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The Wikipedia:WikiProject Chicago/COTW/To Do page will be used to summarize tasks that would improve current and past CHICOTW pages. It is a good way to remember what we would like to see accomplished on pages that we have looked closely at in prior weeks and to guide the current week's work. Please feel free to make changes to this page as you see fit.


Nov 14 - Jesse Saunders[edit]

  • cleanup
  • find picture
  • add details as necessary

Nov 7 - Jerrold Wexler[edit]

  • education
  • career
  • family
  • wealth
  • find picture

Oct 31 - Peter Bynoe[edit]

  • education
  • career
  • family
  • wealth

Oct 24 - Heller House[edit]

  • expand as per DYK criteria
  • interior details

Oct 17 - Vi Daley[edit]

  • find photo if possible
  • satisfy notability hurdles

Oct 10 - Toni Preckwinkle[edit]

  • find photo if possible
  • satisfy notability hurdles

Oct 3 - Jon Burge[edit]

  • more info on the man, rather than only his actions
  • wikify and make interesting
  • find photo if possible
  • detail the history
  • add citations

Sep 26 - My Kind of Town[edit]

  • get extensive list of versions by Sinatra
  • mention versions by others
  • find out how many times Sinatra songs were nominated for Oscars
  • find appropriate image for infobox
  • was song a grammy nominee?
  • popular culture section with references and possibly parodies should be added.

Sep 19 - Jay Pritzker Pavilion[edit]

  • add photos
  • describe architecture
  • discuss use to date

Sep 12 - Rush Street (Chicago)[edit]

  • add photos
  • Rush Street Bridge
  • Nightlife
  • Institutions/Buildings along the street

Sep 5 - Rainbow/PUSH[edit]

  • headquarters photo
  • major general issues
  • major campaigns

Aug 29 - Patrick Nash[edit]

Aug 22 - Chicago Race Riot of 1919[edit]

  • Add talk page projects.

Aug 15 - Lincoln Towing Service[edit]

  • Add talk page projects.
  • photo of tow truck
  • photo of sign
  • Date of founding and date of incorporation, which were apparently separated by at least three years.
  • Incorporation date, I know that Cascio added a partner, John G. Johnson, but I don't know when that happened.
  • There's also the role LTS played in the City Council establishing laws and licenses regarding towing companies.
  • Owners other than Cascio and Mash.

Aug 8 - South Side (Chicago)[edit]

  • Link other articles to this article now that it exists

Aug 1 - Multilevel streets in Chicago[edit]

  • work on layout with good WP:LEAD
  • beef up text

Jul 25 - Chicago Marathon[edit]

  • Photos
  • Records with colored legend

Jul 18 - Hyde Park Township, Cook County, Illinois[edit]

  • Photos
  • Community area list
  • Legal details
  • Historical details

Jul 11 - William W. Powers State Recreation Area[edit]

  • Photos

Jul 4 - Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic[edit]

  • Photos
  • History

Jun 27 - Arts Club of Chicago[edit]

  • staircase photo

Jun 20 - Art Institute of Chicago Building[edit]

  • Chronology of building additions
  • Architectural specifics
  • New Wing
  • North and South Gardens
  • Any other undeveloped land on the block

Jun 13 - Crown Fountain[edit]

  • Crowded summer photos
  • Describe above ground architecture
  • Describe below ground/hidden plumbing
  • Describe waterspout/waterfall timing cycle.
  • Close up photo of Water spout and brick

Jun 6 - Harold Washington Cultural Center[edit]

  • Opening
  • Political battles
  • Public controversy

May 30 - Historic Michigan Boulevard District[edit]

  • Document Historic/Landmark buildings
  • Add Pics

May 23 - Rookery (Chicago landmark)[edit]

  • Incorporate info from internet.
  • New pic

May 16 - Magnificent Mile[edit]

  • Good pic of every block.
  • History
  • Description of every block.
  • Malls table
  • Financial Services branches.
  • Architecture
  • Landmarks

May 9 - Chicago Landmark stubification[edit]

  • Create good stubs.
  • Get well past 51% blue linked Landmarks.

May 2 - Chicago Blues Festival[edit]

  • Add photos.
  • Describe history of festival.
  • Discuss past and present performers.

Apr 25 - Douglas Park (Chicago)[edit]

  • Add old photos.
  • Add new photos.
  • Describe Olympic Swimming.
  • Cleanup blatant copy vio.

Apr 18 - Chicago 2016 Olympic bid[edit]

  • Add Olympic Village info
  • Add citations
  • General cleanup.

Apr 11 - Chicago Landmark[edit]

  • List all Landmarks from the Landmarks list in our table.
  • Add references to each one linking to its individual page.
  • Add NRHP and NHL dates and citations where applicable.
  • Beef up intro
  • Add a few pix.
  • For any redlinks create very brief stub to make list look good as a WP:FLC
  • List all new stub creations WikiProject_Chicago page at new pages and stubs in need of work

Apr 4 - AT&T Corporate Center[edit]

  • Prior structure at address (built in 1989).
  • Detail relationship with USG Building.
  • Lobby photos.

