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This Task force aims to help organize and contribute to the growing collection of articles about Southern California.

This can be achieved by:

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This task force is part of WikiProject California, and has several sibling task forces

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Here is a list of Southern California task force members, together with some of their interests. To join the group simply add yourself to the list of participants, being sure to maintain alphabetical order.

User name Talk page Comments or Special Interests Joined

3bulletproof16 talk Expanding and improving the quality of Socal sports venue articles. 28 May 2006
Antandrus talk I've written a lot of articles on places in Santa Barbara County, and a few in San Luis Obispo County as well (that one's sort of borderline I suppose, but it is on the map ...) 6 July 2005
Brady4mvp talk I'm from Brazil, but I'm a big fan of the Los Angeles and Southern California area and I would like to help the project. 18 June 2008
Bullmoosebell talk I was born, raised, and have lived in Orange & Los Angeles counties. I'm a Medic in the US Army and am interested in history, film, and military topics. 17 June 2010
Carolinehutton talk I live in Venice and am interested in Los Angeles history and art in Southern California. 11 November 2008
CatherineMunro talk 5 July 2005
DeathRattle101 talk LA Born and Raised. 28 December 2007
DocOfSoc talk Eastern San Gabriel Valley Cities & their Historical connections, Second generation Angeleno 27 June 2010
epolk talk I'm in the Long Beach area and work in north Orange County so I can get pics of things in that area as well as working on articles. 3 September 2005
Evrik talk Soy un angeleno nativo. ¿Que tienes que hacer? 12 August 2006
FastLizard4 talk I live in Sierra Madre, California, which is one of the project pages 20 June 2007
Gohiking talk Native of Los Angeles, California and now living in Norwalk, California. I am slowing making edits on more and more pages within LA County as I have time. 11 December 2006
Ghostkrashers talk Native of SoCal. Will help out as much as I can. 16 May 2014
Grassfire talk 9 December 2007
Guyzero talk Westchester 10 January 2007
Howcheng talk I'll fill in what I can in Ventura County and LA places that I know about. 23 August 2005
JCRules talk I was born in San Diego and I have been living there for alomst my entire life, even today. I know plenty of stuff happening here in SD. Currently, I am an enrolled student of El Capitan High School in Lakeside, CA. 9 October 2012
JesseW talk I've worked on starting a few LA neighborhood articles, and some category cleanup - that would be one really good thing to improve, the categorization for So Cal articles. 1 July 2005
Jengod talk 13 December 2005
Jeshii talk I'll find any pictures I have and work on parks and hiking and stuff. 25 August 2005
Jj98 talk San Diego, mainly about Southern California 29 September 2010
Jojhutton talk San Diego 3 April 2010
Justin.Johnsen talk Live and work in Long Beach, and hike many local mountains. Will contribute content, photos and random edits to these and other areas. 26 September 2006
Koman90 talk Covers San Diego County And Sounding Areas 16 March 2009
Lvi56 talk Inland Empire 20 November 2010
M&NCenarius talk 24 January 2007
MelanieN talk San Diego, especially history and neighborhoods 8 May 2010
Minnaert talk Fairly new contributor. Moved to West Hollywood, California about 1 year ago. Interested in contributing wherever I can. 13 December 2006
MissionInn.Jim talk Lived most of my life in Riverside. Primary input will focus on City of Riverside, Riverside County, Inland Empire, and related articles. 12 December 2009
Moreau36 talk Native of Los Angeles, lived part of my life throughout Southern California. Work mostly on city/town/unincorporated community articles. 20 November 2006
Morven talk Living in Anaheim and working near Downtown LA. 15 August 2006
NatsukiGirl talk I live and work in the Los Angeles Fashion District/Little Tokyo area, I'll help out wherever I can for those. 9 September 2005
Niceley talk Government, politics, geography, fauna 28 August 2014
PKM talk History of the San Fernando Valley, have worked on Rancho Los Encinos and Campo de Cahuenga 25 September 2007
Purplebackpack89 talk Neighborhoods, politics, Los Angeles, Whittier, historic preservation 26 November 2009
Pzoxicuvybtnrm talk Expanding and improving the quality of articles involving highways and locations in Southern California. 3 January 2010
Qfl247 talk Geologist from Ridgecrest, also lived in Burbank and Sylmar and went to UCLA. Focus on rocks, rocking, and Bruins. 22 May 2010
RightCowLeftCoast talk Chula Vista, Southeast San Diego, and points north. 18 September 2009
Rockero talk I'll throw my name in the hat. I've already contributed to some city articles and created one an article for one Southern California landmark (Chicano Park). I've lived in Ontario, Upland, Pomona, Claremont, West Covina, East Los Angeles, Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, and Goleta. I've done some research, too. 2 December 2005
Slambo talk born on Sunset Blvd, raised in Manhattan Beach (although now living in Wisconsin); specialize in railroad history and rail transport topics. 13 July 2006
Socalres talk government, politics and transportation 14 December 2010
Spongie555 talk I will help with articles in the San Diego and Chula Vista area 3 April 2010
Szyslak talk 22 May 2007
Takwish talk Native denizen of the Inland Empire 30 January 2007
Shannon1 talk Attempting to make rivers of Orange County a featured topic (though that is probably not really likely) and contributing mostly to geography articles. 14 June 2009
snoopyloopy talk i was born in loma linda and although i lived in alabama and oakland for awhile, now live in colton. 8 August 2009
The Phoenix Enforcer talk I live and edit in SoCal 4 January 2010
Torritorri talk Transit and education in the IE and LA. 4 December 2006
Trackinfo talk I'm all over the place. Southern California gets hit or miss attention. Let me know if you start any sort of coordinated effort. 12 October 2014
Willmcw talk 1 July 2005
WTGDMan1986 talk Lived in Salinas for a short period of time, and love the L.A./southern California area. Wishes to revert vandalism. I also have storybook characters from the Los Angeles area. 29 July 2008
Zzyzx11 talk will occasionally help with it 7 July 2005


