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Dear Sir

Since I'm the creator of the 'Ukulhas' page in Wikipedia and I've been the only person who has been contributing articles to 'Ukulhas' (an island in Maldives) page in Wikipedia, I would humbly need your support and advice for the editions and further developments of the page.

In may 2012 I got the feedback about the which says 'This article relies largely or entirely upon a single source. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources'.

Since no book has been written about the Ukulhas so far and I'm one of the people who done the research on 'Ukulhas', It would really be a difficult task for me to provide more citations and more sources. In this case what would be the solutions for citation issues??

Secondly the feed back says 'This article is written like a travel guide rather than an encyclopedic description of the subject. For that now I've been rewriting and changing the sentence structures to encyclopedic descriptions.

I'm an automated confirmed user of Wikipedia. My Username is Rappey and my User ID is 7808376.

I would be grateful if you could send me the reply soon.

Best Regards Ramiz Rep of Maldives (Rappey (talk) 16:57, 17 September 2014 (UTC)

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On Wikipedia I wish to edit and contribute to the best of my ability. I enjoy editing Wikipedia.

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