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Welcome to WikiProject Basketball. This project exists to improve and connect current and historical coverage of the sport of basketball in its many forms around the world. Though invented in the United States by Canadian educator James Naismith, today basketball is truly a world game with thriving professional leagues on every continent.

This project serves as a bridge between several WikiProjects that touch the sport. WikiProject National Basketball Association is a project that focuses on coverage of the NBA, generally considered the world's top league. WikiProject College Basketball has a deep focus on the collegiate game (primarily but not exclusively in the United States). There is also a task force on Women's basketball that seeks to improve coverage of the women's game. Please feel free to join the efforts of these projects as well. There are also many projects that touch basketball, such as country-specific sports projects, WikiProject Olympics, college sports specific projects, etc.


Given that specific focus on the NBA, college basketball and women's basketball in those projects, WP:Basketball focuses on overarching consistency for coverage of basketball (an important role as players and coaches move between leagues and borders with ease). Some examples of what the project covers are:

  • Professional leagues around the world
  • The Olympic Games and other international competitions
  • Other forms of the sport such as Wheelchair basketball, 3x3 basketball, Street basketball and Water basketball
  • Overall history of the sport
  • Basketball rules and strategy
  • High school basketball
  • Basketball Museums and Halls of Fame
  • Basketball venues
  • Basketball in media (books, film, television, video games, comics, magazines, etc.)
  • Barnstorming and entertainment-focused teams such the Harlem Globetrotters
  • Minor league basketball (such as the defunct Continental Basketball Association)
  • Industrial basketball (such as the American AAU)
  • Any other topic clearly related to basketball that doesn't fit cleanly into one of the other WIkiProjects listed above.

When creating or editing an article that falls within this scope, please add the tag below to that article's Talk Page so that it is included in the project's worklists:

{{WikiProject Basketball}}

WikiProject Basketball  
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If you are interested in joining this project, feel free to add your name below and just start editing:


Feel free to add this UserBox to your UserPage if you would like to self-identify as a member of the project:

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Task Force[edit]


Improve browsing aids[edit]

The search box doesn't always help the reader find what he is looking for, especially when he doesn't know what it is exactly that he wants to find. The following tools help readers see what we have available and enable him to travel through the subject in various ways. But they are incomplete and need your help to finish them and keep them up-to-date.

  • Outline of basketball - topic outline, which serves as a structured index, structured glossary, and as a table of contents/menu/site map of the subject. The annotations are included to assist in topic selection. A Wikipedia outline is a type of tree structure, with the hierarchy maintained through headings and indented bullets. WP outlines are parseable, should someone want to develop outliner-style tools for these.
  • Index of basketball articles - alphabetical index.
  • Glossary of basketball terms - alphabetical glossary.
  • Category:Basketball - a whole branch of categories, including articles, subcategories, sub-subcategories, etc.
  • Portal:Basketball- a Reader's Digest-like approach, with article excerpts.

Guidelines are needed...[edit]

Guidelines are needed for Basketball-related articles, including:

  1. Teams (NBA, NBDL, International, WNBA and the like)
    1. Team info (template)
    2. Team history (abridged)
      1. A separate link to detailed history, if it is appropriate
    3. Current roster (template)
    4. Retired numbers & Hall of Famers
    5. Links to more info (template)
    6. All-time team records
      1. Award winners & league leaders
      2. Team records
      3. Players of note (non-HoFers)
        1. Team's HoF
      4. Broadcasters
      5. Managers & ownership
      6. Post-season series
  2. Stadiums (history extending beyond basketball)
  3. Biographies (from players to managers to owners)
    • This seems to be a separate project
  4. NBA Finals
    1. Other postseason series (NBDL, International, etc.)
      1. Regular season playoffs
  5. Leagues & Divisions
  6. Defunct teams
  7. Defunct leagues
  8. National Teams
    1. Team info
    2. Team history
    3. Current roster
    4. All-time team records
    5. Team records
  9. Miscellaneous

Basketball-related articles on Wikipedia seem to be maintained well, but work is certainly needed.

To do[edit]

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