian James - Founder of Creative Management Agency.[1], Creative Management Agency CMA is responsible for securing Designers for, Freelance Projects, Collaborations, Licensing, Sponsorship, and Executive & Creative Placement.
  • Merv Adelson - one of founders of Lorimar Productions
  • Deepak Agarwal - Founder & CEO of
  • Stewart Allen - Pioneer in XML/B2B Integration. Founding CTO at webMethods and AddThis.
  • Robert Afshar - President & Founder of Leadclick Media, Inc., also founded & presided over Legal Resource Inc., a source for online "How To" legal information
  • Amador Aguiar - Founder of Banco Bradesco (one of three big banks of Brazil) and Fundação Bradesco (most big education program in Brazil).
  • Mustaq Ahmad - Founder of Mustafa shopping center in Singapore
  • Tim Alborn - (req. 12-16-2009) - American professor of history, CUNY Lehman. Founder of Harriet Records, Cambridge, MA in 1989. [2] Related to Wikipedia article: [3]
  • Paul J. Alessi - Actor/Producer, known for the TLC Waterfalls Video, the Amazing Race Season 1, the Boondock Saints II and Ten 'Til Noon.
  • Mohammed Alhammad - CEO and President of Albayan Holding Company in Saudi Arabia
  • Michael Aloyan - self made millionaire that opened the first hotel and casino in one in Compton, California (Crystal Park Hotel and casino)
  • Maria Helen Alvarez - with Jack Wrather, was co-owner of Wrather-Alvarez Productions, which owned television stations in Tulsa and San Diego, as well as the Disneyland Hotel
  • Monem Alyaser - Entrepreneur, Inventor of a clean coal technology
  • Afzaal Ameer - President & Founder of The Knight Labs, Inc.[4], also founded & presided over 3imension[5], The App Castle, Techademy[6], a designer, a developer, an animator, a speaker and also runs a blog @ [7]
  • Jerry Anders - Creator of graphical mail (, in legal trouble with Google and Sun
  • Elisabeth Anheuser-Busch - Wife of Adolphus Busch (Founder of Anheuser-Busch)
  • Adam Anicich - Founder of Armada Asset Management, LLC, UMD Doctor of Management, and author of the 4% Theory that explains Army Recruiting and Retention. Is a contributor to the US Army Recruiting Commanders Course and has been recognized Army-wide.
  • Yasmine Alexandra Arrington - 19 year old Founder of ScholarCHIPS For Children of Incarcerated Parents, has given over $10,000 in scholarships. Awarded a personal Resolution from the DC Council Board in 2011, selected as a Making a Difference (MAD) Girl by Black Girls Rock Incorporated and Black Entertainment Television October 2012, Jack Kent Cooke Scholar, awarded 2012 Linowes leadership Award, Jefferson Award for Community Service, featured in the Washington Post twice, WAMU Radio. Poet, blogger, motivational speaker, and radio personality.
  • Zia Attala - First chaldean to immigrate to America in 1895. Owned a hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Moved back to Iraq and opened Zia House Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in Baghdad in the early 20th century.
  • Muhammad al-Attas, whom the mother of Osama bin Laden, Hamida al-Attas, married shortly after Osama's birth and her divorce from Mohammed bin Laden


  • Bachwani Naveen - Founder & CEO of ThinkShop. [8], [9]
  • Ian Baggett - Founder of Adderstone Group. [10], [11]
  • Karl Bandtel - Awesome
  • Bertrand Badré - Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer. Previously Group CFO at Société Générale and Crédit Agricole, and Managing Director of Lazard.
  • Steven Barbarich - CEO and founder of ChooseHotTubsDirect, ChooseOutdoorKitchens, AbsolutelyNew, and author of the book The Complete Manual on How To Make Money From Your Inventions and Patents.
  • Wayne Barrow - President of ByStorm Entertainment. He is also one of The Notorious B.I.G. former managers and produced the 2009 Notorious film. He now helps manage the careers of J.Cole and Miguel. [12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17]
  • Inga Beale - CEO of Lloyd's of London and the first female CEO of the institution in 325 years [18]
  • William Bao Bean - Managing Director SingTel Innov8 Ventures. Venture capital and angel investor based in China. Authority on Internet and Technology in China. Formerly a top ranked equity analyst with Deutsche Bank. [19] [20] Co-Founder Angelvest angel investing group.
  • Burhan Beidas - Founder and CEO of Madco Advertising and the first Ad agency in the Middle East.

