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This is about toolbars on Wikipedia in general. For the "Wikipedia Toolbar" Firefox add-on, see Wikipedia:Wikipedia Toolbar.

Toolbars for Wikipedia[edit]

MediaWiki Edit Toolbar[edit]

  • It includes buttons for easy access to commonly used MediaWiki markup, including easy table creation.

Wikipedia Toolbar[edit]

An in-development toolbar extension for Mozilla Firefox that recreates Wikipedia's navigational links, such as "history", "watchlist", "discussion", etc. in the form of toolbar buttons.

External tools[edit]

  • One can add Wikipedia as a 'Search Provider' for the search engine in Internet Explorer 7, you can do it here, or by clicking 'Get Search Providers...' in the drop-down menu.

Direct wikipedia search from web browsers[edit]


In the Mozilla Firefox Navigation Toolbar, users can select Wikipedia as the default search engine.


Current versions of Opera have direct search of Wikipedia enabled through using the keyword "w" in the address field of the browser. An address of "w opera" will thus return the same page as you get if you enter "opera" in Wikipedia's search field and choose "Go".

For older versions of Opera where the "w" keyword is not enabled, it is still possible to incorporate direct Wikipedia search into Opera by editing the 'search.ini' file. One should add the following lines manually in the 'search.ini' file to incorporate direct Wikipedia search facility. For more information see URL shortcuts for Opera

  • Name=&Wikipedia
  • URL=
  • Query=
  • Key=
  • Is post=0
  • Has endseparator=0
  • Encoding=utf-8
  • Search Type=0
  • Verbtext=17063
  • Position=-1
  • Nameid=0

Since Opera 9 it is possible to add Wikipedia search by clicking 'Tools-Preferences-Search-Add' and inserting the lines mentioned above in the fields.

Internet Explorer[edit]

Users with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 can navigate to the Wikipedia english homepage and in the search bar in the upper left add the search provider from Wikipedia to their toolbar. This also provides the option to make Wikipedia your default search provider.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10 no longer have this ability but they can still be added through the addon gallery by clicking "Add" on the address bar drop down and finding the Wikipedia entry, "Wikipedia Visual Search". (UK users please note that currently the wikipedia visual search addon is not included in the default UK addon gallery at but it still may be added by going to instead)