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This is the Venezuela-related notice board, concerning topics related to the development and sustained improvement of articles and/or other media witin Wikipedia.

This regional notice board is mainly for making announcements, novelties, updates, and have a following of the new articles that have been created. It works as an extension to the Wikipedia:WikiProject Venezuela.

Also, the objective with the creation of this board is to help editors to help each other and mantain a good coordination when developing articles and other topics.

For those visitors who are deeply interested in collaboration with Venezuela-related topics, check the aforementioned project. See also Category:Wikipedians in Venezuela and Category:Venezuelan Wikipedians.

Please respect the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia.

Collaborations of the Month[edit]

Put {{CotM}} on the relevant talk page. (year as 4 digits, month as a number, eg April =4).




Automatic - random unreferenced Venezuela WP:BLP
Automatic - random Venezuela top or high importance article, B-class or below

To do[edit]

It is strongly recommended to keep this section updated.

Here are some Venezuela tasks:


Articles expanded[edit]

  • Name of the article(s) - Signature (with timestamp) - Comments

Articles created[edit]

  • Name of the article(s) - Signature (with timestamp) - Comments

Images uploaded[edit]

  • Name of the image(s) uploaded - Signature (with timestamp) - Comments on use

Other modifications[edit]

  • Synopsis - Signature (with timestamp)


New Wikipedia articles related to Venezuela[edit]

Which date format to use?[edit]

There is an ongoing debate at the talk page for WP:Manual of Style (dates and numbers) as to whether to use day-month-year or month-day-year date format in articles with a strong tie to a specific country. The debate has reached the point where the choice is between the format actually used in the country, or dependent on the variety of English used in articles about that country. This is straightforward for countries such as the U.S.A. or the U.K., but problematic when considering countries where English is not an official language. With the removal of date autoformatting, editors will increasingly see dates presented in "raw" form, rather than as set in user preferences. The current proposal is found here. --Pete (talk) 10:44, 31 August 2008 (UTC)