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Vital articles
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Vital articles is a list of subjects for which Wikipedia should have corresponding high-quality articles. It serves as a centralized watchlist to track the status of Wikipedia's most essential articles. Approximately one thousand articles on this page constitute the Level 3 list. This is one of eleven Level 4 sub-lists of ten thousand articles and is currently under construction.

Articles are labelled as:

These symbols are updated manually and may be out of date; you are encouraged to fix any errors you discover.

This list is tailored to the English-language Wikipedia. There is also a list of one thousand articles considered vital to Wikipedias of all languages.

For more information on this list and the process for adding articles, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


Arts (661 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Art
  2. Start-Class article The arts (a Level 1 Vital article)

Architecture (54 articles)[edit]

See also Technology > Construction section

Literature (201 articles)[edit]

Basic concepts in literature (28 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Literature
  2. C-Class article Book
  3. B-Class article Character
  4. C-Class article Fiction
    1. C-Class article Children's literature
    2. C-Class article Fable
    3. Featured article Fairy tale
    4. Start-Class article Fantasy
    5. Start-Class article Horror fiction
    6. Start-Class article Legend
    7. B-Class article Romance novel
    8. C-Class article Satire
    9. B-Class article Science fiction
      1. C-Class article Time travel
  5. C-Class article Narrative
  6. Start-Class article Non-fiction
    1. B-Class article Dictionary
    2. C-Class article Encyclopedia
    3. Start-Class article Thesaurus
  7. C-Class article Novel
  8. Featured article Poetry
    1. C-Class article Epic poetry
    2. Start-Class article Ghazal
    3. C-Class article Haiku
    4. Start-Class article Ode
    5. Start-Class article Sonnet
  9. Start-Class article Prose
  10. C-Class article Short story

Specific works of literature (173 articles)[edit]

Nonfiction (56 articles)[edit]

Nonfiction of antiquity (28 articles)

  1. Start-Class article Anabasis (Xenophon)
  2. B-Class article Analects
  3. B-Class article Apology (Plato)
  4. B-Class article The Art of War
  5. C-Class article The Book of Healing
  6. C-Class article Delisted good article The Consolation of Philosophy
  7. B-Class article Dead Sea Scrolls
  8. B-Class article Euclid's Elements
  9. C-Class article Hippocratic Corpus
  10. Start-Class article Histories (Herodotus)
  11. C-Class article History of the Peloponnesian War
  12. B-Class article I Ching
  13. Start-Class article The Incoherence of the Incoherence
  14. Start-Class article The Incoherence of the Philosophers
  15. Start-Class article The Maxims of Ptahhotep
  16. Start-Class article Metaphysics (Aristotle)
  17. Start-Class article Muqaddimah
  18. C-Class article Nicomachean Ethics
  19. Start-Class article Organon
  20. Start-Class article Physics (Aristotle)
  21. B-Class article Poetic Edda
  22. C-Class article Popol Vuh
  23. C-Class article The Republic (Plato)
  24. B-Class article Septuagint
  25. Start-Class article Sum of Logic
  26. C-Class article Summa Theologica
  27. Start-Class article Targum
  28. B-Class article Vulgate

Nonfiction of early printed book era (12 articles)

  1. Start-Class article The Birds of America
  2. C-Class article Critique of Pure Reason
  3. B-Class article A Dictionary of the English Language
  4. Start-Class article Discourse on the Method
  5. B-Class article Former featured article Encyclopædia Britannica
  6. B-Class article Gutenberg Bible
  7. C-Class article The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  8. B-Class article Former featured article King James Version
  9. C-Class article Leviathan
  10. Start-Class article Opticks
  11. C-Class article Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica
  12. C-Class article The Prince

Nonfiction of modern era (16 articles)

  1. Start-Class article The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care
  2. C-Class article The Communist Manifesto
  3. Start-Class article Das Kapital
  4. Start-Class article The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex
  5. Start-Class article The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
  6. Start-Class article The Golden Bough
  7. Featured article Night
  8. Featured article On the Origin of Species
  9. Start-Class article Oxford English Dictionary
  10. C-Class article Principia Mathematica
  11. C-Class article Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung
  12. B-Class article Silent Spring
  13. B-Class article The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
  14. Start-Class article The Souls of Black Folk
  15. Start-Class article The Varieties of Religious Experience
  16. C-Class article The Wealth of Nations

