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  • Abbey Rader [1] an avant-garde, free jazz drummer from New York. He has played and taught extensively in Europe, and released 26 albums from 1978-2013. He is currently the subject of an improvised jazz, spiritual music documentary and has produced drumming videos. He is a sponsored Zildjian artist. [] and has several videos available on YouTube and Vimeo. A review of his recent album can be found on All About Jazz [2], with another being named "Best of 2012" by Avant Music News. [3]
  • A Stained Glass Romance [4] a metalcore band from Charlotte, NC, formed in 2001. originally called "to the lions". the drummer Lance Greenfield left to join "like moths to flames" they had "the most hated EP' in 2003, and "the romance revival EP" in 2006.
  • Adam Faigen [5] an experimental instrumental songwriter living in Rockville, Maryland. His music is known for varying greatly from song to song and is created using a guitar and a JamMan Solo looper pedal. His song "Summer" off of his 4th album and most recent album "Yet TO BE Named" has been licensed to be in an upcoming game created by Matsuko.
  • Adrian Marcel [6] , a Soul/R&B/Hip-Hop singer currently signed to Universal Republic and working under mentor of Raaphael Saadiq. He already has mentions on Saadiq's Wiki page as well as several other artists he's worked with. His initial release "7 Days of Weak" received a full endorsement from and the guidance of Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter/producer Raphael Saadiq. This 15-track free mix-tape includes previously-featured songs “Caught Up,” “Waiting” and “I’m Still.” Adrian was born in Oakland, CA and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Other artists that worked on the album include 8Ball and Richie Rich, while production muscle is provided by 1500 or Nothin’, Beatroc, Scorp Dezel, T.Black, and The J.U.S.T.I.C.E League among others. [7][8][9]
  • Alexi Blue singer guitar player piano player musician singer [10]
  • Angelzoom (band) [11]The solo project of German singer and singing teacher, Claudia Uhle. She is also the former singer for German pop band X-Perience. The project is most notable for the 2004 release of "Fairyland". [12] [13]
  • Approaching Nirvana [14] Electronic music duo, comprised of Sam Wilson and Andrew Sinclair. They have had their music used on various television shows and have been nominated for the Shorty Awards.[15] They have charted #1 in Bandcamp and #4 in iTunes (electronic genre), and are now consistently charting in the top 200.[16]
  • Ark Patrol [17] Brandon Gomez, a 19 year old music artist that writes alternative hip-hop and dubstep music. He attends Berklee School of Music and has released two complete albums, Warp (2013) and Fire (2013) [18] [19]
  • AS IT IS Pop-punk band from Brighton. Ben Biss - Vocals, Guitar, Patrick Foley - Drums, Patty Walters - Vocals, Andy Westhead - Guitar. [20]
  • Ashley RainesSongwriter. Eleven studio recordings. Featured at 1st Annual Monterey Americana Festival. Featured on Johnny Hickman's (Cracker) newest album "Tilting". Toured and performed with Dan Navarro [21] [22] [23]

[24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [ v=rXjeVxQ5n44].

