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Bahá'í Faith[edit]

Buddhism, Shinto, and Taoism[edit]


  • 67XGeorges Lechartier

African Indeginous Religions such as Guta Ra Mwari , Guta Ra Jehovah, Johanne Masowe ,IPCC ,ZCC

Arthur O'Neilly - Catholic priest, Trinity order, burnt alive in Egypt 1st Nov. 1282.

  • Apostolic Pentecostalism is a redirect for Oneness Pentecostalism, and to my knowledge, it's the only notable usage of the term. This seems like a likely enough search term, so I'll just fix up a redirect. Chri$topher 21:03, 24 April 2013 (UTC)


in which diocese? 04:40, 9 April 2007 (UTC)


  • Jurnalul fericirii - Diary of Happiness - an important book for the Orthodox world written by Nicolae Steinhardt. It's a complex diary related to comunism, tortures in the prisons, freedom, religion, philosophy, happiness.
  • Patriarchal Encyclical of 1920 - sometimes titled "Unto the Churches of Christ Everywhere" - an important encyclical of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Some cite this document as Eastern Orthodoxy's first step into Ecumenical Movement, while some Orthodox churches denounce it as heresy. Among its most interesting features are its refusal to name any particular Christian church, including its own, and its advocacy for Orthodox calendar reform. The document is mentioned here but nothing has been written on it.
  • Greek Orthodox Church Involment in war and other atrocities throughout history.
  • Desposition of the Robe - relic and feast on July
  • Ethiopian Orthodox Church broader Biblical canon


How to Address Members of the Clergy[edit]

In Person[edit]

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In Writing[edit]


Hindu Mythology[edit]



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Jewish history[edit]

Synagogues and Jewish communities[edit]


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Rabbinic Authority and Roles

From the time of the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, the Jewish people collectively have agreed that it is the Rabbis who have the authority and role to define what makes up the Jewish religion and people.

The question has always been what authority do they actually have and what source are they or us relying upon to give them that authority and role. A discussion of the authority and its sources whether biblical and or other should be the content of this article. The parameters, agreement or disagreement over these parameters as they have evolved over the centuries and in different locations is also of much interest. The rules and legal methods they use or do not use i this process, etc.

Paganism, Wicca, and Traditional religions[edit]





Spiritualism, Cults, uncategorizable Sects[edit]


Other specific religions[edit]

  • Manichaeism in China
  • Zoroastrianism in China
  • Gunasthanas - in Jainism, the 14 successive stages of perfection that one must go through to uplift the spirit. Principally achieved by meditating and observance.
  • Iyaman (In Rastafarism)
  • Novat Kovot - religion in Cameroon.
  • UAVCCI United Association of Christian Churches and Ministries International
  • Hedrikite's (branch from original Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) in Independence, MO
  • Frashegird (Av. 'Frasho-kereti', lit. 'making wonderful') in Zoroastrianism refers to the renovation of the universe, the last judgment.
  • Uppism The Upper Uternian belief in science.

Other/ Misc (if you are unsure)[edit]


The United Church of Bacon founders have set forth a general mission. First and foremost, Praise Bacon! (Even if you don’t like bacon – gasp – all you have to do is enjoy the scent.) Openly fight religious discrimination against non-religious people and demand equal rights for everyone Provide wedding services to the secular people of the world To encourage people to report violations of the law by church members or officials who believe they deserve special privileges while at church