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Category:WikiProject Comics

The following is a listing of articles within the scope of WikiProject Comics that have been noted for their quality, or that have appeared on Wikipedia's Main Page in the "Did you know...?" or "In the news" sections. Featured content and good articles are what Wikipedia editors believe are some of the best work on Wikipedia. Before being listed here, content must pass the appropriate featured or good article candidacy for accuracy, neutrality, completeness, and style.

Featured article Featured articles[edit]

300 (film)The Adventures of TintinAlien vs. Predator (film)AnarkyAnimaniacsAquaman (2006 TV pilot)Batman: Arkham AsylumBatman: Arkham CityBatmanBone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder LizardsA Contract with GodHomer DavenportDream of the Rarebit FiendDreddDrowning GirlEagle (comic)Fritz the Cat (film)Fun HomeGods' ManGoodman BeaverThe Halo Graphic NovelHarvey Kurtzman's Jungle BookGeorge HerrimanInteractions (The Spectacular Spider-Man)Killer7LatLook MickeyLouis Riel (comics)MausMegatokyoPilot (Smallville)Roy of the RoversSinestro Corps WarSmallville (season 1)Sonic XSuperman in filmTintin in the CongoTintin in the Land of the SovietsTintin in TibetTurok: Dinosaur HunterWatchmenWhaam!Wordless novel

Former featured article Former featured articles[edit]

Calvin and HobbesCaptain Marvel (DC Comics)Felix the CatKrazy KatOur GangSupermanV for Vendetta (film)

Featured article candidate Featured article candidates[edit]

Madman's Drum

Featured list Featured lists[edit]

Hugo Award for Best Graphic StoryList of Marvel Cinematic Universe filmsList of X-Men video gamesList of Marvel Cinematic Universe film actorsList of The New 52 publicationsList of Smallville episodesList of accolades received by the Spider-Man film series

Former featured list Former featured lists[edit]

List of Teen Titans episodesList of The Batman episodesList of X-Men (TV series) episodes

Featured list candidate Featured list candidates[edit]

List of accolades received by The Avengers (2012 film)

Good article Good articles[edit]

