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Course description[edit]

Students in the Master of Public Policy program at Mills College complete a two-semester sequence called the Integrative Core, bringing together skills from across the disciplines relevant to public policy and applying them to group and individual policy research projects. In the first semester, students consider several types or genres of policy reports. In collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation's United States Education Program, students annually update the Wikipedia pages that describe several of these report genres. This year these pages include:

Cost-benefit analysis
Need assessment
Program evaluation
Political feasibility analysis
Organizational analysis
Best practice

Instructor and Ambassadors[edit]

Mhenderson millscollege (talk)
Campus Ambassadors
Acfo (talk)
Online Ambassadors
Cullen328 (talk)


Wikipedia Essentials[edit]

First steps[edit]

  • Create a Wikipedia account, create a user page, and sign up on the list of students on the course page.
  • To practice editing and communicating on Wikipedia, introduce yourself to one of the class's Online Ambassadors (via talk page), and leave a message for a classmate on their user talk page.

Approaching your Wikipedia article[edit]

  • Create a new article if one does not already exist on your topic.
  • Make initial edits using the sandbox.
  • Review any comments on the Talk page.

What should the articles include[edit]

  • A description of the genre
  • An outline of what a "generic" report in this genre would usually contain
  • Some concrete examples of reports in this genre by government agencies or thinktanks (with links)
  • An explanation of the types of analysis and data that typically go into this genre

Articles and Reviewers[edit]

This table lists each article and the student reviewers this year.

Article 1st reviewer 2nd reviewer 3rd reviewer
Cost-benefit analysis [[User:|User:]] [[User:|User:]] [[User:|User:]]
Need assessment [[User:|User:]] [[User:|User:]] [[User:|User:]]
Program evaluation Katina Conn Christi Fillhart [[User:|User:]]
Political feasibility analysis Gillian S. Sarah P Jessica B.
Organizational analysis Victoria Swift Kacey Bills [[User:|User:]]
Best practice ChristineF Patricia B. [[User:|User:]]

Article banners

To mark each article the subject of a student project, add the following code at the top of the talk page for each article: {{ WAP assignment | course = Wikipedia:United States Education Program/Courses/MPP Integrative Core I (Mark Henderson) | university = Mills College | term = 2013 Q3 | project = }} That will result in the following banner (and make the articles easy to track):