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Tips for effective discussion

For productive discussions, remember to:

  • Use descriptive edit summaries to explain what you are doing with each edit. That way, others will be able to follow the action when they click on the "View history" tab.
  • Assume good faith: Assume other editors are trying to improve the project.
  • Read all the messages people leave on the talk pages of articles you are editing.
  • Be polite, and discuss article content rather than editors. Do not make personal attacks.
  • Always sign your posts on talk pages using four tildes so that others can follow who is saying what. Put ~~~~ at the end of your message (not in the edit summary box).
  • When you intend comments for a specific editor, make sure they get notified. You can either:
    a.)   start your comment on any Talk page with a reply template, like {{reply to|SomeUsername}}. That way, User:SomeUsername automatically gets a notification about your message; or
    b.)   leave a message on their User Talk page (with a link to the comments, if the discussion is happening on a different page).

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