12 DaysAdam (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)Arthur Adams (comics)The Amazing Adventures of Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film)Amy RoseAn Ideal WorldAnole (comics)Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious EarthArtist's Studio—Look MickeyThe Avengers (2012 film)Ralph BakshiBatgirlBatman: AnarkyBatman & Robin (film)Batman: Arkham OriginsBatman BeginsBatman ForeverBatman in filmBatman: Mask of the PhantasmBatman ReturnsBatman: The Dark Knight (roller coaster)Batman: The Killing JokeBatman: The RideBatman: The Ultimate EvilBatman (1989 film)BatwomanThe BeguilingBig Painting No. 6Big the CatBizarro (Six Flags Great Adventure)Bizarro (Six Flags New England)BizenghastThe Black IslandThe Blue LotusJames Bond (literary character)Boys' RanchThe Broken EarBrushstrokes seriesWilhelm BuschCalvin and HobbesCanadian comicsCaptain America: The First AvengerCaptain America: The Winter SoldierCatalysts (The Spectacular Spider-Man)Chao (Sonic)Characters of SmallvilleCharlie ChanCigars of the PharaohStephen Colbert (character)Competition (The Spectacular Spider-Man)ConcernedPaul ConradCowboys & AliensThe Crab with the Golden ClawsHugo DannerDaredevil (film)The Dark Knight (film)The Dark Knight RisesBilly DeBeckDemocracy (Judge Dredd storyline)Dexter's LaboratoryDick Tracy (1990 film)Dominator (roller coaster)Nathan Drake (character)Eerie (comics)Enemies & AlliesE-102 GammaFantastic Four in filmFantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferFinale (Smallville)Fritz the CatG.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Marvel Comics)G.I. Joe: RetaliationG.I. Joe: The Rise of CobraGirl in MirrorGirl with BallGod of War (comics)Gods' ManBarbara GordonGranpaGreen Lantern (film)Green Lantern CoasterMatt GroeningGunnerkrigg CourtHalo: UprisingHellblazerHergéHulk (film)I Can See the Whole Room...and There's Nobody in It!The Incredible Hulk (film)The Incredible Hulk (roller coaster)The IncrediblesIndiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisThe Invisible Hand (The Spectacular Spider-Man)Iron Man (2008 film)Iron Man 2Iron Man 3Justice League (Smallville)Justice League: Alien Invasion 3DJyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversyThe Kampung BoyClark Kent (Smallville)Kevin and KellKing Ottokar's SceptreLana Lang (Smallville)Lois Lane (Smallville)Lara CroftLGBT themes in American mainstream comicsLGBT themes in comicsLex Luthor (Smallville)Lionel LuthorWinsor McCayMadman's DrumMan of Steel (film)Market Forces (The Spectacular Spider-Man)Marvel Cinematic UniverseMarvel One-ShotsMarvel Trading Card GameMarvel 1602Chris MetzenJean-Claude MézièresMIND MGMTMortal Kombat vs. DC UniverseMs. Marvel (Kamala Khan)Natural Selection (The Spectacular Spider-Man)Okay Hot-Shot, Okay!Out of This World AdventuresOzy and MilliePassionate JourneyClara Elsene PeckPopol Out WestThe Powerpuff GirlsPride & Joy (comics)Production of WatchmenThe Punisher (1993 video game)Steve PurcellAlex RaymondReaction (The Spectacular Spider-Man)Reckoning (Smallville)The Riddler's RevengeRoad to PerditionThe Rocketeer (film)Saga (comic book)Sam & MaxSilver Age of Comic BooksSmallvilleSong Without WordsSoon I Will Be InvincibleThe SoxaholixSpeed Racer (film)Spider-Man (2002 film)Spider-ManSpider-Man (Miles Morales)Spider-Man in filmSpider-Man 3Spider-Man: One More DayChloe SullivanSuperman: Escape from KryptonSuperman (1978 film)Superman: Krypton CoasterSuperman ReturnsSuperman: Ultimate FlightSurvival of the Fittest (The Spectacular Spider-Man)Tempest (Smallville)The Adventures of TotorThor (film)Thor: The Dark WorldThrud the BarbarianTintin in AmericaTMNT (film)Torpedo...Los!The Transformers (IDW Publishing)Turok 2: Seeds of EvilUnbreakable (film)The Uncertainty Principle (The Spectacular Spider-Man)Valérian and LaurelineWilly VandersteenVenom (comic book)Vertigo (wordless novel)V for Vendetta (film)The Walking Dead (TV series)Wanted (2008 film)Watchmen (film)Joss WhedonAl WilliamsonWinnie WinkleThe Wolverine (film)X-Men (film series)X-Men (film)X-Men LegendsX-Men Legends II: Rise of ApocalypseX-Men Origins: WolverineX-Men: First ClassX-Men: The Last StandX2 (film)Ye Qianyu

Delisted good article Former good articles[edit]

Richard BransonA Charlie Brown ChristmasCoheed and CambriaComics Arts ConferenceThe Dark SagaDeath's HeadExar KunFawcett PublicationsGraphic novelHomestar RunnerHoward the Duck (film)Hulk (comics)Jack (webcomic)Josie and the Pussycats (TV series)Lex LuthorMichigan State University LibrariesAlan MooreNational Comics Publications v. Fawcett PublicationsPinky and the BrainRed Sonja (film)Brandon RouthShared universeSilver SurferSin CitySin City (film)Sonic the Hedgehog (character)Spider-Man 2Storm (Marvel Comics)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in TimeUlic Qel-DromaVoltaire (musician)

Good article nominee Good article nominees[edit]

Aim for the Ace!Little Sammy SneezeFrançoise MoulyThe Sandman (Vertigo)Wild Pilgrimage

Featured topic Featured topics[edit]

Smallville (season 1)

Good topic Good topics[edit]

Characters of Smallville

Former featured topic Former featured topics[edit]

X-Men films

Did You Know? Did you know? articles[edit]