[21]; [22];

  • Binny Bansal - One of the CEO and co-founder of






  • Johann Graf, Novomatic Group Proprietor [4]
  • Gianluigi Gabetti, Agnelli Group manager
  • Dominic Gallello - Graphisoft CEO
  • Matt Garcia - CEO of Everyday Models Ltd and founder of Matt Garcia Design Studio Ltd and Matt Garcia Photography Ltd.
  • Adam Gerrard - Group CIO of Avis Europe
  • Matt Giamela - Owner and operator of Giamela's Sub Sandwiches
  • Mark F. Gibbins - President of DME Corporation
  • Rajesh Gill - Trader, known as "7 to 7 man", won landmark judgment of 20 million pounds against MF Global for fraud
  • Ted Gilvar - Chief Marketing Officer/ Vice President of Monster Worldwide. As CMO "he oversees all aspects of Monster Worldwide’s marketing strategy and execution globally. Over his more than 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing, Mr. Gilvar has led successful campaigns, re-branding initiatives and new product launches for some of the world’s best brands. Most recently, he was Executive Vice President and Senior Director at BBDO in New York where he headed the Monster account as well as the accounts of other major organizations and corporations."
  • Ann Godbehere - Previously CFO of Swiss Re Group and Northern Rock
  • Greg Goode - Founder of Ignis Oil and Vitruvius Art. Since retiring to France in 2008, both businesses are now run by his sons.
  • Greg Gopman computer businessman of some sort. Partner (founder?) of AngelHack, infamous for bizarre tweets about poor people.
  • Dee Dee Gordon - One of the founders of Look-Look
  • Chris Gorman - The multi-millionaire founder of Gadget Shop
  • James V. Green - Director of Hinman CEOS Program at University of Maryland
  • John Colin Grogan - Innovator in Sales, Group Head of Silverdene
  • Naren Gupta - Co-founder of Nexus Venture Partners & Co-founder of Integrated Systems Inc (IPO, acquired by Intel). 1 2 3
  • Puneet Gupta - Director of Indigo Care
  • Marc Guberti - Teenager Entrepreneur, Author, And Blogger




  • Yoni Jacobs- Executive Director & Chief Investment Strategist of Chart Prophet LLC. Author, "Gold Bubble: How To Profit From The Impending Collapse of Gold". [72][73]
  • Dan Jester- Retired Goldman Sachs banker who served as advisor to Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson during the 2008 financial crisis. [74][75]
  • Peter A. Joseph- President of Israel Policy Forum
  • John Jubilee - President of Jubilee Transformations
  • James C. Justice II - Billionaire Coal Magnate; Owner of James C. Justice Companies, Inc.


