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SGpedians' notice board Welcome to the SGpedians' notice board!

This page functions as a notice board for issues that are relevant to Wikipedians from Singapore or who are writing about Singapore-related topics.

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Singapore Meetup

Meetup 8

  • Status: Being planned
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  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • Place: Being planned

Please indicate your interest on the meetup page.

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Biopolis, a research and development centre for biomedical sciences located at one-north in Buona Vista, Singapore.
— Photographed by Henry Leong Him Woh, 12 July 2008, 10:45.
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It's new![edit]

Guidelines for writing articles

Please feel free to announce your new Singapore-related articles below (newer articles at the top). Please ensure that you follow the Wikipedia guidelines before you post any article. If you need help or would like to seek the collaboration of experienced editors on an article, do post a message at our talk page.

After you have created the article, add the banner {{WikiProject Singapore}} to the article's talk page so that the article is added to the list of "Singapore articles by quality and importance". If you want an assessment of your article, please add your request here

To help fight vandalism of articles, please add articles that you are interested in to your watchlist and revert any vandalism that occurs.

DYK suggestions

If you create or spot any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them, consider suggesting them for the "Did you know?" box on the Wikipedia main page. Only nominations made within seven days from the creation or fivefold expansion of the article will be considered for DYK. Therefore, if you are creating a new article or working on a major expansion of an existing one and think you will take more than seven days to finish, consider doing so in a personal sandbox first and moving the article into the main namespace when you are done. You can make personal sandboxes by creating pages called "User:USERNAME/sandbox", "User:USERNAME/sandbox1", and so on, where "USERNAME" is your user name. An easy way of transferring the contents of your personal sandbox to an article is to replace the contents of the article with "{{subst:User:USERNAME/sandbox}}".

Also consider adding such articles to the Singapore Portal.

New articles identified by bot

Recently created articles that may be within the scope of the project which are automatically picked up by our bot are listed here. Do help to improve relevant articles, and make nominations for the "Did you know?" section on Wikipedia's main page.

This list was generated from these rules. Questions and feedback are always welcome! The search is being run daily with the most recent ~14 days of results. Note: Some articles may not be relevant to this project.

Rules | Match log | Results page (for watching) | Last updated: 2015-04-24 21:33 (UTC)

New articles[edit]

Apr–Jun 2015[edit]

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Jan–Mar 2014[edit]

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Featured articles and honourable mentions[edit]

The fruits of your labour! The following is a list of Singapore-related articles that are either featured articles, or have been given a mention on the main page. SGpedians are invited to continue improving these articles.


Did you know ... that the Singapore Government takes the view that separation of powers is less important than choosing leaders that can be trusted and do not need to be fettered?
Did you know ... that a 1991 Singapore court case quashed an order requiring a woman to rename her business for being too similar to J. C. Penney as the authorities had taken into account irrelevant considerations?
Did you know ... that former Judge of the Supreme Court of Singapore Andrew Ang worked as a corporate and tax lawyer for 30 years before being elevated to the Bench?

Đurić playing for the Singapore national team

Did you know ... that top-scoring Singaporean footballer Aleksandar Đurić (pictured) represented Bosnia & Herzegovina in canoeing at the 1992 Summer Olympics?
Did you know ... that football coach Choo Seng Quee was a British agent during World War II?
Did you know ... that the niece of Pat Chan, Singapore's "Golden Girl", is also an international competitive swimmer?
Did you know ... that Singaporean swimmer Samantha Yeo was twelve years old when she competed at the 2009 Southeast Asian Games?


