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Willard State Psychiatric Hospital



  • Friedrich Salomo Krauss - Marxist ethnographer of the Balkans Reviewed Works: Bausteine zu einer wissenschaftlichen Erforschung der Geschichte der Ethnologie–Zugleich eine exemplarische Anleitung für die Historiographie wissenschaftlicher Disziplinen by Hans-Jürgen Hildebrandt; Die Geschichte der Ethnologie by Werner Petermann Review by: Udo Mischek

Paideuma Bd. 52 (2006), pp. 294-301, p. 296. Request 2015.01.23.


  • Allison-LaMotte cultureThe Allison-Lamotte and Vincennes Cultures: Cultural Evolution in the Wabash Valley by R.J. Barth, 1982, University of Illinois at Urbana; Late Woodland Societies: Tradition and Transformation across the Midcontinent by T.E. Emerson and D.L. McElrath, passim, 2000; Allison-Lamotte Culture of the Daugherty-Monroe Site, Sullivan County, Indiana by R.E. Pace and G.A. Apfelstadt, 1980, Anthropology Laboratory, Indiana
  • GE Mound[1]; also mentioned in a reference in archaeology
  • Jewish catacombs of Venosa (source, source)
  • Leiden plate - photograph taken and traced to a reasonable quality linework reproduction visible at National_Museum_of_Ethnology_(Netherlands). Important object, deserves a page.
  • Origins of Civilization - This is a request to synthesize the literature written on the topic of the origins of civilization and the rise of the state. FYI - this is not included in the Civilization article. I believe the subject deserves its own article. Thank you.
  • Hasanlu Lovers - URL sourced [2]; [3]. Skeleton couple embracing in a kiss found in 1972 at an archaeological excavation site in Iran, Western Azerbaijan, Solduz Valley. Known as the 3000 Year Old Kiss. This couple is in a similar pose to the Lovers of Valdaro which is 6000 years old found in 2007 in Mantua, Italy.
  • Srubnaya culture would be a useful redirect to Srubna culture, transliterations from the Russian and Ukrainian forms respectively. The "request an article" page says "you can create a redirect" but this is not true.
  • Similarly Yamnaya culture would be a useful redirect to Yamna culture.


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Mughulistan is originally now Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region.


Military and military history[edit]

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Politics and government[edit]

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Cultural practices, customs and folkways[edit]


Feminism and women's studies[edit]


Folklore and folkloristics[edit]

Identity politics[edit]

Other social and cultural issues[edit]

Some useful sources:,,,,,,,, Yanko Tsvetkov's stereotype maps, seen here, and here.--Coin945 (talk) 17:03, 19 November 2012 (UTC)}}

Could just be added to Aug 9

Global Forgiveness Day - July 7



Fraternal organizations[edit]

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)[edit]

Popular culture[edit]

  • -ster - A suffix added to names to make them sound "cutesy." Similar to the -kun and -chan suffixes in Japanese honorifics.
  • Arbitrary Talk Is a popular podcast that answers viewer submitted questions. Very popular in Michigan, California, and Florida.
  • Battle of Quebec (sports) -- the sports rivalry between Montreal and Quebec City in the province of Quebec, especially in ice hockey
  • Belly cream - needs clarification
  • Bigface - needs clarification
  • corporate samurai: definition, application, and examples
  • Dealer's defense A moral argument that someone who sells anti-social products such as weapons or drugs is not responsible for the harm they cause.
  • Defooing - De-family of origin. A growing phenomena where people tend to separate from their families permanently and start a new life of their own. The reasons can be varied but mostly its spiritual or a situation of being more 'evolved' then the rest of the family, which creates a gap and breaks the bond.
  • - A popular website featuring demotivational posters a notable internet phenomena. According to google trends, searches for the keyword motivationals have been dramatically rising since the website creation. before that, the keyword did not exist.
  • Ran Ran Ruu - a YouTube originated internet fad involving parodies of japanese Ronald McDonald Commercials, generally involving The "RAN RAN RUU!" section of the commercial matched to music.
  • Space Vanguard - , notable for rationalized language, science, and measuring systems to increase the human productive surplus.