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History, 660[edit]

Basics, 4[edit]

History by continent and region, 11[edit]

History by country, 37[edit]

Prehistory and ancient history, 148[edit]

Basic, 8[edit]

  1. C-Class article Delisted good article Stone Age
  2. Start-Class article Chalcolithic
  3. C-Class article Bronze Age
  4. C-Class article Iron Age
  5. C-Class article Ancient history
    1. Start-Class article Classical antiquity
    2. B-Class article Late Antiquity
    3. C-Class article Hellenistic period

Prehistory, 19[edit]

  1. C-Class article Prehistory
  2. C-Class article Australopithecus
  3. C-Class article Homo erectus
  4. C-Class article Cro-Magnon
  5. C-Class article Human evolution
    1. C-Class article Early human migrations
  6. B-Class article Denisovan
  7. B-Class article Neanderthal
  8. C-Class article Paranthropus

Stone Age, 10[edit]

  1. B-Class article Paleolithic
    1. Start-Class article Lower Paleolithic
    2. Start-Class article Middle Paleolithic
      1. C-Class article Control of fire by early humans
    3. Start-Class article Upper Paleolithic
      1. Start-Class article Behavioral modernity
  2. Start-Class article Mesolithic
  3. C-Class article Neolithic
    1. B-Class article Neolithic Revolution
    2. C-Class article Cradle of civilization

Africa, 17[edit]

  1. B-Class article Kingdom of Aksum
  2. Start-Class article Bantu expansion
  3. B-Class article Ancient Carthage
    1. B-Class article Punic Wars
  4. Featured article Ancient Egypt
    1. Start-Class article Naqada III
    2. Start-Class article Old Kingdom of Egypt
    3. B-Class article Middle Kingdom of Egypt
    4. Start-Class article New Kingdom of Egypt
    5. C-Class article Ptolemaic Kingdom
    6. Start-Class article Pharaoh
    7. Good article Valley of the Kings
  5. Start-Class article Nok culture
  6. Start-Class article North Africa during Antiquity
  7. Start-Class article Nubia
    1. Start-Class article Kingdom of Kush
  8. Start-Class article Land of Punt

Americas, 9[edit]

  1. C-Class article Andean civilizations
    1. Start-Class article Chavín culture
    2. Featured article Norte Chico civilization
  2. B-Class article Mesoamerica
    1. C-Class article Maya civilization
    2. B-Class article Olmec
    3. Start-Class article Zapotec civilization
  3. B-Class article Paleo-Indians
  4. B-Class article Settlement of the Americas

Asia, 64[edit]

  1. C-Class article Silk Road

Central Asia, Iran, Caucasus, 13[edit]

  1. B-Class article Achaemenid Empire
  2. Start-Class article Atropatene
  3. B-Class article Bactria
  4. B-Class article Caucasian Albania
  5. C-Class article Kingdom of Iberia
  6. B-Class article Elam
  7. B-Class article Medes
  8. Featured article Parthian Empire
  9. Featured article Roman–Persian Wars
  10. B-Class article Saka
  11. B-Class article Former featured article Sasanian Empire
  12. B-Class article Sogdia
  13. B-Class article Tocharians

Eastern Asia, 16[edit]

  1. B-Class article Gojoseon
  2. C-Class article Jōmon period
  3. Start-Class article Jin dynasty (265–420)
  4. Featured article Han dynasty
  5. B-Class article Qin dynasty
  6. B-Class article Shang dynasty
  7. Start-Class article Sixteen Kingdoms
  8. B-Class article Southern and Northern Dynasties
  9. C-Class article Spring and Autumn period
  10. B-Class article Three Kingdoms
  11. C-Class article Three Kingdoms of Korea
  12. B-Class article Warring States period
  13. C-Class article Zhou dynasty
  14. C-Class article Xia dynasty
  15. C-Class article Xiongnu
  16. C-Class article Yayoi period

Southern Asia, 10[edit]

  1. B-Class article Former featured article Chola dynasty
  2. B-Class article Gupta Empire
  3. B-Class article Former featured article Delisted good article Indus Valley Civilization
  4. B-Class article Former featured article Indo-Greek Kingdom
  5. B-Class article Indo-Scythians
  6. B-Class article Kushan Empire
  7. Start-Class article Magadha
  8. B-Class article Maurya Empire
  9. B-Class article Satavahana dynasty
  10. B-Class article Vedic period