Did you know ... that the Singapore Constitution that came into force on 9 August 1965 was not drafted as a single document but was made up of provisions from three separate statutes?
Did you know ... that animator Nickson Fong is the first Singaporean to receive an Academy Award?
Did you know ... that in Singapore administrative law, it is illegal for a public authority to fetter its discretion by sticking rigidly to a policy?
The Supreme Court of Singapore at night
Did you know ... that the Singapore High Court (pictured) can grant the remedy of declaring void a law inconsistent with the Constitution enacted before its commencement, even though Article 4 seems to say otherwise?
Did you know ... that former chef Aziza Ali is credited with establishing Singapore's first Malay restaurant?
Did you know ... that Chia Thye Poh, formerly detained under Singapore's Internal Security Act, has been called "the world's second longest serving prisoner-of-conscience after South Africa's Nelson Mandela"?
Did you know ... that Hong Leong Group founder Kwek Hong Png was one of the world's richest men with an estimated net worth of $3 billion?
Quarry visible from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore, photographed in June 2013
Did you know ... that the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (pictured) is the first biosphere reserve in Singapore?
Did you know ... that Singaporean make-up artist Clarence Lee has done make-up for Zhang Ziyi, Stefanie Sun, The Spice Girls, and Chris Isaak?
Did you know ... that with their combined wealth estimated at $1.6 billion, Singaporean couple Ong Beng Seng and Christina Ong are among the richest people in Singapore?
Did you know ... that Song Hoot Kiam is credited as the "first local Christian pioneer in Singapore"?
Did you know ... that in 1989 the Singapore Parliament reversed the effect of a 1988 Court of Appeal case holding that the Internal Security Act did not exclude judicial review of decisions to detain without trial?
A bowl of fish soup bee hoon, photograph taken 27 May 2013
Did you know ... that fish heads are eaten (dish pictured) in Singapore with a range of ingredients including milk, brandy, and fried noodles?
Did you know ... that the 2013 dengue outbreak is one of the worst outbreaks of the disease in Singapore to date?
Smoke from slash-and-burn cultivation in Indonesia causes the worst haze ever recorded in Singapore.
Did you know ... that justiciability is a threshold issue in Singapore administrative law, and the Court of Appeal has held that exercises of prosecutorial discretion and the clemency power are justiciable?
Did you know ... that Singaporean businessperson Zeng Guo Yuan spent three weeks in jail for placing sunshades at his two stores without permission?
Did you know ... that the CEO of a Singaporean healthcare firm is also a musician, with one studio album under his name?
Did you know ... that Wee Kheng Chiang, the founder of United Overseas Bank, was described as the "uncrowned King of Sarawak"?
Did you know ... that in the murder of Liu Hong Mei, the victim's body was deposited into various boxes?
Did you know ... that while the year 1837 is inscribed on TWG Tea‍ '​s logo, it was founded in 2008?
Did you know ... that Singaporean film director Anthony Chen‍ '​s Ilo Ilo (2013) earned him the Caméra d'Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival?

Singaporean Wikipedians[edit]

If you're Singaporean, live in Singapore, or you are interested in Singapore-related issues, and would like to play an active part in contributing to Singapore-related content, do add your name here. You may also consider adding your name to this category, and this userbox to your user page. For those in Singapore, but are doing other articles on Wikipedia, do add your name to the category instead.

Do your part in welcoming fellow Singaporeans to our abode by inserting {{Subst:Welcomesg}} in their talkpages. Anyone can do this, even if you are last in this list! :D