Fiction (90 articles)[edit]

Fiction of antiquity (18 articles)

  1. C-Class article The Bacchae
  2. Start-Class article The Birds
  3. Start-Class article The Clouds
  4. C-Class article Dashakumaracharita
  5. Start-Class article Fengshen Yanyi
  6. Start-Class article The Golden Ass
  7. C-Class article Journey to the West
  8. Stub-Class article Kadambari
  9. Start-Class article La Princesse de Clèves
  10. C-Class article Medea
  11. Start-Class article Oresteia
  12. B-Class article Oedipus the King
  13. B-Class article One Thousand and One Nights
  14. B-Class article Panchatantra
  15. C-Class article Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  16. B-Class article The Tale of Genji
  17. Start-Class article True History
  18. C-Class article Water Margin

Fiction of early printed book era (17 articles)

  1. Featured article Candide
  2. C-Class article Doctor Faustus
  3. B-Class article Don Quixote
  4. C-Class article Dream of the Red Chamber
  5. C-Class article Goethe's Faust
  6. C-Class article Gulliver's Travels
  7. Featured article Hamlet
  8. B-Class article King Lear
  9. C-Class article Macbeth
  10. C-Class article The Merchant of Venice
  11. C-Class article A Midsummer Night's Dream
  12. C-Class article Othello
  13. C-Class article Robinson Crusoe
  14. Featured article Romeo and Juliet
  15. C-Class article Tartuffe
  16. Good article The Tempest
  17. Start-Class article Utopia

Fiction of modern era (52 articles)

  1. B-Class article Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  2. B-Class article Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  3. C-Class article Anna Karenina
  4. B-Class article Delisted good article Brave New World
  5. B-Class article Former featured article The Brothers Karamazov
  6. Start-Class article Buddenbrooks
  7. B-Class article The Call of the Wild
  8. B-Class article The Catcher in the Rye
  9. B-Class article A Christmas Carol
  10. B-Class article The Chronicles of Narnia
  11. Good article Crime and Punishment
  12. B-Class article The Crucible
  13. C-Class article A Doll's House
  14. B-Class article Eugene Onegin
  15. C-Class article Delisted good article Frankenstein
  16. C-Class article The Grapes of Wrath
  17. C-Class article Gravity's Rainbow
  18. C-Class article Great Expectations
  19. Good article The Great Gatsby
  20. C-Class article Heart of Darkness
  21. C-Class article The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
  22. Good article The Importance of Being Earnest
  23. C-Class article In Search of Lost Time
  24. C-Class article Jane Eyre
  25. C-Class article Les Misérables
  26. B-Class article The Little Prince
  27. C-Class article Lolita
  28. B-Class article Former featured article The Lord of the Rings
  29. C-Class article Madame Bovary
  30. C-Class article The Metamorphosis
  31. C-Class article Middlemarch
  32. C-Class article Midnight's Children
  33. B-Class article Moby-Dick
  34. B-Class article Nineteen Eighty-Four
  35. B-Class article On the Road
  36. B-Class article One Hundred Years of Solitude
  37. B-Class article Pride and Prejudice
  38. B-Class article The Scarlet Letter
  39. Start-Class article Snow Country
  40. C-Class article Sons and Lovers
  41. C-Class article The Sound and the Fury
  42. B-Class article Stranger in a Strange Land
  43. Featured article The Sun Also Rises
  44. C-Class article Things Fall Apart
  45. C-Class article The Three Musketeers
  46. C-Class article To the Lighthouse
  47. C-Class article Ulysses
  48. Featured article Uncle Tom's Cabin
  49. B-Class article Waiting for Godot
  50. B-Class article War and Peace
  51. B-Class article The War of the Worlds
  52. B-Class article Wuthering Heights

Comics (3 articles)

  1. Featured article The Adventures of Tintin
  2. C-Class article Asterix
  3. B-Class article Peanuts

Poetic works (27 articles)[edit]