Southeastern Asia, 3[edit]

  1. C-Class article Hồng Bàng dynasty
  2. C-Class article Nanyue
  3. C-Class article Pyu city-states

Western Asia, 21[edit]

  1. C-Class article Fertile Crescent
  2. C-Class article Mesopotamia
  3. B-Class article Delisted good article Akkadian Empire
  4. Start-Class article Amorites
  5. B-Class article Kingdom of Armenia (antiquity)
  6. C-Class article Assyria
  7. C-Class article Babylonia
    1. B-Class article Chaldea
  8. Good article Ebla
  9. C-Class article History of ancient Israel and Judah
  10. B-Class article Hittites
  11. Start-Class article Lydia
  12. B-Class article Mitanni
  13. C-Class article Phoenicia
  14. B-Class article Phrygia
  15. C-Class article Seleucid Empire
  16. Start-Class article Syrian Wars
  17. Start-Class article Sabaeans
  18. B-Class article Sumer
  19. B-Class article Trojan War
  20. B-Class article Urartu

Europe, 31[edit]

  1. B-Class article Minoan civilization
  2. B-Class article Dacians
  3. Start-Class article Etruscan civilization
  4. C-Class article Ancient Greece
    1. Good article Greco-Persian Wars
    2. Start-Class article Delian League
    3. B-Class article Sparta
  5. B-Class article Ancient Rome
    1. C-Class article Roman Kingdom
    2. Good article Roman Republic
    3. Good article Roman Empire
      1. Start-Class article Crisis of the Third Century
      2. B-Class article Julio-Claudian dynasty
      3. C-Class article Nerva–Antonine dynasty
      4. C-Class article Western Roman Empire
      5. B-Class article Fall of the Western Roman Empire
    4. Start-Class article Gallic Wars
    5. Start-Class article Macedonian Wars
    6. Start-Class article Crisis of the Roman Republic
  6. B-Class article Macedonia (ancient kingdom)
  7. C-Class article Celts
  8. B-Class article Cimmerians
  9. C-Class article Saxons
  10. C-Class article Sarmatians
  11. C-Class article Scythians
  12. Start-Class article Thrace
  13. C-Class article Migration Period
    1. B-Class article Alans
    2. B-Class article Huns
    3. B-Class article Goths
    4. B-Class article Delisted good article Vandals

Post-classical history, 134[edit]

  1. C-Class article Post-classical history
  2. C-Class article Feudalism
    1. C-Class article Serfdom
  3. B-Class article Guild
  4. Start-Class article Nobility
    1. C-Class article Boyar
    2. C-Class article Knight
      1. B-Class article Chivalry
    3. Start-Class article Knyaz
    4. B-Class article Samurai

Africa, 7[edit]

  1. B-Class article Ajuran Sultanate
  2. C-Class article Almoravid dynasty
  3. Start-Class article Ghana Empire
  4. Start-Class article Kanem Empire
  5. B-Class article Mali Empire
  6. Start-Class article Songhai Empire
  7. C-Class article Delisted good article Trans-Saharan trade

Americas, 7[edit]

  1. C-Class article Delisted good article Aztec
  2. B-Class article Delisted good article Inca Empire
  3. Start-Class article Chimú culture
  4. C-Class article Mississippian culture
  5. B-Class article Moche culture
  6. B-Class article Pre-Columbian era
  7. Start-Class article Wari culture

Asia, 39[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Islamic Golden Age
  2. B-Class article Mamluk

Central Asia and Iran, 8[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Aq Qoyunlu
  2. B-Class article Göktürks
  3. B-Class article Golden Horde
  4. Start-Class article Seljuk Empire
  5. Start-Class article Kara Koyunlu
  6. B-Class article Muslim conquest of Persia
  7. Start-Class article Khwarazmian dynasty
  8. Start-Class article Uyghur Khaganate

Eastern Asia, 11[edit]

