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Page importation

This is a place to request that pages be imported with history of pages from other Wikimedia Foundation wikis to here. This might be done if a page was copied and pasted from a WMF wiki to here, or, in the case of the Nostalgia Wikipedia, to make very old revisions accessible. Administrators can import pages from Meta, the Outreach Wiki, the Test2 Wikipedia site, and the German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, and Nostalgia Wikipedias to the English Wikipedia (see bug 20280 for relevant shell permission requests, and to request permissions for importing from more projects). It is also possible to indirectly import from Commons, Foundation-wiki, and the Czech-wiki (by first importing to Meta) and to import from En-wikibooks (via Commons). More languages (Danish, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Ukranian, Hungarian, Chinese) are possible through another indirect import to the German Wikipedia. With the "importupload" feature, pages from all other wikis can be imported too.

Guidelines for admins

Check the history of the source page before importing. If there are overlapping edits between the source and destination page, import the edits into the MediaWiki talk namespace, since it is very rarely used. Follow this procedure, where "foo" is the title of the page in the English Wikipedia and "bar" is the title of the source page:

  1. Import "bar". When asked for the namespace, select "MediaWiki talk".
  2. Move "foo" to "MediaWiki talk:bar". When asked whether you want to delete the page, answer yes.
  3. From the "move succeeded" window, there is a link to the page history at "MediaWiki talk:bar". Activate it, perhaps in another tab or window, and there will be some text in the form "View or restore xxx deleted edits?". Activate the link associated with that text and undelete the imported edits that you need. The remaining edits will stay safely deleted in the MediaWiki talk namespace.
  4. Revert the move you made in step two. Uncheck the box that says "Leave a redirect behind", since redirects from the MediaWiki talk namespace are useless. If you want, you can use the "revert" link in the "move succeeded" window. The page move should go without a hitch.

The same procedure can be used when there are no overlapping edits, but in this case, it's best to move the page first, so the import appears in the page history.

Check the newly imported history for unregistered account names, which will not have a "contribs" link attached to them. Try to create those accounts to prevent impersonation. If you can't create a particular account due to unified login, it can't be impersonated so it's not a problem. See User:Graham87/Import for guidelines on importing from the Nostalgia Wikipedia. There is a log of all page imports at Special:Log/import.

New Request

Import of de:Die Lichter lösche ich to User:C.Koltzenburg/sandbox3[edit]

Import of de:Im Café der verlorenen Jugend to User:C.Koltzenburg/Dans le café de la jeunesse perdue[edit]

Import of de:ÖBB 2041 to User:Mö1997/ÖBB Class 2041[edit]

Import of de:Philine von Sell to Philine von Sell[edit]

  • Language: de:Philine von Sell
  • New name: Philine von Sell
  • Note: --Wesi0107 (talk) 14:41, 20 November 2014 (UTC)
  • Note by importing administrator: Not done,, as the article does not exist; Wesi0107, either translate the article into English or allow me to import it into your userspace where you can perform the translation. Graham87 15:04, 20 November 2014 (UTC)

Import of de:Bauliste der Meyer Werft to User:Rayukk/Meyer Werft ships[edit]

Import of DE:Europäische Interessenvertretung to Interest Representation in the European Union[edit]

Import of fr:Louis-Augustin Marmottin to Louis-Augustin Marmottin[edit]