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American football[edit]

American football players[edit]

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American football teams and stadiums[edit]


  • On the bubble (sports) – Can apply to any sport or other entertainment, but often taken to mean either a team that is barely in contention for a post-season berth and needs to either win and/or have the results of other team's games go a certain way for the team to make the post-season; or a player who is in contention for a spot on a team's roster but needs to do certain things to be considered. Sports-related articles in which the term has been used: [15] and [16] [17]
  • Clemsoning-sourced [18] and [19]. The act of delivering an inexplicably disappointing performance, usually within the context of a college football season. Clemson has clemsoned for the past three years in the school's losses to West Virginia, and twice to Florida State, respectively. (i.e. Oklahoma State's overtime loss to an unranked Iowa State was a full-blown clemsoning.)


Association football (soccer)[edit]

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  • Polin Belisle. Belize-born American runner who ran the marathon in the 1988 Olympics for Belize (getting last place among finishers), and then the 1992 Olympics for Honduras without finishing, controversially, after being kicked off the team. [21], [22], [23] [24]
  • Wolverhampton City Marathon Annual event based in Wolverhampton, England. Events include full marathon, half marathon, 19.5km cycle event and fun run.[25]
  • National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA) – National governing body for collegiate cross country and track clubs at over 50 colleges and universities across the U.S. See [26]
  • 2006 IPC World Athletics Championships International Games for Athletics Champions from around the world.
  • Jamaican Track and Field Championships
  • Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club
  • Girls Athletic Association-sourced [27] (University of Michigan School of Education. The University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Volumes 7-8. UM Libraries, 1936.) and [28] (Steiner, Andy. Girl Power on the Playing Field: A Book about Girls, Their Goals, and Their Struggles. Lerner Publications, 2000.). This is encyclopaedic because the Girls Athletic Association (GAA) is worthy of notice (passes notability test) since it was formed to meet a need for team sports for female athletes and for providing opportunities not allowed or limited prior to recognition by Title IX. Other sources: Google Books search term "Girls Athletic Association"; [29] (American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; Division for Girls and Women's Sports. Girls athletic association manual. 1966.) ; ; ;
  • Adille Sumariwalla. -Indian athlete sprinter who represented India at the 1980 Moscow olympics. Set and held the Indian Naitonal record for 11 years. Today he is an athlete turned entrepreneur running some of the most successful media businesses in the country. He is also the current President of the Athletics Federation of India (AFI), the governing sports body. He now runs his own media company in India after a long tenure at several prestigious newspapers and media companies, including the American Media company, Clear Channel. [30] and [31]

Australian rules football[edit]

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Canoe and Kayak[edit]

Canoe manufacturers[edit]

Kayak manufacturers[edit]

Canoeists and Kayakers[edit]

Dragon Boat Racing[edit]


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Limestone Climbing-sourced and This is encyclopaedic becauseit is a unique type of outdoor rock climbing with its own techniques and quirks.


See also: WT:CRIC

Cue sports[edit]

  • Thomas B. Harless- US Professional Billiards player in the 1960s and 70s. He was ranked 32nd in the United States before he placed himself in rehab for his cocaine addiction. He currently lives in Goochland, VA with his 17 children.
  • Barry M. Dubow- US open of pocket billiards, Billliards (Pool) Promoter and salesman
  • cueist – is linked to in the list of sportspeople by nickname, not exactly sure what it is.
  • Nikola Kemilev -Bulgarian pool champion.
  • Shoot Pool – 80's TV show about the London Championships.
  • Around the World (billiards) – billiards game in which multiple players may participate. "cutthroat" is another example.
  • Alan Chamberlain (snooker referee)



Cycling teams[edit]

Male cyclists[edit]

Female cyclists[edit]

Coaches, trainers, organizers, administrators, painters, builders, mechanics[edit]


  • 3-feet law A law to protect bicyclists from motorists. The law has been passed in a number of states across the nation.