  • Astron Irwin [36] [37]
  • Astronauts (band) [38] Solo project of London songwriter Dan Carney, formerly of psych-folkers Dark Captain. Debut single 'Skydive' was released by the established UK imprint Lo Recordings in June 2014. [39]
  • Asmereir [40] [41] [42] An eccentric punk-ska band from Lima, Peru with nine releases on multiple Indie labels world wide since 1996 working on a tenth release. Most of the band lives in Lima, Peru, the bass player Mark Reategui [43] is a graphic designer and musician based out of Oakland, California. Last year they played one of the biggest concerts of all local Peruvian rock bands ever opening for [44]. They get together yearly to play rock festivals in Lima, Perú.
  • Audiostrobelight An American Pop-Punk/Pop-Rock band from Virginia Beach, VA. Released EP "What You're Running From" in 2013 on Little Heart Records. [45]
  • Bahram Nouraei, lyricist, hip hop artist from Teheran,Iran. [46] [47] [48]
  • Beau Vallis [49] a 22 year old singer/songwriter/producer/engineer from New Jersey. While he’s well-known on the production end, the multi-talented Beau Vallis steps in front of the microphone for a new ballad titled “Love Stand Still” featuring Kelly Rowland.You’re probably a little unfamiliar with Mr. Vallis, but he has quite a resume. In addition to co-writing, producing and engineering on Kelly’s 2012 album Talk a Good Game, Beau’s worked with Pharrell, Sevyn Streeter, Nina Sky, Lil Wayne, Timbaland, Sia, and several others. “To be on the same record as one of my biggest influences in this business, if not the biggest, is just still so surreal!” said Beau. “She is the kindest person you will ever meet and I’m proud to call her family.” [50] [51]
  • Bebop (Korean Band) Members Ji-in (formerly of GirlsDay), Ju-Woo, and A-Yeon. Debut single I'm the Best from the mini-album Between Calm and Passion.
  • Benny Weinbeck, composer, pianist, producer from Minnesota. [52]
  • BIG Something [}, a nationally touring alternative rock band based in Burlington, NC. Currently #2 on the and national radio charts for their new self-titled album. The BIG Something CD also awarded three 2013 ALBUM OF THE YEAR awards (links to the website articles for each found on the band's homepage). Press page at band's website contains links for bio etc.
  • Billy J Bryan & The Ax Grinders An American "band" out of New York City whose influences go back to the British Invasion, 80s rock and Alternative music. Music written, recorded and produced by artist, writer, musician, Robert Segarra. [53] and [54] [55] [56] [57] [58][59] [60] [61] [62]
  • Black Moth (band). An unearthly concoction of 60s garage rock, head-spinning psychedelia and '1991-The-Year-Punk-Broke' grit, Black Moth rose from the Leeds underground scene, taking their trash culture fixations and their love for Stooges squalor and Sabbath sulphur to create an onslaught of monumental riff sorcery and serpentine grace. Their debut 'The Killing Jar' effortlessly transcended its influences to arrive at a nefarious and turbulent brew, equal parts horror movie atmosphere, thunderous drive and maverick spark, with Harriet Bevan's biting and beguiling voice leading the charge. [63][64]
  • Blair Crimmins and the Hookers An American band out of Atlanta Georgia combining the sounds of ragtime, jazz, dixieland, and rock music into a unique and refined musical blend of sounds. They play a fantastic live show full of energy and a flawless yet ragged sound that is unique to their group. The band consists of Blair Crimmins on a variety of instruments (though usually on either acoustic guitar or the banjo), a bass player, drummer, and an assortment of various brass and woodwind instruments. They currently have 2 full studio albums out; "The Musical Stylings of" and "Sing-a-Longs", along with "Live in the Little Five"(live album), and "State Hotel" featuring only two tracks (State hotel and Can't Fake a Smile). They have been critically acclaimed and have opened for bands such as Mumford and Sons. [65] [66] [67] [68] [69]
  • Blunderspublik is the musical pseudonym for Curtis Walker, an electronic music composer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He has been recording and performing as Blunderspublik since 1997, and is still active today. Blunderspublik has released six albums to date [70], created a number of remixes, and collaborated on works to accompany independent theatre projects and short film/video [71]. As a composer, he was commissioned by the CBC to create an original re-imagining of Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue des Oiseaux, and by Winnipeg's Cinematheque to create an original score to Murnau's silent film Faust [72]. Blunderspublik's music has been featured on CBC Radio Two's program The Signal, the prestigious Brave New Waves program, as well as MuchMusic Television's Going Coastal [73]. Throughout his career he has performed at festivals such as Mutek and Nuna (now) [74], created remixes for the likes of vitaminsforyou [75] and Les Jupes [76], and collaborated with Japanese artist Katsuyuki Hattori [77], and John K. Samson and Nikki Komaksiutiksak for the highly successful Record of the Week Club project [78].
  • Burning Hearts, a Finnish indie-pop band, is notable for its smooth female vocals, overall mellow sound, and lyrics about nature. Its record label in Finland is Solina Records. In the U.S., it has released its 5 albums under Shelflife Records. Its most recent album, Extinctions, was released in 2012 and includes the hits "Burn Burn Burn" and "Modern Times", the latter which had its music video compete in the Oulo Music Video Festival.[79][80][81][82][83][84]
  • C418 (Daniel Rosenfeld), a German ambient musician. He is well-known for making the official Minecraft soundtracks. Currently redirects to the Minecraft page. His website and his music.
  • Cahalen Morrison (musician) Cahalen Morrison is a musician who performs with Eli West as Morrison and West(
  • Checkered Cabs, was a ska outfit running out of Washington, DC in the early 1990s. [85]
  • Chronic Town (band), [86], is a 4 piece R.E.M. tribute band based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Formed in 2004, they have performed all over Northern California at venues like Slim's, Bimbo's 365 Club & Cafe Dunord as well as performances at corporate events, community festivals, and weddings. Their intention is "to give people the experience of seeing R.E.M. in a small club". Reception and reviews have been positive, with the San Francisco Chronicle calling them "rigidly faithful R.E.M. tribute band" who's singer "goes so deep that, when he sings "Driver 8" get the feeling of being at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Ga., in the 1980s".[87] [88] [89]
