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CHICOTW History[edit]

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Recent History[edit]

Winners of previous WikiProject Chicago Collaboration of the week are listed below, along with a brief summary of how the article was improved during its featured week.

  1. November 14 2007: Jesse Saunders
  2. November 7 2007: Jerrold Wexler
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:Jg325, TonyTheTiger, (Biruitorul, Dhartung, Dreamafter, Gothbag, Hindlich, MisfitToys, Terence626)
  3. October 31 2007: Peter Bynoe
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:RussBot, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, (Dhartung, Mike Selinker)
  4. October 24 2007: Heller House
    Editorial contributors:IvoShandor, TonyTheTiger
  5. October 17 2007: Vi Daley
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:Biruitorul, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, (MaxVeers)
  6. October 10 2007: Toni Preckwinkle
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:Rupert Clayton, Shsilver, Speciate, TonyTheTiger
  7. October 3 2007: Jon Burge
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:Grey Wanderer, IvoShandor, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, (AndyBQ, Gholson, Mike Selinker, Zenohockey)
  8. September 26 2007: My Kind of Town
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:Gareth E Kegg, InnocuousPseudonym, Robert K S, RossPatterson, TonyTheTiger, Zagalejo, (Anonymous Dissident, Jeff Dahl, MisfitToys)
  9. September 19 2007: Jay Pritzker Pavilion
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:Alaibot, JeremyA, TonyTheTiger, Trainra, Warofdreams, (Dale Arnett, Kevin Forsyth, MatthewLiberal, MisfitToys)
  10. September 12 2007: Rush Street (Chicago)
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:DDima, JeremyA, TonyTheTiger**, (MisfitToys, Phil Strucely)
  11. September 5 2007: Rainbow/PUSH
    Editorial contributors:TonyTheTiger**, (Biruitorul, Delirium, MisfitToys)
  12. August 29 2007: Patrick Nash
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:Allen3, Shsilver, TonyTheTiger, (Biruitorul, Gpasciak)
  13. August 22 2007: Chicago Race Riot of 1919
    Editorial contributors:Speciate, TonyTheTiger, (Michael Hardy, MisfitToys, Orngjce223)
  14. August 15 2007: Lincoln Towing Service
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:Camptown, IvoShandor, LurkingInChicago, Shsilver, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, (ASDSAD4AS, Freechild)
  15. August 8 2007: South Side (Chicago)
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:Artemis-Arethusa, Bolt Vanderhuge, Bookandcoffee, Darklilac, Shsilver, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, Wiki Raja, (Fconaway)
  16. August 1 2007: Multilevel streets in Chicago
    Editorial contributors:LurkingInChicago, Speciate, TonyTheTiger**
  17. July 25 2007: Chicago Marathon
    Editorial contributors:IvoShandor, MisterHand, TonyTheTiger**, Vonones, (DS1953, Klehti, PeterGrecian)
  18. July 18 2007: Hyde Park Township, Cook County, Illinois
    Editorial contributors:Ksy92003, Speciate, TonyTheTiger
  19. July 11 2007: William W. Powers State Recreation Area
    Editorial contributors:TonyTheTiger, (IvoShandor)
  20. July 4 2007: Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic
    Editorial contributors:TonyTheTiger, Zagalejo, (GeeJo, MisfitToys, Wetman)
  21. June 27 2007: Arts Club of Chicago
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:CSWarren, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, Zagalejo, ( JayHenry, Michael Hardy, RegRCN, Tyrenius)
  22. June 20 2007: Art Institute of Chicago Building
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:TonyTheTiger**, (DS1953, MisfitToys)
  23. June 13 2007: Crown Fountain
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:DS1953, Gimmetrow, TonyTheTiger**, Zagalejo, (GeeJo, MisfitToys, Neilbeach, Nishkid64, Yarnalgo)
  24. June 6 2007: Harold Washington Cultural Center
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors:Alaibot, Scbomber, TonyTheTiger, Wai Hong
  25. May 30 2007: Historic Michigan Boulevard District
    Editorial contributors:MisfitToys, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, (Daniel Case)
  26. May 23 2007: Rookery (Chicago landmark)
    Editorial contributors: Darwinek, ILike2BeAnonymous, Ronnotel, TonyTheTiger
  27. May 16, 2007: Magnificent Mile