Mar 28 - The Second City[edit]

  • Add linear history of SC by decade incorporating long Alumni list into article
  • Add "Pre Second City" section to history about Player's Workshop and Compass Players
  • Find better Second City Logo or Public Domain photos
  • Lengthen opening paragraph
  • Include actual location (and previous location)
  • Add a section on the Second City style of revue

Mar 21 - Chicago beaches[edit]

  • Discuss in introduction natural movement of sand from north to south in Lake
  • Give dates when beaches are guarded, May 15? to Sept 15?
  • List beaches from north to south
  • So far there are only 24 beaches listed. Which ones are we missing?--Some of the streetend beaches in Rogers Park--plus one of the inland beaches--I think that Humboldt park is the only inland beach left.
  • Add coordinates for each beach (added block information).
  • State which park each beach is a part of
  • Add details for each major beach
  • Photos (North Ave beachhouse, new Oak St restaurant, Volleyball courts, dog beach, etc.)

Mar 14 - Burnham Park (Chicago)[edit]

  • add current photos
  • seek public domain/old photos
  • history
  • What is the name of the marina to the west of Northerly Island? Is it part of the park? Can members of the public dock their boats there?
  • Is the Museum Campus in Burnham Park or Grant Park? Websites conflict, and the Park District site doesn't say. The southern boundary is 56th Street for certain.

Mar 7 - Union Stock Yards[edit]

  • add references as needed.
  • general cleanup.
  • There were other stock yard companies, right? What percent of the meat packing biz did Union have?
  • Did they discharge offal into what became Bubbly Creek?

Feb 28 - Chicago Theatre[edit]

  • Discuss architecture
  • Discuss marquee
  • Discuss restoration
  • Describe relevance in popular culture

Feb 21 - Chicago Board of Trade Building[edit]

  • Additional graphics depicting statues or art-deco features.
  • Additional details of interior design or function for any of the buildings or locations, e.g. quantitative facts of floor space, offices, technology upgrades, employees served, etc.

Feb 7 - Little Italy, Chicago[edit]

  • Get some photos
  • What were/are approximate boundaries before and after Circle Campus (later called UIC) was built on top of eastern half of Little Italy?
  • Ida B Wells housing projects--are they still there?
  • Borders Greektown on the north, Maxwell St to the south, I don't know name of area(s) to the west, south.
  • Where was Hull House before they moved it? Where is it now?
  • Mention Italian Ice vendors.
  • Mention St Ignatius College Prep with time of founding, Our Lady of Pompeii Church, Our Lady of Norte Dame Church, Holy Guardian Angel.
  • Mention legend of Father Damen building the huge Holy Family Church, then praying for it to be spared during the Great Chicago Fire, the wind shifting and the Fire heading north and destroying the rest of Chicago instead.
  • Any famous residents? Did Mother Cabrini live/work in Little Italy?

Jan 31 - Rich Melman[edit]

  • Get a good photo
  • Add biographical data
    • birth date
    • family information
    • history as a restaurateur
  • Business history
  • Importance of his ideas
  • Section about Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
    • Separate page of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises (LEYE) and some of their restaurants
    • Discuss the issues with Maggianos (used to be a part of the LEYE empire, isn't anymore as of the early 2000s)
  • Get some Restaurant photos.

Jan 24 - Merle Reskin Theatre (formerly Blackstone Theatre)[edit]

  • Get a good current photo.
  • See if we can find any archive photos. (possibly get consent from Depaul University site)
    • Request made 1/27/07
  • Convert references to inline citations. (see notice at top of code hidden in article)
  • Refer to Drake family.

Jan 17 - Cities and Villages Act of 1872[edit]

  • Find text of law for WikiCommons, if possible
  • Discussion of the passage of the Act
  • The move to adopt the Act in Chicago instead of the pre-existing Constitution
  • Results of the Act's adoption in Chicago, including the disputed election of 1876.
  • Changes made to the act over the years

Jan 10 - Near South Side, Chicago[edit]

Since this is our second community area active CHICOTW members should voice an opinion on the merger discussions for Community areas of Chicago & Neighborhoods of Chicago at Talk:Community areas of Chicago

Jan 3 - Hull House[edit]

  • Properly source all info on page.
  • Get Photos
I should have a photo later today. Shsilver 13:53, 3 January 2007 (UTC)
  • Reorganize with short intro.
  • Explain difference between new celebrated 1030 W. Van Buren address (see 2nd external link) and infobox 800 S. Halsted Chicago, Illinois address.

Dec 27 - Washington Park, Chicago[edit]

Dec 13 - Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea[edit]

  • Find usable links to replace all links that were commented out.