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Articles require significant coverage
[disputed ]

in reliable sources

that are independent of the topic.

Significant coverage[edit]

Significant coverage in sources is required to show that a topic meets the [WP:GNG] general notability guideline. This means sources that discuss the topic directly and in detail. Not: passing mentions, directory listings, or any old thing that happens to have the name in it.

Reliable sources[edit]

We need [WP:RS] reliable sources. Usually this means that the publisher has a reputation for fact checking. These might be newspapers, books, or periodicals. Not: forums, fansites, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, or most blogs.

Independent sources[edit]

[WP:Independent sources] independent sources are needed to satisfy the general notability guideline. Not: articles written by the topic, paid for by the topic, their website, or press releases.


We want readers to be able to [WP:V] verify that Wikipedia articles are not just made up. To do this, [WP:Citing sources#Inline citations] cite the information in your article. Non-independent reliable sources can be used for WP:V verifiability.

Alternatives to WP:GNG notability[edit]

This document is intended for new editors writing an article with a topic whose [WP:N] notability is supported by the general notability guideline. Other topics are supported by [WP:Subject specific Notability Guidelines]. Some topics may be suitable as part of a larger article, see [WP:Alternatives to deletion]. [WP:NOT] not all topics are suitable for Wikipedia, see [WP:Alternative outlets].


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