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A WikiBear searching for berries

The WikiBear or Ursus wikiarctos is a large omnivorous browser. It feeds mostly on the berries of short edits, which can nevertheless add up to a fat edit count. Sometimes it tackles larger prey, rewriting entire articles. Before tackling larger prey, the WikiBear often spends a long time stalking the article (and sometimes the involved editors) and preparing its attack.

When surprised by overly aggressive or asinine actions by editors who should know better, the WikiBear may take a swipe, but would rather be off munching berries. WikiBears eat up trouts.

The WikiBear spends a good part of its life in hibernation, sometimes to conserve energy through a long winter, but often for the sheer pleasure of taking a good nap. While sleeping it digests the knowledge gained from browsing. It emerges from hibernation with a voracious appetite to learn more, or sometimes it just wakes up cranky.


If you are a WikiBear and wish to identify yourself, feel free to use this userbox: {{User wikipedia/WikiBear}}

Brown bear.jpg This member is a WikiBear.