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General Science[edit]

  • Massachusetts Academy of Sciences - founded in 2007, fellows include several Nobel Prize laureates and other notable scientists
  • Scientific lacuna - an area of science that has not been studied but has the potential to be studied scientifically. Sometimes this is because it falls between different disciplines in science. Sometimes it is because the right situation for study has not yet occurred, or the conditions for study have been too ephemeral so far. Sometimes it is because it is not presently or has not in the past been considered a proper area for scientific study.

The following online books and journals mention scientific lacunae:

The following online articles and abstracts mention scientific lacunae:

Astronomy and cosmology[edit]


Cosmology, galactic and extragalactic astronomy
Solar and stellar astronomy

Individual objects[edit]

Organizations, observatories, telescopes, and surveys[edit]


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Chemistry, chemicals and labs[edit]

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Environment and geology[edit]

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Journals and trade publications[edit]

Materials science[edit]


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Physical science[edit]


alchemy survival guide


visual object recognition


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Scientists and people in science[edit]


Lunar crater eponyms[edit]

See List of craters on the Moon

See the NASA Lunar Atlas for crater nomenclature.


  • Robert Millikan - oil drop experiment, which in 1909 determined the size of the charge on an electron. Received the Nobel Prize. This request was made prior to November 15, 2014. I accidentally erased it and tried to re-create it the way that the original requester had done.
  • Amit Goswami - quantum physicist and author -- Professor at U. of Oregon for 29 years, wrote a standard textbook on quantum physics, and also authored several books on the relationship of quantum physics and spirituality.

Article requested November 15, 2014


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Earth scientists[edit]

Other scientists[edit]

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  • Emily Dawn Calandrelli - Host and Co-Producer of Xploration Outer Space. WVU and MIT graduate.
  • Jose Roberto Trujillo  – PhD in neurology and molecular virology from Harvard. Founder and CEO of Trubios LLC, a US-based biotechnology services company focused on the Latin American region offering customized clinical research, commercialization, and venture capital solutions. Also, president and founder of The Medical Sciences Foundation on behalf of the Americas, a young non-profit organization created to promote medical sciences and general health education in Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. [73] [74] [75]
  • William Baker Fahnestock  – Nineteenth century scientist. Known for publications on mesmerism.
  • Ninian Marshall  – Scientist that tried to explain the biologic interation of the natural move of the matter to their next resonating state and the Clairvoyance of people who has the power to see the future.
  • Norris Alderson - Associate Commissioner of Science, FDA
  • Carl Disch - [76]
  • Glenn Alan Gaesser - a professor of University of Virginia who specialises in exercise physiology and director of the kinesiology program in the Curry School of Education and writes several books about dieting and obesity
  • Giacchino Giuliani - seismologist who predicted the L'Aquila earthquake but was told by Italian gov. to stop warning people
  • Vadim N. Gladyshev - biochemist (Ph.D.), Professor, Director of the Redox Biology Center, University of Nebraska–Lincoln; outstanding achievements in research and discovery in the experimental biochemistry, computational biology and biomedical redox biology; contribution to the understanding of genetic organization; presented with the ORCA Award
  • Dr. Pawan Kumar Bharti - Environmental scientist, Antarctician, Writer, Poet, editor
  • Riitta Hari - neuroscientist, foreign member of the United States National Academy of Sciences
  • Steven Phillipson - licensed clinical psychologist (Ph.D.) in New York City, world renowned for his treatment of OCD, especially Pure-O
  • Bernard Wood (paleoanthropologist) - Bernard Wood is article on British geophysicist
  • Katsuyuki Ooyama - (1929-2006) Japanese American meteorologist [77]
  • Paul Manger – neuroscientist
  • Xu Liu – neuroscientist [78]