    Editorial contributors: Jvandyke, Smackbot, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, VirtualSteve, Wai Hong
  28. May 9, 2007: Chicago Landmark stubification
    Editorial contributors: Elkman, Scbomber, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, Zagalejo with non new stub assistance by JeremyA, JetLover, JustAGal, Malepheasant, Rich Farmbrough, Smackbot, VirtualSteve
  29. May 2, 2007: Chicago Blues Festival
    Editorial contributors: Artemis-Arethusa, ChicagoPimp, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, VirtualSteve
  30. April 25, 2007: Douglas Park (Chicago)
    Editorial contributors: ChicagoPimp, DS1953, Speciate, TonyTheTiger
  31. April 18, 2007: Chicago 2016 Olympic bid
    Editorial contributors: Banpei, ChicagoPimp, DDima, DeepDishChicago, Gerald Farinas, Jared, MisfitToys, Parutakupiu, SmackBot, Speciate, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger
  32. April 11, 2007: Chicago Landmark
    Editorial contributors: ChicagoPimp, Dhartung, Elkman, MisfitToys, Scbomber, SmackBot, Speciate, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger, (Chimpex)
  33. April 4, 2007: AT&T Corporate Center
    Editorial contributors: ChicagoPimp, TonyTheTiger, (Daniel Case, Korg, Madman2001, MisfitToys)
  34. March 28, 2007: The Second City
    Editorial contributors: ChicagoPimp, Enviroboy, Mervyn, Rjwilmsi, TonyTheTiger, Twintone
  35. March 21, 2007: Chicago beaches
    Editorial contributors: ChicagoPimp, JeremyA, Rich Farmbrough, SmackBot, Speciate, TonyTheTiger
  36. March 14, 2007: Burnham Park (Chicago)
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors: ChicagoPimp, SmackBot, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, Twintone, VirtualSteve, (Biruitorul, Camptown, Leftger)
  37. March 7, 2007: Union Stock Yards
    Editorial contributors: AKeen, ChicagoPimp, Howcheng, SmackBot, Speciate, TonyTheTiger, VirtualSteve
  38. February 28, 2007: Chicago Theatre
    Editorial contributors: AKeen, ChicagoPimp, SmackBot, Speciate, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger, Whyaduck, (Darwinek, ERcheck, Lonnyw, MarkSutton, VirtualSteve)
  39. February 21, 2007: Chicago Board of Trade Building
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors: AKeen, ChicagoPimp, Drinibot, Elkman, ILike2BeAnonymous, Shsilver, SmackBot, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger
  40. February 14, 2007: Timothy Blackstone
    • It evolved from nothing to this
    Editorial contributors: Shsilver, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger
  41. February 7, 2007: Little Italy, Chicago
    Editorial contributors: AKeen, Speciate, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger
  42. January 31, 2007: Rich Melman
    Editorial contributors: Shsilver, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger
  43. January 24, 2007: Merle Reskin Theatre (formerly Blackstone Theatre)
    Editorial contributors: Shsilver, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger, Whyaduck
  44. January 17, 2007: Cities and Villages Act of 1872
    Editorial contributors: AKeen, Shsilver, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger
  45. January 10, 2007: Near South Side, Chicago
    Editorial contributors: AKeen, Shsilver, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger
  46. January 3, 2007: Hull House
    Editorial contributors: AKeen, Shsilver, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger
  47. December 27, 2006: Washington Park, Chicago (Note that this weeks project entailed parsing 3 articles out of one.)
    Editorial contributors: Ebyabe, L Glidewell, Sebbeng, Shsilver, TheQuandry, TonyTheTiger
  48. December 20, 2006: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
    Editorial contributors: AKeen, L Glidewell, NatusRoma, Sebbeng, TonyTheTiger
  49. December 11, 2006: Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea
    Editorial contributors: Anþony, Dominick, J.smith, Nae'blis, Shsilver, TonyTheTiger, Veinor

Past History[edit]

A prior incarnation of CHICOTW featured Chicago, Chicago White Sox, & Chicago Public Schools between August 2005 and January 2006

On December 11, 2006 we began reformatting a new CHICOTW feature, which took shape on December 14, 2006 with an editors selection of Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea. Going forward selections will be based on popular election of smaller articles in need assistance. See past votes.