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What is TemplateData?[edit]

TemplateData is the standardized description of a template, used by VisualEditor to improve the template-editing experience for the user. VisualEditor includes a wizard to edit templates, but for the wizard to be most useful, it needs to present specific information to the user about each template, such as a short description of the template's purpose and its parameters. This information is codified formally (by any wiki editor) using TemplateData.

Editing without TemplateData[edit]

Without TemplateData, each parameter needs to be added manually when inserting a new template.

VisualEditor - Template without TemplateData.png

No information is provided about what the value of the parameter should be.

VisualEditor - Template without TemplateData2.png

Editing with TemplateData[edit]

With TemplateData, a list of supported parameters (and their description) is provided for the template.

VisualEditor - Template with TemplateData1.png

TemplateData provides context for each parameter, and makes it much easier for users to modify templates.

VisualEditor - Template with TemplateData2.png

Adding TemplateData[edit]

Anyone can help by adding TemplateData to templates (particularly high-profile ones, such as infoboxes) so that they are easier to edit in VisualEditor. The following is a minimal example, placed on a template's documentation page:

  "description": "insert description here",
  "params": {
    "first parameter": {
      "label": "x",
      "description": "x",
      "type": "string",
      "default": "default value",
      "required": false

You can also add or edit TemplateData using a GUI, which appears at the top of the edit page ("Manage template documentation").

The TemplateData tutorial explains in detail how to add TemplateData information to a template.

Commonly used templates[edit]

Note, the below list is seriously incomplete, and the numbers given are way off. E.g. "Template coord" is said to be used in 12,178 pages, but is actually used on close to 1 million pages. Template Reflist, used on some 3 million pages, is not listed here at all. Template citation is not used on 5,150 pages, but on more than 120,000. It is not clear how this list was compiled or how the numbers were found, but as it stands it is rather useless.

Here is a list of the most commonly-used templates. When you've added TemplateData to one, add a {{tick}} mark next to it; we'll update the list with new additions as we go. It's advisable to do a null edit on the main template page to force the system to update the database.

For completed items, consult the bot-generated logging page Wikipedia:VisualEditor/TemplateData/List.

If you complete an item, mark it here with {{tick}} or {{done}} until the item appears on the logging page.

If you partly complete an item (suggested action), mark the entry below with {{partly done|<explain what still needs to be done>}} and do not remove from this list until they are completed. Partly done items will appear on the logging page as if they were completed.

Used in main-space (>5000 uses)[edit]

Infobox template (>5,000 uses)[edit]

Used in main-space (250 to 5000 uses)[edit]

Used in user-space (high-priority)[edit]

Used as meta-templates[edit]

Used in other namespaces[edit]

Low-use templates[edit]

Main-space templates[edit]

Following are templates which taking parameters but are used <250 times. There are thousands of templates which contain only content for transclusion and which take no parameters. These are not considered here.


Following have no instances of use:

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