  • Davy Kestens - 23-year-old serial entrepreneur who recently raised $1.2M for his third business and went viral in European press
  • Wallace Key - Better known as Wally Key, has consistently inspired tremendous growth in several Chamber Of Commerce's including Northeast Tarrant County, Northwest Chamber in Oklahoma City [82] and most recently was named President to the Saginaw, TX Chamber Of Commerce,][
  • Raza Khan (MyRichUncle) - Co-Founder and President of MyRichUncle Student Loan Company NASDAQ: UNCL
  • Sharifa Khan - current President & CEO for Balmoral Marketing Inc.
  • Qais al-Khonji- Chairman of few companies
  • Paul Kirwin - Founder of eXperticity, Founder and CEO of Channel Signal
  • Marnin Kligfeld- owner of (what) software firm
  • Steven Kollar - founder of 30 different companies in America
  • Randy Komisar - author, entrepreuner, founding director Tivo, former CEO LucasArts Entertainment
  • Kumar Konanur - co-founded Yipkon Business Sytems in 1978
  • German A. Korobov- Soviet weapons designer responsible for TKB line of weapons systems
  • Felipe Korzenny- Director, Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, Florida State University; Founder of Hispanic and Asian Marketing Communication Research, and Co-Founder of Cheskin. Pioneer in US Multicultural Marketing. Author of "Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer" and many other publications.
  • Bob Koski - Co-founder of Sun Hydraulics (NASDAQ:SNHY). Known for introducing a radical — and wildly successful — bottom-up management philosophy that formed the basis of several Harvard Business School case studies. Founder of the software company nMetric, which offers dynamic scheduling software serving complex manufacturing environments.
  • Pavan Kota - CEO of KINDUZ Consulting
  • Elizabeth Krukosky - Founder and CEO of Cool Fire Technologies, LLC
  • Juris A. Kupris- CEO of Juris Kupris Fitness LLC, Juris Kupris Training LLC, Your Fitness Company LLC. Specializing in the production of Exercise videos [83]
  • Edward B. Kurpis - Co-Founder of cable television network CNBC; Founding Vice President of Finance and Administration for NBC's Cable and Business Development division; Former member of the Board of Directors of A&E network, Court TV network (now TruTV); NBC-Cablevision Executive Partnership Board governing operations of American Movie Classics, Bravo, and 10 regional sports networks.
  • Balasubramaniyam Kandaswamy - C.E.O. & Co-Founder of Contus Support Interactive (


  • Nicole Rodrigues Larsen - Nicole Rodrigues Larsen is a celebrity and socialite in Dubai, UAE . An ex model and a fantastic entrepreneur Nicole relocated to Dubai from Copenhagen in 2003 and lives with her husband Henrik Larsen and two children Victoria and Victor in the prestigious Palm Jumeriah . One of the big names in the media industry Nicole runs the super successful multimillion dollar business Diva models. She also under her group of companies holds and operates Diva Holdings, Diva Ladies spa, Diva Laundry and NM investments.
  • Roy Larsen - President of Time, Inc.
  • Marianna Latsis - daughter of the late Greek shipping tycoon Yiannis Latsis and one of the hairs of his fortune (see also Spiros Latsis).
  • Jasmine Lawrence - Teenage President and CEO of EDEN BodyWorks. A company she started at age 13 that makes all natural hair and body care products.
  • Jun "John" Lee - Founder and namesake of Lee Law Firm - attorney-in-law, environmental lawyer, and entreprenueur; has worked with many corporations and companies, including INFINIA, and their Sterling Engine technologies
  • Edward T. Lewis (businessperson) - Edward T. Lewis - (Essence Communications) Chairman/CEO of Essence Communications Inc., a diversified, multi-million dollar corporation. One of the most successful and diverse African American-owned communications companies in the United States.Chairman, Magazine Publishers of America, TransAfrica Forum; board of directors, Black Council on Africa, Rheeland Foundation, Negro Ensemble of New York City; trustee, Tuskegee University, Leadership Council of the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, Teachers College of Columbia University.
  • Hyung Khu Lim - CEO of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
  • Robert Liodice - President and CEO of Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
  • Hernan Lopez - President and CEO of Fox International Channels. Under his tenure, FOX grew from 3 to 300 television channels around the world, under the Fox, Fox SPorts, Fox Life, National Geographic and Star brands, generating $2.5bn in annual revenue.
  • David H. Long - President and CEO of Liberty Mutual Holding Company Inc.
  • Richard Lorenzen - CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands, speaker and media personality. Contributor to Forbes and Fox Business. Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 List 2014 candidate. See for media clips and press references.
  • Dan Lufkin - Co-founder of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and Questor Partners
  • Sam Lutfi - Britney Spears' Acting Manager and personal Confidant