Agtaz talk I was born in southeastern Los Angeles County who has interest in moving to the City of Los Angeles. 2 February 2008
Alex LaPointe talk I currently reside in Orange County and teach Geology at a local HS, I would like to create and edit any articles about the Geology of SoCal and OC history. 17 November 2006
AlexTheMartian talk I was born and raised in the middle of the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County. I am now in West L.A. (near Santa Monica) for college, and I am an Eagle Scout so I enjoy the local outdoors. My main focus is the San Gabriel Valley, and recently the improvement plans of its rivers. 24 July 2006
andrewphelps talk I would like to be a part of this. I am a 20-year San Diego native, now living downtown. 24 September 2005
Arspickles17 talk Native of Agoura Hills, California and now living in Downtown LA 29 November 2006
Askbros talk 23 January 2007
Avnative talk obviously Antelope Valley related articles, as I have available time. Mojave Desert articles, too. 19 September 2005
Brien Clark talk Interested mostly in geography articles, particularly in the Inland Empire 18 January 2007
Buchanan-Hermit talk For anything related to SoCal on Wikipedia, I work almost exclusively with Orange County articles. Native of Vancouver but my summer home is Irvine in OC. 3 February 2007
Decafpenguin talk New to SoCal and a new contributor to wikipedia, I'm a student at UCLA and if I have time I'll try to work on LA+surrounding area neighborhoods topics, and overall readability/grammar issues. 19 July 2006
Dureo talk Live in the Central Valley in Kings County, below Fresno and above Bakersfield. 14 December 2007
Dysepsion talk I've already created stubs/pages on several So. Cal places and schools. I might as well make it official. 17 February 2007
Emesselt talk 12 April 2007
Eric Bekins talk I'm in the South Bay region of San Diego, (National City) and I'm working on little local things bit by bit. 16 February 2007
Fpo talk I've done (and will continue with) famed golf courses in the area, and more stuff. 26 July 2005
Glowimperial talk I've worked on articles related to San Pedro in the past, and I take a lot of photos around Los Angeles. Count Me in. 31 August 2005
Gmatsuda talk Manzanar, Los Angeles Kings 4 December 2007
Hezzy talk Simi Valley. 19 August 2006
Klapouchy talk Interested in Southern California 23 April 2009
Lan56 talk I'd love to help out. I can occasionally add some photos, too. 22 August 2005
Mawfive talk I live in Southwest Riverside County, so I can deal with issues specific to there. 16 February 2007
Miss Mondegreen talk 22 April 2007
Oreos talk 13 January 2007
Patricknoddy talk 16 February 2007
Platinum Cygnus talk I'm mostly working on the San Emigdio Mountains and nearby mountains, but if I can contribute to any other areas in SoCal, I will. 24 January 2007
Rmannion talk I've been adding infoboxes to various Southern California cities. I'd be interested in helping standardize what and how information is presented in the articles as well as giving any other help I can provide. 16 January 2007
SAUNDERS talk I am particularly knowledgeable of Southern California Transportation. Where ever needed as time allows. 3 November 2005
The American Eagle of LA talk 26 September 2006
Stevey7788 talk will occasionally help with L.A. neighborhoods, cities, and freeways 8 August 2005
theshibboleth talk I'm going to try to upload photos of the LA area. 18 August 2005
Valentinax07 talk Orange County 6 May 2009
Whyaduck talk Though I've lived in Northern California for twenty years, I lived twice as long in my native San Gabriel Valley. I'll probably concentrate mostly on articles about the western SGV and downtown Los Angeles. 24 November 2006