Poetic works of antiquity (14 articles)

  1. B-Class article Aeneid
  2. B-Class article Beowulf
  3. C-Class article The Canterbury Tales
  4. B-Class article Divine Comedy
  5. Stub-Class article Diwan-e Shams-e Tabrizi
  6. B-Class article Epic of Gilgamesh
  7. C-Class article Iliad
  8. B-Class article Delisted good article Mahabharata
  9. Start-Class article Masnavi
  10. C-Class article Metamorphoses
  11. Start-Class article Nibelungenlied
  12. C-Class article Odyssey
  13. B-Class article Shahnameh
  14. C-Class article The Song of Roland

Poetic works of early printed book era (5 articles)

  1. B-Class article Shakespeare's sonnets
  2. B-Class article Paradise Lost
  3. C-Class article Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
  4. B-Class article Oku no Hosomichi
  5. Start-Class article Songs of Innocence and of Experience

Poetic works of modern era (8 articles)

  1. C-Class article Former featured article The Cantos
  2. Featured article Duino Elegies
  3. Start-Class article L'après-midi d'un faune
  4. C-Class article Leaves of Grass
  5. Featured article The Raven
  6. C-Class article The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  7. Start-Class article A Season in Hell
  8. B-Class article The Waste Land

Music (154 articles)[edit]

Basics (14 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Music
  2. Start-Class article Choir
  3. C-Class article Counterpoint
  4. C-Class article Harmony
    1. B-Class article Chord
  5. Start-Class article Melody
  6. B-Class article Music theory
  7. C-Class article Music video
  8. C-Class article Musical notation
  9. C-Class article Orchestra
  10. C-Class article Delisted good article Rapping
  11. Start-Class article Rhythm
  12. C-Class article Scale (music)
  13. B-Class article Singing

Music genres and forms (34 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Baroque music
    1. B-Class article Fugue
  2. B-Class article Former featured article Blues
  3. Start-Class article Bolero
  4. B-Class article Classical music
    1. Start-Class article Aria
    2. Start-Class article Concerto
    3. B-Class article Opera
    4. Start-Class article Sonata
    5. C-Class article Symphony
  5. B-Class article Country music
  6. B-Class article Delisted good article Disco
  7. B-Class article Electronic music
  8. B-Class article Delisted good article Folk music
  9. B-Class article Funk
  10. B-Class article Gamelan
  11. B-Class article Former featured article Gregorian chant
  12. C-Class article Former featured article Hip hop music
  13. B-Class article Hymn
  14. Start-Class article Indian classical music
  15. B-Class article Former featured article Jazz
    1. B-Class article Delisted good article Bossa nova
    2. B-Class article Delisted good article Ragtime
  16. C-Class article Pop music
  17. B-Class article Reggae
  18. B-Class article Delisted good article Rhythm and blues
    1. B-Class article Delisted good article Soul music
  19. Good article Rock music
    1. Featured article Heavy metal music
    2. Featured article Punk rock
    3. C-Class article Rock and roll
  20. B-Class article Former featured article Salsa music
  21. Start-Class article Samba
  22. Start-Class article Singer-songwriter

Musical instruments (42 articles)[edit]

  1. Good article Musical instrument
  2. C-Class article Electronic musical instrument
    1. Start-Class article Bass guitar
    2. B-Class article Electric guitar
    3. B-Class article Delisted good article Synthesizer
  3. C-Class article Percussion instrument
    1. Start-Class article Bell
    2. B-Class article Conga
    3. C-Class article Cymbal
    4. B-Class article Djembe
    5. B-Class article Drum
    6. C-Class article Piano
    7. Start-Class article Xylophone
  4. Start-Class article Delisted good article String instrument
    1. B-Class article Delisted good article Cello
    2. C-Class article Delisted good article Double bass
    3. C-Class article Guitar
    4. C-Class article Harp
    5. B-Class article Harpsichord
    6. Start-Class article Lute
    7. C-Class article Lyre
    8. B-Class article Mandolin
    9. C-Class article Viola
    10. B-Class article Violin
  5. Start-Class article Wind instrument
    1. B-Class article Accordion
    2. C-Class article Bagpipes
    3. B-Class article Brass instrument
      1. C-Class article Horn
      2. B-Class article Trombone
      3. C-Class article Trumpet
      4. C-Class article Tuba
    4. C-Class article Harmonica
    5. Good article Pipe organ
    6. Start-Class article Woodwind instrument
      1. B-Class article Delisted good article Bassoon
      2. Good article Clarinet
      3. B-Class article Flute
        1. Start-Class article Pan flute
      4. C-Class article Oboe
      5. C-Class article Delisted good article Recorder
      6. B-Class article Former featured article Delisted good article Saxophone

