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The Harrower Collection. World War 1 Australian 9th Infantry Brigade History, research data base.

Military and military history[edit]

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Country by war[edit]


North American/U.S.-Indian Wars[edit]


United States Marine Corps units[edit]

Ground combat element[edit]

Combat service-support element[edit]

Other units[edit]

Former units[edit]

United States Navy[edit]

Air stations[edit]


  • VRC-50
  • HC-1
  • List of U.S. Air Force Squadron Shields

Support activities[edit]

Italic text===Other military units===

Espionage and intelligence[edit]

Weaponry, military equipment and camouflage[edit]

Weaponry, Military Equipment, and Camouflage are filed under the Applied Arts and Sciences Requests section: Military technology flaming ordnance bomb?

Strategy and tactics[edit]

  • Butterknife Brigade – military policy seen in many low/no-funding armed groups to give new recruits a butterknife (or similar); concept was for the recruit to sharpen the butterknife, go into the field, and kill a enemy for that enemy's firearm
  • Project WolfPac – US military program "which aims to test new concepts of shallow-water and riverine warfare organized around swarms of smaller, affordable ships linked by communications."; [28]
  • Passive Defense – Measures taken to reduce the probability of and to minimize the effects of damage caused by hostile action without the intention of taking the initiative. See also active defense.
  • Template:Andaconda Plan-US military strategy during the Civil War to have a naval blockade. The blockade would surround the Confederacy, not allowing the region to receive imports thus constricting them, like an andaconda.

Defunct Unitedvsd States military academies[edit]

See: List of defunct United States military academies There were over 450 requests listed here, so I've moved them to their own page so as to avoid crowding the Social Sciences section:

Wikipedia:Requested articles/Social sciences/Defunct United States military academies

Other military topics/disambiguation[edit]

  • History of the right of line awards - criteria and qualifications