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  1. Settle on a hierarchy for the "big" pages like comics, comic book, graphic novel, sequential art (my instinct is to merge and redirect this to comics), underground comics and alternative comics (merge these two? restructure?), etc.
  2. Develop a "template" for comics articles. This would replace the "related articles" section.
  3. Work on expanding the articles in Category:Comics stubs and it's subcategories Category:Marvel Comics stubs, Category:DC Comics stubs, Category:Image Comics stubs and Category:Comics creator stubs.
  4. Develop templates for:
    1. Comics publisher articles
    2. Comic book series articles (Template:ComicBookBox)
    3. Non-superhero comic book characters (Template:Comiccharacterbox)
    4. Comic book artifacts
    5. Comic book genres
    6. Other?
  5. Make a wiki on WikiCities for comics. See proposal.
  6. Work on the following:
    1. Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Comics#See_Lacks:_Talk:Epic_AnthologyFrankB 11:55, 1 May 2006 (UTC)
      1. Gripe: Use of templates in edit window (i.e. immediately below in Blockquote) is confusing to those of us who know nothing of them. I couldn't search for 'Revise' to add in that spot! Best regards, FrankB 11:55, 1 May 2006 (UTC)