  1. B-Class article Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period
  2. C-Class article Goryeo
  3. C-Class article Heian period
  4. Start-Class article Jin dynasty (1115–1234)
  5. C-Class article Khitan people
  6. Good article Liao dynasty
  7. B-Class article Mongol Empire
  8. Featured article Song dynasty
  9. B-Class article Sui dynasty
  10. Featured article Tang dynasty
  11. C-Class article Yuan dynasty

Southern Asia, 3[edit]

  1. B-Class article Delhi Sultanate
  2. B-Class article Muslim conquests on the Indian subcontinent
  3. Featured article Vijayanagara Empire

Southeastern Asia, 7[edit]

  1. B-Class article Champa
  2. B-Class article Khmer Empire
  3. B-Class article Majapahit
  4. B-Class article Malacca sultanate
  5. Start-Class article Pagan Kingdom
  6. B-Class article Srivijaya
  7. B-Class article Trần dynasty

Western Asia, 8[edit]

  1. B-Class article Abbasid Caliphate
  2. C-Class article Delisted good article Crusades
    1. Start-Class article Crusader states
  3. B-Class article Delisted good article Ottoman Empire
  4. B-Class article Sultanate of Rum
  5. Start-Class article Latin Empire
  6. C-Class article Umayyad Caliphate
  7. Start-Class article Empire of Nicaea

Europe, 71[edit]

  1. Featured article Middle Ages
  2. B-Class article Delisted good article Black Death
  3. C-Class article East–West Schism
  4. C-Class article House of Habsburg
  5. C-Class article House of Medici
  6. B-Class article Normans

Eastern Europe and Central, 27[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Eurasian Avars
  2. Start-Class article Kingdom of Bohemia
  3. Start-Class article Bulgars
  4. B-Class article First Bulgarian Empire
  5. B-Class article Second Bulgarian Empire
  6. Featured article Byzantine Empire
    1. A-Class article Good article Arab–Byzantine wars
    2. B-Class article Byzantine–Bulgarian wars
    3. Good article Byzantine–Ottoman Wars
    4. B-Class article Fall of Constantinople
  7. B-Class article Cumans
  8. C-Class article Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia
  9. C-Class article Grand Duchy of Lithuania
  10. C-Class article Grand Duchy of Moscow
  11. C-Class article Kingdom of Hungary
  12. C-Class article Hussite Wars
  13. B-Class article Khazars
  14. B-Class article Kievan Rus'
  15. B-Class article Delisted good article Great Moravia
  16. C-Class article Novgorod Republic
  17. Good article Cretan War (1645–69)
  18. Start-Class article Pechenegs
  19. C-Class article Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War
  20. Start-Class article Rurik dynasty
  21. B-Class article Teutonic Knights
  22. Start-Class article Vladimir-Suzdal
  23. Start-Class article Volga Bulgaria

Western Europe, 38[edit]

  1. C-Class article Anglo-Saxons
  2. Start-Class article Austrasia
  3. B-Class article Former featured article Franks
  4. C-Class article Hanseatic League
  5. C-Class article Holy Roman Empire
  6. Start-Class article Inquisition
  7. Start-Class article Investiture Controversy
  8. C-Class article Kingdom of England
    1. Featured article Battle of Hastings
    2. Featured article Norman conquest of England
    3. C-Class article Wars of the Roses
  9. Start-Class article Kingdom of Germany
  10. Featured article Knights Templar
  11. Start-Class article Northern Crusades
  12. Start-Class article Ostsiedlung
  13. Good article House of Plantagenet
  14. B-Class article Viking Age
  15. C-Class article Wends

Italy, 7

  1. Start-Class article Gothic War (535–554)
  2. Start-Class article Guelphs and Ghibellines
  3. B-Class article Lombards
  4. C-Class article Papal States
  5. Good article Kingdom of Sicily
  6. C-Class article Republic of Genoa
  7. B-Class article Republic of Venice

France, 7

  1. C-Class article Capetian dynasty
  2. Start-Class article Carolingian Empire
  3. C-Class article Duchy of Burgundy
  4. Start-Class article Kingdom of France
  5. C-Class article Hundred Years' War
  6. C-Class article Francia
  7. C-Class article Merovingian dynasty