  • Dr Ciju Nair - Marketing Analytics Executive and Thought leader has been cited in wiki topics like "Marketing Activation" His bio can be found here - and professional profile and publications listed on linkedin -
  • Niraj Goel - Founder and Chairman of Clone Algo Group and a resident of Singapore. His personal net worth is $12 billion. He is a business person, noted philanthropist, and an investor. A short bio is provided here:
  • Yuval tisf Nativ - Head of Assault Division See-Security Technologies Ltd.
  • Neil Neddermeyer - Grand Master of Masons in Minnesota
  • George Nediyakalayil - Founder of Gas Depot Inc. which is ranked 25 in the Hot 500 The Fastest-Growing Businesses in America.
  • Philip Nelson, Jr. - SVP Strategic Development, NewTek Technical Emmy Nominee & is the king of live event streaming. Miss Universe, X Games, MTV VMA's and more
  • Mortimer Neufville - Executive Vice-President for the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges
  • Merle Norman - 1904-1972 Founder of Merle Norman Cosmetics in Santa Monica, CA. Cosmetics Magnate, Philanthropist. Norman, who established her business out of her home in the late 1920s, was a contemporary of cosmetics legends Helena Rubenstein and Max Factor. She encouraged women to found their own franchise businesses where customers could enjoy free makeovers, an idea which she pioneered, and try products liberally before buying them. In 1931, she opened her first Studio in Santa Monica, California, where her nephew, J.B. Nethercutt, soon joined her in developing and manufacturing the products she sold. Today, there are some 1,500 Merle Norman studios around the world, mostly concentrated in North America. Norman donated generously to local medical institutions - the Merle Norman Pavilion at Santa Monica hospital is named in her honor. (bio by: Louis Mata)
  • Lloyd S. Nelson - 1922-2013 a teacher of statistics, writer and manager at GE and Nashua Corporations. He had a significant influence on Dr. W. Edwards Deming as mentioned in the Wikipedia article "W. Edwards Deming"[7]; referenced 24 times in Dr. Deming's book "Out of Crisis" and 4 times in Dr. Deming's book "The New Economics". He also referenced 12 times in Henry R. Neave's book, "The Deming Dimension".[8]He is also referenced two times in Mary Walton's book, "The Deming Management Method".[9]In 2003 he became the American Society of Quality's (ASQ) 20th honorary member [10] He is the author of the "Nelson Rules".[11] The Journal of Quality Technology (JQT)Editorial Review Board began the Lloyd S. Nelson Award recognizing the article in the most recent volume, beginning with Volume 35 (2003), having the "greatest immediate impact to practitioners.[12] He died on August 28, 2013. [13]
  • Albert Nickerson 1/15/2013 "Mr. A.W. Nickerson was a typical "baron" of the age, and he wanted a beautiful and impressive house to establish his place in society. (9) Albert Winslow Nickerson was born on May 21, 1840, Jamaica Plain. He was the eldest son of Joseph Nickerson, a well-known Boston businessman. Joseph Nickerson was born in Brewster on Cape Cod. He ran off to sea at the age of 16, becoming captain of his own ship at 24. Late in life he became a ships' chandler in Boston, and he had a prosperous warehouse on Harrison Avenue. With the decline of American shipping, he invested his money in railroads and textiles. He eventually bought 12,000 shares in the Atchison, Santa Fe and Topeka Railway Company, of which his brother Thomas was President. He had great financial success and, when he died, was one of the richest men in Boston. He left his son Albert a great fortune." Much more info here including references to Grover Cleveland, Frederick Law Olmstead, Henry Hobson Richardson, and which was referenced here,_Massachusetts,_1793%E2%80%931999



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  • Shafat Qazi - founder and CEO, BQE Software; creator, BillQuick, Time Tracking and Billig Software
  • Mark K. Quarles - computer programmer, insurance agent, owner of CALIAN PARK Inc.



  • Spirit de la MareEditor-In-Chief at Brogue Magazine, head of Brogue Industries and art collective.


