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To do[edit]

Articles to be improved/new requests[edit]


Almost all of the entries for the Archbishops of Canterbury could do with expansion and/or editing (see List of Archbishops of Canterbury. Many have very short biographies, and most of the rest are brief and/or lifted verbatim from the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Some of the entries are little more than stubs. {{Archbishops of Canterbury}} and {{ArchbishopofCanterbury-stub}} have been created to deal with this problem, and should supersede all stubs in any such articles (eg religious bio, English bio, etc).

Similarly, even more Archbishops of York (as might be expected) are stubs. A {{Archbishops of York}} and {{ArchbishopofYork-stub}} have also been created along the lines of {{Archbishops of Canterbury}} and {{ArchbishopofCanterbury-stub}} to deal with this problem, and should supersede all stubs in any such articles. Similar templates need to be created for each major bishopric.

Notable English dioceses such as Durham, London, and Winchester should also be checked over for biographies that could be created or expanded/edited. Similarly, the primates of prominent national churches and notable metropolitans of ecclesiastical provinces should be checked over to see if they have biographies or if the present entries could be improved.

Below are indicated some entries of prominent prelates and clergy whose biographies could be improved, and some entries that have yet to be created.

For improvement[edit]

20th and 21st century[edit]
  1. Justice Akrofi
  2. Phillip Aspinall
  3. Stuart Blanch
  4. Charles Henry Brent
  5. Peter Carnley
  6. Howard Clark (bishop)
  7. Frank Leslie Cross
  8. Leonard Elliott Elliot-Binns
  9. Gerald Ellison
  10. Patrick Evans
  11. Austin Farrer
  12. Drexel Gomez
  13. Frank Griswold
  14. Nicky Gumbel
  15. John Stapylton Habgood
  16. Richard Harries
  17. Barbara Clementine Harris
  18. Basil Harwood
  19. John Elbridge Hines
  20. Richard Holloway
  21. David Hope
  22. Andrew Hutchison
  23. William Ralph Inge
  24. Michael Ingham
  25. Penny Jamieson
  26. Peter Jensen
  27. Jeffrey John
  28. Hewlett Johnson
  29. Idris Jones
  30. Herbert Kelly
  31. Peter Kwong
  32. Graham Leonard
  33. Li Tim-Oi
  34. Finlay Macdonald
  35. William Dalrymple Maclagan
  36. Henry McAdoo
  37. Eric Lionel Mascall
  38. Richard Channing Moore
  39. Barry Morgan
  40. Njongonkulu Ndungane
  41. Henry Luke Orombi
  42. J. I. Packer
  43. George Leonard Prestige
  44. Alfred Edward John Rawlinson
  45. J.A.T. Robinson
  46. Herbert Edward Ryle
  47. David Say
  48. Ted Scott
  49. John Sentamu
  50. Gilbert Shaw
  51. John Shelby Spong
  52. Robert Stopford
  53. John Stott
  54. Stephen Venner
  55. John W C Wand
  56. Sheila Watson
  57. Maurice Wiles
  58. Arthur Winnington-Ingram
  1. Thomas Arnold
  2. Richard Meux Benson
  3. Thomas Bray
  4. Joseph Butler
  5. Charles I of England
  6. Thomas Thellusson Carter
  7. Thomas Cartwright (churchman)
  8. Philander Chase
  9. Richard William Church
  10. Robert Henry Codrington
  11. John William Colenso
  12. John Colet
  13. John Cosin
  14. Nicholas Ferrar
  15. Richard Field (theologian)
  16. Richard Hurrell Froude
  17. Francis Fulford (bishop)
  18. Orlando Gibbons
  19. Edmund Tyrrell Green
  20. George Herbert
  21. Richard Hooker (theologian)
  22. Fenton John Antony Hort
  23. John Hulse
  24. William Reed Huntington
  25. John Jewel
  26. Thomas Ken
  27. Edward King (English bishop)
  28. Hugh Latimer
  29. Robert Leighton (prelate)
  30. John Lightfoot
  31. John Longland
  32. Charles Fuge Lowder
  33. Robert Machray
  34. John Marbeck
  35. Charles Pettit McIlvaine
  36. Robert Campbell Moberly
  37. John Mason Neale
  38. William Paley
  39. William Palmer (theologian)
  40. John Coleridge Patteson
  41. John Pearson (scholar)
  42. John Purchas
  43. Edward Reynolds
  44. Nicholas Ridley (martyr)
  45. John Rogers (religious)
  46. John Charles Ryle
  47. Robert Sanderson
  48. Edwin Sandys
  49. Edward Gordon Selwyn
  50. George Augustus Selwyn
  51. Charles Simeon
  52. Edward Stillingfleet
  53. Waite Hockin Stirling
  54. John Stokesley
  55. Herbert Thorndike
  56. Richard Whatley
  57. Anthony Wilson Thorold
  58. Daniel Waterland
  59. Thomas Wilson (bishop) - 10/07 - has had a large input from DNB - looks better.
  60. Richard William Enraght
Archbishops of Canterbury[edit]
  1. Stephen Langton
  2. Robert Winchelsey
  3. Thomas Arundel (now adequate)
  4. Matthew Parker
  5. Edmund Grindal
  6. John Whitgift
  7. William Laud
  8. William Juxon
  9. William Sancroft
  10. John Moore
  11. William Howley
  12. Charles Longley
  13. Edward White Benson
  14. Randall Davidson
  15. Cosmo Lang
  16. William Temple
  17. Geoffrey Fisher
  18. Michael Ramsey
  19. Donald Coggan
  20. Robert Runcie
  21. George Carey
  22. Rowan Williams
New articles[edit]