Spain, 6

  1. B-Class article Al-Andalus
    1. C-Class article Caliphate of Córdoba
    2. C-Class article Reconquista
  2. Start-Class article Kingdom of Aragon
  3. Start-Class article Kingdom of Castile
  4. C-Class article Visigothic Kingdom

Early modern history, 87[edit]

Basics, 12[edit]

  1. B-Class article Age of Discovery
  2. B-Class article Little Ice Age
  3. C-Class article Early modern period
  4. Good article The Renaissance
  5. B-Class article Scientific revolution
  6. C-Class article Seven Years' War
  7. Start-Class article Treaty of Zaragoza
  8. B-Class article Treaty of Tordesillas

Colonial empires, 4[edit]

  1. Featured article British Empire
  2. C-Class article French colonial empire
  3. C-Class article Delisted good article Portuguese Empire
  4. B-Class article Spanish Empire

Africa, 9[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Slavery in Africa
    1. B-Class article Atlantic slave trade
  2. Start-Class article Bornu Empire
  3. Start-Class article Kingdom of Mutapa
  4. B-Class article Ashanti Empire
  5. B-Class article Kingdom of Kongo
  6. B-Class article Oyo Empire
  7. Start-Class article Sennar (sultanate)
  8. Start-Class article Hausa Kingdoms

Americas, 7[edit]

  1. B-Class article Delisted good article American Revolutionary War
  2. C-Class article European colonization of the Americas
    1. Start-Class article British colonization of the Americas
    2. Start-Class article Spanish colonization of the Americas
      1. C-Class article Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire
      2. C-Class article Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire
  3. B-Class article French and Indian War

Asia, 24[edit]

  1. B-Class article Ayutthaya Kingdom
  2. C-Class article 1556 Shaanxi earthquake
  3. B-Class article Bengal famine of 1770
  4. B-Class article Deccan sultanates
  5. B-Class article Dutch East India Company
  6. B-Class article Former featured article East India Company
  7. C-Class article Edo period
    1. B-Class article Tokugawa shogunate
  8. C-Class article Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–98)
  9. C-Class article Joseon
  10. Start-Class article Kazakh Khanate
  11. Start-Class article Khanate of Bukhara
  12. B-Class article Lan Xang
  13. B-Class article Lê dynasty
  14. C-Class article Maratha Empire
  15. Featured article Ming dynasty
  16. B-Class article Mughal Empire
  17. C-Class article Khanate of Sibir
  18. B-Class article Safavid dynasty
  19. B-Class article Sino-Burmese War (1765–69)
  20. Start-Class article Taungoo Dynasty
  21. B-Class article Qing dynasty
  22. B-Class article Sikh Empire
  23. C-Class article Dzungar Khanate

Europe, 35[edit]

Basics, 4[edit]

  1. C-Class article Age of Enlightenment
  2. C-Class article Protestant Reformation
  3. B-Class article Thirty Years' War
  4. C-Class article Counter-Reformation

Western Europe, 15[edit]

  1. C-Class article Former featured article 1755 Lisbon earthquake
  2. Start-Class article Anglo-Dutch Wars
  3. C-Class article Eighty Years' War
  4. C-Class article Enclosure
  5. C-Class article English Civil War
  6. B-Class article French Revolution
    1. Start-Class article French Revolutionary Wars
  7. Start-Class article French Wars of Religion
  8. B-Class article Huguenot
  9. C-Class article Italian Wars
  10. C-Class article Prussia
  11. C-Class article Puritan
  12. B-Class article Spanish Inquisition
  13. C-Class article War of the Austrian Succession
  14. C-Class article Former featured article War of the Spanish Succession

Eastern Europe and Central, 16[edit]

  1. B-Class article Cossacks
    1. B-Class article Cossack Hetmanate
  2. C-Class article Crimean Khanate
  3. B-Class article Great Northern War
  4. Start-Class article Great Turkish War
  5. C-Class article House of Romanov
  6. B-Class article Khanate of Kazan
  7. C-Class article Former featured article Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
    1. B-Class article Partitions of Poland
    2. C-Class article Union of Lublin
  8. A-Class article Good article Livonian War
  9. B-Class article Muscovite–Lithuanian Wars
  10. B-Class article Ottoman wars in Europe
  11. C-Class article Former featured article Polish–Muscovite War (1605–18)
  12. Start-Class article Tsardom of Russia
    1. Start-Class article Oprichnina

