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For the Volunteer Response Team, see WP:OTRS.

In most cases, you can use the {{unblock}} template on your talk page to request an unblock. If you have had talk page access removed or find the template to be complicated, you can use the link below to request an unblock via the Unblock Ticket Request System (UTRS). Please be sure to read the guide to appealing blocks before submitting a request. In some circumstances, you may be asked to request the creation of an account. Please see the username policy for guidance on acceptable usernames.

  • Fill out all fields on the page linked below.
  • Note: Please understand that we are not able to recover or delete accounts. If you forget a password or email address, then we cannot recover it. The only way to fix this is to create an account and request a usurp.
  • Check your e-mail inbox for any possible updates or problems that may occur with your request. A request may be fulfilled in several minutes, or it may take longer, so please be patient. Be sure to check your "spam" folder if you have not received an e-mail within several hours, although the process may take longer on rare occasions.

Submit a block appeal

Further information

  • If you need any further information, please ask at the talk page.
  • UTRS interface for registered administrators
  • Current Tool administrators:
  • Tool administrators can be contacted at:
  • Tool developers can be contacted at:
  • The source code of the UTRS system is at