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This page displays the current size of the English Wikipedia (without images) in print volumes, per mathematical calculation.

2158 volumes

11 stacks

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Assumptions and calculations[edit]

Encyclopædia Britannica: two rows of volumes in shelves
  • This shows 2,773 million words[not in citation given] across 4.7 million articles (as of September 2014), implying an average of 590 words per article.
  • Same source shows 22.405 GB (=22,634,427,000 bytes) across 2,773 million words, implying 8.08 bytes/word. ASCII uses 1 byte/character which in turn implies 8.08 characters/word. However, this includes wikimarkup, and 5 char/word plus one for space is standard, so 6 characters/word will be assumed.
  • There are currently 4,876,712 articles, which means 2,877,260,080 words, which means 17,263,560,480 characters.
  • One volume: 25cm high, 5cm thick. 500 leaves, 2 pagefaces per leaf, two columns per pageface, 80 rows/column, 50 characters per row. So one volume = 8,000,000 characters, or 1,333,333 words, or 2,259.9 articles. (Pictures not included!)
  • Thus, the text of the English Wikipedia is currently equivalent to 2,157.9 volumes of the Encyclopædia Britannica.
  • Sanity check: Encyclopædia Britannica has 44 million words across 32 volumes, or 1,375,000 words per volume. This would imply 2,092 volumes for WP.

Source: User:Tompw/bookshelf

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