  • Scott Tannen - Founder & CEO of Boll & Branch[14], Founder and former President of Funtank and Candystand which was sold to Publishers Clearing House in 2010 [15]
  • Monique Tatum - CEO of Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR and creator of The Reality of FASHION The Reality of AIDS Celebrity Reality Star runway show. Celebrity and Event Publicist. Quoted in Business Week Article Company WebsiteSocial Media Today Article
  • Don Dilum Tharaka Kothalawala - Managing Director & CEO of Key-School of English, Sri Lanka </> and also he is a poet, a novelist & a Teacher of English. </>
  • Stanley R. Tanka - CFO of Clif bar Inc.
  • Stanley G. Tate - Florida entrepreneur. CEO and founder of Tate Enterprises. Former Chairman of RTC under the Clinton Administration. Chairman of the Board of Ameribid. [16]. Founder and former Chairman of the Florida Prepaid College Fund.
  • Bill Taylor - Bill Taylor is a London, Ontario native with a notably successful career in the automotive industry that spanned 38 years. Following his retirement, Taylor accepted a new role as President of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama on July 1, 2009. Prior to joining EDPA, he was President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, located in central Alabama. Taylor joined MBUSI in 1993, when the company first opened in the state. He played an essential role in the start-up of the new plant, driving production for five years and eventually becoming president of the company in 1999. Taylor was also instrumental in the establishment of the Mercedes Production System, which is now a global standard for all Mercedes-Benz plants in achieving only the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Taylor oversaw the plant’s $600-million expansion, which was completed at the end of 2004, as well as the beginning of a $300-million expansion underway to prepare for successor models. The plant employs more than 3,000 Team Members – significantly more than the 1,500 originally planned back in 1993. As president of one of the best-known companies in the state, Taylor was often called on to meet with prospective companies considering Alabama for new facilities. He also worked with communities and regions across the state, offering input and advice on economic development efforts. Prior to becoming president of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, Taylor did his time in the "trenches", serving on the EDPA Board of Directors from 2000 to 2009 and was actively involved in Alabama’s economic development efforts through participation in a number of state and local initiatives concerning workforce development, community growth and retention and expansion methods in regards to existing industry.
  • Vadim Telyatnikov - Pennsylvania entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of LiftDNA, sold to OpenX in 2012.[17]
  • Richard K. Templeton - CEO of Texas Instruments
  • George C Tilyou Namesake of Asbury Park, NJ icon Tillie, inventor, also named in many articles. [[243]]
  • Gary Toomey - CEO of Jet Airways, former CEO of Ansett Airways, former Chief Financial Officer of Qantas
  • Gary Triano - (req. 2009-07-27) - Developer in Tucson, Arizona during its period of growth. Was murdered by a bomb on November 1, 1996. His ex-wife and her lover are suspects. Notable criminal case and Tucson developer.
  • Henry Tufo - Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Keith Turley - (req 2007-05-13) - president of Arizona Public Service, member of Phoenix 40, responsible for the placement of Palo Verde Nuclear Plant



  • Alysha Del Valle - KABC-TV meteorologist.
  • Norman B. Vansile - President Trannon Corp.; Detroit Philanthropist
  • Goran Varaklic - Founder & CEO of MDG Computers
  • Dilip Vellodi - CEO and Chairman, Sutherland Gobal Services
  • Edwin J Venner - (req. 2012-04-01) - Founded Venners in 1896 ( Came from a brewing family which owned Forest Hill Brewery in London and approximately 80 pubs between London and Brighton. A qualified chartered accountant who developed a specialised stocktaking system. He assisted and advised the government regarding alcohol and the defence of the Realm Act 1914 and was knighted in recognition of his service to the licensed trade in 1951. The Business of Adding Value, Published by Christie Group 2004
  • Kal Vepuri - Founder & Chairman of The Trisiras Group
  • Roger Ver - Bitcoin Angel Investor & Founder of Memory Dealers. Sources listed at
  • Lew Veraldi (Former Ford vice president who led the team that produced the first Taurus in 1986)
  • Edward and Lynn Via - Roanoke, VA owner of printing and publishing interests (formerly owned Claypool Comics), gives substantial sums to various political campaigns including $150,000 to VA Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell as top individual donor to the campaign.
  • Patrick Viguerie - McKinsey director, author of several articles and a book.
  • Idar Vollvik - Founder of Idar Vollvik Invest AS; serial entrepreneur that made Euro 100 million in 2004 when he sold Chess Communication to TeleSoniera
  • Manu K. Vora - Chairman and President, Business Excellence, Inc., a global quality management consulting firm. Recipient of multiple awards in the quality field from American Society for Quality (ASQ). Also involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors, including founding the Blind Foundation for India.


