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Some Wikipedians have formed a WikiProject to better organize information in articles related to the 2012 National Broadcasting Company (NBC) American television police procedural fantasy drama Awake, to help focus and coordinate collaborative work on them. Anyone can join. For more information on Task forces, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide.

Our project is designed to help collaborate a group effort in improving all articles related to the television show Awake. It is free for all and anybody can join, even if you are new to Wikipedia or just have not edited the Awake articles before! You can help us out in small ways by just fixing a typographical error here and there or you could write extended summaries for Awake episodes. You could even help cite things to help make all articles related to Awake comprehensive and factual. Some of the core project goals are to maintain cited and comprehensive articles related to Awake and to create a consistent and detailed look for each page. Currently, this project focuses on "in-universe" articles, in addition to essential crew and actors/actresses who have received series regular status.
Our project produces a weekly newsletter with updates about the project. Other topics the newsletter consists of is welcoming new users, announcing new featured content and nominees, as well as a weekly initiative. Every week, the newsletter posts a "Weekly Initiative", and it changes every few weeks. The Weekly Initiative consists of a goal (such as developing a character article to GA status) to be completed, with a barnstar or love token being given for each user who participates. Every member gets the newsletter posted to their talk page, and it is written and coordinated by TBrandley. If you are not receiving newsletters, please contact the coordinator. All members are encouraged to give ideas, which can be listed at the project talk page. The current newsletter is always posted at The Newsletter Page, and a list of past archives are given here.
Please refer to the project's talk page for discussions regarding major projects.
  • Character pages should go Infobox, Lede, Storylines, Development, Characterization, Reception, References, External links
  • Episode pages should go Infobox, Lede, Plot, Production, Themes, Broadcast and reception, References, External links, and others if possible.
  • Shorten plot synopses in some character and episode articles
  • Add/ improve production, cast, and reception, sections in season and episode articles
  • Add/ improve casting and creation, characterization, and reception sections to character articles
  • Model episodes off of "Nightswimming" or "Say Hello to My Little Friend", and cite episodes using this template (storylines)
  • Model character pages after, well, nothing at this time. Help us promote articles to GA/A/FA
  • Add fair use rationales to images, remembering that each article the image links to must have a separate fair use rationale, to met WP:NFCC
No Article alerts at this time.
Recognized content[edit]
Featured articles (2)
Cscr-featured.svg "Say Hello to My Little Friend"  August 19, 2012
Cscr-featured.svg "Nightswimming"  September 11, 2012
Featured lists (1)
Cscr-featured.svg List of Awake episodes  August 4, 2012
Good articles (10)
Symbol support vote.svg Jason Isaacs  July 13, 2007
Symbol support vote.svg "Pilot"  March 10, 2012
Symbol support vote.svg "Turtles All the Way Down"  May 29, 2012
Symbol support vote.svg "Two Birds"  May 30, 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Awake (TV series)  June 17, 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Britten family  June 20, 2012
Symbol support vote.svg "Kate Is Enough"  June 24, 2012
Symbol support vote.svg "That's Not My Penguin"  June 24, 2012
Symbol support vote.svg "Guilty"  June 30, 2012
Symbol support vote.svg "Oregon"  June 30, 2012
Each Project is in charge of assigning a rating and importance level to each article within their scope. Every member is encouraged to use the rubric, to check each page occasionally, making sure the rating and importance still apply. The rubric for importance is:
  • Low: Stub, start
  • Mid: C
  • High: B, B+
  • Top: GA, A, FA/FL

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A-Class review[edit]
Symbol a class.svg

WikiProject Awake maintains an A-Class review, to recognize articles that meet the A-Class criteria. Full instructions are given at the review page, but the process is similar to featured article candidates. The goal of this process is to give nominators a taste of what the FAC process is like—it is expected that if the article is approved for A-Class, it will be near ready for FAC. We highly recommend going through the A-Class process with "your" article before FAC, especially if you have never experienced FAC, as it will ease you into the process, and show you what to expect. Before nominating an article, please be sure to read all of the instructions at the review page.

Administrative board[edit]
  • Coordinator: TBrandley (talk)- The coordinator is in charge of looking over the other board members' work, and collaborating with the secretary to make sure board members complete their jobs, and remain active. The coordinator is also in charge of introducing the new board members to their duties, writing the weekly newsletter, and helping out in entirety.
  • Monitor: Open- The monitor is in charge of monitoring all pages within the scope; reverting unsourced, unhelpful, and irrelevant information, as well as vandalism. The monitor must also keep track of warning users who continually make disruptive edits, and if necessary, reporting them. Requirement: Rollback rights to demonstrate an understanding of vandalism.
  • Secretary: Open- The secretary is in charge of keeping track of who is active (and sharing this information with the designer), recruiting new members (using the templates at the bottom right), and encouraging inactive members to return to the project.
  • Designer: Open- The designer is in charge of maintaining the project page (updating announcements, featured content, and recent happenings), as well as consulting with the secretary to maintain the active participants list.
Recent happenings[edit]
AWAKE This user is a member of WikiProject Awake.

A list of participants can be found at Category:Awake task force members. To become a member, add the following code to your user page: [[Category:Awake task force participants]]. Or, if you wish to use the userbox, add {{User WP AWK}} to your user page instead as it includes the above wikicode. If you have just joined the Project, please feel free to leave a message on the Project's talk page. Just a fan? Then this userbox is for you!

AWAKE This user closes their eyes, opens them, and lives in a world where Awake was not canceled.

(A userbox created and designed by Guy546)
Active members are users that contribute to any Awake-related article, at least once a month. A member is given "semi-active" status, after not contributing for one month straight, and a member is given "inactive" status, after not contributing for two months. The following users are active or semi-active, with when they joined in parentheses:

An asterisk (*) indicates semi-active status.

Original Barnstar.png
Editors Barnstar.png

Barnstars can be awarded to those who make exceptional contributions to Awake articles, help out extensively with the Awake force and/or continually made an effort to revert vandalism.
Awake Title.jpg SpecialBarnstar.png Barnstar quill.png

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