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How to display this on your user page

To add this automatically updating Tip of the day box to your userpage, go to your user page, and click the edit this page tab. Then add one of the text strings from the list below into your userpage's source text. (The text you see in the edit box when you click edit this page is called "source text", because it is a lot like programming code, which is called "source code"). Be sure to include the double curly brackets:

{{totd-random}} - this is the tip of the moment template, which automatically displays a different tip every time you enter a page it is on. If it doesn't update, try clearing your browser cache.
{{totd}} - the main userspace version of the tip of the day template, with border, centered in the middle of the page. Complete with inspirational lightbulb.
{{totd b}} - a more compact version of the above template. Useful for columns.
{{totd-tomorrow}} - this shows tomorrow's tip, and is used by Wikipedia tipsters to make sure that the tips never run out. If they did run out, a red link would show up on Wikipedia's Community Portal and Help Page, which would be very embarrassing. This template shows the redlink one day in advance, as an early-warning system.
{{Tip of the day}} - the borderless version, with lightbulb.
{{Tip of the day with h3 heading}} - the tip in heading/paragraph format (No lightbulb).
{{totd2}} - the borderless version used on Wikipedia's Help page (which already has its own borders). (No lightbulb).
{{totd3}} - a purple box version, useful for displaying the tip in columns.
{{totd CP}} - like the help page version, but with a box. Spans the whole field (screen or column) that it is in.

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