Specific musical works (62 articles)[edit]

Traditional (2 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Auld Lang Syne
  2. B-Class article Greensleeves

Baroque (6 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Brandenburg Concertos
  2. B-Class article Clavier-Übung III
  3. Start-Class article The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)
  4. B-Class article Mass in B minor
  5. Featured article Messiah (Handel)
  6. B-Class article The Well-Tempered Clavier

Classical (13 articles)[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Années de pèlerinage
  2. B-Class article Carmina Burana (Orff)
  3. C-Class article The Creation (Haydn)
  4. C-Class article Eine kleine Nachtmusik
  5. C-Class article Le marteau sans maître
  6. Start-Class article La mer (Debussy)
  7. Start-Class article Nocturnes (Chopin)
  8. Start-Class article Piano Sonata No. 14 (Beethoven)
  9. B-Class article Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov)
  10. B-Class article Symphony No. 5 (Beethoven)
  11. Featured article Symphony No. 8 (Mahler)
  12. B-Class article Symphony No. 9 (Beethoven)
  13. Start-Class article Symphony No. 41 (Mozart)

Opera (8 articles)[edit]

  1. Featured article Carmen
  2. B-Class article Don Giovanni
  3. C-Class article Madama Butterfly
  4. B-Class article The Magic Flute
  5. B-Class article Pelléas et Mélisande
  6. B-Class article Der Ring des Nibelungen
  7. B-Class article La traviata
  8. B-Class article Tristan und Isolde

Ballet (3 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article The Nutcracker
  2. Featured article The Rite of Spring
  3. C-Class article Swan Lake

Musicals (4 articles)[edit]

  1. Good article Hair
  2. B-Class article Oklahoma!
  3. B-Class article The Phantom of the Opera
  4. B-Class article West Side Story

Modern (26 articles)[edit]

  1. Featured article The Dark Side of the Moon
  2. Featured article Dixie (song)
  3. B-Class article Guantanamera
  4. B-Class article Happy Birthday to You
  5. Good article Heartbreak Hotel
  6. B-Class article Former featured article (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
  7. Featured article Imagine (John Lennon song)
  8. Start-Class article The Internationale
  9. C-Class article Johnny B. Goode
  10. Featured article Like a Rolling Stone
  11. C-Class article Over the Rainbow
  12. B-Class article Delisted good article Pet Sounds
  13. B-Class article Respect (song)
  14. Start-Class article Rhapsody in Blue
  15. B-Class article Rock Around the Clock
  16. Featured article Rumours
  17. C-Class article Saint Louis Blues
  18. Featured article Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  19. B-Class article Stairway to Heaven
  20. B-Class article Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  21. B-Class article This Land Is Your Land
  22. Featured article Thriller (Michael Jackson album)
  23. B-Class article We Shall Overcome
  24. C-Class article What's Going On
  25. C-Class article White Christmas
  26. Start-Class article You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

Venues (2 articles)[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Music venue
  2. Start-Class article Opera house

Performing arts (45 articles)[edit]

Visual arts (105 articles)[edit]

History of art (36 articles)[edit]

Pre-modern art (12 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Academic art
  2. C-Class article Former featured article Baroque
  3. Start-Class article Classicism
  4. B-Class article Dutch Golden Age painting
  5. Start-Class article Empire style
  6. C-Class article Gothic art
  7. C-Class article Mannerism
  8. C-Class article Prehistoric art
  9. C-Class article Realism
  10. B-Class article Rock art
  11. C-Class article Rococo
  12. C-Class article Romanesque art