  1. Bonkers The Clown, Istana, Singapore. Currently the president...'s entertainer.
  2. Arctic Kangaroo, Sengkang, Singapore. Currently studying for 2013 PSLE.
  3. Huaiwei, Hougang, Singapore
  4. Mailer Diablo, Bukit Batok, Singapore
  5. Khaosworks, Bukit Batok, Singapore
  6. Gaurav, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  7. LegolasGreenleaf, Vancouver, very interested to travel to SG
  8. la goutte de pluie, joined as secondary school student in Singapore, now attend college overseas.
  9. Vsion, Singapore
  10. Melsith. from Singapore, currently an undergrad in NUS
  11. ImpalerBugz, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.
  12. Hayabusa future, from Indonesia, now in Melbourne, lived in Singapore from 2000 to 2002.
  13. Encyclopedic, Thomson, Singapore - Ngee Ann Polytechnic Grad
  14. Nyonya, Singapore
  15. iambuttons, from Singapore, now in Melbourne. Lived in Bukit Timah, Boon Lay, Teck Whye
  16. acintas, Woodlands, Singapore
  17. Tan, also edit some contents related to Singapore in the Chinese Wikipedia. I also reside occasionally in Hawaii, United States of America.
  18. Sengkang, Sengkang, Singapore
  19. Slivester Nuenenorl, Woodlands. Will be back in Netherlands soon enough.
  20. Frankchn, Bukit Timah, Singapore. Studying at Hwa Chong Institution.
  21. Tomhongs, first year student in TPJC
  22. Tan Ding Xiang, Mass Communication student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and admin at the Simple English Wikipedia.
  23. A.K.R., Sembawang, Singapore.
  24. Hamstersanonymous, NTU undergrad, Singapore.
  25. Tohlz, Studying Business Information Technology at Singapore Polytechnic, a Pen Spinner.
  26. *drew, from Indonesia.
  27. shianux, Bukit Timah, Singapore, student at the University of Melbourne.
  28. Groyn88, anti-gay Singaporean professional struggling for equal rights for all LGBT citizens of Singapore.
  29. Littlearea, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.
  30. P, secondary school student, Singapore
  31. Terence Ong, Holland Road, Singapore, Student at Anglo-Chinese School (International)
  32. Cmyk, Jurong East, NTU graduate
  33. yueni, Singaporean now living in Vancouver, Washington, USA
  34. PROJECT-ION PHOENIX, Bukit Panjang, Singapore CLICK ME...!!!
  35. Nathaniel, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore
  36. Fauzi, Clementi, Singapore
  37. Sandstorm6299, Australian Chinese, studied in Singapore, back in Australia
  38. SpLoT // Katong, Singapore, Raffles Institution student
  39. (This list is still here?) NSLE (talk · contribs)
  40. Gd4u,former Fuhua Sec Pupil,in Innova JC.
  41. Nicholas Liew from Fuhua Sec.
  42. kengbeng, a WikiGnome from Clementi, Singapore,
  43. Benjamin Ho, Woodlands, Singapore
  44. JREL, Swiss, currently in the UK, very interested in all things Singaporean
  45. Siva1979 Woodlands. Proud to be a Singaporean. Former Catholic Junior College student.
  46. jinhua, currently in NS as medic =)
  47. gunman47 Temasek Polytechnic student.
  48. Ariedartin JECJY Talk JC1 student studying in Raffles Junior College.
  49. Advanced, Sec 4 student in Raffles Institution, living in Singapore.
  50. Leidiot, Singapore from Anglo-Chinese School (International)
  51. jitsion, NUS undergrad, NCSV, currently at California, San Francisco.
  52. Chen Siyuan
  53. Andrew Chang, Chinese-American, Los Angeles, California, Singaporean descendant.
  54. Wayne Ma, Taman Jurong. Fuhua Secondary Student
  55. Atticus Lai, Toa Payoh, Singapore. Involves in English-Chinese Translation and Technical Writing
  56. Joel, Choa Chu Kang, Singapore. Singaporean and proud of it(: Student from Nan Hua Primary School. Currently studying in Raffles Institution.
  57. Beefball,Bukit Timah,Singapore
  58. AlephNull, An NUS student living in Toa Payoh, Singapore
  59. The Fascist, Jalan Besar, Singapore. Currently studying in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).
  60. ωhkoh [Т], Tampines. JC student.
  61. ZhongHan, Republic Polytechnic student. Completed studies in Republic Polytechnic, currently awaiting enlistment into National Service.
  62. serados, student in Dunman High School.
  63. Hildanknight, a Chinese Singaporean based in the Tampines area, who has written 13 Singapore-related GAs - I Not Stupid, Homerun (film), Denise Phua, Yip Pin Xiu, I Not Stupid Too, Kelvin Tan, Murder of Huang Na, Money No Enough, Pathlight School, Fandi Ahmad, MINDS, Xiaxue and Ya Kun Kaya Toast - and coordinated the 2014 GA drive, which contributed to 23 Singapore-related GAs.