Fencing), and developer of a test of physical fitness:,


Field hockey[edit]

  • Chester Hockey Club , founded in 1948; successful sports club in the North West of England and welcomes new playing and social members.
  • Neath Hockey Club
  • Thurrock Hockey Club
  • Surrey Spartans Hockey Club Newly formed club resulting from the merger of the Surrey Old Boys Hockey Club and the University of Surrey Hockey Club. We currently field four men's teams and one ladies team that complete on Saturdays. Based in Guildford, with home ground at the brand new Surrey Sports Park at the University of Surrey. Club Website

Figure skating[edit]




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Golf clubs and courses[edit]

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Elements in artistic gymnastics[edit]

Horse riding and racing[edit]


  • Grudon (horse) Winner of Grand National (1901)
  • Flatterer (horse) Champion American Steeplechaser (1983)(1984)(1985)(1986) In 1983, he became the first horse to win the American Steeplechase Triple Crown – the Grand National, the Temple Gwathmey and the Colonial Cup.
  • Mandarin (horse) – 1957 Hennessy Gold Cup Winner
  • Storm in May
  • Mr. Greeley
  • Fairy Gold
  • Glanmire (horse)
  • St Lads Popcorn
  • Patena – a highly touted 2009 Triple Crown Contender
  • Mr. Whoudini – New Zealand Harness racing horse , something to represent NZ harness horses
  • Greg Brydon (horse) Had not won a race for 94 starts, 343 days and 3 years until Kevin smith started to train him.
  • Musket Man- Winner of the GIII Tampa Bay Derby, Winner of the GII Illinois Derby and Contender for the 135th Kentucky Derby
  • Marchand D’Or – Winner of Prix de l’Abbaye at Longchamp in Paris and designated best European sprinter (NYT – Apr. 20, 2009)
  • Fleetstreet Dancer – First American Horse won Japan Cup Dirt.
  • Winfreux – Australian racehorse
  • Glória de Campeão – Winner of the 2010 Dubai World Cup. Articles already exist in the Japanese and Portuguese Wikipedias. (The diacritics should be included as written; he is a Brazilian horse.)
  • Roselier – Top steeple chasing sire having sired winners of the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Grand nationals.
  • Pierro (horse) – Currently unbeaten son of Australian Champion racehorse and sire Lonhro, and winner of the 2012 Group 1 Golden Slipper and Sires Produce stakes. Broke a thirty-year old race record previously held by champion two-year old Luskin Star to win the Sires Produce.
  • Squirt (horse) – Grandsire was Darley Arabian, grandsire of Eclipse


  • 29 Cochise 2008 World Champion Bucking Bull in the CBR. 2008 Bull Of The Finals in the CBR World Finals. 2007 CBR World Finals Champion Bounty Bull. Bull Of The Finals of the 2007 National Finals Rodeo for the PRCA. Reserve Bull Of The Finals of the 2008 National Finals Rodeo for the PRCA. PBR short go bull. First bull in history to qualify for all 3 major bullriding Wrold Finals in Las Vegas in the same year, including the PBR FINALS, CBR FINALS, NATIONAL FINALS RODEO. One of the most famous and feared bucking bulls in history by the cowboys. Owned and raised by Tut Henry of Gonzales, La. Sired by 497 Automatic and out of a dam sired by A6. 29 Cochise is a fast spinning, powerful 1500 lb horned bull white in color with painted spots of black, red, and brown. [100] [101] [102] [103] [104]

Barrel racing[edit]


Riding trainers[edit]

Horse breeders[edit]

Training Facilities[edit]




Ice hockey[edit]

A list of request ice hockey related articles can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Ice Hockey/Requested articles.



