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Physical sciences, 1097[edit]

Basics, 9[edit]

Measurement, 76[edit]

This list contains units of measurement and articles on metrology. For the measured quantities, see the Science and Mathematics sections. For timekeeping and navigation, see the Everyday Life and Technology sections. For measurement errors, see the Statistics section in Mathematics.

Units of measurement, 61[edit]

Angle, 3[edit]

  1. B-Class article Degree
  2. C-Class article Radian
  3. Start-Class article Steradian

Dimension, 13[edit]

Area, 2

  1. C-Class article Acre
  2. C-Class article Hectare

Length, 9

  1. B-Class article Astronomical unit
  2. C-Class article Cubit
  3. C-Class article Foot
  4. C-Class article Inch
  5. B-Class article Light-year
  6. B-Class article Metre
  7. B-Class article Mile
  8. C-Class article Nautical mile
  9. B-Class article Parsec

Volume, 2

  1. C-Class article Gallon
  2. B-Class article Litre

Electromagnetism, 11[edit]

  1. C-Class article Ampere
  2. C-Class article Farad
  3. C-Class article Coulomb
  4. Start-Class article Henry
  5. C-Class article Hertz
  6. Start-Class article Ohm
  7. C-Class article Siemens (unit)
  8. Start-Class article Tesla
  9. Start-Class article Volt
  10. C-Class article Watt
  11. C-Class article Weber

Light, 3[edit]

  1. B-Class article Candela
  2. C-Class article Lumen
  3. C-Class article Lux

Mechanics, 13[edit]

Energy, force, and pressure, 5

  1. Start-Class article Calorie
  2. Start-Class article Electronvolt
  3. C-Class article Joule
  4. Start-Class article Newton
  5. C-Class article Pascal

Mass, 7

  1. C-Class article Atomic mass unit
  2. C-Class article Avoirdupois
  3. Good article Kilogram
  4. B-Class article Ton
  5. B-Class article Pound
  6. Start-Class article Ounce
  7. C-Class article Troy weight

Velocity, 1

  1. B-Class article Knot (unit)

Quantity, 3[edit]

Amount of substance, 1

  1. C-Class article Mole (unit)

Data, 2

  1. C-Class article Byte
  2. C-Class article Bit

Radioactivity, 3[edit]

  1. C-Class article Becquerel
  2. Start-Class article Gray
  3. C-Class article Sievert

Temperature, 3[edit]

  1. B-Class article Celsius
  2. C-Class article Fahrenheit
  3. B-Class article Kelvin

Time, 7[edit]

  1. B-Class article Second
  2. Start-Class article Minute
  3. Start-Class article Hour
  4. C-Class article Day
  5. B-Class article Week
  6. B-Class article Month
  7. C-Class article Year

Other, 2[edit]

  1. B-Class article Decibel
  2. Stub-Class article Katal

Astronomy, 214[edit]

For astronomical instruments, see Technology > Optical

Basics, 8[edit]

Astronomical objects, 65[edit]

Celestial mechanics and astrometry, 59[edit]

Galactic astronomy and extragalactic astronomy, 29[edit]

Physical cosmology, 13[edit]

Planetary science, 8[edit]

Stellar astronomy, 32[edit]

Chemistry, 281[edit]

For biochemistry and chemical biology, see Wikipedia:Vital articles/Expanded/Biology and health sciences

Basics, 47[edit]

Analytical chemistry, 5[edit]

Chemical substances, 229[edit]

Chemical elements, 134[edit]

Chemical compounds, 74[edit]

Chemical mixtures, 21[edit]

Earth science, 255[edit]

For specific geographical objects see Geography

Basics, 1[edit]

Natural disasters, 6[edit]

Earth, 157[edit]

Geomorphology, 50[edit]

Biomes, 20[edit]

Pedology (soil study), 6[edit]

Air, 64[edit]

Water, 27[edit]

Physics, 262[edit]

Atomic, molecular and optical physics, 20[edit]

Condensed matter physics, 23[edit]

Electromagnetism, 41[edit]

Mechanics, 74[edit]

Nuclear physics, 10[edit]

Particle physics, 35[edit]

Theory of relativity, 7[edit]

Thermodynamics, 14[edit]

Waves, 17[edit]