  • Convulsic (Electronic Music Producer) [90]Convulsic is a Dubstep producer from San Diego, Ca who debuted in 2013 with his first release "Syndrome" EP & just recently released his newest album in May 2014 titled "Love Space" EP. Convulsic is featured on Billboard, SoundSphere, XXL Magazine, + 100's of other features. Curently ranked #1 for Dubstep in the world by Reverb Nation. Convulsic is, at the moment, an independent artist with promotion from Samara's Well Promotions of San Diego, Ca as well. Convulsic brings a new element to the Dubstep genre & is for fans of Xilent, Seven Lions, Skrillex, Zomboy, Gemini, Kill The Noise, Krewella, & many more similar artists. Convulsic's uniqueness in his sampling & production is what sets him apart from so many artists that sound similar. Convulsic can be found on all major social networks & almost all smaller networks. These can all be easily accessed on Biography for Convulsic at this link.[[91]]
  • Creature Feature (band) [92], is an alternative music band consisting of Curtis RX and Erik X. It's characterized by paying tribute to Chillers, Thrillers and B Movies and it mostly consists of electronic and guitar music. [93] [94] [95]
  • Cryptic Wisdom (musician) Cryptic Wisdom is an Arizona-based rapper. He is a mixture of grungy alternative rock and poetic hip-hop. [96] Although known by many for his guest spot in the song, "I'm Not Crazy" on Hopsin's "RAW" album, Cryptic Wisdom is also featured on songs with Jahred from Hed(PE), Twisted Insane, SwizZz, Irv Da PHENOM!, Whitney Peyton, Sean Strange and many more. [97][98]
  • Darlingside [99] [100] a strings-based rock band from Massachusetts.
  • The Dirty Beggars (band) is a Scottish country and bluegrass band from Glasgow, who count Trampled by Turtles, Dougie MacLean amongst their fans, and recently played at the London O2 CMA Country 2 Country festival. (
  • The Dirty River Boys a band from El Paso, Texas (
  • Dope D.O.D. is an English language rap group from the Netherlands. The group has supported other bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit and Snoop Dogg. They won the 2013 European Border Breakers Award. There is an entry in the Polish version of Wikipedia here:
  • Dougie Wright is a freelance London session drummer participating in a variety of hit records. He is also considered to have influenced the Big beat style: [101]. There is a number of references in music related wikipedia articles: [102] (Resources:;;
  • Downtown Struts (band) are an American punk band from Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 2008, their music is described as stemming from punk and Americana influences.[103]. They currently have two studio recordings published. After spending some time on the West coast, Downtown Struts released their debut EP, Sail the Seas Dry, was released in October 2011 through Pirate Press Records. [104]. After touring for most of 2011, the band released their first full length LP, Victoria!, was released in May 2012, also through Pirate Press Records. The album has received good reviews from much of the punk community. [105],[106],[107],[108].They've cited the following artists as influential to their work: The Descendants, Tom Petty, The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, and The Replacements. [109]
  • Dry County (band) Dry County is a country rock band from Ontario, Canada best known for their controversial 2005 release "Waitin' on Hank." [110]
  • EarlyRise EarlyRise was founded by Orly Lari and Raz Klinghoffer, They were later joined by Itamar Goldwasser and Dima Grossman.
  • Eli West (musician) Eli West is a Seattle, Washington based musician who performs with Cahalen Morrison. (
  • The Exchange (band) The Exchange is a 5 piece American Vocal Pop group that formed in Los Angeles in 2011 on NBC’s competition show The Sing-Off Season 3, involving 16 a cappella groups. The members of The Exchange were involved in the competition cast, production, and recording of the show. In the vanguard of contemporary a cappella with the use of beatboxing, studio production, and modified vocals, The Exchange formed a power pop group driven heavily by high energy performance and harmony. [111]
  • Epoch Failure (band) - Epoch Failure is an urban pop duo resulting from the collaborative efforts of singer/producer Billy Joe Marrero and rapper Nick Young. With this charismatic pair, what you see is what you get. And that’s simply a couple regular guys from The Garden State. No egos. No attitudes. Just a lot of talent. Billy Joe (aka “Billy The Kidd”) was born and raised in Camden, NJ. As one of five boys growing up in a single parent home, he’s no stranger to challenges. In 2007, ABC’s 20/20 came to Camden to profile children growing up under the conditions of extreme poverty. Billy was one of three kids selected by the show’s producers. For nearly a year he was followed by news anchor Diane Sawyer and crew, who even spent a night in his family’s house to experience sleep without heat or power. After this 20/20 special aired, the positive response to Billy and his family was overwhelming. So much so, they were nominated for an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The makeover included a full home recording studio for Billy to pursue his musical passions and this was -ultimately- his launching pad and turning point. Putting his degree from Camden’s Creative Arts High School to good use, Billy’s been crafting infectious melodies and bangin’ out monster tracks ever since. Nick (aka “Nickey Knoxx”) was born in Brooklyn, raised in Williston, SC and then bounced around the east coast before finally landing in Trenton, NJ. As a rapper, Nick has been grinding on the Jersey hip hop scene since his early teens. Once of legal age, he enlisted in the Army as a way to receive a college education and open up more options for his future. Nick attended West Virginia University and now, in addition to penning brilliant lyrics and party-rockin’ crazy crowds, he serves full-time in the New Jersey Army National Guard as a photographer and broadcast journalist. While they likely refer to him as Staff Sergeant Young, rather than Nickey Knoxx, his Army superiors are extremely supportive of his musical mission. In September, 2013, Epoch Failure signed with North Star Media for an exclusive publishing and recording contract.