Len Wein (2004-02-26)Fritz the Cat (2004-03-16)Wonder Twins (2004-03-19)Cathy (2004-03-25)Power Girl (2004-03-31)Fortress of Solitude (2004-07-20)Script breakdown (2004-07-23)Child's Play (charity) (2004-10-20)Axel Brass (2004-11-02)Speech balloon (2004-11-19)24-hour comic (2004-11-23)Harlequin Valentine (2004-11-26)George E. Studdy (2005-04-22)Super Buddies (2005-07-22)National Comics Publications v. Fawcett Publications (2005-08-15)Don Rico (2005-09-30)The Hero Initiative (2005-11-17)Lela Lee (2005-11-30)Publication history of Superman (2005-12-27)Jeff Hawke (2006-01-24)Arbit Choudhury (2006-02-15)Dusty (G.I. Joe) (2006-02-28)Bud Neill (2006-04-11)Famous Artists School (2006-08-03)Koziołek Matołek (2006-09-11)Narayan Debnath (2006-09-19)Bahadur (comics) (2006-09-26)Milt Gross (2006-10-30)Zenn-La (2007-02-05)Happy Hooligan (2007-02-20)Winnie Winkle (2007-02-28)Thrud the Barbarian (2007-04-18)Michigan State University Libraries (2007-04-22)Abie the Agent (2007-04-27)Art Saaf (2007-04-28)Japoteurs (2007-05-20)Polly and Her Pals (2007-05-21)The Mechanical Monsters (2007-05-21)Jeremiah Arkham (2007-05-26)Batman: The Last Arkham (2007-05-27)Jeż Jerzy (2007-06-21)Edward Jump (2007-08-04)Dyesebel (2007-08-13)Klaus Nordling (2007-10-11)Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal (2007-10-14)Alex Niño (2007-11-02)Nell Brinkley (2007-11-16)Virgil Ross (2007-11-22)Dragonball Evolution (2007-12-25)Rea Irvin (2008-01-16)Ralph Barton (2008-02-03)Hungarian comics (2008-02-08)G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2008-02-27)Patrice Killoffer (2008-03-17)Daniel Knauf (2008-05-07)Whitney Ellsworth (2008-05-18)The Teenie Weenies (2008-05-23)William Donahey (2008-05-23)Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man (2008-05-26)John Stanley (cartoonist) (2008-05-27)Mary Augusta Dickerson (2008-05-31)Thelma Keane (2008-06-04)WE Seal of approval program (2008-06-05)Uri-On (2008-06-09)Faerie (DC Comics) (2008-06-16)Therefore Repent! (2008-07-14)Young Romance (2008-07-15)Garfield statues (2008-07-24)Pixel artist (2008-08-11)Seymour Reit (2008-08-23)Clark Kent (Smallville) (2008-08-29)Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed (bookshop) (2008-09-10)Jack Liebowitz (2008-09-12)McNaught Syndicate (2008-09-12)National Cartoon Museum (2008-09-12)Whitney Darrow, Jr. (2008-09-16)Philip Zec (2008-09-20)Lana Lang (Smallville) (2008-09-22)Lex Luthor (Smallville) (2008-09-22)Wild Bill Shrewsberry (2008-10-26)Harald Damsleth (2008-12-07)Star Trek: Countdown (2009-01-29)Toonlet (2009-03-12)Saturday Morning Watchmen (2009-03-19)Laugh-Out-Loud Cats (2009-03-25)Le Journal de Mickey (2009-03-25)List of fictional turtles (2009-04-04)Marvel Trading Card Game (2009-04-07)'76 (2009-04-24)Flip Decision (2009-04-27)Queen Millennia (2009-05-08)Irving Phillips (2009-05-10)Pupung (2009-05-31)Snake 'n' Bacon (2009-05-31)Kája Saudek (2009-06-18)Paul Biegel (2009-07-02)Roy McCardell (2009-07-10)Ondřej Sekora (2009-07-30)T.H.E. Fox (2009-07-31)The Addams Family (musical) (2009-08-06)Eugen Taru (2009-08-24)Survival of the Fittest (The Spectacular Spider-Man) (2009-08-26)Nicolae Constantin Batzaria (2009-08-29)Natural Selection (The Spectacular Spider-Man) (2009-09-02)Victor Cook (2009-09-03)David Snell (journalist) (2009-09-11)Warp! (2009-09-15)Stewart