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Yet another Articles for creation helper script
Original author(s) Timotheus Canens
Stable release MediaWiki:Gadget-afchelper.js / (GitHubchangelog) 25 September 2013; 10 months ago (2013-09-25)
Preview release MediaWiki:Gadget-afchelper-beta.js / (GitHub) 10 November 2013; 9 months ago (2013-11-10)
Development status Active development
Written in JavaScript
Platform MediaWiki
Available in English

Yet another Articles for creation helper script is a Wikipedia gadget designed to help when reviewing Articles for creation article, redirect, and file submissions. It is currently the only script officially recognized and supported by WikiProject Articles for creation.


A screenshot of typical usage of the Articles for Creation Helper Script, including the hidden "review" link.

To install the script, navigate to Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets, click on the check box next to "Yet Another AfC Helper Script", and hit "Save". Then you must clear your browser's cache. After that, you should be ready to go!


  • This script has been tested and is compatible with the following browsers:
  • This script has been tested and is compatible with the following skins:
    • Vector (default)
    • Monobook (default emeritus)
    • Modern


If the installation was done properly, you should see a "Review" tab on the top of the page when viewing a submission in CAT:PEND or when reviewing redirects. If you cannot find it, look in Vector's dropdown tab, the little down arrowhead right between the watchlist star and the search box. You can alternatively use the A access key to open the review panel hands-free; see Wikipedia:Access keys for how to use them in your browser.

Reviewing an article submission[edit]

The "Review" tab[edit]

When clicked, the review tab brings up some of the following buttons (depending on context, some buttons may not appear):

  • Accept
  • Decline
  • Comment
  • Mark as reviewing
  • Submit
  • Mark as draft
  • Clean the submission
  • Tag for G13 speedy deletion
  • Postpone G13 speedy deletion


Once you are satisfied that the submission should be accepted, simply click the "Accept" button. You will be prompted to enter the title of the page to move to (by default the name of the AfC subpage) and to assess the article. You can also choose WikiProject templates to be added to the talk page and enter additional wikitext that will be appended to the article (for example, stub tags and categories) or its associated talk page.

The script currently does the following:

  • It extracts the author from the first {{afc submission}} tag, if there is such a tag, and notifies them.
  • It moves the submission to mainspace.
  • It removes all {{afc submission}} and {{afc comment}} templates from the article.
  • It optionally appends some text to the article (useful for adding stub tags or categories in one go).
  • It records the assessment on the talk page, and optionally adds associated WikiProjects or extra text.
  • It records the creation at Wikipedia:Articles for creation/recent.
  • It uncomments categories (like [[:Category:Example]]) and templates (like {{tl|example}}.
Known issues[edit]

Declining a submission[edit]

If the submission should be declined, click the "Decline" button. You will be prompted to select or enter a reason for declining. There are three additional options:

  • Notify if possible – if checked, will attempt to notify the submitter (enabled by default)
    • Notify creator about the Teahouse – if checked, will add a "declined article submission"-themed Teahouse invitation to the submitter's talk page (if they have not been invited previously)
  • Blank the submission – if checked, will replace the page content with {{afc cleared}} (automatically enabled for copyright and BLP violations)
  • Tag for speedy deletion – if checked, the submission will, in addition to being blanked, be tagged for speedy deletion

When declining a submission, the script also automatically cleans it.


The "Comment" button can be used to add a comment about the submission which is placed right before the first horizontal rule, if there is one, or otherwise right after the AfC template (if there are multiple comment templates, they will be sorted by date). It also cleans the submission page.

Marking as being reviewed[edit]

This should be self-explanatory, it also cleans the submission page.

Clean the submission[edit]

Automatically tidies up the submission. At the moment the following tasks are performed:

  • Removes unnecessary duplicated submission templates
  • Removes many unnecessary HTML comments (mostly added through the wizard and other scripts)
  • Sorts submission and comment templates by date (and moves them to the top of the page)
  • Removes {{userspacedraft}}, {{userspace draft}}, {{user sandbox}}
  • Comments out categories (automatically uncomments on accept)
  • Wikilink correction
    • [[|foo]] → [[foo]]
    • [[|bar]] → [[Foo|bar]]
    • [[ foo]] → [[foo]]
    • [ bar] → [[Foo|bar]]
    • → [[Foo]]
    • [[ foo]] → [[foo]]
    • [[Foo_bar|Foo bar]] → [[Foo bar]]
    • [[Foo_bar|Foo Bar]] → [[Foo bar|Foo Bar]]
    • [[Foo_bar]] → [[Foo bar]]
    • and much much more (e.g. secure links; please suggest additional improvements)
  • Headline cleanup:
    • == <big>''' Headline '''</big> == --> == Headline ==
  • Moves punctuation before <ref> tags and removes whitespace/punctuation between them
  • Removes empty list elements and headers
  • Moves stub templates to the bottom of the page
  • AutoEd and formatgeneral are run automatically

Cleanup runs automatically when performing any other task (e.g. declining, commenting, etc).

Reviewing redirect submissions at WP:AFC/R[edit]

At the top of WP:AFC/R, there should be a "Review" tab. Click on it, and the script will list all redirects and categories submissions not yet reviewed. Pick an action for some (or all) of them, which may be "Accept", "Decline", or "Comment", fill in the applicable info, click "Done", and the script will do its job.

  • It will not overwrite a page that already exists
  • It will not automatically add categories to the pages (other than ones automatically added by the regular redirect template you selected)

Reviewing file submissions at WP:FFU[edit]

Next to the [edit] link for each section on WP:FFU, there is a [review request] link – click this link to be brought into the review interface.

Beta version[edit]


You can also use the beta version of the script. It includes newly coded fixes and improvements that haven't been tested enough to be patched into the main build. Please leave your comments and bug reports on the talk page. Be careful! Although this script is tested by the developers and should work, it can happen that it doesn't react as intended. Please review your edits on a regular basis. If you still want to use it, please disable the gadget and add the following line of code to your common JavaScript page:

importScript('MediaWiki:Gadget-afchelper-beta.js'); // AFCH beta script [[MediaWiki:Gadget-afchelper-beta.js]]

Please post feedback about your experiences with the beta script on the talk page. Thanks!


Useful links (including source code)[edit]


Great thanks are due to be had by Mr.Z-man (talk · contribs) and Close AfD, from which this script is adapted and all beta testers and bug reporters. Many are mentioned in the changelogs. For very good (or regular) bug reports barnstars are awarded.