  64. Mh, programmer.
  65. Zhudyzhu, Jurong, still a student *sign* in HCI
  66. Dexterleezh, Potong Pasir, soon to be National Serviceman.
  67. sehsuan, Serangoon Central, photography, cycling and nature enthusiast.
  68. Nigel Fong, Changi, Singapore. Currently studying in Raffles Institution.
  69. Ryan D, Eunos, Singapore, failing all his subjects at Raffles Junior College.
  70. Gerald Tan, aka Winnie the Pooh.
  71. KnucklesEchidna, Jurong West, Singapore.
  72. Zscout370, United States
  73. poopee, Redhill, Singapore, lives on wiki fixes.
  74. H. S. Chin, Upper Thomson, Singapore, currently in NS
  75. John Riemann Soong, TCK
  76. Seng Yew, Seletar, Singapore, pursuing a Master's degree in Security Management in ECU
  77. Aranho, Little India, Singapore, Year 3 student of Environment Design, Temasek Polytechnic
  78. jikbusai
  79. Jacklee
  80. Rodan44, American expatriate living and working in Singapore.
  81. GSCC, Bukit Purmei, Singapore
  82. Cottonball, Tampines, Singapore
  83. Ragnaroknike, Jurong West, Singapore
  84. Syed Abdulllah, Pasir Ris, Singapore wants to help in Singapore issues.
  85. Mirrorblade, Bukit Panjang, Singapore, stressed student in NUS High School.
  86. kiewzhenyi, Telok Blangah. Singapore, wants to help in writing Singapore gaming and entertainment articles.
  87. Sailor Angel, Singapore, Secondary 4 student (in 2009), studying in Anderson Secondary School.
  88. Sweeney,Pasir Ris, Interest in heritage and history of Singapore NUS Post-Grad
  89. Pinkerita, Yew Tee, Singapore. Sec 1 student interested in expanding SG School articles
  90. Kren, Simei, Singapore
  91. Serilda, Sembawang, Singapore, English major
  92. Haithian
  93. Pucao, Singapore, undergrad currently studying overseas
  94. Thaurisil, Bukit Timah, Raffles Girls School (Secondary) student
  95. AcidFlask
  96. Gravity, Tampines, Ngee Ann Secondary School student
  97. User:Jedd the Jedi, Clementi, student
  98. CooKeeN, studying in Singapore, added Template:User singapore res for those living here but not Singaporean.
  99. Acs4b, Malaysia, stayed in Singapore for 5 days, interested in areas surrounding Bishan, Little India (including Farrer Park), Sentosa Island, Serangoon, Orchard Road, Woodlands and many more (mostly in the Central Region).
  100. Daniel, Singapore, Sec 3 student in Victoria School.
  101. Goh wz, Tampines, first-year student of Raffles Junior College.
  102. Chunchuan, MacPherson, Secondary 4 student at Manjusri Secondary School, tweets at @chunchuan
  103. Starry maiden Gazer, secondary school student in Singapore.
  104. Patricknoddy
  105. Jedi feline, 13-year-old in Singapore.
  106. Derrick K, Commonwealth, Tanglin Halt, pseudo-student at Innova JC
  107. Otokonohito // Bishan, Singapore, Raffles Institution student
  108. angbinmarist // Simei, Singapore, Maris Stella High School student, fluent in English, Chinese and Malay, has contributed some stuff on Singapore culture and history.
  109. User:GavinTing, Changi, Computer Addict
  110. lowjoel, Sec 4 Student studying in Raffles Institution. Self-confessed nerd who knows about ten programming languages.
  111. Harvard Chan,student
  112. zK,Year 2 student, Catholic High School.
  113. VK35, loves the Plaza Singapura even though it's not the biggest.
  114. User:SatuSuro, tourist in Singapore in April 2006, resident in closest Australian capital city to Singapore, almost about to dabble in categories as a followon from Australian project
  115. Aldwin Teo, Jurong, Singapore. A project management professional. Previously, a UOW grad from New South Wales.
  116. Joshua, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Travelled to Singapore every Chinese New Year. Currently studying in NTU.
  117. Weng Yan. Yishun, Yishun Town Secondary School, Singapore. Newcomer!
  118. User:Limkopi, NSF, Singapore
  119. User:Timlee90, Yishun, Singapore
  120. Russianroulette2004, Tampines, a JC1 student at Raffles Junior College, Singapore
  121. visaisahero, East Coast, a JC1 student at Tampines Junior College, Singapore Formerly from Victoria School
  122. Milnivri, Raffles Institution
  123. Calvin44, Yishun. Entering SMU, Lee Kong Chian School of Business coming August.
  124. Paul 1953, Central Area.
  125. 5ch120,Student, Queenstown Secondary School
  126. Eterna2, Pasir Ris, Research Engineer + Fantasy Illustrator