20th and 21st centuries

  1. Donald Allchin (Arthur MacDonald Allchin) librarian of Pusey House, theologian[1]
  2. Bliss Browne - (req. 2009-04-18) (1950 - ) Episcopalian minister, social activist, community organizer, author. First female priest to speak at Westminster Abbey. Founder and president of Imagine Chicago. bio
  3. Verna Dozier
  4. Martha Ann Englert
  5. Kenneth Kearon, «The Anglican Communion Office is headed by its Secretary General, the Reverend Canon Kenneth Kearon»
  6. Earl Kooperkamp - Episcopalian minister and activist at Harlem's Saint Mary's Church (no reliable sources found 2010-01-23)
  7. George D. Langberg, Anglican bishop of the Diocese of the Northeast and former Vice-President of the church's House of Bishops
  8. John Kenneth Mozley
  9. Sir Ellison Pogo
  10. Ian Ramsay (bishop)
  11. Raymond Raynes CR
  12. J. Armitage Robinson British academic and Anglican cleric of the early 20th century
  13. Lionel Thornton CR


  1. Henry Burton (clergyman) (req. 2009-04-07) (1840-1930) English clergyman and author. Wrote a poem called Pass it On as well as many books.
  2. Hannah Grier Coome
  3. Rev. Thomas Hutton, (1565/6–1639), Vicar of St Kew (January 1607 until his death in December 1639) and author of An Answer to Several Reasons for Refusall to Subscribe to the Book of Common Prayer (1605).[2]

Other articles[edit]

There are numerous articles that could be improved or created. I have only included the ones most directly relevant to Anglicanism and the Communion, but they will hopefully lead participants to other topics in liturgy, doctrine, scholarship, etc. that are more general and wide-ranging.

Books and other documents[edit]

To be improved

  1. Book of Advertisements
  2. Book of Homilies
  3. Alternative Service Book
  4. Book of Alternative Services
  5. Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity
  6. Anglican Breviary
  7. Anglican Missal
  8. Exhortation and Litany (1544)
  9. Common Worship
  10. Revelations of Divine Love
  11. The Parson’s Handbook
  12. Tracts for the Times (see Tract 90)
  13. Honest to God (book by John A.T. Robinson, 1963)
  14. Lux Mundi
  15. Marriage vows

New articles

  1. Book of Occasional Services (TEC)
  2. The Countrey Parson
  3. An Apology for the Church of England
  4. A Prayer Book for Australia
  5. Book of Common Prayer (ECUSA)
  6. Essays Catholic and Critical
  7. The Kingdom of Christ
  8. Christianity and Social Order
  9. The Gospel and the Catholic Church
  10. A New Zealand Prayer Book
  11. A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
  12. Analogy of Religion
  13. The Myth of God Incarnate (book edited by John Hick, 1977)
Journals, newspapers, and other regular publications[edit]