Modern art (16 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Modern art
  2. B-Class article Abstract art
  3. B-Class article Abstract expressionism
  4. C-Class article Art Deco
  5. Start-Class article Art movement
  6. C-Class article Art Nouveau
  7. B-Class article Cubism
  8. B-Class article Delisted good article Dada
  9. C-Class article Expressionism
  10. B-Class article Futurism
  11. C-Class article Impressionism
  12. C-Class article Neoclassicism
  13. C-Class article Post-Impressionism
  14. C-Class article Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
  15. B-Class article Surrealism
  16. C-Class article Symbolism

Contemporary art (8 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Contemporary art
  2. C-Class article Land art
  3. Start-Class article Minimalism
  4. C-Class article Conceptual art
  5. Start-Class article Op art
    1. C-Class article Optical illusion
  6. C-Class article Outsider art
  7. C-Class article Pop art

Artist's tools (9 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Ink
  2. Start-Class article Modelling clay
  3. C-Class article Paint
  4. Start-Class article Brush
  5. Start-Class article Pastel
  6. C-Class article Pencil
  7. B-Class article Delisted good article Pigment
  8. Start-Class article Pen
  9. Start-Class article Potter's wheel

Concepts and forms (27 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Visual arts
  2. Start-Class article African art
  3. B-Class article Calligraphy
  4. B-Class article Ceramic art
    1. C-Class article Pottery
  5. B-Class article Collage
  6. B-Class article Comics
    1. B-Class article Manga
  7. Start-Class article Craft
    1. Start-Class article Handicraft
  8. C-Class article Drawing
  9. B-Class article Engraving
  10. C-Class article Fashion
  11. C-Class article Fine art
  12. Start-Class article Folk art
  13. C-Class article Former featured article Graffiti
  14. C-Class article Illustration
  15. C-Class article Mosaic
  16. Start-Class article Mural
  17. C-Class article Origami
  18. C-Class article Painting
    1. C-Class article Oil painting
    2. Start-Class article Watercolor painting
  19. Start-Class article Religious art
  20. B-Class article Delisted good article Sculpture
  21. C-Class article Textile arts
  22. C-Class article Wood carving

Specific works (33 articles)[edit]

Painting (24 articles)[edit]

  1. Start-Class article A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
  2. Start-Class article Along the River During the Qingming Festival
  3. B-Class article Arnolfini Portrait
  4. B-Class article The Art of Painting
  5. Start-Class article The Birth of Venus (Botticelli)
  6. Start-Class article The Blue Boy
  7. Featured article Campbell's Soup Cans
  8. Start-Class article The Death of Socrates
  9. Featured article The Garden of Earthly Delights
  10. C-Class article The Great Wave off Kanagawa
  11. B-Class article Guernica
  12. C-Class article Delisted good article The Last Supper (Leonardo da Vinci)
  13. Start-Class article Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe
  14. B-Class article Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
  15. B-Class article Delisted good article Mona Lisa
  16. C-Class article The Night Watch
  17. C-Class article Nighthawks
  18. Start-Class article The Persistence of Memory
  19. B-Class article The Scream
  20. B-Class article The Starry Night
  21. B-Class article Sunflowers (Van Gogh series)
  22. Start-Class article The Treachery of Images
  23. Start-Class article Water Lilies
  24. B-Class article Wheat Fields (Van Gogh series)

Sculpture (8 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article David (Michelangelo)
  2. Start-Class article Ecstasy of Saint Teresa
  3. Featured article Olmec colossal heads
  4. C-Class article Pietà (Michelangelo)
  5. B-Class article Terracotta Army
  6. Start-Class article The Thinker
  7. B-Class article Venus de Milo
  8. Start-Class article Venus of Willendorf

Book art (1 article)[edit]

  1. Featured article Book of Kells

Modern visual arts (69 articles)[edit]

Design (5 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Design
  2. C-Class article Graphic design
  3. C-Class article Interior design
  4. C-Class article Industrial design
  5. Start-Class article Web design

Digital art (2 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Digital art
  2. B-Class article Computer graphics