Webpage = [] Notable member: Billy Joe Marrero - was on ABC's 20/20 with Diane Sawyer and ABC's Extreme Home Makeover 20/20 Episode Links: [112] [113] [114] [115] Notable Articles about Epoch Failure:


  • Halona King ( ) A New York singer-songwriter who released a self-titled EP in 2012 consisting of four songs, Monster in the Night, Overgrown Hearts, Fictional Fix, and War Ground. This March, another song, Latency, was accidentally leaked, and then removed from the internet, but signals that more of her work is coming. All of the reviews I've read are extremely positive, and in my opinion, her songs are amazing.
  • Honeyblood Glasgow two-piece female rock n roll group, currently touring the UK and about to drop their debut album. Have been featured on the BBC recently too [117][118]
  • Howard Biggs pianist, composer, arranger. Worked with many early R&B and blues artists such as the Ravens, Beavers. Arranged and played piano on the Silouettes' 1958 #1 hit "Get a Job". Composed songs recorded by Elvis Presley,the Beatles and Eric Clapton. Sources: article "Get A Job(song)";
  • Hrvrd (band), [119] is an experimental rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. Formed in 2008, they released their debut EP, "Animals" and the their debut EP, "The Inevitable and I" in 2009. They have since been signed to Equal Vision Records, and have been heavily active in touring the U.S., as headliners, as well as openers along with Lydia, A Lot Like Birds, Say Anything, and many others. They released their second LP "From the Bird's Cage" in 2013 on Equal Vision Records. sources:[120] [121] [122] [123] [124] [125] [126]
  • Ian J Cole is an academic (in educational technology), experimental composer, songwriter and musician having released and produced several albums and is the driving force behind Sinners Music Publishing and
  • I The Mighty [127] , Progressive/Alternative group founded in 2008 in San Francisco, CA. Have produced two albums: Karma Never Sleeps and Satori. Members: Brent Walsh, Ian Pedigo, Chris Hinkley, and Blake Dahlinger.
  • Jillian Ann [128] Jillian Ann is a multi-media artist who is equally comfortable behind a piano or in front of a camera, singing on festival stages or producing tracks for a DJ set in a nightclub. A singer-songwriter with a classical training in Piano, Jillian is also a programing geek which allows her to cross the musical genres of electronica, goth and rock, all the while experimenting and collaborating with cutting edge dj’s and producers in dubstep, downtempo, chill glitch hop, electro house, trance and sounds so new there is no name for them yet.
  • Jimi LaLumia [129] , a legendary artist from the 1970's punk scene who is now working on a solo project with ChromeOrange Music Media in the electronic dance music genre. In 1977 Jimi formed Jimi LaLumia and the Psychotic Frogs, self releasing the track "Death to Disco" in that same year. He is currently signed to the record label ChromeOrange Music Media and in January 2014 released a cover of ? and The Mysterians 1966 hit single “96 Tears.” It is a turbo charged EDM remake of “96 Tears” available on iTunes and also on music streaming services like Spotify, Rhapsody and Jango. Radio airplay for “96 Tears” includes Belgium's Tempo-FM PartyZone with deejay Die Zimmie (#5), Radio 1 in Greece (#5) with deejay DannYra and in New York with deejay Tony Santiago on NY’s Party Radio USA.  Jimi’s version of “96 Tears” was included on the March 2014 "Alternative Dance"CD issue of Promo Only (at #13) and Duane Doobie’s Pick of the Week for Radio Info. Jimi is actively working on his solo project with more releases coming later in 2014. [] [130] [131] [132] [133] [134] [135] [136]
  • Jimmy Heazlewood a New Zealand Actor and Singer-songwriter. James Keith Heazlewood b. 01/07/1990 in Auckland, New Zealand. His Debut album 'Paradiso' was released on January 10th, 2014. (
  • Justin Garner [137] is an American R&B/Pop singer. His album, I AM, is the #2 R&B/Soul album on iTunes Japan and the #23 overall album on iTunes Japan. Garner was born in Baton Rouge, LA. [138]


  • Johnnyboyxo [141] is an American transgender recording artist. Her debut extended play, Trannylicious sold ten thousand digital downloads in one week; the most for a trans female artist. Johnny was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [142] [143] [144]
  • John Galea Award winning independent singer songwriter from Norfolk working with Grammy nominated Producers The Monarch (production team) and released a track with Scorcher (rapper) called Golddiggin that featured Celebrity Jessica-Jane Clement in 2013 .Now he is working on his 3rd E.P after supporting McFly on tour.[145][146][147][148][149].
  • Karly Jurgensen, Karly is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston where she studied pop/jazz songwriting and vocal/piano performance. Upon graduating in 2008, she moved to New York City where she worked for the New York Songwriter’s Circle. She moved back to Omaha last winter to play with Mannheim Steamroller, an opportunity that gave her national exposure on TV and radio. She enjoys providing elegant pop and jazz music as a solo pianist and/or vocalist, as well as with her band. [150]
  • Kashy Keegan, British piano singer songwriter who has enjoyed considerable success in Hong Kong with his song 'This Is My Dream' reaching number 1 on the Hong Kong iTunes chart.[151] His song 'This is My Dream' was used as the theme tune for Hong Kong Television (HKTV). On October 25th 2013 Kashy performed the song before a crowd of thousands gathered outside Central Government Offices in Hong Kong during protests against the government's decision to not grant HKTV a licence to broadcast.[152] Kashy has released two albums to date the eponymous 'Kashy Keegan', released 30 March 2007 and 'Looking In' released 02 May 2011.
  • Kidkanevil, member of Stateless (band) from England and a solo artist with four albums
  • Koala Fires Koala Fires ( were an indie rock band formed by Matt Mooney and Kendall Bruns in 2008 in Cincinnati, Ohio. They released 2 LPs (The Beeping in Our Hearts [2010] Doom of the Norns [2013], Numerous Singles, 1 EP (Sleep Tight Lucky Grills [2008]) and a Rarities, B-Sdies and Singles collection (Ashes to Ashes: B​-​Sides, Singles and Rarities [2013]) before disbanding in August 2013. During their time as a band they received accolades such as the 2008 Cincinnati Entertainment Award Nomination for Best New Artist. They were often written up in the local to CIncinnati independent newspaper "CityBeat" (,,, and also received significant independent radio airplay. They also garnered reviews in nationally renown blogs including Tiny Mix Tapes (,, and had a song remixed by the illustrious Remix Artist Collective (
  • Laurent Boudic [153], a Belgian (Based in Paris/France) underground Electronic & industrial music composer since the 80's currently signed to Alfa-Matrix records Belgium and working under different nicknames such as NÖVÖ (2000 to nowadays. Albums & 12" released on labels such as Alfa-matrix records, Psi49net & Black montanas Records), x2PROTON (1997 to nowadays. Albums released on labels such as GenComProdukts international) & GENETIK SYSTEM (1989 to 1997. Albums & 12" released on Distance Records France under licence of Sony Music). Among others, his most famous project is NÖVÖ and the first releases were on the german label PSI49NET, Anthony Rother's own label, then on Black Montanas Records (Us) and now on the Belgium label Alfa-Matrix, also home of European famous EBM/electro/industrial artists such as Front 242, Pouppee Fabrik, Psy'aviah etc., with the 12' "I flee" & the album "Zeitgeist". Here is everything you must know about his career and discography. Thanks. [154] [155] [156] [157] [158] [159] [160] [161]