To be improved

  1. The Briefing
  2. Church Times


To be improved

  1. Bishop's Book currently at 39 Articles
  2. Caroline Divines
  3. Nonjuring schism
  4. Public Worship Regulation Act
  5. Elizabethan Settlement
  6. Savoy Conference
  7. recusancy
  8. Act of Uniformity and subarticles
  9. Acts of Supremacy
  10. Queen Anne's Bounty
  11. Statute in Restraint of Appeals
  12. History of the Anglican Communion
  13. History of the Church of England
  14. Oxford Movement
  15. Clarendon Code
  16. Non-conformist
  17. Hampton Court Conference
  18. Bangorian controversy (not needing cleanup, but would benefit from more information all the same)
  19. Act Extinguishing the Authority of the Bishop of Rome

New articles

  1. Convocation of Canterbury (1532)
  2. Act of Conditional Restraints of Annates
  3. Book of Canons (1604)
  4. Evangelical Revival
  5. Lady Margaret Professorship, Oxford


To be improved

  1. Forward in Faith
  2. Affirming Catholicism
  3. Guild of All Souls
  4. Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament
  5. Christian Social Union (Church of England)
  6. Alcuin Club
  7. Diocese of the Holy Cross
  8. Church Association
  9. Reform (Anglican)
  10. Church Missionary Society
  11. The Church Union
  12. Modern Churchpeople's Union
  13. Order of the Holy Cross (Anglican)
  14. Anglican Catholic Church of Canada
  15. Reformed Episcopal Church
  16. Society of Mary (Anglican)
  17. Society of King Charles the Martyr
  18. Mission to Seafarers
  19. American Anglican Council
  20. Mothers’ Union - seems fine, but if others could have a look as well
  21. English Church Union
  22. Continuing Anglican Movement
  23. Fresh Expressions
  24. Oratory of the Good Shepherd

New articles

  1. Barnabas Anglican Ministries
  2. Church Society
  3. Society of SS. Peter and Paul
  4. Dearmer Society

Liturgy and music[edit]

To be improved

  1. Anglican church music
  2. baptism
  3. Eucharist
  4. Holy Orders
  5. Christian views of marriage
  6. sidesperson
  7. acolyte
  8. altar server
  9. Common Worship
  10. Easter Vigil
  11. concelebration
  12. Anglican Use

New articles

  1. Parish communion movement


To be improved

  1. Canterbury cap
  2. cope
  3. chimere
  4. choir habit
  5. surplice
  6. mitre

Ecclesiastical offices[edit]

To be improved

  1. Canon (priest)
  2. coadjutor bishop
  3. curate
  4. Deaconess
  5. Holy Orders
  6. metropolitan bishop
  7. precentor
  8. prolocutor
  9. archbishop
  10. bishop
  11. Archbishop of Wales
  12. parish church
  13. Succession of Bishops of the Episcopal Church in the United States it would be nice if this were completed and updated.
  14. Padre
  15. Anglican ministry
  16. Dean of York - still a fragmentary list, could be boosted by anyone who lives close to York Minster
  17. Diocese of the Falkland Islands and Bishop of the Falkland Islands
  18. Assistant Bishop should probably be looked at in relation to suffragan bishop below
  19. suffragan bishop

New articles

  1. Anglican holy orders

Doctrine and theology[edit]

To be improved

  1. Windsor Report
  2. Liturgical Movement
  3. Catholic evangelical
  4. Catholicism
  5. Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission
  6. sacrament
  7. Royal Peculiar
  8. Disestablishmentarianism
  9. Anglican views of homosexuality
  10. intercession of saints
  11. Saints in Anglicanism
  12. apostolic succession
  13. catechism
  14. St. Michael Report
  15. Anglo-Papalism
  16. Ornaments Rubric
  17. Elizabethan Religious Settlement
  18. Anglican Marian theology
  19. Black Rubric

New articles

  1. canon law (Anglicanism) - see canon law
  2. alternative episcopal oversight
  3. Liberal Catholicism (Anglican)
  4. Anglican catechism
  5. Erastianism - currently at Thomas Erastus
  6. Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission
  7. Anglo-Catholic Socialism - External Link


