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This is the main page for listing full length free content musical works available on Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons, with special emphasis on works that are (or should be) linked in Wikipedia articles.

There are separate sub-pages for composer names that begin with the following letters of the alphabet:

A Ba Bb–Bz C D–G H I–L M N–Q R S T–Z

If you add or remove music from the files listed above, please keep everything alphabetical by composer's last name. If you have trouble playing ogg files, see Wikipedia:Media help (Ogg). If you would like to help expand and improve this list, and integrate it with other Wikipedia articles, please visit the free music taskforce.

Wireless phones like the iPhone can store and play music listed here, using various free apps such as Capriccio. See /playlist for a sampling of URLs to use with other music players.

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P.S. There is also a huge list at Wikipedia:Sound/list/full including all composers from "A" to "Z". That file may load very slowly. That full list is for archival purposes, so there is no need to edit it. (That full list may be updated sometime in the future using the information from the smaller files.)