  • Meytal Cohen, Rock/Metal - The world's most subscribed YouTube drummer with over 100 drum covers and 100 million views. Recently raised $150K on Kickstarter to record her debut original album.[162][163][164]
  • Mostacho Xprmnt, R&B/Fusion/Experimental band based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded by Costa Rican producer/composer/drummer Andres Marin and fronted by award winning Malayan singer/songwriter Najwa Mahiaddin. The band was completed by Haruka Yabuno on keys and piano, Eitan Akman on guitar and vocals, Dave Lowenthal on bass. The first EP is being released in the summer 2014 entitled "Dream Fulfillment Handbook" and including 3 tracks titled: "Ocean"(written by Najwa Mahiaddin), "Departure"(written by Haruka Yabuno) and "I Become"(writen by Aaron Gratzmiller, Andres Marin and Shilpa Ananth Narayanan).[165] [166] [167]
  • Morgan David King [168] Morgan David King is an electronic music composer currently at the age of 22 born in Manitoba Canada. He has been talked about in magazines such as DJMag and got lots of attention[169]
  • The Mystreated (1992-1995)Psychedelic/Garage/Folk Rock band. Line up: Huw Waters: Bass/Backing Vocals, Mole: Drums/Guitar/Lead Vocals, Martin Ratcliffe: Rhythm Guitar/Harmonica/Keyboards/Lead Vocals (Folkestone), and Sean Thomas: Lead Guitar/Sitar/Lead Vocals (Bristol).

Toured extensively in Europe with numerous record release on Twist, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Hangman Records and Destination X. Also featured in a December 1995 session for Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 1.

[174] [175] [176] [177] [178] [179]

  • Mic Corleone, American/Puerto Rican hip hop recording artist and songwriter. Born in Hoboken NJ and raised in Jersey City, He debuted in 2007 after returning from deployment and serving in the military when he released his first album "Story of my Life" which was sole engineered by 'Cito on the Beat' and released through an underground label, Union Records [180]. With the recognition created from his album he went on to ghostwrite, and be involved in the production of established artists. When he chose to advance in his career, he attend Full Sail University in FL, where he would establish his own east coast based label, "Heavily Engaged Entertainment" to which he released his first pro album on February 12th, 2013, entitled "Legends of a Capo de Tutti Capi" [181].
  • Mike Dowling An American roots music guitarist and songwriter[182]. He's been a featured guest on public radio's A Prairie Home Companion[183]. In 2005 he was one of twelve of the country's top fingerstyle guitarists who won the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album for their solo arrangements of Henry Mancini compositions on the CD Henry Mancini: Pink Guitar. He is a popular guitar instructor that has released material on Homespun Tapes. Mike has worked with the National Reso-Phonic Guitars to design the renewed El Trovador guitar.
  • Misha Mansoor is the founder and guitarist of progressive djent band Periphery. He built a personal internet fan base as an audio producer before starting the band. He also has a personal project named Bulb. [184] Misha has worked with well known metal bands such as Animals as Leaders and Veil of Maya. [185] He was rated 20 on a Metalsucks poll of the top 25 modern metal guitarists. [186] Currently redirects to the band's page.
  • Mollys Yes Mollys Yes is a band from Tulsa, Oklahoma whose albums include Wonderworld and Paper Judas. The lead single from Wonderworld, "Fall Down," can be found here: [187] [188] [189] [190]
  • Naama Kates, [191] American recording artist, based in Los Angeles, CA. Singer/songwriter and pianist in the alternative genre. Article requested 2/24/2014. Kates is also a film actress and producer. Her debut album The Unexamined Life, released on Mount Cyanide label on April, 2012, consisted of her 12 original songs played by an ensemble including cellist Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, saxophonist James King of Fitz and the Tantrums was produced by Cyrus Melchor and engineered by Hugo Nicolson. It received much publicity and great reviews in print media outlets such as LA Weekly, Music Connection, Campus Circle, Philadelphia Daily News, and El Diario in Bolivia and ROOTSTIME in Belgium, along with air-play on Splash FM. It was also the soundtrack and storyline to her autobiographical film The 10 Commandments of Chloe with her song, "Bleeding Heart" as the final scene. The album's single Before You Lose It was released separately and was featured in the series finale of the television drama Ringer. She produced her sophomore album King for the Day released March 13, 2013. One again it garnered excellent reviews, from many more outlets including Pasadena Star-News and she has since collaborated with G.E. Stinson on remixes of her songs, and has revealed prerelease songs from the third record, Souled. I've been following her for 3 years and this 27 year old who has been compared to many legendary artists [192] [193] [194] [195] [196] [197] [198] [199] [200] [201] [202]
  • Nina Creque American Singer, Songwriter, and Producer who was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She was part of the 90's girl group 1 of the Girls who was signed to Gerald Levert at age 16 to EastWest Atlantic Records. She was featured on 8 Ball and MJG's certified gold hit record Space Age Pimpin'. At 19 years old she was signed to Suave House/Universal. She has been featured on Mr. Mike and Scarface albums.
  • Noriel Vilela - Portuguese musician, see pt:Noriel Vilela
  • Pentakill - a fictional band in the League of Legends game world. It’s members consist of Mordekaiser (Guitar), Karthas (vocals), Yorik (Bass), Sona (Keys/Harp), Olaf (Drums). They released a debut album "Smite & Ignite" for free download on 6/2/2014, and it has eight tracks on it seven of which are songs and the total run time is 30 minutes. All the names of the songs are items from the game for purchase in a matchup, and many of the lyrics reference things for League of Legends. Jørn Lande does vocals on two of the tracks as does ZP Theart (although they do not sing together). All the production credits and info about the band can be found here [203]
  • Pinky Paras Pinky Paras is a US-based singer & pop-diva. She is in news for her famous remix song single 'Sawan Main lag gayi aag'. This song is a female-voice remix of popular singer Mika Singh's superhit song 'Sawan main lag gayi aag'. She is also famous on social media website Facebook.