Modern history, 170[edit]

Basics, 32[edit]

  1. B-Class article Modern history
  2. B-Class article Delisted good article 1973 oil crisis
  3. B-Class article Abolitionism
  4. C-Class article Movements for civil rights
  5. A-Class article Good article Cold War
  6. Stub-Class article Collective farming
  7. Start-Class article Decolonization
  8. C-Class article Financial crisis of 2007–08
  9. B-Class article Great Depression
  10. B-Class article Delisted good article Industrial Revolution
  11. Start-Class article Information Age
  12. Start-Class article New Imperialism
  13. C-Class article Space exploration
  14. C-Class article Former featured article Space Race
  15. Good article 1918 flu pandemic
  16. B-Class article War on Terror
  17. B-Class article Women's suffrage
  18. B-Class article Former featured article World War I
    1. Start-Class article Balkans Campaign
    2. Start-Class article Eastern Front (World War I)
    3. Start-Class article Italian Front
    4. C-Class article Middle Eastern theatre
    5. Featured article Western Front (World War I)
  19. Good article World War II
    1. A-Class article Good article Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    2. C-Class article Former featured article Attack on Pearl Harbor
    3. C-Class article Delisted good article Battle of the Atlantic
    4. B-Class article Eastern Front (World War II)
    5. C-Class article Mediterranean and Middle East theatre
    6. C-Class article Pacific War
    7. C-Class article Western Front (World War II)
    8. C-Class article Yalta Conference

Africa, 16[edit]

  1. B-Class article Algerian War
  2. Good article Angolan Civil War
  3. C-Class article Anglo-Zulu War
  4. C-Class article Delisted good article Apartheid
  5. C-Class article Arab Spring
  6. B-Class article Biafra
  7. B-Class article Former featured article Congo Free State
  8. Start-Class article Ethiopian Civil War
  9. Start-Class article Mahdist War
  10. B-Class article Nigerian Civil War
  11. B-Class article Rwandan Genocide
  12. C-Class article Scramble for Africa
  13. C-Class article Delisted good article Second Boer War
  14. B-Class article Second Congo War
  15. B-Class article Second Italo-Ethiopian War
  16. Start-Class article Sokoto Caliphate

Americas, 24[edit]

  1. Good article 2010 Haiti earthquake
  2. B-Class article African-American Civil Rights Movement (1954–68)
  3. C-Class article Delisted good article American Civil War
  4. C-Class article American Indian Wars
  5. B-Class article American frontier
  6. B-Class article Confederate States of America
  7. B-Class article Cuban missile crisis
  8. C-Class article Cuban Revolution
  9. B-Class article Dust Bowl
  10. Featured article Empire of Brazil
  11. B-Class article Gran Colombia
  12. Start-Class article Haitian Revolution
  13. Featured article Manhattan Project
  14. C-Class article Mexican War of Independence
  15. C-Class article Mexican Revolution
  16. C-Class article Mexican–American War
  17. B-Class article New Deal
  18. B-Class article Paraguayan War
  19. B-Class article Former featured article Delisted good article September 11 attacks
  20. C-Class article Spanish–American War
  21. B-Class article Wall Street Crash of 1929
  22. C-Class article War of 1812
  23. B-Class article War of the Pacific
  24. C-Class article Wounded Knee Massacre

Asia, 47[edit]

Eastern Asia, 17[edit]

  1. Start-Class article 1931 China floods
  2. B-Class article 1976 Tangshan earthquake
  3. C-Class article Boxer Rebellion
  4. B-Class article Chinese Civil War
  5. C-Class article Cultural Revolution
  6. C-Class article First Opium War
  7. C-Class article First Sino-Japanese War
  8. B-Class article Great Leap Forward
  9. B-Class article Korean War
  10. Start-Class article Meiji Restoration
  11. C-Class article Russo-Japanese War
  12. C-Class article Second Opium War
  13. B-Class article Second Sino-Japanese War
  14. C-Class article Taiping Rebellion
  15. B-Class article Former featured article Tiananmen Square protests of 1989
  16. C-Class article Unequal treaty
  17. B-Class article Xinhai Revolution