Women's teams[edit]

Ice hockey players[edit]


Jump Rope[edit]

  • Peter Nestler – A Guinness Book of World Records holder for numerous jump roping activities
  • FISAC-IRSF – The International Rope Skipping Federation of the world [111]. FISAC-IRSF is held every two years (like the Olympics), and is held all around the world. This year 2014, it is being held in Hong Kong.
  • USA Jump Rope – USAJR is an organization committed to the exchange and sharing of jump rope knowledge and experience. The organization offers a wide variety of information about jump rope to its members, coaches and physical educators through its books, video tapes, the Internet and other resources. USAJR also offers unique experiences and educational opportunities through its sanctioned jump rope workshops, camps, seminars and tournaments at the state, regional and national levels. [112]
  • World Jump Rope – An organization dedicated to unifying the world of jump rope, with it's annual competition in Central Florida. The competition is open to jumpers/skippers all over the world. [113]


Martial arts[edit]

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List of famous aikidoka-Northern America

  • Fule Dogic


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Rowing teams[edit]


Other requested articles are listed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Rugby union/Requests List of Rugby League International Players who have represented more than one nation


Domestic rugby teams[edit]

  • Bognor Rfc Great local club
  • John Brown University R.F.C.
  • Ossett R.U.F.C.
  • Capilano Rugby R.F.C.
  • Beverley R.U.F.C
  • Belmont Shore Women's Rugby Football Club, a women's rugby club based in Long Beach, California and associated with the Belmont Shore Rugby Club. The club has won two national championships and the website is
  • Cardiff Medicals R.F.C. – The rugby club of Medical Students & doctors in Cardiff, it has the representitive side of the Welsh National School of Medicine, University of Wales College of Medicine, Wales College of Medicine and now Cardiff University School of Medicine. Renowned as a titan of medical school rugby (17 NAMS Cups, 3 BUSA sheilds, 9 international, 2 British Lions). Earliest photos date form 1907 & became a member of the WRU in 1947. [114]
  • Nottingham Casuals Rugby Union Football Club
  • Delhi Hurricanes R.F.C – Delhi hurricanes rugby football club is a r.f.c. situated in delhi, india, for more information log onto
  • Wakehurst Junior Rugby Union Club – Australia – Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney we boast a ground and set-up the envy of many. Our focus is safe social rugby and community involvement.
  • Crynant R.F.C.
  • Otago Country R.F.U. – Otago country is a team in the New Zealand 7s championship and is the host province. They are a sub union of Otago R.U. and represtent Central Otago.
  • Flint Rogues R.F.C. – One of the original rugby union football teams in Michigan in its 38th year of existence, the club has a long and distinguished history of promoting rugby in the region and state
  • Long Island R.F.C. – The Long Island Rugby Football Club (LIRFC) was founded in 1972. In the Fall of 2005, the club moved up to Division 1 of the Met Union. It has enjoyed tremendous success there, twice making the Final 16 for the National Championships in 2007 and 2008. The club presently fields 2 sides and is still a major competitor in Summer 7’s.
  • Denver Harlequins R.F.C. – The Denver Harlequins Rugby Football Club was founded in 1970. It currently competes in Divisions 2 and 3 in the Rocky Mountain Rugby Geographic Union. [115]

Rugby coaches[edit]



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Water Skiing[edit]

Alpine skiing[edit]

2005–06 FIS Ski Jumping World Cup[edit]

2014 Olympics – Men's Super-G alpine skiing[edit]





Tennis players[edit]


Track and field[edit]