[204] [] [205] [206] [207] [208] [209] [] Sawan main lag gayi aag- Released Feb 5th, 2014

  • P S Quint, [] is a South African recording artist/performer/songwriter. Born to a South African dad and a Zimbabwean mom, his life and education was between the 2 border sharing countries. Equipped with a Diploma in Information & Technology and also pursuing a BA Arts (University of Western Cape) majoring in Psychology and Anthropology. His main focus and interest is his music career. P S Quint has collaborated with some great artists and released more than 20 songs online for free in the past 2 years as a way of gaining popularity and the response from the listeners has been great. [210][211] [212]
He also released 3 singles for sale which will be on his debut EP scheduled for release end 2014. The singles 'Home Town', 'Rainbow Colors' and 'Party Mode' [213] are selling on iTunes [214], Amazon, Xbox music and are available on many more platforms including Facebook [215] , Soundcloud and Spotify. P S Quint's presence is felt throughout the internet via his music mostly and occasionally P S Quint writes quotes about humanity and shares with his followers, fans, friends and family through social networks. [216] Currently and recently signed to Two Sixes Entertainment, P S Quint and the record label are working on their debut EP. [217], [‎], [], [218], Google Images [219], [220], Sound Cloud []

[229], [230], [231], [232], [233], [234], [235], [236], [237], [238], [239], [240], [241], [242], [243], [244], [245], [246], [247], [248], [249], [250], [251], [252], [253], [254], [255], [256], [257], [258], [259], [260], [261], [262], [263], [264], [265], [266], [267], [268], [269][270], [271], [272], [273], [274], [275], [276]

  • Preme Writez, an American Singer-Songwriter, Pop/Hip-Hop/R&B-Soul Recording Artist. [277], [278], [279],[280][281]
  • Radogost (band), A folk Metal band from Poland. Formed in 2006 by a guitarist Mussi (Łukasz Muschiol), who became lead singer, and drummer Łukasz Goszyk. Not to be confused with Radegast. [282]
  • Rebecca Lomnicky, [283] World class Scottish fiddler, winner of the the Junior Division of the U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Competition in 2005 and the 20th Annual Glenfiddich International Scottish Fiddle Championship in 2009.
  • Red Dragon Cartel, an American band fronted by ex-Ozzy guitarist and former Badlands (American band) frontman Jake E. Lee. The members of the band were culled from over a thousand submissions from a “Jake E. Lee needs a lead singer and drummer Facebook page." Among the submissions, they found English born Vocalist Darren James "DJ" Smith, bassist Ronnie Mancuso, and Vancouver based drummer - Jonas Fairley. The band's first album (Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel) was cut at the Hideout Studio in Las Vegas, and was released on the Frontiers label on 27 January 2014. It was produced by R. Bernard Mann, Mancuso, and Jake. They are currently on tour.
  • Ryan Preston, an American electronic dance/techno artist. Has released three albums: Evolution (2010), Closed Doors (2011) and Limitless (2013). He has also released two EPs: Hype (2011) and New Divisions (2014) as well as several limited edition EPs and remix albums. Although he is a solo artist, he has been a member of three bands of varying genres: Unforgettable (pop-rock, 2001-2004), Cryalie (dance, 2004-2006) and His Only Wish (fusion, 2009-2013). Currently working on his fourth album. [284]
  • Sheldon Low [285], an American Jewish rock musician based in New York City. Sheldon was signed to Jewish Rock Records from 2006 through May 2013, and released four albums under that label. His debut album was reviewed in the Jerusalem Post, and his two children's albums, "It's All Challah To Me!" and "Look At Me!" have been distributed by the PJ Library to tens of thousands of families across the United States. Sheldon was featured on the cover of L'chaim: To Life In Bergen County Magazine for the May/June 2011 issue. Sheldon was also on the staff as the continuity director, interviewer, and blog manager for Jewish Rock Radio from it's creation in 2010 through May 2013. [286] [287] [288] [289] [290]
  • Starkey (music), [291], Paul J. Geissinger, is a Philadelphia based electronic music producer and DJ. Co-founder of Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey Records. [292][[293][294][295][296][297][298][299]
  • Smith & Myers [300] A side project of the band shinedown should either be a section on that page or have its own page.
  • SomeKindaWonderful
  • Striking Matches [301] Country music singer-sonwriter duo (Justin Davis and Sarah Zimmermann), toured with Ashley Monroe and Hunter Hayes, appeared over twenty times on the Grand Ole Opry and have had a number of songs featured on the TV show Nashville.
  • Sun of the Blind [302] [303] [304] [305] [306] is an atmospheric black metal band from Switzerland.
  • Surrounded by Monsters [307] Surrounded by Monsters is an American progressive metal/metalcore band from Denton, Texas. [308]
  • Those Willows ( Those Willows, formerly known as Sunny Side Up, is an Indie band residing in Portland, Oregon. They have had over 50 placements of their songs on television and commercials including the use of their song Don't Forget That You Love Me on the ABC Family Show, The Lying Game [309]. The Portland Duo, consisting of Jack Wells and Melissa Tarter, released their EP, Existential Folks, in October, 2013 with high acclaim.

