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Nuvola apps kword.png Schedule[edit]

This is the schedule for Today's articles for improvement. Here, you can find the articles that have been chosen to be a TAFI, as well as those that are scheduled to be one in the future. Archived entries are accessible here. If you're looking for a plain-text list of scheduled articles, see the schedule archive.

This week is week 17 of 2015 (beginning 20 April 2015)

Niger sat.png

A satellite image demonstrating the Geography of Niger

Next week is week 18 of 2015 (beginning 27 April 2015)

The Dam (2890371280).jpg

Hydroelectric dams use hydropower to generate electricity

The week after is week 19 of 2015 (beginning 4 May 2015)

Washer and dryer.jpg

An example of home appliances is this washing machine and clothes dryer combination.

The following week is week 20 of 2015 (beginning 11 May 2015)

Fredmeyer edit 1.jpg

The food industry is a complex, global collective of diverse businesses that supply much of the food and food energy consumed by the world population.

The next following week is week 21 of 2015 (beginning 18 May 2015)

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  • This week is not yet scheduled

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Preparing a scheduled week[edit]

Successfully nominated articles are moved from the nominations page to the holding area, and following the process specified there, articles for future weeks are selected. To schedule a selected article:

  1. Create a new week's page by opening the red linked week above and then saving the page (the necessary code is preloaded from Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/Schedule/Preload)
  2. Create a /1 subpage – follow the red link in the page (which will be something like this week's Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/2015/17/1) with a link to the selected article as the only content.
  3. Specify a picture and caption by following the redlinks in the box above. Use the format File:Example.jpg to specify the picture, and include a bolded link the selected article in the caption. See Template:TAFI picture box for more information.

The article template {{TAFI}} is maintained by a bot – it do not normally need to be added or removed manually. However, the {{Former TAFI}} template should be done manually because the same bot stopped adding the template.