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For a directory of science-oriented WikiProjects, see: WikiProject Council: Directory – Science
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Scope Scope and goals[edit]

This WikiProject aims primarily to coordinate the efforts of Wikipedians interested in science in an effort to improve popular science-related articles. It is motivated by the belief that a good scientific article should be both understandable by the "general public" and also interesting to the scientifically inclined. This is important because popular articles are the most read, and improving them benefits many. At the same time, contributing to them brings us the satisfaction that it will be appreciated by many.

The goals of this WikiProject are:

  1. To attract Wikipedians to this project and focus the effort for maximum efficiency
  2. To serve as a nexus and discussion area to build consensus on how to write good scientific articles.

Plan of approach[edit]

The approach is to start with the most popular scientific articles, and then focus on the more specific ones. The most popular scientific articles are the ones that are most referenced by other articles (as Google does).

Other science projects[edit]

Additional science projects are listed at this directory page: WikiProject Council: Directory – Science. See the current Science portal for examples of how science articles can be arranged topically and linked to and from related WikiProjects and Portals. Outline of the scientific method is also a useful article.

Nuvola apps kword.png How you can help[edit]

"All of science is nothing more than the refinement of everyday thinking."

Albert Einstein, in "Physics and Reality" (1936); later published in Out of My Later Years (1950)

Improve Wikipedia's coverage of science-related topics:

  1. Identify articles related to science and tag talk pages with the project's banner: {{WikiProject Science}}
  2. Improve and discuss the proposed structures of articles
  3. Improve science articles
  4. Sign the guestbook or place {{User WikiProject Science}} on your user page.
  5. Add this page to your watchlist to see what's occurring here

Improve the bird's eye view[edit]

The Outline of science and its branch outline articles are intended to summarize all of the sciences. These are in turn part of Wikipedia's outline system which is one of Wikipedia's main contents systems. Please look it and its branches over and fill-in missing topics. If Wikipedia has an article or article section about those topics, please add links to them.

While analyzing the outlines, please consider (and fix as needed):

  1. What's missing?
  2. Is the structure of the outline (sections and indents) representative of the subject?
  3. Does the outline help convey the relationships between the topics presented in the best way possible?

The overall purpose of the outlines is to help readers comprehend science. The science outline provides a taxonomy of the subject, and also serves as a table of contents and navigation aid to browse Wikipedia's articles (and article sections) about the subject. It is also a useful tool for the WikiProject to analyze, plan and develop science-related material. Outlines are a hub from which to organize scientific topics.

The concept of "reverse outlines" is a very relevant example. Reverse outlines provide a structural model overview, which in addition to being a summary of the work, can reveal gaps in coverage and other weaknesses for revision purposes. Please help improve the Outline of science article, which is this project's bird's eye view.


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Nuvola apps kdmconfig.png Members[edit]

To add your name to the list of members, please visit the Guest book.

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Scientific Peer Review[edit]

Peer review at this project is no longer active and scientific articles should be directed to the general Wikipedia peer review. Reviews of articles that were completed are archived here.


As noted at Talk:Environmental chemistry please do any work in consensus with other editors. Removing large sections leaving bare headings is not the right way to proceed.  Velella  Velella Talk   08:50, 12 June 2013 (UTC)

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