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This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia.

The Main Page includes a section where an adapted lead section from one of Wikipedia's featured articles is displayed as "Today's featured article" (TFA). The current month's queue can be found here. TFAs are scheduled by the TFA coordinators, Brianboulton, Crisco 1492 and Dank. Community discussion of suggestions takes place at the TFA requests page.

If you notice an error in a future TFA blurb, you can usually fix it yourself, but if the mistake is in today or tomorrow's blurb, you will need to leave a message at WP:ERRORS to ask an administrator to fix it. The blurbs are formatted as a single paragraph as close as possible to 1,200 characters (including spaces) in length, with no reference tags, alternate names, or extraneous bolding. Only the link to the specified featured article is bolded, and this must be the first link in the blurb. For biographical articles, birth/death dates are trimmed down to year only. The blurb should be preceded by an appropriate lead image when available; fair use images are not allowed.

The editnotice template for Today's Featured Article is {{TFA-editnotice}}. It is automatically applied by {{Editnotices/Namespace/Main}} when the article's title matches the contents of {{TFA title}}. To contact the TFA coordinators, please leave a message on the TFA talk page, or use the {{@TFA}} notification template elsewhere.


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Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is a 1986 American science fiction film. The fourth film in the series, it completes the story arc from The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock. Returning home to face trial for their crimes, former crewmembers of the USS Enterprise find Earth in danger from an alien probe attempting to contact now-extinct humpback whales. They travel to Earth's past to find whales who can answer the probe. After directing The Search for Spock, cast member Leonard Nimoy (pictured) was asked to direct the next feature, and given greater freedom regarding its content. He and producer Harve Bennett conceived a story with an environmental message and no clear-cut villain. Dissatisfied, Paramount Pictures hired The Wrath of Khan writer and director Nicholas Meyer, who rewrote the story with Bennett. Unlike previous Star Trek films, The Voyage Home was shot extensively on location, for scenes set in and around San Francisco. The film's humor and unconventional story were well received by critics, fans of the series and the general audience. It was financially successful, and received several awards and four Academy Award nominations for its cinematography and audio. (Full article...)

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Three Beauties of the Present Time

Three Beauties of the Present Day is a nishiki-e colour woodblock print of c. 1792–93 by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Kitagawa Utamaro (c. 1753–1806). The triangular composition depicts the busts of three celebrity beauties of the time: geisha Tomimoto Toyohina (middle), and teahouse waitresses Takashima Hisa (left) and Naniwa Kita (right), each adorned with an identifying family crest. Subtle differences can be detected in the faces of the subjects—a level of individualized realism at the time unusual in ukiyo-e, and a contrast with the stereotyped beauties in earlier masters such as Harunobu and Kiyonaga. The triangular positioning became a vogue in the 1790s. Utamaro produced several other pictures with this arrangement of the same three beauties, and each appeared in numerous other portraits by Utamaro and other artists. Utamaro was the leading ukiyo-e artist in the 1790s in the bijin-ga genre of pictures of female beauties, and was known in particular for his ōkubi-e, which focus on the heads. The luxurious print was published by Tsutaya Jūzaburō and made with multiple woodblocks—one for each colour—and the background was dusted with muscovite to produce a glimmering effect. (Full article...)

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