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Nuvola apps kword.png Schedule[edit]

This is the schedule for Today's articles for improvement. Here, you can find the articles that have been chosen to be a TAFI, as well as those that are scheduled to be one in the future. Archived entries are accessible here. If you're looking for a plain-text list of scheduled articles, see Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/Schedule/static.

This week is week 31 of 2014 (beginning 28 July 2014)


The Sistine Hall of the Vatican Library

Next week is week 32 of 2014 (beginning 4 August 2014)

WDW Lucky.jpg

Lucky the Dinosaur at Walt Disney World was the first animatronic creation to walk on land

The week after is week 33 of 2014 (beginning 11 August 2014)


Sheridan Le Fanu was one of the leading ghost story writers of the nineteenth century

The following week is week 34 of 2014 (beginning 18 August 2014)

Guillaume Delisle North West Africa 1707.jpg

A historical map of West Africa from 1707

The following week is week 35 of 2014 (beginning 18 August 2014)

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  • This week is not yet scheduled

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Preparing a scheduled group[edit]

Successfully nominated articles are moved from the nominations page to the holding area, and following the process specified there, articles for future weeks are are selected. To schedule a selected article:

  • Create a new week's page by copying the code over from a previous week. The weekly pages are located at Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/YYYY/W where YYYY is the year and W is the week number – for example, this week's page is located at Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/2014/31
  • Create a /1 subpage – follow the red link in the page (which will be something like this week's Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/2014/31/1) with a link to the selected article as the only content.
  • Specify a picture and caption by following the redlinks in the box above. Use the format File:Example.jpg to specify the picture, and include a bolded link the selected article in the caption.

The article template {{TAFI}} and talk page template {{Former TAFI}} are maintained by a bot – they do not normally need to be added or removed manually.