  • Bart Yasso – Runner, popular running workout called "Yasso 800s" attributed to him, Runner's World editor.[120]
  • Gary Power – Athlete in the 110 m high hurdles, who in 1970 Sunkist Invitational meet in Los Angeles in 1970, Power edged the great Willie Davenport in the hurdles by 1/10th of a second, which was a huge victory, ending Davenport's win streak at 40-plus races.[121]
  • Roy Griak – Athlete, Coach, Founder of largest cross country race "The Roy Griak Invitational"
  • Hal Croft – Coach of Reading Memorial High School Track Team, which held the record for the longest winning streak in North American sports at 30 years.[122]
  • Ray Edgar Dodge, long distance runner who competed in the 1924 summer Olympics then later founded Dodge Trophy Co., makers of the Emmy and Oscar trophies from about 1930 to 1983.[123] [124]
  • Mozelle Ellerbe, 1940 US Indoor champion [125]
  • Derrick Adamson ("Ringo") – jamaican distance runner, holds jamaican record in marathon. Coaches cross country at Rowan university in glassboro, NJ[126]
  • Danie Malan, (born 1950) 1970s South Africa middle distance athlete,ranked world no. 2, 800 m 1971, World Record 1000 m 1973, defeated 1976 Olympic 1500 m silver medallist, Ivo Van Damm in 1976 but could not compete internationallly due to international sports boycott of South Africa[127]
  • Mark Murro – America's first 300 foot javelin thrower[128]
  • Chuka Enih-Snell – Former Welsh and Great Britain Junior International high jumper. Welsh and British age group record holder, tipped for major success before injury curtailed his career. [129] [130] [131] [132] [133] [134] [135] [136] [137] [138] [139] [140] [141] [142]
  • Ellie Greenwood – Canandian ultra marathon runner, two-time winner and course record holder of the Western States 100, top-place female in many of the world's most well-known ultra distance road, trail, and mountain races.[143]
  • James Eichberger – Athlete at the University of Arizona, All-American in Indoor and Outdoor Track. Mexican Indoor national 800-meter record holder. [144]



Amateur and collegiate wrestling[edit]

  • Gary Bairos – 2 Time All-American from Arizona State University, 4 time Pac-10 Champion, Captain of the 1980 ASU National Championship Team
  • Mujaahid Maynard, Olympic wrestler

Professional wrestling[edit]




Tag teams and stables[edit]

Tournaments and events[edit]

Other sports[edit]

Adventure Racing[edit]

  • HQrecon – sourced [149], [150] and [151]. A new strategic adventure experience where the smart can outrun the fast. Full list of coverage can be found here: [152].

Basketball Variant[edit]

  • Playing Circball [153] A variation of the sports of basketball. Circball uses a circular court area and a cluster-ring basket hoops. The game play rules involves a combination of competitive and cooperative game of play.

Fantasy sports[edit]

Indian Ball[edit]



Stunt Pogo[edit]

  • Nick McClintock Competes in Pogopalooza, stars in a web series. Has Records in his sport.
  • Fred Grzybowski [160] Also on Americas Got Talent and Nitro Circus. Competes in Pogopalooza, which is his sports highest competition. Also stars in a web series called Fred & Nick. Has records in his sport.


Underwater diving[edit]

Diving equipment[edit]


  • Chad Sharpe – co-founder of Ronix Wakeboarding
  • Mission Bay Aquatic Center – Wakeboarding and watersports school operated by San Diego State University
  • Phillip Soven-sourced [180] and [181] and [182] and [183] Professional wakeboarder and older brother of Bob Soven with whom he has a show on MTV called "Wake Brothers." He turned pro at 11-years-old and has won the world championships, the King of Wake, and the Pro Tour. In 2007, he became the first rider in the history of the sport to win the Pro Tour title, the King of Wake crown and the WWA World Series in the same year. WebPage
  • Robert "Bob" Soven -sourced [184] and [185] Professional wakeboarder and younger brother of Phil Soven with whom he has a show on MTV called "Wake Brothers."


  • Endurance Weightlifting The current weightlifting sub-categories of Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Bodybuilding do not accommodate endurance weightlifting i.e. lifting the maximum amount of weight possible, within a given time period.
  • Abbas Khatami IFBB Pro Bodybuilder [186], [187], [188], [189], and [190].
  • Roy Hilligenn Professional Body Builder. The Mr America 1951. [191] [192] [193] Roy was a hero and deserves to be more well known.



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