  • Rob Walling - author of Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup (2010), host of Startups for the Rest of Us (2010), founder of MicroConf (2011) and email marketing software Drip (2013) .

The son of an electrician and a receptionist, Rob was born in 1974 and grew up in the San Francisco bay area during the rise of the personal computer. After graduating from the University of California, Davis in the late 1990s, Rob worked as a freelance developer and consultant, but began launching small software products during his night and weekend hours. With a number of failed attempts in the early 2000s, he experienced his first notable success with invoicing software DotNetInvoice, followed by a series of other micro successes that lead him to start a community of software founders using the descriptor "Micropreneurs." Soon after, in 2010, he started a podcast with Mike Taber that became one of the most popular startup podcasts in iTunes, called Startups for the Rest of Us, as well as an annual gathering of self-funded startup founders, MicroConf, held annually in both Las Vegas and Prague. Rob has become known for promoting the idea of self-funding small software startup ideas instead of taking venture capital, as is the norm in most of the tech startup world.

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Date requested: 12 Sep. 2014 Bio: South African property investor and app developer. Born in Pretoria, South Africa on 21 December 1982. Notability: South African property investor; App of the year awards 2014; Public Speaker; Business Person; References: [253] [254] [255] [256] [257]

  • Philip Wynne - Owner of Felipe Gregorio, Inc., Established 1990, graduated from American University.

The son of an American foreign service officer, Wynne started in the cigar business in 1990 in Honduras, where he worked with La Flor de Copan and factory situated in Santa Rosa de Copan, there he created the Petrus, Tesoros de Copan, and Felipe Gregorio Brands in 1994, he started operations in Condega Nicaragua one of the first US investors in Nicaragua after the Sandinista Government took office. Frank Sinatra came to him and asked him to make his cigar brand, Mr. Sinatra insisted that brand be made in the Dominican Republic, Wynne with the financial backing of Sinatra built Tabacalera Real in 1998. Known for his blending abilities and the introduction of the first full bodied cigars in the US Market, (3)Wynne is now growing tobacco and making cigars in the Cordillera Central region of Costa Rica.(4) “Being a cigar maker, you are an environmentalist by choice, because you are dealing with Earth’s riches and I feel I have to give back. An active sponsor of the Rutamaya Foundation in Honduras, dedicated to preserving the rainforest and helping the Mayan peoples of Central America.

He is also involved in local charities in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic such as: Kids Saving The Rain Forest and Doulos Discovery School.

Cigar Legend Perelmans’s Pocket Cyclopedia of Cigars 1997 (1) Cigar Star Cigar Aficionado 1995 (2)

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  • Eric Yaverbaum - Best Selling Author of "PR For Dummies" and "Leadership Secrets of the World's Most Successful CEO'S" and PR Agency Owner (Ericho Communications)
  • Chee Siew Yaw - Founder Otto Marine Pte Ltd and also owns Sihayo Gold. Chairs Perdana Parkcity, a Kuala Lumpur condo developer that is part of logging group Samling, owned by his father, Yaw Teck Seng, and brother Chee Ming, both among Malaysia's richest.
  • Oleg Yefimov - Founder and CEO of Dissident Ltd.
  • Kaan Yigit - founder and president of Solutions Research Group Consultants Inc.
  • Peter Yip - Executive Chairman of the Board and CEO, CDC Software. founder of Yipkon Business Systems. Sold to MCI Worldcom in 1987. [265][266][267]
  • Yu Yongda - eminent Chinese economist based at Tsinghua University, advisor to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, head of the State Council's leadership oversight committee


  • Joseph Zada - US businessman currently being sued by Sergei Fedorov and others regarding failure to pay back money invested to him ($60 million US dollars). Zada claims the money was a loan and repayment has been delayed due to "a sad time in our economy" [268]
  • Ron Zarella - An executive of General Motors
  • Sylvain Zimmer - Founder of Jamendo
  • Arvind Saxena - Director at Hyundai Motor India Limited
  • Klaas Zwart - Dutch businessman and racing driver; founded Petroline 1980 [269]; holder of 9 US patents; owner Ascari Cars