  127. ArdusKane, Pasir Ris
  128. Oahiyeel, Singapore
  129. Quek157,Bedok,Singapore
  130. LeinSora, Woodlands, Singapore
  131. Arbiteroftruth. Not Singaporean, but frequently edits articles on Singaporean topics, mostly working on Mediacorp-related articles, and English-Chinese interwiki translation of Singaporean pages.
  132. Googivani. Ang Mo Kio. Secondary Four student
  133. bonchygeez. Bukit Timah. Pilot.
  134. Farissen,Pasir Ris,Singapore I regularly maintain and expand any pages regarding local football.
  135. Cooookie3001,Clementi,Singapore, undergrad at Duke University
  136. Samuel Tan (previously Samy85),Bukit Timah,Singapore. Undergrad at Singapore Management University.
  137. Timothyhouse1, Tampines. I did edits on so many Singapore-related articles, and also others.
  138. Dave1185, Katong, ex-RSAF crew chief (If it turns, burns, banks and rolls, crew chiefs made it happen!), now a Senior Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (SLAME) for SIAEC.
  139. Dr R Azrin, Simplified Network, Worst Blogger of the Year (NON-US) by IZEAS 2006,2007 (now maybe 2008 again)
  140. Soonhuat95, Choa Chu Kang, Student
  141. Baby mongster,Pinnacle@Duxton,Singapore, editor
  142. jamiebijania, Sec 1 student in Raffles Institution, living in Singapore.
  143. lpjz290, Student, student at Singapore Polytechnic
  144. Kumaran59,Toa Payoh, Sec 2 student at Saint Andrew's Secondary School.Likes busses and Pokémon.
  145. KiasuKiasiMan,Pasir Ris, Graduating Student at Temasek Secondary School. I like to update Singapore related articles and am also very patriotic.
  146. Merlion444. Sometimes editing Singapore-related articles.
  147. LDS, HCI alumnus. I'm born and raised in Singapore. I've been on Wikipedia since 2005 but haven't contributed to any Singapore-related articles.
  148. Damien. Singaporean - Newbie Wikipedia editor, currently planning to help clean up / improve on existing Singapore articles.
  149. Gibson. Proud to be Singaporean. Am a GRL residing in Hougang Area
  150. User:Everyroadpay. Secondary School student interesting in improving articles.
  151. User:LordThrall. Secondary School student. Living in Clementi West^^.
  152. U-Zyn Chua, part-time software engineer, part-time entrepreneur, part-time Wikipedia reader/editor.
  153. Iluvml93, Singaporean, Poly Graduate. (Semi-active)
  154. rajitispro, Student in Raffles Institution
  155. User:Lionratz, Singaporean, student
  156. User:snowman697, Singaporean, Primary School Student, lives in Bukit Panjang
  157. User:Maglame,Secondary School Student,Bukit Merah,Singapore
  158. Zhanzhao, working on various articles and categories including Singapore-centric ones, primarily against vandals and exploiters.
  159. Ruben(nerd), am Australian but grew up in Singapore and consider it home. Looking forward to contributing ^^
  160. Ignemx11, student at Victoria School
  161. SystemK, Singaporean. Ex-student of Millennia Institute, currently serving National Service in Singapore, under Singapore Armed Forces's Army. Lives in Telok Blangah.
  162. Sni56996. A student, lives in Woodlands. Majorly focusing on public transport articles from Singapore.
  163. L. Zheng Wei Lives in Ang Mo Kio
  164. Oliverlyc Lives in Bukit Timah, full-time (anti)mugger at Hwa Chong Institution
  165. Orangewarning, Sengkang, Singapore.
  166. RectorRocks, Choa Chu Kang-Yew Tee, Singapore. Currently Secondary School student studying in Teck Whye Secondary School.
  167. Gemsdare, Singaporean. Studying Mechatronics Engineering in ITE College Central
  168. Reatlas
  169. Jianhui67
  170. DunnoWhoIAm,Toa Payoh, Singapore.
  171. HYH.124, Chinese Wikipedia WikiProject Singapore initiator.
  172. Ronggy, Lin Rongxiang.
  173. Japanese Rail Fan
  174. LRD NO
  175. nfshp65 A Freelance writer, DJ , Music Producer , formerly from East Spring Secondary , now studying at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Interested in cleaning up Singapore's education articles. Leave a message if interested.
  176. Lee788,Singapore is great
  177. CH3COOH(talk), currently a secondary school student
  178. The French Rat(talk) Australian high school student, planning to move to Singapore in adulthood.
  179. sixtylamps (talk) secondary school student
  180. Quince Pan, a Secondary 2 student at Hwa Chong Institution.
  181. Deoma12, a Temasek Polytechnic student.
  182. Epicgenius
  183. Nemesis2473
  184. huggi