To be improved

  1. Lambeth Conferences
  2. Anglican Communion Primates' Meeting
  3. Thirty-Nine Articles
  4. Accord of Winchester
  5. ecclesiastical province
  6. episcopal See
  7. House of Bishops
  8. General Convention of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  9. General Synod
  10. Diocesan Synod
  11. synod
  12. historic episcopate
  13. episcopalian church governance
  14. Ecclesiastical Commissioners
  15. ecclesiastical court
  16. parish council
  17. Royal Supremacy
  18. Apostolicae Curae
  19. ecumenical councils
  20. Saepius Officio
  21. House of Deputies

New articles

  1. Anglican Communion Office
  2. canonical committee
  3. House of Bishops (Episcopal)

National Churches and ecclesiastical provinces[edit]

To be improved

  1. Anglican Church of Australia
  2. Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
  3. Church of Bangladesh
  4. Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central America
  5. Province de L'Eglise Anglicane Du Congo
  6. Church of the Province of Myanmar
  7. Church of the Province of Rwanda
  8. Sheng Kung Hui
  9. Nippon Sei Ko Kai
  10. Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East
  11. Anglican Church of Mexico
  12. Church of Nigeria
  13. Church of Pakistan
  14. Anglican Church of Southern Africa
  15. Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church
  16. Church of the Province of West Africa
  17. Church of Uganda
  18. Church of the Province of South East Asia
  19. Province of Canterbury
  20. Province of York
  21. Province of Armagh (Church of Ireland)
  22. Province of Dublin (Church of Ireland)
  23. Scottish Episcopal Church
  24. Igreja Episcopal do Brasil
  25. Church of the Province of Melanesia
  26. Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de las Americas
  27. Episcopal Church of the Sudan
  28. Province 1 of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  29. Province 2 of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  30. Province 3 of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  31. Province 4 of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  32. Province 5 of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  33. Province 6 of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  34. Province 7 of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  35. Province 8 of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  36. Province 9 of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  37. Church of the Province of Central Africa
  38. Episcopal Church of Cuba
  39. Anglican Church of Kenya
  40. Anglican Church of Tanzania
  41. Anglican Diocese of Melbourne
  42. Anglican Church of Burundi
  43. Philippine Episcopal Church
  44. Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
  45. Church in the Province of the West Indies

New articles

  1. Ecclesiastical Province of New South Wales - Australia
  2. Ecclesiastical Province of Queensland - Australia
  3. Ecclesiastical Province of South Australia - Australia
  4. Ecclesiastical Province of Victoria - Australia
  5. Ecclesiastical Province of Western Australia - Australia
  6. Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos - Nigeria
  7. Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger - Nigeria
  8. Ecclesiastical Province of Niger Delta - Nigeria

Dioceses, cathedrals and notable parish churches[edit]

Too many to name! See, for example:

  1. List of Anglican dioceses (I've done a lot of work on this list. What was very incomplete has now been fully populated. March 2012)
  2. List of dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada
  3. List of Church of Ireland dioceses
  4. Dioceses of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
    1. e.g. Convocation of American Churches in Europe

As well as the various national church articles:

  1. Holy Trinity Cathedral, Hong Kong

New articles

  1. Holy Trinity Cathedral, Yangon - Anglican church in Yangon

Anglican Theological Schools[edit]

I only know about a few UK ones - please add more!

  1. College of the Resurrection, Mirfield
  2. Cranmer Hall, Durham
  3. Moore Theological College
  4. Oak Hill Theological College
  5. The Queen's College, Edgbaston
  6. Ridley Hall, Cambridge
  7. Ripon College Cuddesdon
  8. St John's College, Nottingham
  9. St. Michael's College, Llandaff
  10. St Stephen's House, Oxford
  11. Trinity College, Bristol
  12. Westcott House, Cambridge
  13. Wycliffe Hall, Oxford
  1. College of the Transfiguration, Grahamstown, South Africa
Defunct Anglican Theological Colleges[edit]
  1. Chichester Theological College, Chichester
  2. Ely Theological College
  3. Kelham Theological College, Kelham
  4. Lichfield Theological College, Lichfield
  5. Lincoln Theological College, Lincoln

Other topics to be developed[edit]

  • Anglican theologians and Biblical scholars
  • Anglican religious orders - individually -This site is very useful
  • Anglican saints
    • The calendars of the various provinces of the communion
    • The individuals themselves who are commemorate
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge

Photos needing articles[edit]

New infoboxes[edit]


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