[310] [311] [312] [313] [314] [315] [316]

  • Tommy Malone [317] , Tommy Malone was born in New Orleans Louisiana, he received his first guitar in 1970 and has been in various bands throughout his career which spans over 30 years. The first band he joined was when he was in high school called Elroy, they played mainly covers from the rock genre to the blues. Some of his bandmates were his brothers John and Dave. He was also in the bands Dustwoofie, The Cartoons, The Percolators, Continental Drifters and The Subdudes. Tommy is a remarkable Americana artist who has toured extensively. He started doing solo work in 2001. Louisiana Red Hot Records released Tommy’s first solo album “Soul Heavy.” Tommy continued doing solo work, he was signed to M.C. Records in 2011 for his album Natural Born Days and is currently still signed to the label with his latest release Poor Boy coming out on April 29th 2014. Currently redirects to the Subdudes page. [318] [319] [320] [321] [322] [323] [324] [325] [326] [327] [328] [329]
  • Trauma Field ( Trauma Field is an atmospheric rock/metal band formed in 2004 in Lappeenranta, Finland. Currently the band is located in Jyväskylä, Finland. In the year 2013 the band released their first full length album titled “Harvest”. You can listen to it for free on SoundCloud, BandCamp and ReverbNation. In the beginning of 2014, Trauma Field’s lineup underwent almost a complete reformation. Future plans involve a lot of gigging and promoting the new record. (
  • Trio Hellenique ( Vasilis (Basil) Nikolaidis started at the age of 13 to learn guitar and within a time span of 2 years together with some neighborhood friends had created his first TRIO. While still being a high school student he would perform as an amateur at various dances and at many radio stations under the name: TRIO TEMPO. He sang at many Greek movies, such as "Ta Kitrina Gantia", "Treis Koukles kai Ego", "Kainourgies Elpides", etc. He became well-known whilst performing next to Omiros Athinaio and Georgios Oikonomidis at Green Park. He left Greece having signed a contract at a Greek Club in Paris and it was there where the group was renamed to: TRIO HELLENIQUE. After Paris he worked in Brussels, Antwerp, Sweden and later in the Netherlands, where he acchieved his first success by entering the Dutch Hit Parade with the song "Nina Nai" (a Turkish melody with Greek lyrics). Their LP's were a success and many songs entered the Top, songs such as "Marinela", "Varka sto Gialo", "Ela Ela" (girise se perimeno girise), "O Kaimos", "Ta Dakria" and ofcourse the "Zorbas" for which a Golden Record was received. At 1970 he went to Greece and worked at the Hilton hotel for 3 years. After that he returned to Holland where eventhough he changed several singers, he maintained the TRIO until today, while now he only sings at various parties only for his friends. Tried to set up this page, but had trouble so am trying it this way, I can give you more info if needed. Some Sources: ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
  • Unlocking The Truth Unlocking the Truth is a young metal band from Brooklyn, New York, who write and create their own lyrics and music. The founding band members are Malcolm Brickhouse (electric guitar) and Jarad Dawkins (drums). Unlocking the Truth were inspired by Metallica, Slipknot, Disturbed, Chelsea Grin, Motionless in White, Escape the Fate, and many other great bands.
  • Vanessa Tuna is a singer an songwriter of German-Turkish descent who published her debut album "Love & Light" in 2013. With her single "The World Is Mine" she reached #37 of the US Radiocharts (Friday Morning Quarterback Charts). She presented the song in 2014 at the "ZDF Fernsehgarten on Tour", one of the biggest German TV-Shows. Her second single "We Will Meet Again" is currently storming the charts again (#37 so far). Vanessa Tuna lives in Stuttgart, Germany, where she's going to perform in the renowned Friedrichsbau (Stuttgart) in spring 2014.