SGpedian administrators[edit]

No, some Wikipedians are not more equal than others. Friendly SGpedian administrators with mops and buckets are at your service to render assistance for any issue you may have from time to time. Feel free to drop a note on any of their talk pages if you need their attention.

Article improvement[edit]

This part of the notice board facilitates collaboration between SGpedians to improve Singapore-related articles. There are many issues that may be common knowledge in Singapore, but are not well known outside Singapore and thus not mentioned in Wikipedia. SGpedians are encouraged to work alone or together to identify such issues, and to create and improve articles on them to counter systemic bias.

For information on and to take part in general collaboration projects, see the following:

Click on the following links for more information on projects on specific topics:

Combat vandalism! To combat vandalism to Singapore-related articles, check for suspicious changes at "Special:Recentchangeslinked/Index of Singapore-related articles", and revert undesirable edits.

Click here for detailed information on how articles are assessed for quality

Good Article drive[edit]

The aim of the Good Article (GA) drive project is to increase the number of Singapore-related GA articles in Wikipedia. To take part, simply nominate an article with GA potential below and "adopt" it, or another article. Then work alone or with other SGpedians to bring the articles you have adopted up to GA status. Articles undergoing a GA drive are not owned by those participating in the collaboration; even if you are not a collaborator, do be bold and improve articles undergoing a GA drive.

Articles don't write themselves. So write them!

Nominated articles (46)[edit]

Please format nominations as follows:

* '''[[ARTICLE NAME]]''' (Notes such as "failed GAN on 4 July 2007" or a link to an ongoing peer review, if applicable): list issues that need to be addressed, such as "needs copy-editing" or "lack of references in History section"
*:adopted by list SGpedians who have adopted the article by typing [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]]

To adopt an article, simply add your user name to its "adopted by" list and start improving it! Once work on an article is complete and it has been nominated for GA review, it should be moved to the "Articles undergoing GA review" list below.

