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How to turn redirects green

Here is a trick to make redirects stand out by turning them green! This is especially useful when working on lists and outlines, where you need to be sure a link leads to where it says it links to. This quick and easy solution was found by Kim van der Linde using customized CSS:

Go to "My preferences", click on the tab "Appearance", and click the "Custom CSS" link behind the skin you use. It opens a page, and you can add there the following code (just copy and paste it):

.mw-redirect {
color: #006633;
.mw-redirect:visited {
color: #009900;
.mw-redirect:hover {
color: #990000;
.mw-redirect:active {
color: #990000;

Save the page, and reload (bypass your cache) to force the new CSS to be included. All redirects will now show up as green links!

Change the color codes if you want.

Read more:WP:Visualizing redirects

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