Sources:;!prettyPhoto; Vanessa Tuna at Yagaloo:

  • Vicetone Vicetone are an electronic music duo from the Netherlands, consisting of Ruben den Boer and Victor Pool. As childhood friends, Ruben and Victor had lofty dreams of playing music to crowds of thousands of people chanting to their songs. Several hours from any signs of nightlife in Amsterdam and with nothing more than a small home studio in rural Netherlands, the duo set out on their goal - crafting a harmonic, melody driven, Big Room sound that is as easy to listen to in your home as it is on the dance floor.Now only one year since the fruition of Vicetone, the Dutch duo is having the breakout year that many aspiring producers can only wish to sell their souls for; gracing the 2013 DJ Mag Top 100 poll at #60, racking up five HypeM #1’s, performing on a 6 week sold out North American tour, playing internationally renowned clubs including Ushuaia Ibiza and Ministry of Sound London as well as festivals such as Tomorrowworld and Electric Zoo, and releasing multiple Beatport Top 10 charting singles including “Heartbeat” featuring Colin McLoughlin and “Stars” featuring Jonny Rose.In August 2013, Vicetone released their most noteworthy record to date, “Tremble” on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings. The massive hit garnered support from top DJs worldwide including Tiesto, Krewella, NERVO, David Guetta, Avicii and many more.Powered by nothing but their pure and honest passion for dance music, this is only the beginning for Vicetone. With their “music first” philosophy, it is only a matter of time until they join the top ranks of DJ/Producers they idolized only months ago. As Ruben and Victor would say, "Music means everything to us, and our goal in life is to share our passion and love for it".(
  • VK Lynne is an American Singer best known for her work with the band Stork, VK Lynne (Solo), Vita Nova, From Light Rose the Angels and is also the founding member of Eves Apples. ( ( ( (
  • Von Tae' Von Tae' is an award nominated R&B, Pop and Hiphop artist from Maryland. He has been featured on major websites such as MTV and ThatGrapeJuice. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  • Vuvuvultures Vuvuvultures is a noir-pop band from United Kingdom, Britain (UK), and known for their album "Push/Pull" and their single "Stay Still" (
  • Wishbeard Wishbeard is a psychedelic dream pop machine based out of Seattle, WA. Since their inception in 2012, Wishbeard has been wowing audiences with their imminently danceable brand of heartfelt shoegaze. Drawing from a wide variety of influences anywhere from Joy Division to M83, Sleater-Kinney to Electrelane; the 4 piece has hit their stride creating warm sonic soundscapes of lush synth washes and effected guitar, punctuated by a a rhythm section aimed at getting bodies in motion. They have been steadily winning fans in the Pacific Northwest, and have shared the stage with acts such as Austra, JD Samson’s MEN, Friends and Family, Valleys, and Mary Lambert. [330]
  • The Wee Trio A jazz vibraphone trio based out of New York. This critically acclaimed trio has 4 records and have been together since 2007. Most notable record is their 2012 release of all David Bowie compositions. [331] [332] [333] [334] [335] [336]
  • The Wheeler Brothers Making music continues to be a family affair for Wheeler Brothers. The Austin, TX quintet traces a personal lineage of rock, folk, roots, Americana, and blues on its second full-length album, Gold Boots Glitter [Bismeaux Records], cooking up an irresistible and inimitable gumbo of styles in the process. Marching forward from 2011's critically acclaimed Portraits, the group—Nolan Wheeler [vocals, guitar], Patrick Wheeler [drums], Tyler Wheeler [bass], A.J. Molyneaux [guitar, lap steel, back up vocals], and Nathan Rigney [guitar, backup vocals]—opens the door even wider for everyone to join the family. [337]
  • The White Buffalo Music, [338], a country western/folk/blues/classic rock/organic Americana singer/songwriter whose tracks have appeared on TV shows Sons of Anarchy and Californication. Currently signed to Unison Music. Gigs with artists including Gomez, Ziggy Marley, and Donavon Frankenreiter and in locales as widespread as Japan and Australia spread the word of mouth about The White Buffalo. When pro surfer Chris Malloy heard Smith's music, he included the song "Wrong" in his movie Shelter, and White Buffalo tracks later appeared on the TV shows Sons of Anarchy and Californication. The 2010 EP Prepare for Black & Blue brought Smith to the attention of Unison Music, which signed The White Buffalo; the label's heads, Bruce Witkin and Ryan Dorn, also co-produced 2012's full-length Once Upon a Time in the West, featuring the talents of drummer Matt Lynott and bassist Tommy Andrews. The White Buffalo represents an authentic homage to the times of hard touring, hard drinking artists who truly lived what they sang about. Seamlessly moving from heartfelt ballads to raucous bar songs, The White Buffalo sings with honesty and thoughtful reflection as he travels the road, sharing his music. Everything about him is big, from his imposing physical size to his amazing vocal range. From his whiskey-drenched, growling lows to heart-stopping highs, The White Buffalo paints a touching picture, whether he stands alone or performs with his energetic, charismatic band. After vigorously road testing his new material, The White Buffalo is releasing his latest EP, Prepare for Black & Blue on Ruff Shod Records, State Radio's imprint label through Nettwerk, this fall. Produced by Jimmy Messer, this collection of songs showcases The White Buffalo's stripped down unmistakable sound. [339] [340] [341] [342] [343] [344] [345]
  • Windham Chamber Singers, [346], The Windham Chamber Singers are an elite high school choir from Windham, Maine. In 1996 they won the Prize of Vienna at the 25th International Youth and Music Festival in Austria. They have been recognized on the NBC Nightly News, as well as the National Public Radio. They have been seen on the Today Show. In 1998 they performed in Carnegie Hall. They have performed in concert with numerous famous musicians. They have released 4 albums. Each spring they tour the northeast. [347] [348] [349] [350]
  • Rev. Willie Morganfield, b. 1927, gospel performer and songwriter. [351]; Rev. Willie Morganfield at AllMusic
  • The X-Structure, [352], 12 albums [353], definitely worth an article!
  • Zvuloon Dub System, [354], a country Zvuloon Dub System, Israel's leading World-Reggae band, emerges from a multicultural middle-eastern music scene, singing in English and Amharic./ [355]