Filmmaking (62 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Delisted good article Film
    1. Start-Class article Animation
      1. B-Class article Anime
    2. C-Class article Delisted good article Silent film
    3. B-Class article Color motion picture film
  2. Start-Class article Filmmaking
    1. C-Class article Cinematography
    2. C-Class article Special effect
    3. C-Class article Studio system
  3. C-Class article Movie theater

Cinema by country (8 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Cinema of the United States
  2. Start-Class article Cinema of France
  3. C-Class article Cinema of India
    1. B-Class article Bollywood
  4. Start-Class article Cinema of Japan
  5. B-Class article Cinema of China
  6. C-Class article Cinema of the Soviet Union
  7. C-Class article Cinema of Nigeria

Film festival and awards (4 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Film festival
    1. C-Class article Cannes Film Festival
    2. B-Class article Toronto International Film Festival
  2. B-Class article Academy Awards

Films (40 articles)[edit]

Animation (1 article)

  1. Good article Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Art film (2 articles)

  1. B-Class article The Mirror
  2. C-Class article Un Chien Andalou

Comedy (3 articles)

  1. C-Class article The General
  2. C-Class article The Gold Rush
  3. C-Class article Dr. Strangelove

Drama film (13 articles)

  1. C-Class article
  2. C-Class article Bicycle Thieves
  3. C-Class article Breathless
  4. C-Class article Children of Paradise
  5. B-Class article Citizen Kane
  6. C-Class article The Godfather
  7. B-Class article L'Atalante
  8. C-Class article La Dolce Vita
  9. C-Class article La Grande Illusion
  10. Good article La Strada
  11. B-Class article The Rules of the Game
  12. C-Class article Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
  13. Start-Class article Tokyo Story

Epic/Historical (9 articles)

  1. B-Class article The Apu Trilogy
  2. C-Class article Battleship Potemkin
  3. B-Class article The Birth of a Nation
  4. Start-Class article Intolerance
  5. C-Class article Lawrence of Arabia
  6. C-Class article The Passion of Joan of Arc
  7. C-Class article Rashomon
  8. B-Class article Seven Samurai
  9. B-Class article The Seventh Seal

Horror/Thriller (3 articles)

  1. Good article Psycho
  2. C-Class article The Third Man
  3. B-Class article Vertigo

Musical (2 articles)

  1. C-Class article Singin' in the Rain
  2. B-Class article The Sound of Music

Romance film (2 articles)

  1. Featured article Casablanca
  2. Good article Gone With the Wind

Science fiction/Fantasy (5 articles)

  1. Good article 2001: A Space Odyssey
  2. B-Class article Delisted good article King Kong
  3. B-Class article Delisted good article Metropolis
  4. Good article Star Wars
  5. C-Class article The Wizard of Oz

Fictional characters (31 articles)[edit]

Mythological and Biblical characters are listed under Philosophy and religion

Characters from Western folklore (9 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Baba Yaga
  2. C-Class article Cinderella
  3. Start-Class article Don Juan
  4. C-Class article Faust
  5. B-Class article Hansel and Gretel
  6. B-Class article Delisted good article Robin Hood
  7. B-Class article Santa Claus

Characters from Arthurian legend (2 articles)[edit]

  1. Featured article King Arthur
  2. B-Class article Merlin

Characters from literature and drama (9 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Aladdin
  2. Good article James Bond (literary character)
  3. C-Class article Count Dracula
  4. C-Class article Sherlock Holmes
  5. Start-Class article Hua Mulan
  6. C-Class article Ossian
  7. C-Class article Peter Pan
  8. B-Class article Tarzan
  9. B-Class article Winnie-the-Pooh

Characters from film, television and games (6 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Astro Boy
  2. C-Class article Bugs Bunny
  3. B-Class article Donald Duck
  4. C-Class article Godzilla
  5. C-Class article Delisted good article Mario
  6. B-Class article Mickey Mouse

Characters from comics and modern folklore (7 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Buck Rogers
  2. C-Class article Conan the Barbarian
  3. C-Class article Superhero
    1. Featured article Batman
    2. Good article Spider-Man
    3. C-Class article Former featured article Superman
    4. B-Class article Wonder Woman