Southern Asia, 6[edit]

  1. B-Class article 1970 Bhola cyclone
  2. B-Class article Bangladesh Liberation War
  3. B-Class article British Raj
  4. B-Class article Delisted good article Indian independence movement
  5. B-Class article Indian Rebellion of 1857
  6. B-Class article Partition of India

Southeastern Asia, 11[edit]

  1. B-Class article Former featured article 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
  2. B-Class article Dutch East Indies
  3. C-Class article French Indochina
  4. Good article Indonesian National Revolution
  5. Start-Class article Nguyễn dynasty
  6. B-Class article Philippine–American War
  7. B-Class article Philippine Revolution
  8. Start-Class article Konbaung Dynasty
  9. C-Class article Vietnam War
  10. C-Class article Khmer Rouge
  11. B-Class article First Indochina War

Western Asia, 8[edit]

  1. B-Class article Arab–Israeli conflict
  2. C-Class article Armenian Genocide
  3. C-Class article Israeli Declaration of Independence
  4. C-Class article Gulf War
  5. C-Class article Iraq War
  6. C-Class article Israeli–Palestinian conflict
  7. C-Class article Turkish War of Independence
  8. B-Class article Young Turks

Central Asia and Iran, 5[edit]

  1. B-Class article War in Afghanistan (1978–present)
  2. C-Class article The Great Game
  3. C-Class article Iran–Iraq War
  4. B-Class article Delisted good article Iranian Revolution
  5. B-Class article Persian Constitutional Revolution

Europe, 51[edit]

Basics, 9[edit]

  1. C-Class article Austrian Empire
  2. C-Class article Austria-Hungary
  3. C-Class article Congress of Vienna
  4. C-Class article European integration
  5. B-Class article Delisted good article The Holocaust
  6. B-Class article Iron Curtain
  7. C-Class article Revolutions of 1848
  8. Start-Class article Treaty of Paris (1814)
  9. Start-Class article Treaty of Versailles

Eastern Europe, 25[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Balkan Wars
  2. C-Class article Delisted good article Chernobyl disaster
  3. C-Class article Congress of Berlin
  4. C-Class article Crimean War
  5. B-Class article Czechoslovakia
  6. B-Class article Eastern Bloc
  7. B-Class article French invasion of Russia
  8. B-Class article Great Purge
  9. B-Class article Greek War of Independence
  10. Featured article Hungarian Revolution of 1956
  11. B-Class article Former featured article Polish–Soviet War
  12. Good article Prague Spring
  13. Start-Class article Revolution of 1905
  14. B-Class article Revolutions of 1989
  15. C-Class article Russian Civil War
  16. C-Class article Russian Empire
  17. B-Class article Russian Revolution
  18. B-Class article Russo-Turkish War (1877–78)
  19. B-Class article Solidarity (Polish trade union)
  20. B-Class article Delisted good article Soviet Union
    1. B-Class article Dissolution of the Soviet Union
    2. B-Class article Gulag
    3. B-Class article Holodomor
    4. C-Class article Population transfer in the Soviet Union
  21. C-Class article Yugoslavia

Western Europe, 17[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Belgian Revolution
  2. B-Class article Delisted good article Berlin Wall
  3. C-Class article Franco-Prussian War
  4. B-Class article German Confederation
  5. C-Class article German Empire
  6. C-Class article German reunification
  7. B-Class article Great Famine (Ireland)
  8. C-Class article Italian unification
  9. C-Class article July Revolution
  10. C-Class article Delisted good article Napoleonic Wars
  11. Good article Nazi Germany
    1. C-Class article Nazi concentration camps
  12. C-Class article Paris Commune
  13. Good article Spanish Civil War
  14. C-Class article The Troubles
  15. Featured article Unification of Germany
  16. B-Class article Delisted good article Battle of Britain

Historical cities, 20[edit]

History of science and technology, 21[edit]

History of other topics, 15[edit]

Auxiliary sciences of history, 13[edit]