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Today's featured list statistics

This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia.

Featured lists (WP:FL) are considered to be the best lists in Wikipedia. The Today's featured list (WP:TFL) was launched in June 2011, being featured every Monday, and since then there has been a record of the articles, the values include: their date at the Main Page, their topic of interest,[1] their main author(s),[2] and pageview and image statistics.[3] Please, do not see this list as a competition, but as a helpful tool for determining correlations between reader views and topics featured on the main page, in relation to the date selected.

The most-viewed list in 2011 was Doctor Who serials with 33,700 pageviews on 29 August; in 2012, the most-viewed list was Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award with 61,200 pageviews on 6 February; meanwhile the most-viewed list in 2013 was Highest-grossing films with 31,200 pageviews on 25 February. Since 2014, TFLs are featured Mondays and Fridays, and the current year statistics can be found below.


Featured content:

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Lists that have been featured on the Main Page in 2014 and related statistics
List Date Topic area[1] Page views Image views Principal author(s)
Carry On series on screen and stage 6 January 2014 Arts
*Media: Miscellaneous
4,300[4] 1,200[4] Cassianto, SchroCat
Ambassadors of Russia to Austria 13 January 2014 Social sciences and society
*Politics and government: Miscellaneous
2,500 [1] 1,600 [2] Russavia
International Mathematical Olympiads 20 January 2014 Mathematics
*Mathematics and mathematicians
7,700 [3] 4,200 [4] Nousernamesleft
Braathens destinations 27 January 2014 Engineering and technology
*Transport: Air
1,600 [5] 2,400 [6] Arsenikk
Presidents of Washington & Jefferson College 3 February 2014 Social sciences and society
*Education: College/university alumni, faculty and related people
1,800 [7] 1,200 [8] GrapedApe
Sects in the Latter Day Saint movement 7 February 2014 Philosophy and religion
8,300 [9] 1,500 [10] Hodgdon's secret garden, ARTEST4ECHO, Ecjmartin, Surv1v4l1st
Connecticut tornadoes 10 February 2014 Natural sciences
*Meteorology: Tornadoes
2,300 [11] 2,100 [12] Runningonbrains
Million-selling singles in the United Kingdom 14 February 2014 Arts
*Music: Charts
6,700 [13] 1,500 [14] Rambo's Revenge
NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award 17 February 2014 Everyday life
*Sports and recreation: Basketball: National Basketball Association
13,600 [15] 850 [16] K. Annoyomous, User:Chrishmt0423
Administrative and municipal divisions of the Republic of Adygea 21 February 2014 Geography and places
*Places: Miscellaneous
3,900 [17] 790 [18] Ezhiki
Voice actors in the Grand Theft Auto series 24 February 2014 Everyday life
*Video gaming: Miscellaneous
6,200 [19] 1,300 [20] Dbam
Churches preserved by the Churches Conservation Trust in the East of England 28 February 2014 Arts
*Art and architecture: Miscellaneous
2,800 [21] 5,300 [22] Peter I. Vardy
66th Academy Awards 3 March 2014 Arts
*Media: Awards: Academy Awards
10,500 [23] 1,800 [24] Birdienest81
Universities in Bangladesh 7 March 2014 Social sciences and society
*Education: Colleges and universities
1,600 [25] 3,000 [26] Niaz
Songs written by Emeli Sandé 10 March 2014 Arts
*Music: Songs recorded by artists
3,600 [27] 3,600 [28] Calvin999

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