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Sometime recently a movement of thought started, not just any thought, an extremely ill-conceived and by extension, dangerous thought. The thought is that Wikipedia's article standards, matter less than avoiding from biting the newcomers. It seems as if it could possibly be the most innocent and constructive thought for the site, as anyone can edit right? One may even think that if we entirely avoid stopping newcomers from editing, that it would truly be a site where anyone may add any information without there ever being any POV, any attacks, any issues whatsoever. Well there's someone knocking at the door inside this house of thought, his name is reality.

While the sound of warning someone for creating a page that they worked hard on, maybe even days on, sounds as if you'd be chasing a potentially helpful editor away from the site, and then in a domino effect stopping the creation of hundreds or thousands of articles. It just isn't the case. It's not the quantity of the articles that matters, it's the quality. However, more and more that quality vision of this encyclopedia is vanishing. The sad part is, as that vision vanishes with it goes the idea that there even is, or ever was, a need to maintain the articles to any set standard whatsoever.

Even though some people don't like it, administrators are here to ensure that the rules, that were set by the community to make this encyclopedia a verifiable source, are maintained. Administrators have long held and embraced the symbolism of holding a mop to signify our job. But in reality, an administrator is holding in one hand, a giant tube of caulk, which is used to patch over the cracks in the wall caused each day by the size and weight of the building the wall is holding up, and in the other hand, a spear with which they might attempt to scare off any trespassers, or if that fails stab them.

The only thing keeping this site the place we know it to be today, are the essential policies and guidelines that are the caulk of the visualization above. To think that enforcing them is abusive, or that preventing the wall from falling down by removing the bricks that are potentially corrosive, and/or are corrosive, is a thought that shows a lack of knowing or even wanting to know, our policies or why we're here in the first place.

The reaction to reading our policies, should be for someone to ensure that their article is sourced properly, and it should be an exact replica of what our policies request. Instead, some people now whine about the idea of sourcing their own article, or the idea that someone should even have to source their own article. Instead, some people opine at deletion discussions about how the person who asked for the article's deletion should have looked for the sources themselves. Instead of following what should be common practice, some people now think that the person adding the information, should be applauded for their work, and even after being told for the one hundredth time to source the article properly, they should still remain and be allowed to create further work for everyone else, instead of just being removed from the site immediately unless they abide by the rules.

That cancerous thought has spread throughout Wikipedia to discussions site wide, and now the people who were elected to maintain and protect the encyclopedia are being attacked left and right for them doing the job that needs to be done. Attacked by those who themselves would never meet the standards to fill the shoes of the person they are attempting to remove them from. Those, who while they think they have a knowledge of why we're here, instead have only a faint guess as to why they got blocked two weeks ago.

We're here to be a vast set of knowledge for the entire world, a constantly expanding and unending encyclopedia. We're here to be the biggest and most used website on earth. We're here to leave a footprint with our knowledge on all the generations following us; that shows what our history was, and to show what our world intends to become. We're here to strengthen the belief that someday, our world will not be separated and constricted by the void of land, but will instead know and understand all cultures. We're here to be the highest quality and most verifiable source of information ever made. We're not here to be a giant YouTube for text.