Cameron (2009-10-17)Life on Another Planet (2009-10-23)Grandville (comics) (2009-10-24)The Invisible Hand (The Spectacular Spider-Man) (2009-11-01)Fall Out Toy Works (2009-11-06)Teddy Tail (2009-11-09)Josette Baujot (2009-11-14)Edward Barker (cartoonist) (2009-12-03)Catalysts (The Spectacular Spider-Man) (2009-12-05)Jack's Luck Runs Out (2009-12-12)Nathan Drake (character) (2009-12-18)Drew Sheneman (2009-12-21)Reaction (The Spectacular Spider-Man) (2010-01-05)The Uncertainty Principle (The Spectacular Spider-Man) (2010-01-06)William Allen Rogers (2010-01-10)Shutterbug Follies (2010-01-12)Thor (film) (2010-01-27)The Black Pearl (comics) (2010-01-28)Human Target (1992 TV series) (2010-02-14)Harold Bell (2010-02-24)Ken Emerson (2010-02-24)Missouri Boy (2010-03-02)Fox Bunny Funny (2010-03-12)Morning Funnies (2010-03-13)Macedonia (comics) (2010-03-15)Fernando Krahn (2010-03-16)The Salon (comics) (2010-03-18)Filipino cartoon and animation (2010-03-24)Green Lantern (film) (2010-03-24)What a Guy! (2010-03-25)Len Lawson (2010-04-04)Muriel a andělé (2010-04-19)Everybody Draw Mohammed Day (2010-05-09)Recast (comics) (2010-05-15)Gabriel Vargas (2010-06-05)List of Tom and Jerry characters (2010-06-09)Juan José Carbó (2010-06-18)Chill of the Night! (2010-06-22)Meta 4 (2010-06-30)Captain America: The First Avenger (2010-07-05)The Avengers (2012 film) (2010-08-10)The Hotspur (2010-08-10)Wolf of Kabul (2010-08-13)Suzy Spafford (2010-09-04)Big Johnson (2010-09-07)E. Normus Johnson (2010-09-07)Lat (2010-09-08)The Kampung Boy (2010-09-09)X-Men: First Class (2010-09-12)XxxHolic: A Midsummer Night's Dream (2010-10-08)Robert Parker: Les Sept Pêchés capiteux (2010-10-19)Leo Cullum (2010-11-04)Ultimate Spider-Man (TV series) (2010-11-15)A Jewish Girl in Shanghai (2010-11-29)Thor: God of Thunder (2010-12-10)Lips Tullian (2010-12-11)The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film) (2010-12-15)Zahra's Paradise (2011-02-05)The Dark Knight Rises (2011-02-08)5 Ronin (2011-03-05)Muriel a oranžová smrt (2011-03-07)Jay Meuser (2011-05-09)William Hamilton (cartoonist) (2011-05-13)Francisco Coching (2011-05-23)José Zabala-Santos (2011-05-27)Kenkoy (2011-05-30)Hal Santiago (2011-06-03)Voltar (comics) (2011-06-03)Dennis Marks (2011-06-13)Gotham City Impostors (2011-06-19)Victoria Roberts (cartoonist) (2011-06-21)Justice League Dark (2011-07-01)List of accolades received by the Spider-Man film series (2011-07-04)Powers (U.S. TV series) (2011-08-05)Phil Coulson (2011-08-13)Thomas F. Darcy (2011-08-17)Sara Pichelli (2011-08-27)Echoes (comics) (2011-09-11)The Rise of the Blue Beetle! (2011-09-14)Batman: Year One (film) (2011-09-16)Jimmy Jacobs (handballer) (2011-09-17)Independence Day (Young Justice) (2011-09-23)Ahmad Nady (2011-10-04)Keith Chatto (2011-11-05)Fatty Finn (2011-11-07)Captain America in: The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann (2012-02-11)Zombie strip (2012-02-12)Milko Bambič (2012-04-07)Thief of Thieves (2012-05-10)Hexie Farm (2012-05-13)Girl in Mirror (2012-05-19)As I Opened Fire (2012-05-22)Oh, Jeff...I Love You, Too...But... (2012-05-22)Whaam! (2012-05-22)Big Painting No. 6 (2012-05-23)Girl with Ball (2012-05-23)Torpedo...Los! (2012-05-23)Drowning Girl (2012-05-24)Grrrrrrrrrrr!! (2012-05-24)Thor: The Dark World (2012-05-24)Blam (Roy Lichtenstein) (2012-05-25)M-Maybe (2012-05-25)In the Car (2012-05-26)Brushstrokes series (2012-05-27)Little Big Painting (2012-05-27)Yellow and Green Brushstrokes (2012-05-27)I Can See the Whole Room...and There's Nobody in It! (2012-05-28)Ohhh...Alright... (2012-05-28)Sleeping Girl (2012-05-28)Brushstrokes (2012-06-05)Abdul Samay Hamed (2012-06-08)I Know...Brad (2012-06-10)Artist's Studio—Look Mickey (2012-06-19)Look Mickey (2012-06-19)Jovan Prokopljević (2012-06-25)The Wolverine (film) (2012-07-17)Marvel NOW! (2012-08-28)Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2012-09-03)Red 2 (film) (2012-10-05)Building Stories (2012-10-20)Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book (2012-10-28)Constantine (comics) (2012-11-18)Henryk Chmielewski (comics) (2012-11-23)Goodman Beaver (2012-12-01)My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (comic book) (2012-12-13)Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2013-01-20)Wordless novel (2013-03-19)Winsor McCay (2013-04-09)Wilhelm Busch (2013-04-29)The Idea (wordless novel) (2013-05-02)Bruce MacKinnon (2013-05-23)2005 Batman Begins 400 (2013-06-06)Masterpiece (Roy Lichtenstein) (2013-06-23)Bratatat! (2013-06-26)Takka Takka (Roy Lichtenstein) (2013-06-26)Varoom! (2013-06-26)Crak! (2013-06-29)Star Trek: The Manga (2013-07-09)Brattata (2013-07-24)Jet Pilot (Roy Lichtenstein) (2013-07-24)Mr. Bellamy (2013-07-24)Okay Hot-Shot, Okay! (2013-07-24)Avengers: Age of Ultron (2013-07-29)Time (xkcd) (2013-08-21)Ant-Man (film) (2013-09-11)Pilot (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) (2013-10-08)Superman/Wonder Woman (2013-10-17)Ye Qianyu (2013-11-07)Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) (2013-11-11)Shanghai Manhua (2013-11-27)Hellcow (2013-12-28)Thermal Man (2013-12-28)Theater Hopper (2014-02-03)Barbara Brandon-Croft (2014-03-03)Iron Man 3 (2014-03-11)Batman: Arkham Knight (2014-03-19)Feminist Hulk (2014-04-01)Silver the Hedgehog (2014-04-16)Madman's Drum (2014-04-30)Passionate Journey (2014-05-01)Agent Carter (TV series) (2014-05-13)Amy Rose (2014-05-15)Tintin in Tibet (2014-05-29)King Ottokar's Sceptre (2014-07-05)Arthur Adams (comics) (2014-07-18)Marvel One-Shots (2014-07-18)A Voice in the Dark (comics) (2014-07-26)Paul Conrad (2014-08-31)Nowhere Men (2014-09-24)Joss Whedon (2014-09-25)

Main page featured articles[edit]

Superman (2004-03-31)Batman (2004-05-07)Calvin and Hobbes (2004-08-07)Felix the Cat (2004-11-16)Our Gang (2005-06-24)Captain Marvel (DC Comics) (2005-12-22)Krazy Kat (2006-06-06)Watchmen (2006-08-23)V for Vendetta (film) (2006-11-05)The Adventures of Tintin (2007-01-05)Fun Home (2007-09-10)Pilot (Smallville) (2007-09-27)300 (film) (2009-02-13)Megatokyo (2009-03-13)Alien vs. Predator (film) (2009-07-23)Smallville (season 1) (2010-02-28)Roy of the Rovers (2010-09-11)Fritz the Cat (film) (2010-10-29)Lat (2011-03-05)Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (2012-04-13)Killer7 (2012-07-07)Louis Riel (comics) (2012-10-27)Eagle (comic) (2013-02-17)Look Mickey (2013-02-21)Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (2013-08-04)Whaam! (2013-09-27)George Herriman (2013-10-28)Goodman Beaver (2014-04-09)Tintin in Tibet (2014-10-16)

In the News articles[edit]

Maurice Sendak (2012-05-09)Charlie Hebdo (2012-09-19)