  • 2010 Summer Youth Olympics torch relay (failed GAN on 9 January 2011): The article should be copyedited and restructed. Some paragraphs are unreferenced.
    Not adopted yet (AngChenrui is primary contributor).
  • Administrative law in Singapore (appeared in DYK on 12 January 2012, failed GAN on 23 March 2014): The article should be written in summary style, with less jargon, and minor tone issues addressed.
    Not adopted yet (Smuconlaw is primary contributor).
  • Ah Boys to Men (see recent peer review): The prose needs extensive copyediting and the information must be better organised.
    Adopted by Hildanknight (Bonkers The Clown, the primary contributor, was banned).
  • Andrew Ang: The two one-sentence sections should be merged into other sections. The article needs some information about his personal life. A copyedit would be useful.
    Not adopted yet (Truth'soutthere is primary contributor).
  • Balaji Sadasivan (appeared in DYK on 8 October 2010): The article would benefit from a copyedit and a Personal life section.
    Not adopted yet (Jacklee is primary contributor).
  • Battle of Singapore: The article needs a copyedit. Some paragraphs are unreferenced.
    Not adopted yet.
  • Bonny Hicks (failed GAN on 28 March 2007): The article needs copyediting. The GA reviewer also commented that the article needs more context (he also asked for more references, but they appear to have been provided).
    Not adopted yet (CyberAnth is primary contributor).
  • Bukit Batok Memorial (appeared in DYK on 4 June 2007): The article needs a copyedit and MOS check. More information would be useful.
    Not adopted yet (Aldwinteo, the primary contributor, left Wikipedia)
  • Burmese Buddhist Temple (appeared in DYK on 30 July 2007): The article would benefit from a copyedit and MOS check.
    Adopted by LIN Rongxiang (Aldwinteo, the primary contributor, left Wikipedia)
  • Choo Seng Quee: The article needs copyediting with focus on prose flow.
    Not adopted yet (LRD NO is primary contributor)
  • Chua Ek Kay (appeared in DYK on 18 February 2008): The article would benefit from better organisation. Its lead section needs to be rewritten. There are NPOV and prose issues to deal with. Finally, the Early life section and first two paragraphs of the Artistic career section are unreferenced.
    Not adopted yet (Marcuslim is primary contributor)
  • Constitution of Singapore (appeared in DYK on 14 January 2013, failed GAN on 16 February 2014) : The article should be copyedited to ensure summary style and reduce legal jargon. On the other hand, the "subjects dealt with by the Constitution" should be expanded, not a list.
    Not adopted yet (Smuconlaw is primary contributor).
  • Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act (Singapore) (failed GAN on 26 June 2009, see reviewer's comments): The article needs more references (beyond the Act), as well as more information about controversy surrounding the Act and actual cases. Its lead section could be improved.
    Not adopted yet (Jacklee is primary contributor)
  • Daniel Bennett (footballer): There is insufficient information about his recent seasons with SAFFC. The article also needs copyediting with focus on prose flow.
    Not adopted yet (LRD NO is primary contributor)
  • Fann Wong (former GA, delisted on 15 January 2008, see reviewer's comments): The "Awards" section is unreferenced, the "Works" section is empty, the lead section should be polished and several short paragraphs should be expanded (or merged into other paragraphs).
    Adopted by Hildanknight. (Ryan-D is primary contributor)
  • Goh Keng Swee: Two citation needed tags. A copyedit would help.
    Not adopted yet (Jacklee is primary contributor)
  • High Court of Singapore (failed GAN on 30 March 2010, see reviewer's comments): The article would benefit from copyediting. Some sections should be rewritten in summary style. Please watch out for overly legalistic or technical tone in prose and lists.
    Not adopted yet (Jacklee is primary contributor)
  • Indra Sahdan Daud: The lead section is too short. The article needs extensive copyediting with particular attention to prose flow.
    Not adopted yet (LRD NO is primary contributor)
  • Jin Long Si Temple (appeared in DYK on 28 October 2007, failed GAN on 15 October 2012): The prose needs to be copyedited, with emphasis on NPOV. The article is somewhat outdated. One reference link is dead.
    Adopted by Hildanknight (Aldwinteo, the primary contributor, left Wikipedia)
  • Judicial independence in Singapore: The article would benefit from a copyedit and NPOV check.
    Not adopted yet (Smuconlaw is primary contributor).
  • K.S. Rajah (appeared in DYK on 28 June 2010): The article would benefit from more information about his personal life.
    Not adopted yet (Jacklee is primary contributor)
  • Languages of Singapore (failed GAN on 12 January 2011, see reviewer's comments): Several paragraphs lack references. Article should have more information about the characteristics and extent of use of Singlish.
    Not adopted yet.
  • Language education in Singapore: The article contains many lists, which must be converted to prose. The lead section should be expanded.
    Not adopted yet (Qkhuang1, the primary contributor, left Wikipedia).
