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This page lists requested Japan-related articles related to government. Please note that links to Japanese Wikipedia may not work, despite being blue. They were systematically added as a way to quickly find Japanese source material. To further assist in this, please add the Japanese for any titles which do not have them. This will allow other editors to more easily find source materials for missing articles.

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Current cabinet members, since 2005[edit]

House of Representatives of Japan members[edit]

Since List of members of the Diet of Japan, which is more up-to-date, contains no red links except for recently deceased Takeshi Nishida and few members of the DPJ who have quit since the compilation of the list, the following red links are former members of the house or those with spelling issues that have to be resolved. In other words, there should be no red links for current members.

The Government[edit]

Majority Coalition

Liberal Democratic Party (249 members)[edit]
New Komeito (34 members)[edit]

The Opposition[edit]

Democratic Party (178 members)[edit]
Japan Communist Party (8 members)[edit]
Social Democratic Party (6 members)[edit]
Independents (7 members)[edit]

House of Councillors of Japan members[edit]

A mix of from this term and last term

Liberal Democratic Party (115 members)[edit]

Social Democratic Party (5 members)[edit]

  • none

Greens (2 members)[edit]

Independents (8 members)[edit]

Democratic Party (72 members)[edit]

New Komeito (23 members)[edit]

Japan Communist Party (20 members)[edit]

Judges in Japan[edit]

Supreme Court of Japan[edit]

Current members[edit]

Governors in Japan[edit]

People who had held the office of governor.

Historical ministries[edit]