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Stub templates:

Record table[edit]

Structure for articles about boxers[edit]

Boxing statsbox[edit]


  1. Short description and list of accomplishments of note.


  1. Write down what did he/she do in their childhood. (Did they learn any particular martial arts?)
  2. Write down his/her early career.
  3. Write down recent events.


His/her fight records. It does not have to be about boxing record only. If they have taken part in any other martial arts matches like kickboxing or MMA etc matches, you can add those information.

{{fightstatscont|47|[[October 30]], [[1974]]|Win|8R 2:58|KO|[[George Foreman]]|[[USA]]|[[WBA]] & [[WBC]] World Heavyweight titlematch}}

Number Date Result Round Method Opponent Nationality Note
47 October 30, 1974 Win 8R 2:58 KO George Foreman USA WBA & WBC World Heavyweight titlematch


Any titles won including amateur.

See also[edit]

Write down at least List of male boxers or List of female boxers.

External link[edit]

Official website etc....

Championship succession tables[edit]

Template for championship table for amateur competitions: Template:s-sports and Template:s-ach


{{Succession box
| before = [[Andreas Zülow]]
| title  = [[Boxing at the 1992 Summer Olympics#Lightweight (– 60 kg)|Lightweight Champion]]
| years  = August 1992
| after  = [[Hocine Soltani]]


Olympic Games
Preceded by
Andreas Zülow
Lightweight Champion
August 1992
Succeeded by
Hocine Soltani


{{s-bef| rows   = 2 | before = [[Sonny Liston]] }}
{{s-ttl| title  = [[World Boxing Association|WBA]] [[List of heavyweight boxing champions|Heavyweight boxing champion]]
| years  = February 25, 1964 – June 19, 1964 (Stripped) }}
{{s-aft| after  = [[Ernie Terrell]] <br /> filled vacancy }}
{{s-ttl| title  = [[World Boxing Council|WBC]] [[List of heavyweight boxing champions|Heavyweight boxing champion]]
| years  = February 25, 1964 – March 11, 1969 (Stripped) }}
{{s-aft| after  = [[Joe Frazier]]<br /> filled vacancy }}


Preceded by
Sonny Liston
WBA Heavyweight boxing champion
February 25, 1964 – June 19, 1964 (Stripped)
Succeeded by
Ernie Terrell
filled vacancy
WBC Heavyweight boxing champion
February 25, 1964 – March 11, 1969 (Stripped)
Succeeded by
Joe Frazier
filled vacancy

Categories and inter wiki[edit]

The main category is Category:Boxing. Start there and find the correct subcategories.

Please categorise the articles of boxers along their nationality. Choose from Category:Boxers by nationality.