  • Language planning and policy in Singapore: The article has many language errors and needs a thorough copyedit.
    Not adopted yet (Leneyi, the primary contributor, left Wikipedia).
  • Offence of scandalizing the court in Singapore (appeared in DYK on 9 August 2010): The article would benefit from a copyedit to ensure summary style and reduce legal jargon.
    Not adopted yet (Smuconlaw is primary contributor).
  • Operation Spectrum: The article needs a thorough copyedit and some reorganisation.
    Not adopted yet (Lostbedouin is primary contributor)
  • Parliament of Singapore (failed GAN on 5 April 2010): The article needs to be written in summary style, with less legal details and jargon.
    Not adopted yet (Jacklee is primary contributor).
  • Population control in Singapore (appeared in DYK on 26 August 2011): The article needs a thorough copyedit and some restructuring.
    Adopted by LIN Rongxiang (La goutte de pluie, the primary contributor, was banned).
  • Powers of the President of Singapore: The article would benefit from a copyedit that reduces legal jargon.
    Not adopted yet (Smuconlaw is primary contributor).
  • Relevant and irrelevant considerations in Singapore administrative law: The article would benefit from a copyedit to ensure summary style and reduce legal jargon.
    Not adopted yet (Smuconlaw is primary contributor).
  • Separation of powers in Singapore (appeared in DYK on 7 February 2014): The article would benefit from a copyedit to ensure summary style and reduce legal jargon. Its neutrality has been disputed.
    Not adopted yet (Smuconlaw is primary contributor).
  • Singapore (former GA, delisted on 16 July 2007, see reassessment and recent peer review): The article needs more references and a copy-edit. It also has many MoS violations that need to be dealt with.
    Not adopted yet.
  • Singapore 2006 (failed GAN on 18 January 2007): The article offers weak coverage of several areas (such as logistics) and needs copyediting. Several short sections are problematic.
    Not adopted yet (Huaiwei has expressed interest).
  • Singapore Airlines (failed GAN on 7 October 2006): The article has a long history of disputes, which must be resolved for it to be stable. Some sections are poorly referenced. Short paragraphs should be merged or expanded.
    Not adopted yet.
  • Singapore Changi Airport (former GA, delisted on 2 August 2009, see reviewer's comments): The article needs more references and a copyedit. Extraneous information should be removed.
    Not adopted yet.
  • Singapore Dreaming (former GA, delisted on 14 December 2009, see reviewer's comments): The Plot section is too long and there are too many short paragraphs. There should be more information on critical reception. Some information and references need updating.
    Adopted by Hildanknight. (Goh wz is primary contributor)
  • Singaporean general election, 2006 (former GA, delisted on 16 February 2010, see reviewer's comments): The article needs a thorough copyedit and many statements are unreferenced.
    Not adopted yet.
  • Sivakant Tiwari (appeared in DYK on 9 August 2010): Some sources appear under References and others under Notes.
    Not adopted yet (Jacklee is primary contributor)
  • Speak Mandarin Campaign: The article would benefit from a copyedit and excessive detail in the Evolution section must be trimmed. The citations must be formatted properly.
    Not adopted yet (Edelyn90, the primary contributor, left Wikipedia).
  • Tan Boon Teik (appeared in DYK on 18 March 2012): The article would benefit from copyediting and if there is available information on his personal life, it should be added.
    Not adopted yet. (Jacklee is primary contributor)
  • Tan Teck Guan Building (appeared in DYK on 2 September 2007): The lead section needs to be fleshed out and the In popular section is problematic. More inline citations are needed.
    Not adopted yet (Sengkang, the primary contributor, left Wikipedia)
  • The Buddhist Library (appeared in DYK on 11 August 2007): The article would benefit from a copyedit and MOS check.
    Adopted by LIN Rongxiang (Aldwinteo, the primary contributor, left Wikipedia)
  • The Fullerton Hotel Singapore (appeared in DYK on 8 September 2007): The Facilities section and lead section need expansion. The article should also be copyedited with particular attention to NPOV.
    Not adopted yet (Sengkang, the primary contributor, left Wikipedia)
  • Trim and Fit (appeared in DYK on 28 February 2008): The article needs a copyedit and could also do with an NPOV check. Information in the "Overview" section should be integrated into the lead section. More information would obviously be welcome.
    Not adopted yet. (Mailer diablo is primary contributor)
  • Vandalism Act (Singapore) (appeared in DYK on 13 June 2010): The article would benefit from a copyedit. The "Other provisions" section comprises two short paragraphs.
    Not adopted yet (Jacklee is primary contributor).
  • Wang Yuegu (appeared in DYK on 24 August 2008): The "Early life" section is too short and the article lacks a "Personal life" section.
    Not adopted yet (Jacklee is primary contributor)

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