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WikiProject Apple Inc.
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Current collaboration:
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Project News

Feel free to place any kind of project news here.

  • Let's rewrite Apple Inc. so that it becomes a featured article!
  • We'll be checking the activity of all members. Inactive members will be removed.
  • Book:Apple Inc. and Book:Mac OS were created by Mono. Feel free to make some more (iOS, iPod, etc.)
  • WikiProject iOS – proposal for iOS to have its own WikiProject
  • WikiProject iOS has been started

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{{Project Apple Inc.}}: 
WikiProject iPhone OS banner.png

Welcome to the iOS task force! We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to iOS, formerly named iPhone OS. Our group of Wikipedians aim to improve and standardize the quality of all iOS-related articles.

→ Project discussion


How to help[edit]

Promote the project
  • Join this project! Add yourself to the list, and add the userbox to your page, to advertise the project to people who happen to pass by.
  • Invite people to the project – drop a note on the user talk page of editors working on iOS topics who aren't project members.
  • Consider promoting the project via the Wikipedia Signpost WikiProject desk.
Improve the project
  • Update the project pages, archive clutter, and make use of the latest automation available
  • Consult the WikiProject Guide for ideas
  • Come up with new ones
Use the project
  • Check the talk page for requests for help.
  • Check the to do list at #To do


  • The project covers all articles about the iOS and its software.


Please add your name to the list with some info about experience with iPhone or iPod touch. Once your name is added you may want to add {{User iOS task force}} to your profile page. Anybody who is willing to help out is welcome!

To do[edit]

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Apple Inc./iOS task force:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:




High Quality Content[edit]

Featured articles

Good articles[edit]

  1. Good article 300-page iPhone bill
  2. Good article Justine Ezarik
  3. Good article Peggle
  4. Good article iPad
  5. Good article iPad 2
  6. Good article iPad (3rd generation)
  7. Good article iPhone 4
  8. Good article iPhone 4S
  9. Good article iPhone 5

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